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008732: IDRIESS, ION L. - Lightning Ridge. The Land of the Black Opals.
009256: IDRIESS, ION - Horrie the Wog Dog. With the A.I.F. in Egypt, Greece, Crete and Palestine. Written from the Diary of Private VX13091 J.B. Moody A.I.F.
008364: IDRIESS, ION L. - Over The Range. Sunshine And Shadow In The Kimberleys.
007089: IDRIESS, ION L. - Over The Range. Sunshine And Shadow In The Kimberleys.
008743: IDRIESS, ION L. - Across the Nullarbor. A Modern Argosy.
008745: IDRIESS, ION L. - The Vanished People.
008746: IDRIESS, ION L. - The Cattle King. The Story of Sir Sidney Kidman.
009782: IDRIESS, ION L. - Our Stone Age Mystery
008749: IDRIESS, ION L. - Lasseter's Last Ride. An Epic of Central Australian Gold Discovery.
008750: IDRIESS, ION L. - Isles of Despair.
008751: IDRIESS, ION L. - One Wet Season
008812: IDRIESS, ION L. - Flynn of the Inland.
009569: IDRIESS, ION L. - Must Australia Fight?
007998: IDRIESS, ION L. - Lightning Ridge. The Land of the Black Opals.
008891: IDRIESS, ION L. - The Great Trek. One of the Greatest Feats in Australian Exploration.
008892: IDRIESS, ION L. - Flynn of the Inland.
009122: IDRIESS, ION L. - Forty Fathoms Deep. Pearl Divers and Sea Rovers in Australian Seas.
008734: IDRIESS, ION L. - In Crocodile Land. Wanderings in Northern Australia.
008021: IDRIESS, ION L. - Flynn of the Inland.
007605: IDRIESS, ION L. - Lightning Ridge. The Land of the Black Opals.
007617: IDRIESS, ION L. - Flynn of the Inland.
008688: IDRIESS, ION L. - The Opium Smugglers: A True Story of Our Northern Seas.
009150: IDRIESS, ION L. - The Wild White Man of Badu
008400: IDRIESS, ION L. - The Vanished People.
1275: ILLINGWORTH, C.F.W. - Peptic Ulcer
010162: ING, H.; MAKRA, S. - Compendium of Neutron Spectra in Criticality Accident Dosimetry. (TECHNICAL REPORTS SERIES No. 180 INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY)
008095: INGLIS, REV. JOHN - In the New Hebrides - Reminiscences of Missionary Life and Work, Especially on the Island of Aneityum, from 1850 till 1877.
009300: NEMO [NAE INONESCU] - Grafologie - Scrisul so Omul
6863: INSELMANN, RUDOLF (EDITED BY RUFUS PECH) - Letub. The Cult of the Secrets of Wealth.
4722: INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGY, STATE SEISMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE - Seismotectonic Map of Asia and Europe. 1 : 8000000.
007964: INTOH, MICHIKO (EDITOR) - The Acceptance of the Outside World on Fais Island in Micronesia. 1994 Research.
007965: INTOH, MICHIKO (EDITOR) - The Acceptance of the Outside World on Fais Island in Micronesia. 1994 Research.
007916: INTOH, MICHIKO - Archaeological Research on Fais Island. Preliminary Report.
007913: INTOH, MICHIKO; ONO, RINTARO - Reconnaissance Archaeological Research on Tobi Island, Hatohobei State, Palau.
007099: IOANNOU, NORIS - Australian Studio Glass: The Movement, Its Makers, and Their Art.
009050: IRELAND, WILLIAM - Frost and Crops : Frost Prediction and Plant Protection.
6317: IRVING, H.B. (EDITOR) - Trial of Franz Muller.
010124: IRVING, ESTHER - Journey into China
009268: ISAAC, TUHOE; HAAMI, BRADFORD - True Red. The Life of an ex-Mongel Mob Gang Leader.
4865: ISHIDOYA, TSUTOMU - Chinesische Drogen. (4 Teile in Einem Band)
009887: ISTRATI, PANAIT - Auf falscher Bahn. Sechzehn Monate in Rußland.
010138: MARIA GILL AND MARCO IVANCIC - Abel Tasman mapping the Southern Lands
009406: IVENS, WALTER G. - A dictionary of the language of Sa'a (Mala) and Ulawa: South-east Solomon Islands.
009277: IVENS, W.G. - A Dictionary of the Language of Bugotu, Santa Isabel Island, Solomon Islands.
3213: IYANDZA-LOPOLOKO, JOSEPH - Bobongo: Danse Renommee des Ekonda du Lac Leopold II, une Institution. Parasccolaire.
6878: JACK, DANNY - Kabbe Ko Ilo Aelon in Pacific in.
6413: JACKSON, PETER - Historic Buildings of Harare, 1890-1940
6423: JACKSON, MURRAY; WILLIAMS, PAUL; STEINER, JOHN - Unimaginable Storms: A Search for Meaning in Psychosis.
5112: JACKSON, N.L. - Association Football.
2742: JACKSON, G. GIBBARD - Arctic Air Terror.
6618: JACKSON, BRIAN - New Zealand's Lost Oilfields.
5243: JACOB, W.S. - Magnetical Observations Made at the Honorable East India Company's Observatory at Madras in the Years 1851-1855.
3624: JACOBSEN, HERMANN - The Lexicon of Succulent Plants.
6798: JAKSIC, GEORGE; MIRAN, MICHELLE - The Little Fijian Cookbook.
