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001296: NEVILLE PEAT - Cascade on the Run. A Season with the Whitebaiters of South Westland.
000157: HARRY H. PECK - Memoirs of a Stockman
001464: ALAN PEMBERTON - Journeys of the Mind
002452: TOM PERCY - A Bloke for All Seasons. The Peter Yealands Story
000752: MARIE PETERS - Christchurch-St Michael's: A Study in Anglicanism in New Zealand 1851-1972.
000578: G. .C. PETERSEN - D.G. Monrad. Scholar, Statesman, Priest and New Zealand Pioneer
002241: WENDY PETTIGREW - The Church by the River: St Mary's Upokongaro Serving Country Parishioners Since 1877
001122: ANDREW PFEIFFER - A Sense of Place. The Gardens of Andrew Pfeiffer.
001271: W. J. PHILLIPPS - The Fishes of New Zealand. Volume 1.
002357: W. J. PHILLIPPS - Carved Maori Houses of Western and Northern Areas of New Zealand
002560: JOCK PHILLIPS & TERRY HEARN - Settlers: New Zealand Immigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland 1800-1945
000099: JOCK PHILLIPS AND CHRIS MACLEAN - In the Light of the Past. Stained Glass Windows in New Zealand Houses
002513: MATT PHILP - Heart of the Mackenzie: The Glenmore Station Story
001900: ANNA PIAGGI - Lagerfeld's Sketchbook: Karl Lagerfeld's Illustrated Fashion Journal of Anna Piaggi
000728: JAMES PIERCE AND WILLIAM TRIMBRELL PIERCE. - Pierce Gambit, Chess Papers and Problems
000337: BILL PIERRE - North Island Main Trunk. An Illustrated History
002304: ROBERT PINNEY - Early Northern Otago Runs
001584: UNA PLATTS - The Lively Capital: Auckland 1840 - 1865
002461: JANE POLLARD - A Mingled Yarn: The Seifert Family and Flaxmilling in New Zealand
000405: A L POOLE - Southern Beeches
000456: EDITED BY FRANCES PORTER - The Turanga Journals 1840-1850: Letters and Journals of William and Jane Williams Missionaries to Poverty Bay
002110: MELVILLE DAVISSON POST - Uncle Abner, Master of Mysteries
001824: LAURENS VAN DER POST AND JANE TAYLOR - Testament to the Bushmen
000323: ALEXANDER POSTAN - The Complete Graphic Work of Paul Nash
000861: CHARLIE LEE-POTTER - Sports Wear in Vogue Since 1910.
000076: CRAIG POTTON AND PETER WOOD - Yesterday's New Earth: New Zealand's Geothermal Landscape
001593: CRAIG POTTON AND ANDY DENNIS - Images from a Limestone Landscape: A Journey Into the Punakaiki-Paparoa Region.
001599: CRAIG POTTON - Tongariro: A Sacred Gift. A Centennial Celebration of Tongariro National Park
002190: A. W. B POWELL. - New Zealand Mollusca: Marine, Land and Freshwater Shells
000350: PAUL POWELL. - Just Where Do You Think You'Ve Been?
001781: JOHN POWERS - A Concise Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism
000467: L T PRACY AND R I KEAN - The Opossum in New Zealand. Habits and Trapping
000799: G. K. PREBBLE - Tuhua - Mayor Island
000919: HUGH PRICE - Old Masterton in Colour. From Hundred-Year Old Picture Postcards
001602: H. HESKETH PRITCHARD - Through the Heart of Patagonia
002515: CHRISTOPHER PUGSLEY. - Gallipoli : The New Zealand Story.
000019: CHRIS PUGSLEY - Scars on the Heart: Two Centuries of New Zealand at War
001083: THOMAS PYNCHON - Inherent Vice: A Novel
000386: SHAUN QUINCEY - Tasman Trespasser II. The Shaun Quincey Story.
002523: SALLY RAE - The Snow Farmer. John Lee of the Cardrona Valley
001521: ATIQ RAHIMI - Earth and Ashes
002074: REGINALD RANKIN - In Morocco with General D'Amade
002468: VERONICA M. READ - Hippeastrum: The Gardener's Amaryllis
000173: ARTHUR REDDISH - El Alamein: A Tank Soldier's Story
001210: MIRIAM MACGREGOR REDWOOD - A Dog's Life. Working Dogs in New Zealand.
