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7267: VIZETELLY, HENRY (ED.) - Paris In Peril (Two Volumes)
12042: DES VOEUX, G. WILLIAM (SIR) - My Colonial Service in British Guiana, St. Lucia, Trinidad, Fiji, Australia, Newfoundland, and Hong Kong with Interludes. [Volume One only]
16676: VOGEL, HERMANN - The Chemistry of Light and Photography
5493: VOGL, ADOLF - Parsifal Tiefe Schau in die Mysterien des Bühnenweihfestspiels
9078: VOGT, ANTON - Anti All That
000659: VOGT, A. E. VAN & E. MAYNE HULL - The Winged Man
15419: VOIGT, E. R. - Modern Wrestling Holds
10575: VOITURE - Les Oeuvres de Monsieur de Voiture. Novvelle Edition corrigee. Tome II.
8577: VOLKMAR, DR GUSTAV - Handbuch Der Einleitung In Die Apokryphen
6461: VOLTAIRE - Histoire de Charles XII, Roi de Suede
11546: VOSS, J. C. (CAPT.) - Venturesome Voyages of Capt. Voss
7118: VOYCE, A. H (REV) - New Zealand Registration Markings
17285: WADDELL, RUTHERFORD - The Building of the Ship, and Other Addresses, being a second series of "The Voyage of Life."
000607: WADDELL, L. AUSTINE - Lhasa and its Mysteries with a Record of the Expedition of 1903-1904
4823: WADDELL, RUTHERFORD - Behold the Lamb of God! A Series of Discourses Tracing through Scripture the Evolution and Coronation of the Lamb
9530: WADDELL, L. AUSTINE; TRANSLATED INTO HUNGARIAN BY DR SCHWALM AMADÉ - A Rejtelmes Lhassza és az 1903-1904. Évi angol katonai expedició története
000579: WADE, JOHN (ED. ) [JUNIUS] - Junius: Including Letters by the Same Writer under Other Signatures; to Which Are Added His Confidential Correspondence with Mr. Wilkes, and His Private Letters to Mr. H. S. Woodfall; a New and Enlarged Edition, with New Evidence As to the Late [...]
9751: WAGAR, WARREN W. - The Next Three Futures Paradigms Of Things To Come
17067: WAGG, LEN (PHOTOGRAPHY); BOB BANCROFT (TEXT) - Wild Nova Scotia: Photography by Len Wagg
16735: WAINWRIGHT, F. T. (ED.) - The Problem of the Picts
000274: WAINWRIGHT, GAVIN - The Kiwi Joker Book: a Guide to the Real New Zealand Joker
5836: WAINWRIGHT, JOHN - Evil Intent
13037: WAINWRIGHT, SAMUEL (D. D.) - Scientific Sophisms. A Review of Current Theories concerning Atoms, Apes, and Men.
17789: WAITE, FRED (MAJOR) - The New Zealanders At Gallipoli (The Official History of New Zealand's Effort in the Great War. Volume I)
6348: WAITE, EDGAR R. - Scientific Results of the New Zealand Government Trawling Expedition, 1907.
9783: WAITE, ARTHUR - Table Tennis
18186: WAITE, NOEL - Books for a Nation: The Whitcoulls Story
13693: WAKE, C. STANILAND - The Evolution of Morality. Being a History of the Development of Moral Culture.