009862: JAMES, BRYAN - E. Mervyn Taylor - Artist : Craftsman
6091: JANSON, E.M.CH.M. / LIT, ROBERT VAN - Wassenaar in woord en beeld / Wassenaar in words and Pictures.
008434: JARDINE, DAVID - The Gunpowder Plott. Criminal Trials Vol. II.
5130: JARVES, JAMES J. [JACKSON] - Scenes and Scenery in the Sandwich Islands, and a Trip through Central America: Being Observations from My Note-book during the Years 1837-1842.
5721: JAUSSEN, TEPANO - Grammaire et Dictionnaire de la Langue Maorie. Dialecte Tahitien.
009233: EDMUND JAYASURIYA - A Guide to The Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka
2870: J. [JOSEPH] RUSSELL-JEAFFRESON - The Faröe Islands.
1388: MRS JEBB (INTRODUCTION BY RIDER HAGGARD), ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN WALLACE - A Strange Career. Life and Adventures of John Gladwyn Jebb By His Widow
5123: JEFFREYS, MAX - Murder, Mayhem, Fire, & Storm: Australian Shipwrecks.
4121: JELKS, EDWARD B.; JELKS JULIET C. (EDITORS) - Historical Dictionary of North American Archaeology.
009469: JELLICOE, ROLAND L. - The New Zealand Company's Native Reserves. Compiled from Parliamentary Papers, Departmental Documents, and other Authentic Sources of Information.
008109: JELLICOE, ROLAND L. - The New Zealand Company's Native Reserves. Compiled from Parliamentary Papers, Departmental Documents, and other Authentic Sources of Information.
009144: JELLICOE, ROLAND L. - The New Zealand Company's Native Reserves. Compiled from Parliamentary Papers, Departmental Documents, and other Authentic Sources of Information.
6659: JELLICOE, ROLAND L. - The New Zealand Company's Native Reserves. Compiled from Parliamentary Papers, Departmental Documents, and other Authentic Sources of Information.
010065: JENKIN, ROBERT - Strangers in Mohua. Abel Tasman's Exploration of New Zealand. An Investigation of the First Recorded Contact Between Maori and Palkeha December 18th & 19th 1642
6565: JENKINS, D.L. - Index to Bibliography of New Zealand Geology to 1950 (N.Z. Geological Survey Bulletin 65)
010089: JENKINS, E.J. (EDDIE) - The Splott I remember
6657: JENKS, TUDOR - Chemistry for Beginners.
007778: JENNINGS, JESSE D. - Danger Cave- University of Utah Department of Anthropology Anthropological Papers Number 27. October, 1957
2929: JENNINGS,A.A. - Souvenir of the Wellington Mercantile Cricket League (inc.) Activities Hints Records Etc.
5011: JEROME, JEROME K. - My Life and Times.
008755: JESSUP, PETER - Boaties' Tales : Amazing stories from New Zealand and the world of boating
008818: TAYLOR. JIM - Hooked on History. Stratford's Heritage.
009098: JOHANSEN, JORGEN - Ringen Fri
4379: WILSON. J. [JOHN] - Our Israelitish Origin. Lectures on Ancient Israel, and the Israelitish Origin of the Modern Nations of Europe.
4215: JOHNSON, DAVID - Wellington Harbour.
3800: [JOHNSON, JOSEPH] - Clever Boys of Our Time and How They Became Famous Men.
6394: JOHNSON, OLIVER - William Lloyd Garrison and His Times: Or, Sketches of the Anti-Slavery Movement In America, and of the Man Who Was Its Founder and Moral Leader.
2479: JOHNSON, WILLIAM C. - Milton Criticism: A Subject Index.
1431: JOHNSON, LEIGH - The Waitangi Treaty House. The Home of New Zealand's First British Resident: a Preliminary Report on the Stage 1 Archaeological Investigations. Science and Research Internal Report No. 68
008513: JOHNSON, IAN {ED.} - Holier than thou: Proceedings of the 1978 Kioloa Conference on Australian Prehistory
6715: JOHNSON, J.; GREUTZNER, A. - The Dictionary of British Artists 1880-1940.
008547: JOHNSTON, MIKE - High Hopes: The History of the Nelson Mineral Belt and New Zealand's First Railway.
008029: JOHNSTON, WARWICK - Britannia By the River.
5198: JOHN IRVINE HUNTER; HUGH RAYMOND GUY POATE; NORMAN DAWSON ROYLE; STEWART ARHUR SMITH; JAMES THOMAS WILSON; MARJORIE ISABEL COLLINS; ANDREW ANSTRUTHER LAWSON; GEORGE ISRAEL PLAYFAIR; WILLIAM NOEL BENSON; WILLIAM ROWAN BROWNE; FANNY COHEN; LEO ARTHUR COTTON - Reprints of papers from the science laboratories of the University of Sydney 1916-17 to 1919-1920. B Volume I and II. From the Departments of Anatomy, Botany, Geology, Pathology, Physiology, Veterinary Science and Zoology.
4844: JOHNSTON, JAMES - The Finding of Saint Augustine's Chair.
4371: JOHNSTON, R.J. - Urbanisation in New Zealand: Geographical Essays.
008718: JOHNSTON, T.R. ST. - The Lau Islands (Fiji) and their Fairy Tales and Folk-lore
6353: JOLLY, VIOLET HILARY;BROWN, J. M. A. - New Zealand Lakes.
7033: JOLLY, VIOLET HILARY;BROWN, J. M. A. - New Zealand Lakes.
