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008949: RICHARDS, RHYS - Captain Charles Bayley, Whaling Master 1813-1875,
008667: RICHARDS, RHYS - Foreign Visitors to the Cook Islands 1773 to 1840. Nga Papa'a mua ki teia pa enua
008609: RHYS RICHARDS - Manu Moriori: Human and Bird Carvings on Live Kopi Trees on the Chatham Islands
008777: RICHARDS, RHYS AND MARGARET - Pacific Artifacts brought home by American Whalemen. Pacific Islands Curiosities, Objects, Artifacts and Art in Museums in New England and Long Island.
008670: RICHARDS, RHYS - Foreign Visitors to the Cook Islands 1773 to 1840. Nga Papa'a mua ki teia pa enua
009066: RHYS RICHARDS - The Austral Islands: History, Art And Art History
4943: RICHEY, KING A. - Lower Pliocene Horses from Black Hawk Ranch Mount Diablo, California.
5329: RICHTER, GISELA MARIE AUGUSTA - Korai: Archaic Greek Maidens: A Study of the Development of the Kore Type in Greek Sculpture.
4520: RICHTER, LYDIA - Käthe Kruse Puppen. Puppen Album 3.
008539: RICKARD, L.S. - Tamihana the Kingmaker
5718: RICKARD, MAJOR F. IGNACIO - A Mining Journey Across the Great Andes; With explorations in the silver mining districts of the Provinces of San Juan and Mendoza, and a journey across the Pampas to Buenos Ayres
4850: RICKARD, T.A. - A History of American Mining.
2069: RIECK, FRANK W.C. - Life as I See it.
5556: RIES, HEINRICH; KÜMMEL, HENRY BARNARD; KNAPP, GEORGE N. - THE CLAYS AND CLAY INDUSTRY OF NEW JERSEY Geological Survey of New Jersey, Vol. VI of the Final Report of the State Geologist.
6842: RIGGIR, HELEN; RIGGIR, IAN; GIBLIN, ROSS - Sandbanks & Centreboards. A Sixty-four Year History of the Paremata Boating Club 1923-1987.
008324: RILEY, THOMAS J. - Final Report on Archaeological Survey and Testing, Majuro Atoll, Marshall islands.
6597: RILEY, JOHN; FIELDS, PETER - Myola. Sydney's Last Shipwreck.
969: RILEY, WILLIAM A., & OSKAR A. JOHANNSEN - Medical Entomology A Survey of Insects and Allied Forms Which Affect the Health of Man and Animals
007534: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - Erste Gedichte.
008428: RITCHIE, JOHN - Among Wigwams and Kraals: The Story of the Evangelisation of the Red Indians of North America, The Bushmen and Kaffirs of South Africa, and the Wandering Tribes of Bechuanaland, with the stirring life stories of early pioneers and workers there.
009009: RITTER, CHRISTIANE - A Woman in the Polar Night
5013: RIWKIN-BRICK, ANNA; JANNES, ELLY - Nomads of the North.
6021: ROAF, GAN WILLIAM - Llawlyfr Yr Ysgol y Dosbarth Beiblaidd A'r Teulu.
23: ROBBINS, ALFRED F. - The early public Life of William Ewart Gladstone. Four times Prime Minister.
008172: ROBERTS, C.D.; STEWART, A.L.; PAULIN, C.D.; NEALE, D. - Regional Diversity and Biogeography of Coastal Fishes on the West Coast South Island of New Zealand.
5280: ROBERTS, REV. ALEXANDER; DONALDSON, JAMES (EDITORS) - Ante-Nicene Christian Library. Translations of the Writings of the Fathers Down to A.D. 325. Vol XXIV Early Liturgies and Other Documents.
4291: ROBERTS, FRANK, C. - The Figure of the Earth. Section I. Historical. Section II. The Oblate Spheroidal Hypothesis.
3969: ROBERTS, JOHN - The Mining Educator. a Comprehensive, Practical and Authoritative Guide for All Engaged in the Mining Industry. 4 Volumes.
008356: ROBERTS, JANE - Two Years At Sea: being the narrative of a voyage to Swan River, Van Diemen's Land, thence, through the Torres' Straits, to the Burman Empire. With an account of the services and sufferings of the missionaries in that country, from the date of the first protestant mission.