11570: WAKEFIELD, KEN - The Fighting Grasshoppers: US Liaison Aircraft Operations in Europe, 1942-1945
5150: WAKEFIELD, EDWARD JERNINGHAM - Adventure in New Zealand, from 1839 to 1844 (Volume One only) With Some Account of the Beginning of the British Colonization of the Islands
8003: WAKEFIELD, EDWARD GIBBON (ED.) - A View Of The Art Of Colonization, With Present Reference To The British Empire; In Letters Between A Stateman And A Colonist
7136: WAKEFIELD, EDWARD JERNINGHAM; EDITED BY MALCOLM MONCRIEF-SPITTLE - The Lost Journal of Edward Jerningham Wakefield: Being an Account of his Exploits and Adventures in New Zealand in the years 1850-1858, including: his various visitations, conversations & observations &c. &c. To which is added, an Introduction
13016: WALDBOTT, G. L. - A Struggle with Titans
15321: WALDIE, GEORGE - A History of the Town and Palace of Linlithgow; with Notices, Historical and Antiquarian, of Places of Interest in the Neighbourhood
14401: WALKER, RONALD - Alam Halfa and Alamein [Series Title: Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939-45]
6391: WALKER, G. H. - Adventures of British Seamen, in Various Parts of the World
14071: WALKER, JOHN; WITH RON PALENSKI - John Walker: Champion
9681: WALKER, JAMES - The Theology And Theologians Of Scotland Chiefly Of The Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries
15031: WALKER, WALTER (GENERAL SIR) - Wake Up or Perish: The Defence of the West Against the Soviet Global Threat
001774: WALKER, R. MILNES - The Pathology and Management of Portal Hypertension
13668: WALL, GEOFFREY (1897-1917) - Letters of an Airman
18643: WALL, ARNOLD - A Run Off the Chain: Impressions of Travel in Ceylon, Italy, Great Britain and Norway
11649: WALL, ARNOLD - A Century of New Zealand's Praise
17108: WALL, ARNOLD - Long and Happy: An Autobiography
002904: WALL, ARNOLD - The Queen's English: a Commentary for New Zealand
4203: WALL, ARNOLD - London Lost and other poems
13427: WALL, ARNOLD (PROFESSOR) & DR. H. H. ALLAN - The Botanical Names of the Flora of New Zealand: Their Origin, History and Meaning, with Hints on Pronunciation
11973: WALL, ARNOLD (PROFESSOR) - The Flora of Mount Cook
17374: WALLACE, IVY L. - Pookie At The Seaside
003800: WALLACE, ANDREW - A Popular Sketch of the History of Glasgow from the Earliest to the Present Time
8925: WALLACE, A. R. [ALFRED RUSSEL] - Travels On The Amazon And Rio Negro
12501: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Land Nationalisation: Its Necessity and Aims. Being a Comparison of the System of Landlord and Tenant with that of Occupying Ownership in their influence on the Well-Being of the People.
17206: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Island Life: or, the phenomena and causes of Insular Faunas and Floras, including a revision and attempted solution of the problem of Geological Climates
18248: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Contributions To The Theory Of Natural Selection: A Series of Essays
18591: WALLACE, IVY L. - Gumpa and the Paint Box
15808: WALLACE, ROBERT L. - The Canary Book
15246: WALLIS, R. T. - Neoplatonism [Neo-Platonism]
18542: WALLS, PETER (ED.) - The Great Depression - Extracts from Newspapers of the Time [Series title: Read All About It]
002254: WALLWORK, ERNEST - Durkheim: Morality and Milieu
16754: WALMSLEY, HUGH MULLENEUX - Wild Sports and Savage Life in Zulu Land
10217: WALPOLE, HORACE - Correspondence Of Horace Walpole (Vol I only of III)
10218: WALPOLE, HORACE - Correspondence Of Horace Walpole (Vol III only of III)
7984: WALPOLE, E. H - Mount Usher 1868 - 1928
16048: WALPOLE, HUGH - Mr. Perrin and Mr. Trail
11792: WALSH, R. (REV.) - Narrative of a Journey from Constantinople to England
002916: WALSH, JOHN [SIR] - Living with Uncertainty
7075: WALSH, MAURICE - A Strange Woman's Daughter
7931: WALSH, P. G. - The Roman Novel The 'Satyricon' Of Petronius And The 'Metamophoses' Of Apuleius
9391: WALSH, T[HOMAS] - The Man and the Donkey: A Narration of the Undaunted Chivalry of John Simpson Kirkpatrick [Murphy] in the Gallipoli Campaign, 1915
002495: WALSH, MAURICE - The Man in Brown
18437: WALSH, J. M. - Mystery House
4990: WALTER, WILLIAM W. (COMPILED BY) - The Great Understander: True Life Story of the Last of the Wells Fargo Shotgun Express Messengers
17965: WALTER, JOHN - Central Powers' Small Arms of World War One
17838: WALTERS, W. C. FLAMSTEAD - Hints and Helps in Continuous Latin Prose
5412: WALTERS, EUROF - The Serpent's Presence
000669: WALTON, EVANGELINE - Son of Darkness
12725: WALTON, IZAAK - The Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert, and Dr. Robt. Sanderson
12026: WALTON, JAMES E. - Model Yachts and Model Yacht Sailing. How to Build, Rig, and Sail a Self-Acting Model Yacht
13567: WALTON, J. (ED.) [CANTERBURY MOUNTAINEERING CLUB] - The Canterbury Mountaineer: Journal of the Canterbury Mountaineering Club. 4 issues, Nos. 24, 25, 26 & 27. 1954-55, 1955-56, 1956-57, 1957-58.
