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6418: SMITH, LINDSAY - Skyhook
7241: SMITH, MABEL WALN - Land Of Swift-running Horses A Summer Of Adventures In Mongolia
7280: SMITH, WEBSTER B - Some Triumphs Of Modern Exploration
7383: SMITH, STEVENSON PERCY (SURVEYOR GENERAL) - Report Of The Department Of Lands And Survey, New Zealand, For The Year 1895-96
14723: SMITH, L. E. [LUCY EVELYN] - Pan's Pipe and Other Poems
7839: SMITH, PERCY S. - Maori Wars Of The Nineteenth Century
7844: SMITH, PERCY S. - Maori Wars Of The Nineteenth Century
8755: SMITH, REV. JAMES (ED.) - Records Of The Arts Class, 1870 - 74
9349: SMITH, NORMAN - The Maori People and Us
15657: SMITH, EDMUND; EDITED BY W. DOWNIE STEWART - Early Adventures in Otago
9676: SMITH, GERALD N. - Organic Surface Cultivation Its Theory And Practice
5985: SMITH, PATRICIA R - Shirley Temple Dolls And Collectibles: Second Series
001446: SMITH, WILLIAM - A Smaller History of Rome, from the Earliest Times to the Establishment of the Empire
17763: SMITH, JAMES - The Panorama of Science and Art; [. . .] [Volume Two only]
13462: SMITH, S. PERCY - Hawaiki: The Whence of the Maori; with a Sketch of Polynesian History; Being an Introduction to the Native History of Rarotonga
9966: SMITH, D. MURRAY - Round The World: A Story Of Travel Compiled From The Narrative Of Ida Pfeiffer
9951: SMITH, BARRY R. - Better Than Nostradamus Or The Secretive World Takeover
9899: SMITH, GOLDWYN - Life Of Jane Austen
11796: SMITH, S. PERCY - The Kermadec Islands: Their Capabilities and Extent
14174: SMITH, MALCOLM - The British Amphibians and Reptiles
17396: SMITH, S. J. - R. A. Lawson and F. W. Petrie: Their Church Architecture
15298: SMITH, R. BOSWORTH - Mohammed and Mohammedanism: Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in February and Marach 1876
15153: SMITH, ALFRED CHARLES (REV.) - Narrative of a Modern Pilgrimage through Palestine on Horseback, and with Tents
18260: SMITH, RONALD L. - Comedy on Record: The Complete Critical Discography
11301: SMITHER, ELIZABETH - Here Come the Clouds
4271: SMITHER, ELIZABETH - Nights at the Embassy
6892: SMITHER, ELIZABETH - Animaux
6891: SMITHER, ELIZABETH - Here Come the Clouds
12317: SMITHER, ELIZABETH - The Sarah Train
15282: SMITHIES, GRANT - Soundtrack: 118 Great New Zealand Albums
4265: SMITHYMAN, KENDRICK - Dwarf with a Billiard Cue
4266: SMITHYMAN, KENDRICK - Stories about Wooden Keyboards
10630: SMOLLETT, TOBIAS (TRANSLATED BY) - The Adventures of Gil Blas, of Santillane. Volume Three only.