001855: A. H. REED - The Gumdigger. The Story of Kauri Gum
000204: A W REED AND RUDALL C HAYWARD - Rewi's Last Stand
000234: A.H REED - The Story of Hawke's Bay
000122: A. H. REED - The Story of the Kauri
001306: A. H. REED - The Gumdiggers. The Story of Kauri Gum
001437: LAURENCE REES - Auschwitz : The Nazis & the Final Solution
002521: PETER REES - The Anzac Girls. The Extraordinary Story of Our World War I Nurses
000001: GRAHAM, REG & R. G. LISTER - Where Land Meets Sea.
002191: ALEC REID AS TOLD BY DAVID REID. - Paddlewheels on the Wanganui.
002202: ALEC REID AND DAVID REID. - Paddlewheels on the Wanganui.
002378: ALEC REID AND DAVID REID. - Paddlewheels on the Wanganui.
002499: BILL RENWICK - Scrim: The Man with a Mike
000598: ADRIENNE REWI & EUAN SARGINSON - Architects at Home. Thirty New Zealand Architects & Their Houses
000737: PAUL REYNOLDS AND CHERRYL SMITH - The Gift of Children: Maori and Infertility
000469: GEOFFREY W. RICE. - Black November: The 1918 Influenza Pandemic in New Zealand
001445: GEORGE AND JEAN RICHARDS - And Then There Was One. A History of the Taranaki Dairy Industry
001805: BILL RICHARDS - Off the Sheep's Back
001638: ERIC RICHARDS - Britannia's Children: Emigration from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales Since 1600: Emigration from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland Since 1600
001825: ANTONIA RIDGE - The Thirteenth Child
001394: CHERYL RILEY - Power from the People to the People: The Story of New Zealand Power Pioneers on the West Coast of the South Island
000087: CAROLE RILEY - The Dream : Find the Secret Message from the Animal Kingdom
002327: HAZEL RISEBOROUGH - Shear Hard Work: A History of New Zealand Shearing
000925: HERBERT RITTLINGER - The Photographer and the Nude
002098: HERB RITTS - Notorious
002238: C. J. R. ROBERTSON, P. HYVÍNEN, M. J. FRASER, AND C. R. PICKARD. - Atlas of Bird Distribution in New Zealand 1999-2004
001459: GLENYS ROBERTSON - Exploring North Island Volcanoes
001569: DAVID ROBIE - Blood on Their Banner. Nationalist Struggles in the South Pacific
000512: H.P ROBINSON. - Pictorial Effect in Photography, Being Hints on Composition and Chiaroscuro for Photographers.
002093: PENNY ROBINSON - Weaving a Dream : The Bushy Park Experience
002492: DENIS ROBINSON - Artists' Impressions of New Zealand
001863: PENNY ROBINSON - A Grand Victorian Lady. The Life and Times of the Wanganui Municipal Opera House 1899 - 1999
001997: COMPILED BY JO ROBINSON - Now and Then. Recollections of Life on the Whanganui River.
000547: IAN D. ROBINSON - Waikato River. Its People, Places & History.
000800: CHARLES BRASCH. EDITED BYALAN RODDICK - Charles Brasch Collected Poems
000245: E. T. ROGERS - Toi. A Play in Four Acts
000749: LAWRENCE M. ROGERS - Te Wiremu. A Biography of Henry Williams
000342: ANNA ROGERS - A Lucky Landing. The Story of the Irish in New Zealand.
001802: JIM ROLFE - Brothers at War: A Kiwi Family's Story
001057: EDITED BY JAMES ROSS - Afternature. Gretchen Albrecht a Survey - 23 Years
000111: EDITED BY JACK ROSS, SELECTED BY JACK ROSS & JAN KEMP - Classic New Zealand Poets in Performance
002358: W. HUGH ROSS - Te Kooti Rikirangi General and Prophet
001229: MAORI MARSDEN. EDITED BY TE AHUKARAMU CHARLES ROYAL. - The Woven Universe. Selected Writings of Rev. Maori Marsden
001735: SCOTT RUSSELL - Mountain Prospect
001347: STUART RUSSELL AND ALEX MITCHELL - Classic Aircraft of New Zealand
002018: D. L. RUTHERFORD - Lofty's Log. Memoirs of a New Zealand Angler
001194: CORNELIUS RYAN - A Bridge Too Far
002363: TIM RYAN AND BILL PARHAM. - The Colonial New Zealand Wars
001527: SABURO SAKAI - Samurai
000124: E.V. SALE - Forest on Sand. The Story of Aupouri State Forest
000998: JOHN T. SALMON - The Native Trees of New Zealand
000770: J.T. SALMON. - A Field Guide to the Native Trees of New Zealand.