15040: WANDLESS, ROGER - State Highway 6: Bluff to Blenheim
9276: WARBURG, FREDRIC - An Occupation for Gentlemen
7470: WARBURTON, LLOYD E. - The Steepest Mountain N.Z. Andes Expedition, 1960
17009: WARBURTON, LLOYD E. - The Steepest Mountain: N.Z. Andes Expedition, 1960
16505: WARBURTON, LLOYD E. - The Steepest Mountain: N.Z. Andes Expedition, 1960
12426: WARD, WILFRID - The Wish to Believe: A Discussion Concerning the Temper of Mind in which a Reasonable Man should undertake Religious Inquiry
18486: WARD, PAT - Alex F Lithgow 1870-1929 March Music King
13248: WARD, A. R. [ALBERT ROBERT] - Is there Snow on Pen Maen Mawr: The Password
14419: WARD, EDWARD - The Journal of Edward Ward 1850-51: Being His Account of the Voyage to New Zealand in the 'Charlotte Jane' and the First Six Months of the Canterbury Settlement
11759: WARD, HUMPHREY (MRS) [MARY AUGUSTA] - Miss Bretherton
5340: WARD, JOHN. P - Wanderings with the Maori Prophets, Te Whiti & Tohu
7023: WARD, RAYMOND. - Settler And Stranger Poems By Raymond Ward
15243: WARD, JEAN E. & JOAN YELL (EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY) - The Medical Casebook of William Brownrigg, M.D., F.R.S. (1712-1800) of the Town of Whitehaven in Cumberland
11953: WARD, SHARON - Life in the Balance: A Search Dog Story
7712: WARD PRICE, G - In Morocco With The Legion
15387: WARD, B. R. (CAPTAIN) [BERNARD ROWLAND] (KENTISH RAG) - Regimental Rhymes and Other Verses
4127: WARDON, REVE - MacPherson's Gully: A Tale of New Zealand Life
10612: WARNER, P. F. - Cricket Across the Seas: Being an Account of the Tour of Lord Hawke's Team in New Zealand and Australia
15280: WARNER, TIM - 25 Years of Mushroom Records
001813: WARNER, GEORGE TOWNSEND - How Wars Were Won: a Short Study of Napoleon's Times
7654: WARNER, P. F. - Cricket Memories By A Country Vicar
9350: WARNER, WILLIAM - A Lettered Cup: Poems by William Warner 1921-1942
13036: WARNER, HORACE EMORY; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JOHN R. MOTT - The Psychology of the Christian Life: A Contribution to the Scientific Study of Christian Experience and Character
18771: WARREN, LYNNE (ED.) - Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Photography [3 volumes]
16929: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Night Rider
7427: WARRENDER, HOWARD - The Political Philosophy Of Hobbes His Theory Of Obligation
14641: WASERMAN, MANFRED & CAROL CLAUSEN - Bulletin of the History of Medicine - Index to Volumes and Supplements 1933-1982
10379: WASHBURN, STANLEY - The Russian Offensive: Being the Third Volume of "Field Notes from the Russian Front," Embracing the Period from June 5th to Sept. 1st, 1916
15425: WASSNER, ADELHEID - Labour of Love: Childbirth at Dunedin Hospital, 1862-1972
5479: WATERHOUSE, J. W - The Magic Circle (Black & White Print)
6955: WATERHOUSE, FRANCIS A. - Five Sous A Day
003759: WATERTON, CHARLES - Wanderings in South America, the North-West of the United States, and the Antilles, in the Years 1812, 1816, 1820, & 1824
10784: WATSON, FREDERICK - Lieutenant James Cook and His Voyages in H. M. Bark Endeavour
17215: WATSON, JOHN - A Year in the Fields
15559: WATSON, STUART - Courage Without Cash [Part One]
15595: WATSON, WILLIAM - The Father of the Forest and other poems
15296: WATSON, ERIC R. - Trial of Thurtell and Hunt
17943: WATT, DAVID & PETER SWALLOW - Surveying Historic Buildings
10990: WATT, GILLIAN M. - Conservation Report. A report on a private collection of art works; their condition, and recommendations for conservation treatment, with an estimated account of the costs involved A paper submitted for the Diploma in Fine Art Conservation at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery New Zealand
14693: WATT, LAWRENCE - Mates and Mayhem: World War II: Frontline Kiwis Remember
18889: WATT, J. P. C - Stewart Island's Kaipipi Shipyard And The Ross Sea Whalers
18085: WATTERS, RAY; EDITED BY GINNY SULLIVAN - Journeys Towards Progress: Essays of a Geographer on Development and Change in Oceania
13222: WATTS, D. - The Dangerous Myth of Racial Equality: Genocide for the White Races?