12084: SMYTH, HERBERT WARINGTON - Chase and Chance in Indo-China
12929: SMYTH, JOHN - Truth and Reality with Special Reference to Religion or A Plea for the Unity of the Spirit and the Unity of Life in all its Manifestations
15947: SMYTHE, STUART J. - I Have the Honour to Remain Sir, Your Obedient Servant: 100 Years of Schooling in the Chathams
001372: SMYTHE, F. S. - The Kangchenjunga Adventure
9959: SMYTHE, F. S. - Climbs And Ski Runs Mountaineering And Ski-ing In The Alps, Great Britain And Corsica
003100: SMYTHE, FRANK - The Adventures of a Mountaineer
003739: SMYTHE, F. S. - The Kangchenjunga Adventure
5482: SMYTHE, F. S - The Spirit of the Hills
003738: SMYTHE, F. S. - Camp Six: an Account of the 1933 Mount Everest Expedition
10424: SMYTHE, F. S. - Camp Six: an Account of the 1933 Mount Everest Expedition
5398: SNELL, F.C. - The Distribution of Electrical Energy
18273: SNELL, PETER & GARTH GILMOUR - No Bugles No Drums
12165: SNELLGROVE, DAVID - Indo-Tibetan Buddhism: Indian Buddhists and their Tibetan Successors
14240: SNOW, PHILIP - Stranger and Brother: A Portrait of C. P. Snow
16053: SNOW, DAVID - The Cotingas: Bellbirds, Umbrellabirds and Other Species
7551: SNOWDEN, PHILIP - Socialism And The Drink Question
5167: SNOWY, J. - The Stanley of the Turf
17580: SOBEL, ROBERT - Trammell Crow, Master Builder: The Story of America's Largest Real Estate Empire
12181: NEW ZEALAND GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY - New Zealand Geographer [five assorted issues]
12180: NEW ZEALAND GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY - New Zealand Geographer [the first six issues: Volume 1, Number 1 (April, 1945) to Volume 3, Number 2 (October, 1947)]
000760: THE POLYNESIAN SOCIETY - The Journal of the Polynesian Society. Issues from the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990-1996
000774: THE POLYNESIAN SOCIETY - The Journal of the Polynesian Society. Issues from the 1950's.
000813: THE POLYNESIAN SOCIETY - The Journal of the Polynesian Society. Volume 80 No. 1 March 1971 [Includes the Article "Greenstone: the Prehistoric Exploitation of Bowenite from Anita Bay, Milford Sound" by P. J. F. Coutts]
003230: CHRISTCHURCH (N. Z. ) PHILATELIC SOCIETY - Captain Cook: Newsletter of the Christchurch (N. Z. ) Philatelic Society (Inc.)
4568: ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY - Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society. Vol. 29. Part IV. 1904-05.
7150: THE POLYNESIAN SOCIETY - The Journal Of The Polynesian Society Volume 51, Number 1
7151: THE POLYNESIAN SOCIETY - The Journal Of The Polynesian Society Containing The Transactions And Proceedings Of The Society. Volume 50, Number 3.
15622: DUNEDIN PUBLIC ART GALLERY SOCIETY - [bundle of 7 Dunedin Public Art Gallery Society Annual Reports: 1975-76; 1978-79; 1979-80; 1980-81; 1982; 1983; 1988-89]
001651: WESLEYAN METHODIST MISSIONARY SOCIETY - New Zealand. Correspondence between the Wesleyan Missionary Committee and the Right Honourable Earl Grey, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Colonial Department, on the Apprehended Infringement of the Treaty of Waitangi [...]
001652: THE POLYNESIAN SOCIETY - The Journal of the Polynesian Society. Vol. 38 Nos 149-152. March - December 1929 (4 Issues, Complete Volume) .
16975: FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG SOCIETY - A Journey with Francis Brett Young: Selections from Francis Brett Young Society Journals 1 - 61 July 1979 - July 2009
14031: NEW ZEALAND GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY - New Zealand Geographer. Volume 20 No. 1. April 1964
13480: THE NEW ZEALAND EX LIBRIS SOCIETY (JOHANNES C. ANDERSEN, PRESIDENT) - Catalogue of Annual Exhibition of Book-Plates June, 1931
12846: COMPILED BY CATHERINE AMEY FOR THE ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY - Clean, Green, and Cruelty Free? The True Story of Animals in New Zealand
15731: SODDY, FREDERICK - Money versus Man: A Statement of the World Problem from the Standpoint of the New Economics
17581: SODDY, FREDERICK - Matter and Energy
5346: SOLLEYSEL, JAQUES TRANSLATED BY WILLIAM HOPE - The Compleat Horseman: Discovering the Surest Marks of the Beauty, Goodness, Faults and Imperfections of Horses.