008838: ROBERTS, J.J. - Kohikohinga: Reminiscences and Reflections of "Rapata" (Vernon Roberts)
5416: ROBERTS-JONES, PHILIPPE - Iavn Lackovic Croata. Grafika / Graphics / Gravures.
3219: ROBERTSON J.P. AND W.P. - Letters on Paraguay: Comprising an Account of a Four years' Residence in That Republic, Under the Government of the Dictator Francia. Vol. II.
4837: ROBIN, GORDON DE Q. (EDITOR) - The Climatic Record in Polar Ice Sheets.
5236: ROBINSON, COMMANDER G.T.; CHAMBERS, CHARLES; CHAMBERS, F. - Magnetical and Meteorological Observations made at the Government Observatory, Bombay, in the Years 1865-1870.
4782: ROBINSON, EDWARD JEWITT - The Mother Of Jesus, Not The Papal Mary.
007100: ROBINSON, RICHARD H. - Farm Tractors in New Zealand.
007178: ROBSON, R.W. (COMPILER AND EDITOR) - The Pacific Islands Year Book 1939.
2555: ROBSON, E.W. & M.M. - The Film Answers Back. An Historical Appreciation of the Cinema.
717: RODAHL, KARE - The Ice-Capped Island Greenland.
007710: RODY, NANCY - Breadfruit bread and papaya pie: Recipes of Micronesia and the outer Pacific.
6531: ROE, ROBINA AGNES - A Short Account of Early Days in Wellington, Westshore and Eskdale as Experienced By the Two First Families Who Came to Napier.
5857: ROLES, FRANCIS - A Lasting Freedom.
6310: RÖLL, DR. M.F. - Die Thierseuchen. Mit Berücksichtigung der österreichischen und deutschen Gesetzgebung. Für Thierärzte und Ärzte bearbeitet.
4920: ROMANO, ROMOLO (EDITOR) - Mount Etna Volcano. a Review of the Recent Earth Science Studies.
955: ROMAYNE, H.Y. - Anthropos. a Mystery Play,
6882: RONAYNE, CHRIS - Trevor Moffitt : A Biography.
6998: RONAYNE, CHRIS - Trevor Moffitt : A Biography.
6695: ROSCHE, LARRY O., SEMROC, JUDY M., & GILBERT, LINDA K. - Dragonflies and Damselflies of Northeast Ohio.
007102: ROSE, BILL; BUTTLER, TONY - Secret Projects. Flying Saucer Aircraft.
007661: ROSE, ROGR G. - Symbols of Sovereignty. Feather girdles of Tahiti and Hawai'i (Pacific Anthropological Records Number 28)
007054: ROSE, RONALD - South Seas Magic.
007932: ROSELLO, EUFRASIA; MORALES, ARTURO; - Castillo de Dona Blanca: Archaeo-Environmental Investigations in the Bay of Cadiz, Spain (750-500 B.C.) (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) International Series 593)
008198: ROSS, RUTH M. - New Zealand's First Capital.
6546: ROSS, DAVID (COMPILER AND EDITOR) - Our Church in Our Communities. Stories of the Life of Parishes in the Wellington Presbytery Since 1840.
316: ROSS-MACDONALD, MALCOLM - Hölzerne Schiffe, Eiserne Männer.
1505: ROSSETTI, WILLIAM MICHAEL - Gabriele Rossetti - A Versified Autobiography
6706: ROTH, ALFRED - La Nouvelle Architecture Presentee en 20 exemples; Die Neue Architektur Dargestellt an 20 Beispielen; The New Architecture Presented in 20 Examples.
007733: ROTT, NICK; RAITT, HELEN - South Pacific Prints: Kingdom of Tonga. Series One [All published]
007418: ROUSSEL, NAPOLEON - Scenes Prophetiques ornees de 20 Gravures sur Acier ecrites et gravees pour mes enfants.
1417: ROUTH, MARTHA - Memoir of the Life, Travels Amd Religious Experience of Martha Routh, Written By Herself or Compiled from Her Own Narrative.
3036: ROVIN, JEFF - Encyclopedia of Superheroes
6126: ROWE, STRINGER G. - A Pioneer. Memoir of the Reverend John Thomas, Missionary to the Friendly Islands.