5009: WATTS, G. W. (ED.) - Buses 'Sixtynine
6044: WATTS, ELIZABETH - Flowers and the Flower Garden with Instructions on the Culture of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. etc.
6751: WATTS, ISAAC - A Short View of the Whole Scripture History
17604: WATTS, ISAAC - Hymns and Spiritual Songs. In three books.
13791: WATTS, D. - The Equality Dogma Leads to Communism
17319: WAUCHOP, HAL - An Artist in the Family: The Life and Times of W. S. Wauchop 1889-1971
17149: WAUGH, EVELYN - Scoop
14928: WAUGH, EVELYN - Put Out More Flags
18832: WAVELL, A. P. (COLONEL) - The Palestine Campaigns
5353: SAPPHO; TRANSLATED BY ARTHUR S. WAY - Sappho and the Vigil of Venus
12573: WAYLAND, FRANCIS - The Limitations of Human Responsiblity
14283: WEAR, A.; R. K. FRENCH & I. M. LONIE (EDS.) - The Medical Renaissance of the Sixteenth Century
18819: WEATHERLY, F. E. (INTRODUCTION BY) - Peeps Into Fairyland - A Panorama Picture Book of Fairy Stories
16719: WEAVER, TOM - Interviews with B Science Fiction and Horror Movie Makers: Writers, Producers, Directors, Actors, Moguls and Makeup
18361: WEBB, COLIN & PETER JOHNSON; BILL SYKES - Flowering Plants of New Zealand
12137: WEBB, MURRAY - Hone Tuwhare [framed print]
4966: WEBB, ROSS - Meet Nookie
8293: WEBB, BOB - Tackle Motorcycle And Scooter Maintenance This Way
11674: WEBB, J. B. (MRS) - The Life and Adventures of Charles Durand : shewing the Manners and Customs of Eastern Nations
15085: WEBB, SIDNEY & HAROLD COX - The Eight Hours Day
10825: WEBB, MARION ST. JOHN - The Little Round House
13674: WEBBY, JACQUI (ED.); WITH A FOREWORD BY HELEN CLARK - Celebrating 100 Years: The New Zealand Kiwifruit Industry 1904 - 2004
9228: WEBER, REX A - Wool Man
13297: WEBSTER, NESTA H. - Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette before the Revolution
11299: WEDDE, IAN - Dick Seddon's Great Dive: A Novel
003881: WEDDE, IAN - Tendering: New Poems
003885: WEDDE, IAN - Castaly: Poems 1973-1977
4936: WEDDE, IAN - Made Over
14718: WEDDE, IAN - The Commonplace Odes
002863: WEDDE, IAN - Tendering: New Poems
12589: WEDGWOOD, JULIA - The Moral Ideal: A Historic Study
15249: WEIL, ANDREW - The Marriage of the Sun and Moon: A Quest for Unity in Consciousness
7107: WEINER, NORBERT AND J. P. SCHADE (EDS) - Progress In Biocybernetics Volume Three
10944: WEIR, J. E. - A Warning Against Water-Drinkers: Some Poems and Translations
001257: WEIR, HUGH C. - Miss Madelyn Mack, Detective
11297: WEIR, J. E. - The Iron Bush: Forty Poems
15033: WEIR, JAMES (JR.) - The Dawn of Reason or Mental Traits in the Lower Animals
15716: WELCH, RONALD - The Gauntlet
15713: WELCH, RONALD - Escape from France
18183: WELCH, DAVE - The Lucifer: A Story of Industrial Conflict in New Zealand's 1930s
15777: WELCH, G. KEMBLE - Doctor Smith
15778: WELCH, G. KEMBLE - Australia Beautiful - "The Home" Easter Pictorial - Sydney Number
15714: WELCH, RONALD - Captain of Dragoons
15715: WELCH, RONALD - Knight Crusader
10060: WELD, CHARLES RICHARD - Two Months in the Highlands, Orcadia, and Skye
003781: WELLBY, M. S. [CAPTAIN MONTAGU S. ] - Through Unknown Tibet
9583: WELLBY, M. S. [CAPTAIN MONTAGU S. ] - Through Unknown Tibet
4666: WELLER, EDWARD - Bacon's Map of the World on Mercators Projection