009832: JONES, KEVIN L - Nga? tohuwhenua mai te rangi: A New Zealand archaeology in aerial photographs
5331: JONES, D.W. CARMALT - Annals of the University of Otago Medical School 1875-1939
6342: JONES, JO - Paintings and Drawings of the Gypsies of Granada.
009828: JONES, ALISON; JENKINS, KUNI - Words between Us ? He Korero: First Maori-Pakeha Conversations on Paper
5598: JONES, HOWARD CAMPBELL - Wodonga City : A Jubilee History.
5871: JONGEJAN-DE GROOT, C. TH., - Sally En Zijn Hondje.
008392: BONANZA S.W. JONNES - Goldfields reminiscences : Castlemaine's golden era
007511: JOSS, ERWINE - Ich spielte mit Elfen und Zwergen... Marchen.
008458: JOWITT, GLENN - Ear Piercing Ceremony in Niue.
009298: JOYCE, P.W. - A Grammar of the Irish Language.
009625: JOYCE, P.W. - Old Irish Folk Music and Songs: A Collection of 842 Irish Airs and Songs hitherto Unpublished
007265: KAEPPLER, ADRIENNE (EDITOR) - Cook Voyage Artifacts in Leningrad, Berne & Florence Museums. [Bernice P. Bishop Museum Special Publication, 66]
4817: KAFKA, FRANZ - The Trial.
2580: KAFKA, FRANZ - Der Prozess. Roman. (gesammelte Schriften Band III)
6128: KAHK, JUHAN & SIILIVASK, KARL - History Of The Estonian SSR.
010077: KAHUKIWA, ROBYN (PAINTINGS0; POTIKI, ROMA (POEMS) - Oriori: A Maori child is born, from conception to birth
6184: KALAUGHER, J.P. [JAMES PATRICK] - Historical Chronicles Of The Auckland Agricultural And Pastoral Association And Early Days Of The Auckland Province.
6460: KALESKI, ROBERT - Australian Barkers and Biters.
007644: KANEKO, ERIKA; MELICHAR, HERBERT - Pura Mutuzuma: Archaeological Work on Miyako Island, Ryukyus (Asian and Pacific archaeology series No. 4)
6414: KASIMIRSKI, M. [TRANSLATOR] - Le Koran, Traduction Nouvelle Faite Sur Le Texte Arabe.
3661: KASTON, BENJAMIN JULIAN - Spiders of Connecticut. Geological and Natural History Survey Bulletin No. 79
007641: KATAYAMA, KAZUMICHI AND AKIRA TAGAYA (EDS) - People Of The Cook Islands - Past And Present. A Report Of The Physical Anthropological And Linguistic Research In The Cook Islands In 1985 - 1987. Cook Islands Library and Museum Society Bulletin No. 5.
6041: KAUFMANN, EDGAR - Fifty drawings by Francis Lymburner.
009398: KAURAKA KAURAKA - Return to Havaiki / Fokihanga ki Havaiki
4022: KAUTSKY, KARL - Thomas More Und Seine Utopie. Mit Einer Historischen Einleitung.
007196: KAWITI, W.B. - Waimio's Limestone Caves. [Kawiti Caves] Linked with Maori Tribal Legend. Rich in Natural History.
009165: KAY, RICHARD; BASSETT, HEATHER - Maori occupation of land within the boundaries of Auckland City Council 1800-1940.
3898: KAZEMZADEH, FIRUZ - The Struggle for Transcaucasia (1917-1921).
4191: KEABLE, R. & SEDDING, EDWARD D - African Scout Stories.
009451: R. F. KEAM - Tarawera: The volcanic eruption of 10 June 1886
6404: KEAR, DAVID AND J.C. SCHOFIELD - Geology of the Ngaruawahia Subdivision. New Zealand Geological Survey Bulletin 88.
6355: KEAR, DAVID - Mineral Resources of the Waikato Region. New Zealand Geological Survey Report 9.
008252: KEAR, DAVID - South Auckland Road-Metal Quarries "Wacke"-type Rocks. New Zealand Geological Survey Report 2.
6845: KEAR, DAVID - Report on 1963 Visit to North America and England. New Zealand Geological Survey Report 1.
6851: KEAR, DAVID; WATERHOUSE, B.C. - Onerahi Chaos-Breccia of Northland. New Zealand Geological Survey Report 13.
6558: KEDGLEY, HELEN AND BOB MAYSMOR - Samoa Contemporary. 17 New Zealand Samoan Artists. 21 February - 8 June 2008.
6511: KEEN, EDITH - Seven Years at the Prussian Court.
008142: KEESING, FELIX MAXWELL - Field Guide to Oceania.
009039: KEITH, MICHAEL - They Came on the Tides. A Short History of Porirua and its People.
008568: KELKAR, D.G. - Lamps of India.
008684: KELLY, R. TALBOT - Peeps at Many Lands. Burma.
009852: KELSEY, JANE - The Fire Economy: New Zealand's Reckoning
008657: KELSEY, DUDLEY EVAN - The shackle: A story of the Far North Australian bush
009231: PAUL KEMP - Midget Submarines (Warships fotofax)
008202: KENNEDY, GRAEME - A Concise Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language.
007115: KENNEDY, T.F. - A Descriptive Atlas of the Pacific Islands. New Zealand, Australia, Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Philippines.
008261: KENNEDY, RE. JOHN - The Days of The Fathers in Ross-Shire.
6341: KENNEDY, ALAN - Japanese Costume. History and Tradition.
007896: KENNETH RUDDLE, DENNIS JOHNSON, PATRICIA K TOWNSEND, JOHN D REES - Palm Sago: A Tropical Starch from Marginal Lands
009143: KENNINGTON, A.L. - The Awatere: A District and its People
5631: KENT, WILLIAM (COMPILER) - Lift Up Your Heads: An Anthology For Freethinkers.