007740: ROWE, GEORGE STRINGER - A Pioneer. Memoir of the Reverend John Thomas, Missionary to the Friendly Islands.
3838: ROWNTREE, JOSEPH; SHERWELL, ARTHUR - British 'Gothenburg' Experiments and Public-House Trusts.
008358: ROWNTREE, JOHN WILHELM - Palestine Notes and Other papers.
008418: RUDDOCK, E.H. - The Homoeopathic [Homeopathic] Vade Mecum of Modern Medicine and Surgery for the Use of Professional Students of Homoeopathy, Clergymen, Heads of Families Etc.
3006: RUNDALL, THOMAS - Narratives of Voyages towards the North-West, in Search of Passage to Cathay and India 1496 to 1631. With Selections from the Early Records of The Honourable the East India Company and from Mss. In the British Museum.
6907: RUSHBROOK WILLIAMS, L. F. - The Black Hills. Kutch in History and Legend: A Study in Indian Local Loyalties.
4085: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Political Economy of Art: Being the Substance (With Additions) of Two Lectures Delivered at Manchester, July 10th and 13th, 1857.
1891: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Political Economy of Art. Subsequently Called 'A Joy for ever'. (The Universal Edition of John Ruskin's Works.)
963: RUSSELL, BERTRAND (EDITED BY BARRY FEINBERG AND RONALD KASRILS) - Dear Bertrand Russell . A Selection of His Correspondence with the General Public.
6311: RUTLEDGE, MRS. FORSTER - The Goulburn Cookery Book.
3198: RUTTER, ELDON - The Holy Cities of Arabia. 2 Volumes.
008207: RYAN, J.S. - Charles Dickens and New Zealand: A Colonial Image, Selected from the periodical publications of Charles Dickens.
009054: RYAN, A. P. - Flying Weather: Manual of New Zealand Aviation Climatology.
6648: RYAN, A. P. - Flying Weather: Manual of New Zealand Aviation Climatology.
5774: RYDEN, STIG - The Banks Collection: An Episode in 18th Century Anglo-Swedish Relations,
6591: RYDEN, STIG - The Banks Collection: An Episode in 18th Century Anglo-Swedish Relations,
4655: RYNN, JOHN MUNRO WILLIAM - Seismotectonics of the Arthur's Pass Region, South Island, New Zealand and Regional Variations in ts/tp.
5251: SABINE, EDWARD - Observations Made at the Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory at Hobarton, in Van Diemen Island and By the Antarctic Naval Expedition. Vol. I. Commencing with 1841. With Abstracts of the Observations from 1841 to 1848 Inclusive.
5609: SACK, PETER (EDITOR) - German New Guinea. a Bibliography.
4988: SADLER, DR WESLEY - Untangled New Guinea Pidgin. A Course of Study.
1933: SAGITTARIUS - Targets.
007173: SAIHGAL, M.C. - Saihagal's Modern Hindi Grammar (with exercises & full vocabulary).
5557: SALISBURY, ROLLIN D. - The Glacial Geology of New Jersey.
5122: SALMON, GEORGE - A Treatise on Conic Sections Containing an Account of Some of the Most Important Modern Algebraic and Geometric Methods.
007486: SALMON, J.T. - New Sub-Antarctic Collembola. Cape Expedition, Scientific results of the New Zealand sub-antarctic expedition, 1941-45, Cape Expedition Series Bulletin No. 4.
007487: SALMON, J.T. - New Sub-Antarctic Collembola. Cape Expedition, Scientific results of the New Zealand sub-antarctic expedition, 1941-45, Cape Expedition Series Bulletin No. 4.
851: SALVADO, R. - Memorias Historicas Sobre La Australia y La Mision Benedictina De Nueva Nurcia. Con Introduccion y Notas De Un Padre Benedictiono De La Real Abadia De Samos.
007569: SANCHEZ, PEDRO C. - Guahan Guam: The History of our Island.
007934: SAND, CHRISTOPHE; BOLE, JACQUES; OUETCHO, ANDRÉ - Tiouandé - Archéologie d'un massif de Karst du Nord-Est de la Grande Terre ( Nouvelle-Calédonie)
007752: SAND, CHRISTOPHE - Uvea: La prehistoire de Wallis, ile de la Polynesie occidentale (French Edition)
2416: SANDERS, CHARLES RICHARD - Lytton Strachey. His Mind and Art.