14906: WELLS, H. G. - The Shape of Things to Come: The Ultimate Revolution
10000: WELLS, H. G. - War And The Future Italy, France and Britain At War
10001: WELLS, H. G. - All Aboard For Ararat
18266: WELLS, H. G. & GEORGE BERNARD SHAW - Experiments on Animals: Views For & Against
003793: WELLS, H. G. - The Misery of Boots
5517: WELLS, H. G. - The New America: The New World
5518: WELLS, H.G. - Guide To The New World: A Handbook Of Constructive World Revolution
7876: WELLS, W - Poems
001343: WELLS, H. G. - Russia in the Shadows
9998: WELLS, H. G. - Travels Of A Republican Radical In Search Of Hot Water
18833: WELLS, H.G. - Guide To The New World: A Handbook Of Constructive World Revolution
15287: WELLS, H. G. - The Future in America: A Search After Realities
13125: WELTON, J. - A Manual of Logic. Volume II.
4069: WELTY, EUDORA - The Bride Of The Innisfallen And Other Stories
4071: WELTY, EUDORA - A Curtain Of Green
14633: WEMYSS, H. L. WATSON - A Record of the Edinburgh Harveian Society
11681: WENKSTERN, OTTO - History of the War in Hungary in 1848 and 1849
18430: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - Fool Errant
6275: WENTWORTH, LADY - The Swift Runner: Racing Speed Through the Ages Including Standard Points of its Foundation Breed, The Marathon Runner
8302: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - A Marriage Under The Terror
18479: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - Pilgrim's Rest
18134: WERBLOWSKY, R. J. ZWI; WITH A PREFACE BY C. G. JUNH - Lucifer and Prometheus: A Study of Milton's Satan
14792: WESLEY, JOHN - Primitive Physic: Or, An Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases
11350: WESLEY, JOHN (REV.) - The Journal of the Rev. John Wesley. [Volume Three only of Four Volumes]
17301: WEST, MAE - On Sex, Health, and ESP
5101: WEST, EDWARD SACKVILLE - The Sun in Capricorn: A Recital
15837: WEST, PETER T. (ED.) - Polar Press Clips 2001
15255: WEST, GEOFFREY [ASSOCIATION COPY - H. G. WELLS] - The Problem of Arnold Bennett
7728: WESTERMAN, PERCY F - Unconquered Wings
17126: WESTERSKOV, KAJ - Birds of Campbell Island
15679: WESTERWOOD, ELAN - Maoriana
5946: WESTLAKE, DONALD E - Killing Time
13391: WESTON, FRANK - God With Us: The Meaning of the Tabernacle
13210: WESTON, MILDRED & LOUISE BOGAN - "Our 30 Year Friendship" letters from Louise Bogan; comments by Mildred Weston and an excerpt from her interview with Leon Arksey, courtesy of the Eastern Washington State Historical Society and Legacy poems from the twenties to the nineties hitherto unpublished by Mildred Weston
18178: WESTRA, ANS; JAMES K. BAXTER AND TIM SHADBOLT. - Notes On The Country I Live In
7413: WESTWOOD, H. R - Modern Caricaturists
001013: WETERING, JANWILLEM VAN DE - The Empty Mirror: Experiences in a Japanese Zen Monastery
18874: WEVERS, LYDIA - On Reading
9651: VAN DER WEYDEN, ERIK - Dancing On Ice
8619: WEYMAN, STANLEY J. - Count Hannibal A Romance Of The Court Of France
4115: WHIM-WHAM [PSEUDONYM OF ALLEN CURNOW] - Verses 1941-1942
18236: WHAREMARU, HEENI WITH MARY KATHARINE DUFFIE - Heeni: A Tainui Elder Remembers
002939: WHATELY, THOMAS - Remarks on Some of the Characters of Shakspeare