008404: KENYATTA, JOMO - Facing Mount Kenya: Tribal Life of the Gikuyu.
3385: KERNER VON MARILAUN, ANTON (TRANSLATED BY F.W. OLIVER, LADY BUSK AND M.F. MACDONALD) - The Natural History of Plants Their Forms Growth Reproduction and Distribution. Volume One. Biology and Configuration of Plants.
007979: KERNOHAN, DAVID - Wellington's old buildings: A photographic guide to old buildings in central Wellington
009110: SIDNEY M. MEAD; BERNIE KERNOT - Art and Artists of Oceania
010007: KERR, REX - Otaki Railway: A Station and its People Since 1886
007105: KERR, JOAN P. - The Dictionary of Australian Artists, Painters, Sketchers, Photographers and Engravers to 1870.
2610: KERR, ALFRED - Es sei wie es wolle, Es war doch so schön!
008530: KERSTEVEN, H. LEIGHTON - The Anatomy of the Head of the Green Turtle Chelone Midas, Latr. Part The Skull.
6914: KEYES, I.W. - Biological Type Specimens in the New Zealand Geological Survey. II. Cenozoic Bivalve and Scaphopod Mollusca. New Zealand Geological Survey. Palaeontological Bulletin 45.
6106: KEYNES, JOHN NEVILLE - The Scope and Method of Political Economy.
6573: KIDD, CLAREN M. - Union List of Archival Manuscript, and Theses Geological Maps of New Zealand. Geological Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publication No 93.
009188: FIONA KIDMAN - Honey And Bitters
2187: KIEFER, MONICA - American Children Through Their Books 1700-1835.
6646: KIKAU, ECI - The Wisdom of Fiji.
4693: KILROE, J.R.; SEYMOUR, H.J.; HALLISSY, T. - The Geological Features and Soils of the Agricultural Station of the Department of Agriculture at Ballyhaise in the County of Cavan.
4748: KIMBALL, ARTHUR L. - The Physical Properties of Gases. Heinemann's Scientific Handbooks.
6101: KIMBARA KEIJI, HASE HIROKAZU AND OGAWA KATSURO (ED.) - Kimbara Keiji, Hase Hirokazu and Ogawa Katsuro (Ed.)
007912: KING, THOMAS F.; PARKER, PATRICIA L. - Pisekin Noomw Noon Tonaachaw: Archeology in the Tonaachaw Historic District, Moen Island. (Micronesian Archaeological Survey Report No. 18)
009768: MICHAEL KING - Frank Sargeson: A Life
007599: KING, MICHAEL - The Penguin History of New Zealand.
008380: KING, MICHAEL - New Zealanders at war.
008279: KING, DAVID; RANCK, STEPHEN (EDITORS) - Papua New Guinea Atlas. A Nation in Transition.
008427: KINGSFORD-SMITH, CE AND ULM, CTP - Story of 'Southern Cross' Trans-Pacific Flight 1928.
6821: W.H.G. KINGSTON - The Rival Crusoes.
009433: KINO, GEOFFREY AND MICHAEL BIRD - Foreign Office Confidential. True Adventurs of the 'Silver Greyhounds'
008085: KINSKY, F.C.; YALDWYN, J.C. - The Bird Fauna of Niue Island, South-West Pacific, with Special Notes on the White-Tailed TRopic Bird and Golden Plover.
007495: KINSKY, F.C.; YALDWYN, J.C. - The Bird Fauna of Niue Island, South-West Pacific, with Special Notes on the White-Tailed TRopic Bird and Golden Plover.
007146: KIRBY, MISS C.E. - Waikouaiti School Jubilee Souvenir. Seventieth Anniversary 1860-1930.
007650: KIRCH, PATRICK VINTON - Marine Exploitation in Prehistoric Hawai'i. Archaeological Investigations at Kalahuipua'a, Hawai'i Island. (Pacific Anthropological Records Number 29)
007490: KIRCH, PATRICK VINTON; GREEN, ROGER CURTIS - Hawaiki, Ancestral Polynesia: An Essay in Historical Anthropology
6323: KIRK, ALLAN R. - Tonga - Time, Turmoil, and Tin Can Mail.
007675: KIRK, JEROME; EPLING, P.J. - The Dispersal of the Polynesian Peoples: Explorations in Phylopenetic Inference from the Analysis of Taxonomy (Working Papers in Methodology #6)
6623: KIRK, W.R. - Pulse of the Plain: a History of Mosgiel.
6418: KIRK, ALLAN - Fair Winds And Rough Seas. The Story of the Holm Shipping Company
008757: DIANE KIRKBY - Voices from the Ships: Australia's Seafarers and Their Union
009668: KISCH, EGON ERWIN - Entdeckungen in Mexiko
5571: KISHI, KASUO - Study on the Water Balance of Ground-Water Reservoir in the Tetori River Fan, Ishikawa prefecture. Geological Survey of Japan. Report No. 240.
007766: KISHIGAMI, NOUHIRO; SAVELLE, JAMES M. (EDITORS) - Indigenous Use and Management of Marine Resources (Senri Ethnological Studies, No. 67)
6069: KITTO, JOHN - The Lost Senses. Series I. Deafness [bound with] Series II. - Blindness.
009104: KLAUS, FRANK - The Art of In-Fighting. A Treatise on a too-neglected science.
008538: KLEIST, HEINRICH VON - Die Marquise von O. Mit sechs Radierungen von Heinrich Heuser.