5847: SHUN-ICHI SANO - On the Distribution of Gamma Ray Intensity Due to Natural Radioactivity Near the Earth's Surface.
007346: SRS. SANSON [NICOLAS ET GUILLAUME SANSON] - Tables de la Geographie Ancienne et Nouvelle ou Methode pour s'instruire Avec facilité de la Geographie, et Connoistre Les Empires, Monarchies, Royaumes, Estats, Republiques, et Peuples, tant Anciens que Nouveaux, de Toutes les Parties du Monde en combien de Regions Particulieres, ou Provinces, ils se subdivisent, et quelles en sont les Villes les plus considérables . Dediées a Monseigneur Monseigneur Pierre Seguier chevalier et Chancelier de France.
6235: SANSON D'ABBEVILLE, S. - L'Asie en plusieurs cartes nouvelles, et exactes, &c. en divers traités de geographie, et d'histoire. Là où sont descrits succinctement, & avec une belle methode, & facile. Ses empires, ses monarchies, ses estats, &c. [.]
7006: SANTI, PAT - The Cardigan Handbook.
2665: SARRANS JEUNE, B. - Louis-Philippe et La Contre-Revolution De 1830, Suive D'une Lettre Inedite Du General Lafayette Sur Les Principaux Evenemens De La Revolution De 1789. 2 Volumes.
5457: SARTORI, DR MARIO - The War Gases. Chemistry and Analysis.
2723: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - Meredith
007231: SATCHELL, WILLIAM - Patriotic and other Poems.
5716: SATOW, THE RIGHT HON. SIR - A Diplomat in Japan : The Inner History of the Critical Years in the Evolution of Japan When the Ports Were Opened and the Monarchy Restored, Recorded by a Diplomatist Who Took an Active Part in the Events of the Time [.]
007230: SAUNDERS, JOAN - Tinnitus. What is That Noise in My Head?
007283: SAVAGE, JOHN - Some Account of New Zealand; Particularly the Bay of Islands, and Surrounding Country; with a Description of the Religion and Government, Language, Arts, Manufactures, Manners, and Customs of the Natives, &c. &c.
007262: SAVAGE, SPENCER - Catalogue of the Manuscripts on the library of the Linnean Society of London. Part IV - Calendar of the Ellis Manuscripts. The Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers of John Ellis, F.R.S.)
6968: SAVAGE, JOHN - Some Account of New Zealand; Particularly the Bay of Islands, and Surrounding Country; with a Description of the Religion and Government, Language, Arts, Manufactures, Manners, and Customs of the Natives, &c. &c.
008321: SAVAGE, JOHN; DALRYMPLE, ALEXANDER; FRANKLIN, DR BENJAMIN [NOTES BY A.D. MCKINLAY] - Savage's Account of New Zealand in 1805 Together with Schemes of 1771 and 1824 for Commerce and Colonization.
5265: SAVORY, THEODORE H. - The Spider's Web.
3746: SAYCE, A.H. - Introduction to the Science of Language. 2 Volumes.
6817: SCALES, MARJORIE - John Walker's Village: A History of Walkerville
007572: SCALZO, JOE - The Bart Markel Story
3628: SCHAUB-KOCH, EMILE - Hindu Art and The Art of Anna Hyatt-Huntington.
6504: SCHEER, ADMIRAL. - Germany's High Sea Fleet in the World War.
5260: SCHEERER, OTTO; MILLER, EDWARD Y. - The Nabaloi Dialect. The Bataks of Palawan.
008722: SCHERZER, DR. KARL - Narrative Of The Circumnavigation Of The Globe By The Austrian Frigate Novara, (Commodore B. von Wullerstorf-Urbair,) Undertaken by Order of the Imperial Government, In the Years 1857, 1858 & 1859, Under the Immediate Auspices of his I. and R. Highness the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian, commander-in-chief of the Austrian Navy. Volumes I and II.
3082: SCHILTBERGER, JOHANN (TRANS. BY J. BUCHAN TELFER, EDITED BY P. BRUUN) - The Bondage and Travels of Johann Schiltberger, a Native of Bavaria, in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 1396-1427.
6944: SCHLESINGER, MAX - Saunterings In and About London, English Edition by Otto Wenckstern.