002114: ANNE SALMOND - Eruera. The Teachings of a Maori Elder
001833: J.D. SALMOND - The Citadel at the Gate. The Story of St John's Presbyterian Church, Arrowtown
001170: PETER SALTER - Pete the Bushman
000913: JOSEPH SALTER - The Asiatic in England; Sketches of Sixteen Years Work Among Orientals.
000131: BRENDA SAMPSON - New Zealand's Greatest Doctor: Ulric Williams of Wanganui a Surgeon Who Became a Naturopath
002193: JAMES SANDERS - A Long Patrol. An Illustrated History of No 1 Squadron Rnzaf 1930-1984.
001737: JAMES SANDERS - Venturer Courageous. Group Captain Leonard Trent V.C. D.F. C. A Biography.
001808: ELSPETH SANDYS - What Lies Beneath. A Memoir.
001571: ANDREW SANGSTER - Pathway to Establishment : The History of Wanganui Collegiate School
002226: OLGA SANSOM - In the Grip of an Island . Early Stewart Island History
002374: RAYMOND SAWKINS - Snow on High Ground
000321: WOODROW WILSON SAYRE. - Four Against Everest
000085: A. S. SCAIFE - From the Cradle to the Mountains
000191: NELLE M. SCANLAN - The Marriage of Nicholas Cotter
000190: NELLE M. SCANLAN - Kelly Pencarrow
001607: FREDERIK L SCHODT - Manga! Manga!: The World of Japanese Comics
001163: DICK SCOTT - Seven Lives on Salt River
001309: DICK SCOTT - Seven Lives on Salt River
001351: DICK SCOTT - 151 Days. History of the Great Waterfront Lockout and Supporting Strikes, February 15-July 15, 1951.
000658: A C SCOTT - Chinese Costume in Transition
000266: DICK SCOTT AND MARTI FRIEDLANDER - Pioneers of New Zealand Wine
002320: R.F. SCOTT - Scott's Last Expedition
002066: ARCH SCOTT - Dark of the Moon.
001138: DESMOND SCOTT - Typhoon Pilot
000533: H.A. SEIFERT - The First 75 Years of the Manawatu Golf Club, Palmerston North, New Zealand
001951: DR. SEUSS - Dr Seuss's Sleep Book
000976: KEITH SEVERINSEN - Tracks of the Hunter
002011: JOHN SEYMOUR - The National Trust Book of Forgotten Household Crafts
001075: MICHAEL SHAARA - Killer Angels. A Novel of the CIVIL War
000142: MAURICE SHADBOLT - Strangers and Journeys
000119: MAURICE SHADBOLT - The House of Strife
000214: RICHARD SHARELL - The Tuatara, Lizards and Frogs of New Zealand
002134: EDITED BY ANDREW SHARP & P. G. MCHUGH - Histories, Power and Loss. Uses of the Past - a New Zealand Commentary
000290: ANDREW SHARP - Justice and the Maori. Maori Claims in New Zealand Political Argument in the 1980s
000759: IAIN SHARP. - Heaphy: Explorer, Artist, Settler
000466: PETER SHAW AND PETER HALLETT - W B Armson: A Colonial Architect Rediscovered.
000465: PETER SHAW AND PETER HALLETT - Spanish Mission Hastings: Styles of Five Decades
000757: PETER SHAW & PETER HALLETT. - Art Deco Napier: Styles of the Thirties.
000785: PETER SHAW - Rainbow over Mount Eden: Images of Auckland
001325: GRANT SHEEHAN AND DAVID BURTON - Character Cafes of New Zealand
001820: RUPERT SHELDRAKE - The Rebirth of Nature: The Greening of Science and God
001651: TOM SHEPPARD - Four-by-Four Driving
001655: TOM SHEPPARD - Vehicle-Dependent Expedition Guide
000738: SARAH SHIEFF - Letters of Frank Sargeson
002395: CHRISTOPHER SHORES, RUSSELL; GUEST, NORMAN FRANKS - Above the Trenches: A Complete Record of the Fighter Aces and Units of the British Empire Air Forces 1915-1920
001131: ROY SHUKER - Understanding Popular Music
002541: NEVIL SHUTE - Vinland the Good. A Film Play.