7613: SOLWAY, ROBERT - America Was Promises A Statement
15027: SOLZHENITSYN, ALESANDR I. - Communism: A Legacy of Terror
11515: SOMADEVA; TAWNEY, C. H. (TRANS.) & N. M. PENZER (ED.); WITH A FOREWORD BY SIR RICHARD CARNAC TEMPLE - The Ocean of Story [8 volumes only of 10]
10423: SOMERVELL, T. HOWARD - After Everest: The Experiences of a Mountaineer and Medical Missionary
6285: SOMERVELL, T. HOWARD - After Everest: The Experiences of a Mountaineer and Medical Missionary
9940: SOMERVILLE, J. S. - Jack In The Pulpit
12869: SOMERVILLE, JOHN - The Way of Science: Its Growth and Method
12323: SOMMER, ALFRED - Epidemiology and Statistics for the Ophthalmologist
5234: ARCH. CLARK AND SONS - The City of Auckland (Pictorial Souvenir)
002242: JOHN REID & SONS - Lease Records. [Manuscript. Pastoral Leases in Otago and Southland, New Zealand]
14136: SOONS, J. M. & M. J. SELBY (EDS.) - Landforms of New Zealand
5543: SORLEY, BROWN. W - The Life And Genius Of T. W. H. Crosland
000252: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's. the Library of Marshall B. Coyne. New York June 5 2001. NY7640
6344: SOTHEBY'S - The Library of H. Bradley Martin [Part V] Highly Important Illustrated and Scientific Ornithology
000851: SOUTAR, ANDREW - The Leopard's Spots [Selwyn & Blount's Famous 6d Novels No. 9]
11413: SOUTHAM, BARRY - Footprints on a Gravel Road: Poems and Stories
13014: SOUTHAM, BARRY - Footprints on a Gravel Road: Poems and Stories
16824: SOUTHAN, W. M. - The Two Lawyers: A Novel
11830: "SOUTHERNER" [PSEUDONYM OF SAMUEL GOTTLIEB AUGUST] - Stewart Island Verses And Others
000554: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - The Poetical Works of Robert Southey. Complete in One Volume
4363: SOUTHEY, ROBERT - Poems. The Second Volume.
11307: SOUTHGATE, BRENT - Participants and Others
13939: SOWRY, CLIVE; EDITED BY JONATHAN DENNIS - Film Making in New Zealand: a brief historical survey
15119: SOYER, ALEXIS; EDITED BY AN AMERICAN HOUSEKEEPER - The Modern Housewife of Menagere. Comprising nearly one thousand receipts, for the economic and judicious preparation of every meal of the day, with those of the nursery and sick room, and minute directions for family managment in all its brances.
10552: SPACKMAN, W. H. - Trout In New Zealand Where To Go And How To Catch Them
16350: SPARKS, TERRY (CONTRIBUTOR) - Nude Form & Line
003298: SPEARS, JOHN R. - Master Mariners
9368: SPECTOR, STEPHEN (ED.) - Essays in Paper Analysis
14019: SPENCE, WILLIAM GUTHRIE - Australia's Awakening: Thirty Years in the Life of an Australian Agitator
13439: SPENCE, J. M. - Bene Amatus: George Archibald Douglas Spence 1901-1974
8369: SPENCE, JEOFFREY GRAHAM - Scottish Summer. The Diarial Occurences Of Some Obfuscating Paradoxes
13171: SPENCER, HERBERT - Social Statics, Abridged and Revised; together with The Man versus The State
7021: SPENCER, HERBERT - Ceremonial Institutions: Being Part IV. Of The Principles Of Sociology (The First Portion Of Vol. II)
17097: SPENCER, THOS. E. [THOMAS] - How M'Dougall Topped the Score and other verses and sketches
001518: SPENCER, CORNELIA - My Heart and My Home: Pearl Buck's Biography
12227: SPENCER, THOS. E. [THOMAS] - Budgeree Ballads
13133: SPENCER, HERBERT - The Man versus The State: containing "The New Toryism," "The Coming Slavery," "The Sins of Legislators" and "The Great Political Superstition." Reprinted from The Contemporary Review, with a Postscript
13035: SPENCER, HERBERT - The Study of Sociology
17957: EUTROPIUS; EDITED BY J. G. SPENCER - Eutropii - Breviarium Historiae Romanae - Libri I, II
13805: SPENCER, HERBERT - Essays: Scientific, Political, and Speculative. Vol. III. [Volume 3 only]
10529: SPENDER, STEPHEN - The Generous Days
12621: SPENGLER, OSWALD - The Hour of Decision Part One: Germany and World-Historical Revolution
12698: SPENSER, EDMUND - The Faerie Queene: Disposed into Twelve Bookes, fashioning XII. Morall Vertues.