5744: J.Y. SCHLEY - 1. Ontong Java. 2. Pays De Van Diemen. Van Diemens Land.
2449: SCHLOBIN, ROGER C. - The Literature of Fantasy : A Comprehensive, Annotated Bibliography of Modern Fantasy Fiction (Reference Library of the Humanities, No. 176)
007633: SCHMITT, ROBERT C. - The Missionary Censuses of Hawaii. (Pacific Anthropological Records Number 20)
6866: SCHOLEFIELD, G.H. - Who's Who in New Zealand and the Western Pacific.
2507: SCHOLEFIELD, G.H. - Who's Who in New Zealand and the Western Pacific 1925.
009028: SCHOLEFIELD, DR G.H. - Who's Who in New Zealand and the Western Pacific.
5403: SCHOLEFIELD, G.H. - Who's Who in New Zealand. 5th Edition.
1754: SCHOLES, ARTHUR - Fourteen Men. Story of the Australian Antarctic Expedition to Heard Island
008451: SCHOOLCRAFT, HENRY ROWE - The Indian in His Wigwam: Or the Characteristics of the Red Race of America. From Original Notes and Manuscripts.
008351: SCHOUTEN, WILLEM CORNELISZOON - Iovrnal ofte Beschryvinghe van de wonderlicke reyse, ghedaen door Willem Cornelisz Schouten van Hoorn, inde Jaren 1615. 1616. en 1617. Hoe by bezuyden de Strate van Magellanes een nieuwe Passagie tot inde Zuydzee ontdeckt en voort den gheheelen Aerdkloot omgheseylt heeft. Wat Eylanden, vreemde volcken en wonderlicke avontueren hem ontmoet zijn.
3192: SCHRAMM, PROF DR. ALBERT - Bucheinbände aller Zeiten und Völker. Festgabe zur 100jährigen Feier des Börsenvereins der deutschen Buchhändler.
5591: SCHUBERT, FRANZ - Schubert-Album. Sammlung der Lieder für eine Singstimme mit Pianofortebegleitung. Kritisch revidirt von Max Friedlaender. Band I. Ausgabe für mittlere Stimme.
007931: RICK J SCHULTING - Mortuary Variability and Status Differentiation on the Columbia-Fraser Plateau.
007955: RICK J SCHULTING - Mortuary Variability and Status Differentiation on the Columbia-Fraser Plateau.
008907: SCHULTZ, DR. E. - Samoan Proverbial Experessions: Alaga'upu Fa'a - Samoa
3102: SCHWARTZ, RONALD - Spanish Film Directors (1950 - 1985). 21 Profiles.
4255: SCHWARZ, DR. KARL (ED.) - Das Buch Ruth.
870: SCHWEIFURTH, ULRICH - Studien Zur Pflanzengeographie Von Tasmanien. Bonner Geographische Abhandlungen Nr. 31
007087: SCOT, J.M. - Gino Watkins.
008469: SCOTT, DICK - The Parihaka Story.
5352: SCOTT, B.J.; MCKEE, C.O. - Tiltmeter Recordings at Rabaul Caldera Papua New Guinea: 1963-1979. Including an Appendix on Portable Tiltmeter Observations in Tavurvur Instrument Tunnel: 1972-1981.
3547: SCOTT, PETER - Portrait Drawings.
1985: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Heart of Mid-Lothian.
6530: SCOTT, F.L. - The Star Boating Club 1866-1966: One Hundred Years of Rowing.
007282: SCOTT, WALTER - The Lord of the Isles, A Poem.
906: SCOTT, ROBERT F. - Scott's Last Expedition. Vol I Being the Journals of Catain R.F. Scott.
6913: SCOTT, G.H. - Utility of Haeuslerella Parr (Foraminifera) in New Zealand Middle Tertiary Stratigraphy. New Zealand Geological Survey. Palaeontological Bulletin 38.
007132: SCOTTER, W.H. - Run Estate and Farm. A History of the Kakanui and Waiareka Valleys, North Otago.
009008: SCOTTS, NEIL; MOUNSEY, PETER - Craft New Zealand - a study of the craft industry, craftspeople and their training needs.
5235: SEARLE, LIEUTENANT W.L.; CHAMBERS, CHARLES - Magnetical and Meteorological Observations made at the Government Observatory, Bombay, in the Year 1864.