000702: GARETH SHUTE - Hip Hop Music in Aotearoa.
000896: SUN SHUYUN - A Year in Tibet
000897: DON SILK - From Kauri Trees to Sunlit Seas: Shoestring Shipping in the South Pacific
002356: D.R. SIMMONS - Ta Moko: The Art of Maori Tattoo
002445: DAN SIMMONS - The Fall of Hyperion
002135: PETER SIMPSON - Answering Hark. Macahon/Caselberg: Painter/Poet
001050: TONY SIMPSON - Operation Mercury. The Battle for Crete 1941.
000748: TONY SIMPSON - A Distant Feast the Origins of New Zealand's Cuisine
000877: EDITED BY ADRIENNE SIMPSON - Opera in New Zealand : Aspects of History and Performance
000859: ADRIENNE SIMPSON - Opera's Farthest Frontier: A History of Professional Opera in New Zealand.
001754: JOE SIMPSON - The Beckoning Silence
000383: ROY SINCLAIR - Journeying with Seafarers in New Zealand
002544: GRAEME SINCLAIR - New Zealand. A Wild Place to Play
000448: IAN SINCLAIR - Boot in the Stirrup
000775: ROY SINCLAIR - Route 6: A Classic South Island Bike Ride
001858: SACHEVERELL SITWELL - Golden Wall and Mirador: From England to Peru
000007: GORDON SLATTER - One More River : The Final Campaign of the Second New Zealand Division in Italy.
001792: E. B.SLEDGE - With the Old Breed: At Pelelui and Okinawa
000233: DAVID G. SLEETER - Amateur Rocket Motor Construction: A Complete Guide to the Construction of Homemade Solid Fuel Rocket Motors
001352: FIELD-MARSHAL SIR WILLIAM SLIM - Defeat Into Victory
000006: FIELD-MARSHAL SIR WILLIAM SLIM - Unofficial History
001128: M.J.G. SMART AND A.P. BATES - The Wanganui Story
001753: M.J.G. SMART AND A.P. BATES - The Wanganui Story
002532: WILBUR SMITH - Shout at the Devil
002263: JOHN BEVAN-SMITH - The Shape of Speed: Bruce Farr and Russell Bowler
001081: COMPILED BY LYNN SMITH AND DANIEL PATTON - Learning to Fly at Montrose. Rfc/Raf Montrose. The Story in Words and Pictures 1913-1950.
001038: MARGARET LOVELL-SMITH - The Enigma of Sister Mary Leo
000866: B. WEBSTER SMITH - Pioneers of Mountaineering
000054: JOHN MEREDITH SMITH - Southlanders at Heart
000930: TIM MACKINTOSH-SMITH - The Hall of a Thousand Columns: Hindustan to Malabar with Ibn Battutah
001556: DICK KING-SMITH - The Crowstarver
000049: NIGEL SMITH - Heritage of Industry. Discovering New Zealand's Industrial History
001827: ELIZABETH SMITHER - The Commonplace Book: A Writer's Journey Through Quotations
001508: ELIZABETH SMITHER - Here Come the Clouds.
001509: ELIZABETH SMITHER - Animaux
001318: FRANK S. SMYTHE - The Valley of Flowers
002522: MADGE SNOW - Snow on the Lindis. My Life at Morven Hills Station
002276: PATRICIA SOAR - Piriaka: The Story of a Main Trunk Settlement 1901-1981.
023088: TONY SOLE - Ngati Ruanui: A History
002246: COMPILED BY LARAINE SOLE - Waverley Beaches. A Collection of Memories.