6434: KLERCK, G.W. - Handbook For Farmers In South Africa.
2246: KLINKERT, H.C. - Nieuw Nederlandsch-Maleisch woordenboek.
5295: KLOTZ, HEINRICH; HÜNNEKENS, LUDGER (HERAUSGEBER/EDITOR) - Bühnenbild Heute. Bühnenbild Der Zukunft. Achim Freyer, Dieter Hacker, Johannes Schütz, Erich Wonder.
4517: KNIGHT, ESMOND - Seeking the Bubble.
009265: KNOLLES, RICHARD; RYCAUT, SIR PAUL; SAVAGE, JOHN - The Turkish history, comprehending the origin of that nation, and the growth of the Othoman empire, with the lives and conquests of their several kings and emperors. Written by Mr. Knolles, and continu'd by the Honourable Sir Paul Rycaut, to the peace of Carlowitz, in the year 1699. And abridged by Mr. Savage. Revis'd and approv'd by the late Sir Paul Rycaut, and adorn'd with nine and twenty copper-plates, of the effigies of the several princes, &c. Volume I
4993: KNOPF, A. - Notes on the Foothill Copper Belt of the Sierra Nevada. [and] An Alteration of Coast Range Serpentine.
009041: KNOWLES, SIR FRANCIS H.S. - The Manufacture of a Flint Arrow-Head by Quartzite Hammer-Stone. Occasional Papers on Technology, I.
6958: KNOWLES, GEORGE HOGAN - Jungle Haunts.
007112: KNOX, G.A. - General account of the Chatham Islands 1954 Expedition.
2371: KNOX, ELIZABETH - After Z-Hour
007707: KOCH, GERD - Kultur der Abelam: Die Berliner "Maprik" - Sammlung.
007708: KOCH, GERD - Die Materielle Kultur der Ellice-Inseln.
007683: KOCH, GERD - Materielle Kultur der Santa Cruz - Inseln. Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Riff - Inseln. Veröffentlichungen des Museums für Völkerkunde, Berlin. Neue Folge 21, Abteilung Südsee IX.
009900: KOCH, GERD - Songs of Tuvalu.
1514: DE KOCK, PAUL - La Maison Blanche.
5795: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - Scum of the Earth.
5095: KOKUA, NA LIMA - Taro (Kalo). Uses and Recipes.
007455: KOLB, WILLIAM M. - Curve Fitting for Programmable Calculators
1981: KOLLWITZ, KÄTHE (EDITED BY HANS KOLLWITZ) - Käthe Kollwitz Tagebuchblätter Und Briefe.
6760: KONOPNICKA, MARJA - O Krasnoludkach i o Sierotce Marysi.
4417: KORRINGA, P. - Farming Marine Fishes and Shrimps. Developments in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science, Volume 4.
3180: JOHN S. KOUNTZ - Record of the Organizations Engaged in the Campaign, Siege, and Defense of Vicksburg. Compiled from the Official Records.
009923: KOYAMA, SHU?ZO?; KOKURITSU MINZOKUGAKU HAKUBUTSUKAN; SANKEI SHINBUNSHA - O?sutoraria aborijini : karyu?do to sho?ryo? 5-man nen [Aboriginal Australia: Catalogue of an exhibition held at Kokuritsu Minzokugaku Hakubutsukan, O?saka, 1992]
009279: KRAMER, DR. AUGUSTIN - Samoa-Inseln: Entwurf einer Monographie mit besonderer Berücksichtigung Deutsch-Samoas. II. Band: Ethnographie.
5063: KRAUS, KARL - Die letzten Tage der Menschheit. Tragödie in fünf Akten mit Vorspiel und Epilog.
4276: KRAUS, KARL - Die Fackel. Nr. 474-483. 23. Mai 1918. XX. Jahr.
2649: KRAUS, KARL - Worte in Versen. IV
2648: KRAUS, KARL - Worte in Versen. V
2583: KRAUS, KARL - Ausgewählte Gedichte.
4159: KRIEGER, MICHAEL - Where Rails Meet the Sea: America's Connections Between Ships & Trains.
5161: KRUGER, PAUL; RAMEY, HENRY J. (EDITORS) - Proceedings Fourth Workshop Geothermal Reservoir Engineering. December 13-15, 1978.
5162: KRUGER, PAUL; RAMEY, HENRY J. (EDITORS) - Proceedings sixth Workshop Geothermal Reservoir Engineering. December 16-18, 1980.
009448: ANDREA EIMKE; SUSANNE KUCHLER - Tivaivai: The Social Fabric of the Cook Islands
3950: KUITTENBROUWER, H. - De Indianen Van De Poolvelden.
009500: KUMM, H.K.W. - Khont-Hon-Nofer. The Lands of Ethiopia.
5557: KUMMEL, HENRY B.; PEET, CHAS E.; KNAPP, GEORGE N. - The Glacial Geology of New Jersey. Vol. 5 of the final report of the State Geologist
521: KURELLA, ALFRED - Dimitroff's Letters from Prison.
5586: KURTZ, PAUL (EDITOR) - Free Inquiry. Run of 41 Issues 1989 - 2002.
5587: KURTZ, PAUL (EDITOR) - Free Inquiry. Vol. 13, No. 3. Summer 1993.
5588: KURTZ, PAUL (EDITOR) - Free Inquiry. Vol. 18, No. 3. Summer 1998.
5589: KURTZ, PAUL (EDITOR) - Free Inquiry. Vol. 21, No. 1. Winter 2000/01.