008991: SEAVER, GEORGE - 'Birdie' Bowers of the Antarctic.
841: SEAVER, GEORGE - Edward Wilson of the Antarctic. Naturalist and Friend
008607: SEAVER, GEORGE - Edward Wilson of the Antarctic. Naturalist and Friend
007665: SEELYE, MICHAEL D. - The Archaeology of Kona. The ahupu'a of Pauoa. Preliminary Excavations at Hale Akala. State Archaeological Journal 69-1.
008483: SEEMANN, BERTHOLD - Viti: An Account of a Government Mission to the Vitian or Fijian Islands in the Years 1860-61.
2590: SEGHERS, ANNA - Die Gefährten. Roman.
007832: SEGNIT, R.W. AND J.R. DRIDAN. - Geology and Development of Ground Water in the Robinson Fresh Water Basin, Eyre's Peninsula. (Geological Survey of Australia Bulletin No. 17)
008385: SEIFERT, H.A. - The first 75 years of the Manawatu golf club Palmerston North New Zealand
5944: SELDES, GILBERT (PREFACE BY CHARLIE CHAPLIN) - The Movies Come from America. [Spine Title: Movies for the Millions].
2616: SELVER, PAUL - Czechoslovak Literature. An Outline.
5593: SEMYONOV, YULIAN - . In the Performance of Duty.
007386: SUBCOMMITTEE ON NUCLEAR REGULATION FOR THE COMMITTEE ON ENVIRONMENT AND PUBLIC WORKS - U. S. SENATE - Staff Studies: Nuclear Accident and Recovery at Three Mile Island - 96th Congress 2d Session, July 1980 - Serial No. 96-14.
3601: WARNE'S "NOW & THEN" JUVENILE SERIES - The Boys of Raven's Court; or be Merry and Wise.
5671: SEYA, KIYOSHI - On the Method of Analysis in Gravity Prospecting.
328: SEYMOUR, WILLIAM - Auf Der Suche Nach Östlichen Schätzen.
6359: SHACKLETON, SIR ERNEST - The Heart of the Antarctic: Being the Story of the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909.
4480: SHACKLETON, SIR ERNEST - The Heart of the Antarctic: Being the Story of the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909.
6047: SHACKLETON, SIR ERNEST - South. The Story of Shackleton's 1914 - 1917 Expedition.
008444: J. ROBERT SHAFFER - American Samoa: 100 Years Under the United States Flag
008851: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (TRANSLATED INTO MAORI BY PEI TE HURUNUI) - Te Tangata Whai-rawa o Weneti; he Mea Whakamaori Na Pei Te Hurunui. (Merchant of Venice translated Into Maori)
5320: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM /REED, ISAAC (EDITOR) - The Plays of William Shakespeare. Volume V [5]. Winter's Tale. MacBeth. King John.
957: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Knight's Cabinet Edition. The Works of William Shakespere . Vol VIII. Cymbeline. Othello. King Lear.
2978: SHAND, S. JAMES - Eruptive Rocks: Their Genesis, Composition, Classification and their Relation to Ore Deposits with A Chapter on Meteorites.
008407: SHARGA, P. BRIJNATH - Swami Rama: His Life & Legacy.
4910: SHARMA, KEWAL K. - Geology and Geodynamic Evolution of the Himalayan Collision Zone. Part 1 and 2. Two Volumes.
008585: SHARP, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Duperrey's Visit to New Zealand in 1824.
008586: SHARP, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Duperrey's Visit to New Zealand in 1824.
008587: SHARP, ANDREW (EDITOR) - Duperrey's Visit to New Zealand in 1824.
008673: SHARP, ANDREW - Adventurous Armada: the Story of Legazpi's Expedition.
5822: SHARPE, C.F. STEWART - Landslides and Related Phenomena, A Study of Mass-Movements of Soil and Rock.
3922: SHAW, PETER; MORRISON, ROBIN - New Zealand Architecture: From Polynesian Beginnings to 1990.
3429: SHAW-SPARROW, WALTER - John Lavery; and His Work.
009040: SHEHAN, MARK - An Introduction to the History of Porirua
007224: DAVID SHENNAN - Papakihau "Slapped by the Wind" Stephen Mulqueen.