002514: LARAINE SOLE - Castlecliff - the Community on the Coast
000995: LARAINE SOLE - Gone Away: One Hundred Years with the Egmont-Wanganui Hunt
001489: LARAINE SOLE - Fifty Years of Riding Memories. A History of the Wanganui Pony Club, 1946-1996
000434: LARAINE SOLE - The European Settlement of the Waitotara Valley 1890 - 1930
001770: BRIAN SOLOMON - Railway Maintenance: The Men and Machines That Keep the Railroads Running
000462: MALCOLM SOMERVILLE - Cottages of New Zealand
000657: EDITED BY MARCO SONZOGNI - Second Violins: New Stories Inspired by Katherine Mansfield
002379: CHARLES HAMILTON SORLEY - Marlborough and Other Poems
002298: MONTY SOUTAR - Nga Tama Toa the Price of Citizenship. C Company 28 (Maori) Battalion 1939-1945
002056: THEY SAILED TO THE SOUTH - Lorna Clauson
002388: DONALD SPEIRS - Speirs : A Family and Business History
000239: MARCIA SPENCER - The Incoming Tide - Sir William Sullivan and the 1951 Waterfront Dispute
001322: PETER SPILLER - The Chapman Legal Family
001913: JOHN SHELBY SPONG - The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic
001914: JOHN SHELBY SPONG - Reclaiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World
001917: JOHN SHELBY SPONG - Here I Stand: My Struggle for a Christianity of Integrity, Love, and Equality
002243: EDITED BY RANDAL SPRINGER - The Missionary's Daughter. Early Days at the Putiki Mission and Wanganui from Diaries of Laura Taylor
000107: BRYAN STAFF AND SHERAN ASHLEY - For the Record. A History of the Recording Industry in New Zealand
000928: RUNDU STAGGERS - Body and Soul. Black Erotica.
001008: RUSSELL A. J. STANDING - Too Old to Be Secrets Now: A History of Allied Farmers Limited, 1889-2009.
000600: RUSS STANDING - A History of Fmg 1905-2005: Pride, Passion and Parochialism
001481: REVISED AND UPDATED BY SYLVIA STANIER - Mrs. Houblon's Side-Saddle
002389: LOUIS T. STANLEY - Grand Prix World Championship 1963
002421: ALLAN STANTON - Before I Forget.
000941: C.K. STEAD - Risk
001136: RICHARD STEELE - Ghosts in the Valley and Other Stories
000417: NANCY STEEN - The Charm of Old Roses
000831: NIELS STEENSGAARD - The Asian Trade Revolution of the Seventeenth Century: The East India Companies and the Decline of the Caravan Trade.
000575: HANNA STEPHAN - The Long Way Home
001014: EDITED BY R P SUGGATE, G R STEVENS AND M T TE PUNGA. - The Geology of New Zealand
001108: GRAEME R. STEVENS - Rugged Landscape. The Geology of Central New Zealand, Including Wellington, Wairarapa, Manawatu, and the Marlborough Sounds.
000043: WAYNE STEVENSON - Holdens on a Plate. The Commodore Collection.
002318: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - A Child's Garden of Verses
005127: KEITH STEWART - Chancers and Visionaries: A History of New Zealand Wine
002266: GRAHAM STEWART - From Rails to Rubber - the Downhill Ride of New Zealand Trams
000136: GRAHAM STEWART - The Tangiwai Disaster: A Christmas Eve Disaster
000635: I. G. STEWART. - The Ships That Serve New Zealand Volume 1 British and European Lines
002296: GRAHAM STEWART - Always a Tram in Sight : The Electric Trams of New Zealand, 1900 to 1964.
000972: DI STEWART. - The New Zealand Villa Past and Present
000765: GRAHAM STEWART - The End of the Penny Section. When Trams Ruled the Streets of New Zealand.
000045: GRAHAM STEWART - Around Dunedin by Cable Car & Tram in the 1950s
000048: GRAHAM STEWART - Around Auckland by Tram in the 1950s
000050: GRAHAM STEWART - Auckland Before the Harbour Bridge
001009: DAL STIVENS - The Demon Bowler and Other Cricket Stories
002484: PETER STONE - Hostages to Freedom: The Fall of Rabaul New Guinea 1941-1945
001463: ANTHONY STONES - Bill and the Ghost of Grimley Grange
000063: STEPHEN STRATFORD - The Dirty Decade. New Zealand in the 80s
002064: DIANE STREVENS - Mackillop Women. The Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart Aotearoa New Zealand 1883-2006.