16761: SPICER, MOIRA & ROSE HEWSON - The Next Quarter: Schooling in Owaka, The Catlins 1975-2000
5967: SPIELMANN, M. H (INTRODUCTION BY; WITH NOTES BY ARTHUR FISH) - 100 Popular Pictures: Facsimile Reproductions in Colour of Popular Pictures Selected from the World's Great Galleries.
6211: SPILLANE, MICKEY - The By-Pass Control
17664: SPILLER, ANDREW - Murder on a Shoestring
10291: SPITTLE, BRUCE - Moa Sightings [Three Volumes, complete set]
10380: SPITTLE, BRUCE - Moa Sightings. Volume One.
6386: SPITTLE, BRUCE - Fluoride Fatigue: An Abridged Version of Fluoride Poisoning: Is fluoride in your drinking water - and from other sources - making you sick?
9094: SPON, JOHN - Faces What They Mean And How To Read Them
14483: SPOONLEY, PAUL - The Politics of Nostalgia: Racism and the Extreme Right in New Zealand
14522: SPOONLEY, PAUL - The Politics of Nostalgia: Racism and the Extreme Right in New Zealand
8519: SPOTTISWOODE, W. HUGH (ED.) - Winter's Pie Being The Christmas Number Of "Printers' Pie"
7497: SPRAGUE DE CAMP, L - The Arrows Of Hercules
003395: SPRIGGE, S. SQUIRE - The Life and Times of Thomas Wakley
6732: SPRINGER, RANDAL (ED.) - The Missionary's Daughter
8785: SQUIRES COTTON, ANNE AND VAL WHITE - From Bush To Borough And Beyond A Pictorial History Of Ravensbourne
13295: ST. HILL, KATHARINE - Hands and Faces - The Book of Temperaments: Being the Third and Concluding Volume of "The Book of the Hand"
13433: ST. GEORGE, IAN - Colenso on Orchids
10827: ST. JOHN, H. B. T.; WITH A PREFACE BY THE REV. B. ST. JOHN - All is Well: Letters and Journals of Lieutenant H. B. T. St. John, First Regt. Native Infantry, Madras Presidency
8486: ST JOHN WEBB, MARION - The Littlest One's Third Book
18237: ST GEORGE, IAN; BRUCE IRWIN & DAN HATCH - Field Guide to the New Zealand Orchids
16607: ST LEGER, ALICIA - Mac Carthy: People and Places
003427: STABLES, GORDON - To Greenland and the Pole: a Story of Adventure in the Arctic Regions
002290: STABLES, GORDON - In the Land of the Great Snow-Bear. a Tale of Love and Heroism
17005: STACE, RACHEL (ED.) - Love Has No Borders: True Stories of the Tragedy and Triumph behind Intercountry Adoption
7952: STACK, J. W. (EDITED BY A. H. REED) - More Maoriland Adventures Of J. W. Stack
16181: STACK, CANON - South Island Maoris: A Sketch of Their History and Legendary Lore
14990: STACK, CANON - South Island Maoris: A Sketch of Their History and Legendary Lore
000411: BOWKER STAFF - New Zealand Books in Print : 2000
18423: STAFFORD, D. M. - Te Arawa: A History of the Arawa People
14203: STAMP, L. DUDLEY & W. G. HOSKINS - The Common Lands of England & Wales
001308: STAMPER, JOSEPH - So Long Ago...
13335: STANCLIFFE [STANLEY CLIFFORD] - The Autobiography of a Caddy-Bag
8551: STANFORD, J. K. - Ladies In The Sun The Memsahibs' India 1790-1860
9279: STANFORD, W. B. - Enemies of Poetry
9028: STANLEY, HENRY M. - In Darkest Africa or the Quest Rescue and Retreat of Emin Governor of Equatoria
4665: STANLEY, HENRY M. - In Darkest Africa or the Quest Rescue and Retreat of Emin Governor of Equatoria
4493: STANLEY, HENRY M. - In Darkest Africa or the Quest Rescue and Retreat of Emin Governor of Equatoria [Volume Two only]
17646: STANLEY, HENRY M. - How I Found Livingstone. Travels, Adventure, and Discoveries in Central Africa; Including Four Months' Residence with Dr. Livingstone.