5590: KURTZ, PAUL (EDITOR) - Free Inquiry. Vol. 20, No. 3. Summer 2000.
3996: LABILLARDIERE, M. [ JACQUES JULIEN HOUTON DE] - An Account of a Voyage in Search of La Perouse, Undertaken By Order of the Constituent Assembly of France and Performed in the Years 1791, 1792, and 1793, in the Recherche and Esperance, [.] Under the Command of Rear-Admiral Bruni d'Entrecasteaux. Vol II
6090: US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND LABOR - Pilot Rules for the Rivers Whose Waters Flow into the Gulf of Mexico and Their Tributaries and the Red River of the North.
009135: LACK, DR. ALASTAIR - The Lives of the Missionary Descendants of William Dixon
007662: LADD, EDMUND J. (EDITOR) - Makaha Valley Historical Project. Interim Report 4. (Pacific Anthropological Records Number 19)
4454: LAING, GEORGE (TRANSCRIBED BY JUNE STARKE) - Baffin Fair: Experiences of George Laing, a Scottish Surgeon in the Arctic Whaling Fleet 1830 and 1831.
4455: LAING, GEORGE (TRANSCRIBED BY JUNE STARKE) - Baffin Fair: Experiences of George Laing, a Scottish Surgeon in the Arctic Whaling Fleet 1830 and 1831.
6059: FRIEDRICH RITTER VON LAMA - Further Chronicles of Therese Neumann.
3161: DE LAMARTINE, A. - Histoire Des Girondins. Tome Septieme et Huitieme.
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3798: [ATTRIBUTED TO MATTHEW PILKINGTON] - A Concise Introduction to the Knowledge of the most Eminent Painters. By which every lover of the art of painting may instantly know the names, the years, and places of the birth of above two thousand four hundred of the most celebrated Artists.
007341: PILLING, JAMES CONSTANTINE; HAYDEN, F.V.; WHITE, C.A.; NICHOLSON, H. ALLEYNE - Bibliography of the Muskhogean Languages [with] Bibliography of the Iroquoian Languages [with] Catalogue of the Publications of the U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories [with] Bibliography of North American Invertebrate Paleontology : Being a Report Upon the Publications that have Hitherto been made upon the Invertebrate Palaeontology of North America, Including the West Indies and Greenland.
1175: PILLING, JAMES CONSTANTINE - Bibliography of the Athapascan Languages
6525: PITTS, PRISCILLA; HANLY, GIL - Contemporary New Zealand Sculpture: Themes and Issues
470: PLACE, ROBIN - Down to Earth a Practical Guide to Archaeology.
226: PLASTES - Plastics in Industry
009310: EDWARD E. POCHIN - Estimated Population Exposure from Nuclear Power Production and Other Radiation Sources
007483: POHS, HENRY A. - The Miner's Flame Light Book: The Story of Man's Development of Underground Light
5398: POINCARE, H. - Die Maxwellsche Theorie und die Hertzschen Schwingungen. Die Telegraphie ohne Draht. Aus dem Französischen übersetzt von Max Ikle.
009986: POINTON, M.S.; OGILVIE, J.E. - From Paddock to Pavilion. 100 Years. A History of the First 100 Years of the Petone Cricket Club 1889/90 to 1989/90
5150: POKORNY, DR. VLADIMIR - Principles of Zoological Micropalaeontology, Volume 1.
008035: POLACK, J.S. - New Zealand: Being a Narrative of Travels and Adventures During a Residence in That Country Between The Years 1831 and 1837 (2 volume set)
008606: POLACK, J.S. - Manners and Customs of the New Zealanders: With Notes Corroborative of Their Habits, Usages, Etc., and Remarks to Intending Emigrants, with Numerous Cuts Drawn on Wood. Volumes I and II.
008613: POLACK, J.S. - New Zealand: Being a Narrative of Travels and Adventures During a Residence in That Country Between The Years 1831 and 1837 (2 volume set)
5514: POLANYI, MAGDA - Technical and Trade Dictionary of Textile Terms: German - American/English; American/English - German. Textil-Fachwörterbuch für Industrie und Handel: Deutsch - Amerikanisch/Britisch English. Amerikanisch/Britisch Englisch - Deutsch.
008424: POLKE, SIGMAR - Sigmar Polke. Musik ungeklärter Herkunft. 40 Gouachen aus dem Jahre 1996 gemalt für das Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen mit einem Text von Bice Curiger. Ausstellungskatalog Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, 1997
4915: POLLACK, HENRY N.; MURTHY, V. RAMA - Structure and Evolution of the Continental Lithosphere.
007441: POLLARD, NEVILLE - Offal, Oil and Overseas Trade. The Story of the Sydenham to Botany Railway
706: POLLARD, JOHN - African Zoo Man. The Life-story of Raymond Hook.
010006: POLLOCK, G.F. - Schedule of Lands of the Ceded Portion of the Shoshone Or Wind River Indian Reservation in the State of Wyoming, governed by the Wind River Meridian, Subject to Disposition Under the President's Proclamation of June 2, 1906, Issued Under the Act of March 3, 1905 (33 Stat., 1016)
6721: POLLOCK, MABEL - The Children from the Lighthouse.
010055: POND,W & WOLFFRAM,P. (EDITORS) - World music is where we found it. Essays by and for Allan Thomas
009166: PONDER, FRANK W. - A Labyrinth of Waterways. The forgotten story of new Zealand's Marlborough Sounds.
009805: POOLE, DENISE - The New Stone Age. Earth Mother's Soliloquy.
6510: POOLE, DENISE - The New Stone Age. Earth Mother's Soliloquy.