001142: COLIN STRONG & DUFF HART-DAVIS - Fighter Pilot
001442: PATRICIA STROUD - Caesar. The True Story of a Canine Anzac Hero
002034: HUDSON STUCK - The Ascent of Denali (Mt Mckinley). A Narrative of the First Complete Ascent of the Highest Peak in North America
001535: EDITED BY TERRY STURM - The Oxford History of New Zealand Literature in English
001249: SHOWELL STYLES - The Flying Ensign
000583: EDITED BY JIM SULLIVAN - Doing Our Bit: New Zealand Women Tell Their Stories of World War Two
002369: GEOFFREY HUGH SUMPTER - Excuse My Feet: Being the Full Adventures of Corporal Herbert Simkins of 2nzef by "the Sarge".
000710: I. L. G. SUTHERLAND. - The Maori Situation
000721: MARY SUTHERLAND. - Please Send Home. The War Diaries and Letters of Jack Bickley 1941-1945: And: Far from Home and Family. A Journey Following the 2nzef, Ww11.
001553: SIMON SWAFFIELD - Garden Design: A New Zealand Guide
002413: ARTHUR C.SWAN AND ARTHUR H. CARMAN - Five Seasons of Services Rugby. The History of the New Zealand Services Team in Great Britain, Ireland and France, 1941-1946
000731: KIM SWAN - The Grunter Hunters
001733: JONATHAN SWIFT - Gulliver's Travels Into Lilliput and Brobdingnag
002319: M.C. SWITLIK - The Complete Cannoneer
001937: PAMELA SYKES - Air Day for the Brownies
002122: RONALD SYME - Isles of the Frigate Bird
000439: RONALD SYME. - The Lagoon Is Lonely Now.
000367: MARGARET TAPLEY. - Rhododendrons in New Zealand.
002087: JOHN TASKER - Myth and Mystery: Who Were the First Europeans to Visit New Zealand?
002100: COMPILED AND EDITED BY JOHN W. R., TAYLOR - Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1968-1969
000918: MRS A.L. TAYLOR - Ohakune Primary School. 75th Jubilee 1972.
001942: DAVID M TAYLOR - The Oldest Manuscripts in New Zealand
001474: ALISTER TAYLOR & DEBORAH CODDINGTON - Honoured by the Queen. New Zealand Recipients of Honours 1953-1993 and Royal Appointments to the Privy Council, As Queen's Counsel and As Justices of the Peace
002360: REV. RICHARD TAYLOR - Te Ika a Maui; or, New Zealand and Its Inhabitants. Illustrating the Origin, Manners, Customs, Mythology, Religion, Rites, Songs, Proverbs, Fables, and Language of the Natives. Together with the Geology, Natural History, Productions, and Climate of the Country; Its State As Regards Christianity; Sketches of the Principal Chiefs, and Their Present Position; with a Map, and Numerous Illustrations
001626: ROWLEY TAYLOR - Straight Through from London. The Antipodes and Bounty Islands, New Zealand.
001297: PHILIP TEMPLE - The Last True Explorer: Into Darkest New Guinea
001605: JACK TEMPLE - The Healer: The Extraordinary Story of Jack Temple
002503: HUGH TEMPLETON & IAN TEMPLETON - Speeches That Shaped New Zealand: 1814-1956
000478: MALCOLM TEMPLETON - A Wise Adventure. New Zealand & Antarctica 1920 - 1960.
001174: MARGARET TENNANT - Paupers and Providers. Charitable Aid in New Zealand.
001818: WILFRED THESIGER - The Danakil Diary. Journeys Through Abyssinia, 1930-34
002131: ROSE THODEY AND GIL HANLY - The Artful Gardner - Inspirational Landscape Design Ideas
001156: DYLAN THOMAS - The Outing
002436: WING COMMANDER H.L. THOMPSON - New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force--Volume II: European Theatre January 1943 - May 1945
000143: GEORGGE THOMSON - Ferns and Fern Allies of New Zealand. With Instructions for Their Collection and Hints on Their Cultivation
000070: GEO. M. THOMSON - A New Zealand Naturalist`S Calendar and Notes by the Wayside
002017: PADRE BILL THOMSON - The God Botherer
001650: NIGEL THORLEY - Jaguar: All the Cars
000041: GEOFFREY G. THORNTON - New Zealand's Industrial Heritage
001710: GEOFFREY THORNTON - Bridging the Gap. Early Bridges in New Zealand 1830-1939
000333: ANN THWAITE - Passageways. The Story of a New Zealand Family.