9124: WHATELY, RICHARD - The Kingdom Of Christ Delineated, In Two Essays On Our Lord's Own Account Of His Person And Of The Nature Of His Kingdom, And On The Constitution, Powers, And Ministry Of A Christian Church, As Appointed By Himself
10704: NORTH OTAGO ART SOCIETY; WITH A FOREWORD BY COLIN V. WHEELER - Beyond the Canvases: North Otago Art Society Biography
9879: WHEELER, H. F. B AND A. M. BROADLEY - Napoleon And The Invasion Of England The Story Of The Great Terror (Two Volumes)
15999: WHEELER, ELMER - The Wealth Within You
4136: WHELESS, JOSEPH - Forgery in Christianity A Documented Record of the Foundations of the Christian Religion
7262: WHERRY, E. M - Islam And Christianity In India And The Far East
000397: THE INDEPENDENT WHIG - The Independent Whig. Sunday, December 10, 1809 [London Newspaper]
17118: WHISHAW, FRED - A Race for Life
18772: WHISKER, JAMES - The Gunsmith's Trade
15667: WHITAKER, J. (ED.) - Reference Catalogue of Current Literature 1932 (Three volumes)
17744: WHITAKER, BERYL - Of Mice and Murder
7098: WHITE, JOHN - Maori Superstitions. A Lecture, By John White, Interpreter To The Land Purchase Department, Delivered For The "Young Men's Christian Association"
17033: WHITE, UNK (DRAWINGS BY); TEXT BY JOHN BÉCHERVAISE - Bendigo and Eastern Goldfields Sketchbook
10040: WHITE, JOHN - The Ancient History of the Maori his Mythology and Traditions [Volume One]
10387: WHITE, JOHN T. (REV.) & REV. J. E. RIDDLE - A Latin-English Dictionary
11415: WHITE, PAT - Cut Across the Grain: Two Poems
002905: WHITE, PAT - Bushfall
4559: WHITE, GILBERT - Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne
5447: WHITE, DAVID RENFREW (JR.) - Tidemarks at Otakou
5602: WHITE, GILBERT (REV) - The Natural History of Selbourne; with Observations on Various Parts of Nature; and The Naturalist's Calender
7783: WHITE SPRINGS, ELLIOTT - Contact A Romance Of The Air
9056: WHITE, W. HALE - Materia Medica Pharmacy, Pharmacology And Therapeutics
10184: WHITE, JOHN - Revenge A Love Tale Of The Mount Eden Tribe
12207: WHITE, JIM [JAMES OLIVER] - The Minister's Son Goes to War
002969: WHITE, JOHN CLAUDE - Sikhim and Bhutan: Twenty-One Years on the North-East Frontier 1887-1908
002515: WHITE, MABEL - Bob Penny Camps Out
10197: WHITE, JOHN - Te Rou; Or, The Maori At Home
11090: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD - The Rediscovered Country
14985: WHITE, JOHN - Te Rou; Or, The Maori At Home
14910: WHITE, L. G. W. - Ships, Coolies and Rice
4258: WHITEHEAD, HENRY S. - The Black Beast and other voodoo tales
4927: WHITEHOUSE, A. H. - The Complete Circle: A Story of Medical Work in Egypt
9001: WHITELAW, ALEXANDER - The Book Of The Scottish Song; A Comprehensive Collection Of The Most Approved Songs Of Scotland
15384: WHITELAW, DAVID - The Mystery of Enid Belairs
17547: WHITFORD, KEN - Yankalilla and District Sketchbook
7298: WHITMELL, CHAS T - Space And Its Dimensions
7299: WHITMELL, C. T - The Moon As A View-Point
12650: WHITNEY, THOMAS P. (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Communist Blueprint for the Future: The complete texts of all four Communist Manifestoes
10527: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - The King's Missive, Mabel Martin, and Later Poems
5361: WHYTE, ALEX (REV.) (ED.) - Religious Commemoration of the Seventieth Anniversary of Otago.