009965: HEMI HENARE TE POPI [JAMES HENRY POPE] - Te Pukapuka Kura Maori, he Korero Kohikohi.
3165: POPE, JESSIE - Another Funny Book
010014: POPHAM, A.E. - Correggio's Drawings
009823: POPPER, KARL RAIMUND - Of clouds and clocks. An approach to the problem of rationality and the freedom of man.
009462: COLONEL PORTER - Legends of the Maori and Personal Reminiscences of the East Coast of New Zealand
5852: POST, HANS - Politionele Actie. Boek II Van De Trilogie Bandjir Over Noord-Sumatra.
5851: POST, HANS - Bandjir Over Noord-Sumatra. Boek I Van De Gelijknamige Trilogie.
6580: POSTAN, M. M. - Essays on Medieval Agriculture and General Problems of the Medieval Economy.
009315: W. TYRONE POWER - Sketches in New Zealand, with Pen and Pencil. From a Journal Kept in That Country from July 1846 to June 1848.
009571: OFFICERS OF THE REGIMENT (EDITED BY C.G. POWLES) - The History Of The Canterbury Mounted Rifiles 1914-1919.
4467: PRAMPOLINI, GIACOMO - La Mitologia Nella Vita Dei Popoli. Tomo I.
5553: PRATT, N.M.; REDDISH, V.C. (EDITORS) - Astronomical Discussions on Problems of the Interstellar Medium and Galactic Structure. The Royal Observatory Edinburgh Publications - Volume IV.
6787: PRATT, CHRISTOPHER - Christopher Pratt: Personal Reflections on a Life in Art.
009408: PRATT, REV. GEORGE - A Grammar and Dictionary of the Samoan Language
2956: HUMAYUN KABIR (PREFACE) - The Gazetteer of India, Indian Union, Vol. One Country and People.
3873: PRELINI, CHARLES AND HILL, CHARLES S. - Tunneling. A Practical Treatise.
007759: PRESCOTT, JOHN R. (EDITOR) - Archaeometry: Australasian Studies 1988.
009266: FLORENCE PRESTON - Who Rides the Tiger
2530: PRETYMAN, E.R. - Some Notes on the Penal Settlement at Port Arthur, Tasmania.
4211: PRÉVOST D'EXILES, ANTOINE-FRANÇOIS - Suite d l'Histoire generale des voyages ou nouvelle collection de toutes les relations de voyages par met et par terre, qui ont été publiées jusqu'à présent dans les différentes langues de toutes les nations connues. Tome dix-septieme. Supplement.
009251: HUGH PRICE - Old Masterton in Colour: From Hundred-year Old Picture Postcards
6806: PRICHARD, MURIEL FLORENCE LLOYD - An economic history of New Zealand to 1939.
6859: PRICHARD, MURIEL FLORENCE LLOYD - An economic history of New Zealand to 1939.
009889: PRICKETT, NIGEL (EDITOR) - The First Thousand Years: Regional Perspectives in New Zealand Archaeology
007498: PRICKETT, NIGEL - Maori Fortifications of the Omata and Oakura Districts, Taranaki.
010122: PRIESTLEY, BRIAN - An English Kiwi. Favourite columns from the Christchurch Star
4441: H.R.H.PRINCESS LUDWIG FERDINAND OF BAVARIA, INFANTA OF SPAIN - Through Four Revolutions 1862-1933.
009138: PRING, MARTIN; HATCH, JOHAN; VAN DER AA PIETER - Tweede scheeps-togt van Martin Pring, na Oost-Indien ; met een vloot van 5 scheepen: gedaan in het jaar 1617 en vervolgens : Beneffens een aanhangsel van de voorgaande reys van kapiteyn Pring, beschreeven door Johan Hatch, schipper op de Bye, naderhand op de Nieuwe-Jaars-Gift, en in de te rug-reys op de Jacobus. Gedaan in het jaar 1617 en vervolgens ; Nu alder-eerst uyt Engels vertaalt. Met nodig register verrijkt.
007456: THE INTERNATIONAL CHERNOBYL PROJECT - The International Chernobyl Project Surface Contamination Maps.
009956: PRYKE, SUSAN; UPDATED BY JANET VAN STRAATEN & ALAN V. WALKER - Boom to bust and back again: Captain's Flat 1883-1995
008305: PUGSLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Anzac: New Zealanders at Gallipoli
007370: PULLAR, W. A; BIRRELL, K. S. (KENNETH STEWART) - Age and distribution of late Quaternary pyroclastic and associated cover deposits of the Rotorua and Taupo area, North Island, New Zealand. New Zealand Soil Survey Report 1. 1973. Part 2 of 2.
007443: PULLAR, W. A; BIRRELL, K. S. - Age and distribution of late Quaternary pyroclastic and associated cover deposits of central North Island, New Zealand. N.Z soil survey report, 2.
4523: PULLERITS, ALBERT (EDITOR) - Estonia. Population, Cultural and Economic Life.
008373: PULLEYN, WILLIAM - The etymological compendium, or portfolio of Origins and Inventions; relating to language literature and government, architecture and sculpture, drama music painting and scientific discoveries, articles of dress, titles, dignities, names trades professions, parliament laws, universities and religious sects, epithets and phrases, remarkable customs, games, field sports, seasons months and days of the week, remarkable localities etc etc
6292: REV. DR. T.T.M. PULOKA - Vete Mo e Puipuitu'a 'o e Kosipeli Fai 'e Matiu. Voliume 1. Vahe 1-14.