002172: RICHARD TILL - Every Tea Towel Tells a Story: Richard Till's Special Collection
001029: RAY TINSLEY - Call of the Wapiti
000975: RAY TINSLEY. - Call of the Moose and Other Fiordland Hunting Adventures
001207: HILARY TIPPING - A Capital Perspective: Wellington in Miniature
000389: PAUL TITCHENER - Little Ships of New Zealand
000474: AS NARRATED TO AND WRITTEN BY PAUL HARRISON RNZAF. - Send for the Artist. Maurice Conly. 54 Years As the Air Force Official Artist.
001513: J R R TOLKEIN - The Hobbit
002337: J.R.R. TOLKIEN - The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and Other Verses from the Red Book
000458: W.W TOMLINSON. - Comprehensive Guide to the County of Northumberland
000027: NOEL TONG - Wairoa Would Not Wait
000694: JOY TONKS - The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. The First Forty Years.
000127: JOY TONKS - Viva Malvina! : The Lives of Dame Malvina Major
000875: BILL TOOMATH - Built in New Zealand. The Houses We Live in
001545: BEN FONG-TORRES. - Hickory Wind. The Life and Times of Gram Parsons.
000747: MONA TRACY - Rifle and Tomahawk. A Stirring Tale of Te Kooti's Rebellion.
001573: GEOFFREY TREASE - Trumpets in the West
002485: EDWARD TREGEAR - The Maori Race
002112: PAUL TRENT - The Island Murder
001637: JILL TREVELYAN - Peter Mcleavey: The Life and Times of a New Zealand Art Dealer
002494: WILLIAM TREVOR - Beyond the Pale & Other Stories
001431: EDITED BY GORDON TROUP - Steel Roads of New Zealand: An Illustrated Survey
001709: EDITED BY GORDON TROUP - Steel Roads of New Zealand: An Illustrated Survey
001847: PETER TRUDGILL - The Dialects of England
002086: BILL TUCKEY & THOMAS FLOYD - An Old Dog for a Hard Road. The Inside Story of the 1979 Repco Round Australia Reliability Trial.
000413: J.S. TULLETT - The Industrious Heart. A History of New Plymouth
002155: GRAHAM TURBOTT - Year Away. Wartime Coastwatching on the Auckland Islands, 1944.
002096: CAROL KING-TURNER - Pioneer Nurse in the Marlborough Sounds
000151: ETHEL TURNER - Brigid and the Cub
023087: HONE TUWHARE - Shape-Shifter
000514: MARK TWAIN. - Tom Sawyer Detective As Told by Huck Finn and Other Tales
000609: KERRY TYACK - The Winemaker. George . Fistonich and the Villa Maria Story
001386: ALEXANDER TZONIS AND LEFAIVRE LIANE - Architecture in Europe Since 1968: Memory and Invention
002291: OWEN O///'SULLIVAN - Apostle in Aotearoa. A Biography of Father Jeremiah Joseph Purcell O'Reily O.F. M. Cap. Wellingtons First Catholic Pastor
000646: REV. M. L. UNDERHILL - New Zealand Chaplains in the Second World War
000814: NEW ZEALAND RUGBY FOOTBALL UNION - New Zealand Rugby Annual 1924.
001786: PETER VALDER - Wisterias: A Comprehensive Guide
002443: DAVID VEART - First Catch Your Weka: A Story of New Zealand Cooking
001148: STEPHEN VENABLES - Everest: Summit of Achievement
002381: JOCK VENNELL - Man of Iron. The Extraordinary Story of New Zealand Wwi Hero Lieutenant-Colonel William Malone
002274: R. T. VERNON - Te Mata - Te Hutewai. The Early Days
000769: AAT VERVOORN - Beyond the Snowline
001265: GORDON VETTE - Impact Erebus
002192: A. R. VEYSEY - A Century of Rugby: A History of the Wellington Football Club's First Hundred Years
001698: HUGO VICKERS - St George's Chapel Windsor Castle
002440: ALAN VILLIERS - By Way of Cape Horn
000813: NOEL VIRTUE - Always the Islands of Memory
000236: REX H.VOELKERLING AND KEVIN L.STEWART - From Sand to Papa - a History of the Wanganui County
001343: A. E. VAN VOGT - The House That Stood Still.
001344: A.E. VAN VOGT AND, E. MAYNE HULL - Out of the Unknown.
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