5458: WHYTE, ALEX (REV.) (ED.) - Religious Commemoration of the Seventieth Anniversary of Otago.
7189: TE WIATA, INIA (CARVED BY) - Guide To The Pouihi
14053: WIBBERLEY, LEONARD - The Mouse that Roared
5210: WIBBERLEY, BRIAN - Marks of Methodism and Other Studies
13329: WICK, AL. [ALBERT H.] - American Colonial Coins & Tokens. A Review of the Issues from 1615-1792. Parts One, Two and Three [complete]
14374: WIENHOLT, ARNOLD - The Story of a Lion Hunt: With Some of the Hunter's Military Adventures During the War
4111: WIGLEY, MARY - Some Southern Songs and Other Poems
6798: WIGRAM, W. A. (REV.) - The Assyrians And Their Neighbours
9472: WIJASURIYA, D. E. K ET AL. - The Barefoot Librarian Library Developments in Southeast Asia with Special Reference to Malaysia
17740: WILBER, KEN - The Collected Works of Ken Wilber - Volume Eight - The Marriage of Sense and Soul - One Taste
13174: WILBERFORCE, SAMUEL (PREFACE BY); [VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS] - Faith and Free Thought: A Second Course of Lectures delivered at the request of the Christian Evidence Society
15361: WILCOX, FRED (ED.) - Grass Roots: An Anti-Nuke Source Book. How to Fight Nuclear Power and Win!
9705: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - Poems of Purpose
18805: WILDE, OSCAR - De Profundis
18036: WILDE, OSCAR - Intentions
15192: WILDE, OSCAR - Lord Arthur Savile's Crime - The Portrait of Mr. W. H. and Other Stories
18804: WILDE, OSCAR - Four Letters by Oscar Wilde which were not included in the English edition of "De Profundis"
17327: WILDE, OSCAR - An Ideal Husband: A Play
4246: WILKINS, HAROLD T. - Flying Saucers on the Moon
8051: WILKINS, PHILIP A - Behind The French C.I.D Leaves From The Memoirs Of Goron, Former Detective Chief
9961: WILKINSON, AMY K. - Kapiti Diary
002777: WILKINSON, A. WINIFRED - The Doc and Other Stories
4819: WILKINSON, JAMES JOHN GARTH - The Human Body and its Connexion with Man, Illustrated by the Principal Organs
7237: WILKINSON, J. D - Early New Zealand Steamers Volume I The Pioneering Years (1840 - 1861)
17831: WILKINSON, L. P. - Horace & His Lyric Poetry
7289: WILL, WILLIAM - John Murdoch Tutor Of Robert Burns
18837: WILLEMS, HANS - The Deer Cullers
18938: WILLEY, ARTHUR; VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Zoological Results based on material from New Britain, New Guinea, Loyalty Islands and Elsewhere, collected during the years 1895, 1896 and 1897 by Arthur Willey
15198: WILLEY, ARTHUR - Convergence in Evolution
12097: WILLIAMS, HERBERT W. - A Dictionary of the Maori Language Edited under the auspices of the Polynesian Society and based upon the dictionaries of W. Williams and W. L. Williams
13493: WILLIAMS, W. L. (BISHOP) - East Coast (N. Z.) Historical Records
12095: WILLIAMS, W. L. - First Lessons in the Maori Language of New Zealand; with a Short Vocabulary
12062: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM - A Dictionary of the New Zealand Language; to which is added a selection of colloquial sentences
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