2153: PURCHAS, H.T. - A History of the English Church in New Zealand.
2145: PUXLEY, LAVALLIN - Wanderings in the Queensland Bush.
7001: PYBUS, REV. T.A. - Maori and Missionary: Early Christian Missions in the South Island of New Zealand.
008298: PYKE, LILLIAN M. - The Secret of Wallaby Rock.
4253: PYNE, ALEX AND BARRETT, PETER - Immediate Report of Victoria University of Wellington Antarctic Expedition 27. 1982-83.
4174: PYNE, A.R. AND WARD, B.L. - Immediate Report of Victoria University of Wellington Antarctic Expedition 32. 1987-88.
4164: PYNE, ALEX AND BARRETT, PETER - Immediate Report of Victoria University of Wellington Antarctic Expedition 29. 1984-85.
4162: PYNE, ALEX AND WAGHORN, DAVID - Immediate Report of Victoria University of Wellington Antarctic Expedition 24. 1979-80 and McMurdo Sound Sediment and Tectonic Studies (MSSTS) 1979-80.
4163: PYNE, ALEX AND BARRETT, PETER - Immediate Report of Victoria University of Wellington Antarctic Expedition 27. 1982-83.
3625: PYNE, A.R. AND WARD, B.L. - Immediate Report of Victoria University of Wellington Antarctic Expedition 32. 1987-88.
5696: QUARTERMAIN, L.B. - New Zealand and the Antarctic.
009783: QUARTERMAIN, L. B. - Down to the ice
009405: QUARTERMAIN, L. B - Antarctica's Forgotten Men
6529: QUARTERMAIN, L.B. - New Zealand and the Antarctic.
009714: QUARTERMAIN, L.B. (FOREWORD BY RAYMOND PRIESTLEY) - South to the Pole. The Early History of the Ross Sea Sector, Antarctica.
009904: QUARTERMAIN, L.B. - Two Huts in the Antarctic
2126: QUETELET, A. [LAMBERT ADOLPHE] - Ueber den Menschen und die Entwicklung seiner Fähigkeiten. Deutsche Ausgabe, im Einverständniss mit dem Herrn Verfasser besorgt und mit Anmerkungen versehen von Dr. V. A. Riecke.
5290: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - The Mystery of a Motor-car Being the Secret of a Woman's Life.
009809: QUEVAUVILLER, PHILIPPE (EDITOR) - Quality Assurance in Environmental Monitoring: Sampling and Sample Pretreatment
4599: QUICK, H.E. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Malacological Society of London. Volume 31, Parts 5 and 6. December 1955.
008702: QUIN, WILLIAM ALPHONSUS - The Story of Hawera
6599: QUIN, TARELLA - Gum Tree Brownie and Other Faerie Folk of the Never-Never.
6815: QUINN, DAVID BEERS - The Roanoke Voyages 1584-1590. Documents to Illustrate the English Voyages to North America Under the Patent Granted to Walter Raleigh in 1584. 2 Volumes.
5345: QUINN, DAVID BEERS - The Voyages And Colonising Enterprises Of Sir Humphrey Gilbert. 2 Volumes.
009064: RABEY, GRAHAM - Morphanalysis.
008841: RABOT, M.CH.; HAMY, M.E.-T.; PAYART, EUGENE; MARKHAM, A.H.; TONU, G.; LECLERCQ, JULES; PEARY, R.E. - Les Explorations Arctiques [with] Les Francais au Spitzberg au XVIIe Siecle [with] La Decouverte du Pole Nord [with] Arctic Explorations [with] Letters from the Andree Party [with] Spedizione del Principe Luigi di Savoia Duca degli Abruzzi al Polo Nord [with] En Laponie [with] North Polar Exploration: Field Work of the Peary Arctic Club, 1898-1902
1303: RADCLIFFE, PETER - Land of Mountains : Hiking & Climbing in New Zealand.
5045: RADULESCU, D.P.; PELTZ, S.; STNCIU, CONSTANTINA - Neogene Volcanism in the East Carpathians (Calimani - Gurghiu - Harghita Mts.)
6134: RAFFLES, SIR THOMAS STAMFORD - Antiquarian, Architectural, and Landscape Illustrations of the History of Java. [Plate volume]
1101: RAMSAY, GRAEME W. - Common and Scientific Names of New Zealand Mites
1097: RAMSAY, GRAEME W. AND PRITAM SINGH - Guide to New Zealand Entomology. Bulletin of the Entomological Society 7.
009628: RANDOLPH, VANCE - Ozark Folksongs - Four Volumes
4875: RAPER, FRED - Klondyke to Kenya.
007092: RAPPOPORT, ANGELO S. - The Curse of the Romanovs: A Study of the Lives and Reigns of Two Tsars Paul I and Alexander I of Russia: 1754-1825.
6256: RAS, MARION E. P. DE; GRACE, VICTORIA - Bodily Boundaries, Sexualised Genders & Medical Discourses.
3935: RASMO, NICOLO - Michael Pacher.
6350: RASMUSSEN, KNUD - Die große Jagd. Leben in Grönland.[Die grosse Jagd - Leben in Gronland]
6180: "RATA" - Cornwall Park (Maungakiekie) A Princely Gift To The People Of New Zealand By Sir John Logan Campbell. A Retrospect And A Glimpse Into The Future.
3953: RATTRAY, ALEXANDER. - Divine Hygiene: Sanitary Science and Sanitarians of the Sacred Scriptures and Mosaic Code. Volume II.
6050: RAU, CHARLES - Memoir of C. F. P. Von Martius [Carl Friedrich Philipp]

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