008369: SHEPHERD, WINSOME - Wellington's Heritage: Plants, Gardens and Landscape
008717: WINSOME SHEPHERD - Gold & silversmithing in nineteenth & twentieth century New Zealand
008339: SHEPHERD, WINSOME - Wellington's Heritage: Plants, Gardens and Landscape
5608: SHERARD, BENNET - Meleager in Cos.
6595: SHERER, JOHN - The Gold-Finder of Australia. How he Went - How he Fared - How he Made His Fortune.
4375: SHERIDAN, JOHN D. - It Stance to Reason. The Intelligent Rabbit's Guide to Golf.
4744: SHERMAN, C.E. - Preliminary Report on the Ohio Co-Operative Topographic Survey. November 15, 1903.
009049: SHERRAD, J.M. - Kaikoura: A History of the District
009074: SHERSON, VENETIA, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR - Heritage Hamilton: A Celebration of the City's Historic Buildings
832: SHILLIBEER, LIEUT. J. - A Narrative of the Briton's Voyage to Pitcairn's Island; Including an Interesting Sketch of the Present State of the Brazils and of Spanish South America
6464: SHIPTON, ERIC - Mountains of Tartary.
380: SHIRLEY, ANDREW - Bonington
007645: SHIZUO, ODA - The Archaeological History of the Bonin Islands.
6048: SHOEMAKER, BRIAN - Antarctica.
2059: SHORE, EVELYN BERGLUND - Born on Snowshoes
4723: SHUHE, SONG - Mineral Resources Maps of China (1: 5,000,000
007756: SHUJI, YOSHIDA & MATTHEWS, PETER J (EDITORS) - Vegeculture in Eastern Asia and Oceania. International Area Studies Conference VII.
008133: SIDDELL, PETER - The Art of Peter Siddell.
4475: SIGTENHORST MEYER, B VAN DEN - Jan P. Sweelinck en zijn instrumentale muziek. Met een aantal verluchtingen en ruim 200 muziek-voorbeelden.
6273: SILINE-BEKCHOURINE, A. - Hydrogeology of Irrigated Lands.
3323: SIM, J.A. (EDITOR) - The New Zealand Alpine Journal. Vol. V. June 1934. No. 20.
008700: SIMCOX, FRANCIS SELWYN - Otaki: The Town and District.
4066: SIMCOX, JOHN V. FOREWORD BY DR. G.G.COULTON & REPORTS OF SPEECHES BY WARREN SANDELL AND RAYMOND WINCH - Is the Roman Catholic Church a Secret Society ? A Correspondence with the late Cardinal Hinsley & Others About Parental Rights.
008175: SIMMONS, D.R. - The Great New Zealand Myth. a Study of the Discovery and Origin Traditions of the Maori
008254: SIMPSON, FRANK A. - The Antarctic Today. A Mid-century Survey By the New Zealand Antarctic Society.
007101: SIMPSON, W. DOUGLAS - Saint Ninian and the Origins of the Christian Church in Scotland.
2280: SIMPSON, FRANK A. - New Zealand Antarctica (From New Zealand Geographer Vol X, No. 1, April 1954)
007180: SIMSON, ROBERT - The elements of Euclid : viz, the first six books, together with the eleventh and twelfth. The errors, by which Theon, or others, have long ago vitiated these books, are corrected : and some of Euclid's demonstrations restored : also the book of Euclid's Data, in like manner corrected.
6783: SINCLAIR, KEITH (EDITOR) - The New Zealand Journal of History, Vol.20, No.1, April 1986.
4848: SINCLAIR, JAMES PATRICK - Wings of Gold: How the Aeroplane Developed New Guinea.
008873: JOE Y SING - A brief history of the overseas Chinese in New Zealand
5129: SINGER, IGNATIUS; BERENS, LEWIS H. - Some Unrecognized Laws Of Nature: An Inquiry Into The Causes Of Physical Phenomena, With Special Reference To Gravitation.
008240: SINOTO, YOSIHIKO H.; KOMORI, ERIC K.; ROGERS-JOURDANE, ELAINE H. - Settlement Pattern Survey of Matairea Hill Maeva, Huahine, Society Islands French Polynesia. Session II, 1980.
6398: SJÖBERG, BJÖRN (SPECIAL EDITOR) - Sea and Coast. The National Atlas of Sweden.
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