11692: STANLEY, HENRY M. - Coomassie and Magdala: The Story of Two British Campaigns in Africa
11271: STANLEY, HENRY M. - In Darkest Africa or the Quest Rescue and Retreat of Emin Governor of Equatoria
16264: STANLEY, HENRY M. - Through the Dark Continent or the Sources of the Nile [. . .] [Volume One only]
14110: STANTON, JAMES C. - Combat Command
5320: STANYON, ELLIS - Conjuring for Amateurs. A Practical Treatise on How to Perform Modern Tricks
13985: STARACE, CARLO - A Prison-Camp Diary 23 September 1943 - 24 September 1944
8436: STARK, RAYMOND - Crossroads To Nowhere
8926: STARK, EDGAR E. - Description Of The Waipori Falls Electric Power Project
16400: STARK, FREYA - The Valleys of the Assassins and Other Persian Travels
002742: STARNES, RICHARD - Another Mug for the Bier
7119: STARTUP, ROBIN M - People And The Post Office - Hawkes Bay
7120: STARTUP, R. M - Boxlink
11514: STARTUP, R. M. - The Mails Went Through
14561: STAUM, MARTIN S. - Cabanis: Enlightenment and Medical Philosophy in the French Revolution
17507: STEAD, CHRISTINA - Seven Poor Men of Sydney
10503: STEAD, CHRISTINA - The Salzburg Tales
11038: STEARNS, NORAH D. - An Island is Born: Oahu roars up from the deep . . . to claim its place in the Hawaiian Group of Polynesia A Story of Geological Genesis
5895: STEBBING, E. P. - Stalks in the Himalaya: Jottings of a Sportsman-Naturalist
7704: STEBBING, GRACE - Faithful Georgie: A Tale Of Australian Adventure
4860: STEELE, JAME H.; GEORGE W. BERAN (SECTION EDITOR) - Section B: Viral Zoonoses: Volume I only
7856: STEERE, EDWARD - A Handbook Of The Swahili Language As Spoken At Zanibar
13664: STEEVENS, G. W. - Naval Policy with some account of The Warships of the Principal Powers
9052: STEFANSSON, VILHJALMUR - The Friendly Arctic The Story Of Five Years In Polar Regions
4590: STEIN, ALEXANDER - On Alexander's Track to the Indus
12655: STEINER, RUDOLF - From Symptom to Reality in Modern History: Nine lectures given in Dornach from 18th October to 3rd November, 1918
8146: STEINMAN, OTHMAR - Perturbation Expansions In Axiomatic Field Theory
001537: STEPHEN, LESLIE - Hours in a Library
003797: JONES. STEPHEN - A New Biographical Dictionary: Containing a Brief Account of the Most Eminent Persons and Remarkable Characters in Every Age and Nation
9335: STEPHEN, WILLIAM (REV.) - The Story of Inverkeithing and Rosyth
17019: STEPHEN, JAMES - The Slavery of the British West India Colonies Delineated, as it exists both in Law and Practice, and the Slavery of Other Countries, Antient and Modern. Vol. I. [Volume One only]
16041: STEPHENS, FRANK (ED.) - Nude Holidays in the Black Sea. [Sun Seeker] Special Edition No. 114
16028: STEPHENS, FRANK (ED.); PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL FRIESE - Naturist Centres at Val Alta and Koversada. Sun Seeker Special Edition No. 125
8509: STEPHENS, MARGARET AND NOEL - Mud In Our Eyes The construction of the Mud Hut during the period 1951-54 and other detail
16014: STEPHENS, FRANK (ED.); PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARDOT - Physical Exercises in the Nude. Sun Seeker Special Edition No. 128
10131: STEPHENS, ALAN - Going Solo The Royal Australian Air Force, 1946 - 1971
16042: STEPHENS, FRANK (ED.) - Nouvelle Série de Studio. No. 61.
13060: STEPHENSON, GORDON - Wetlands: Discovering New Zealand's Shy Places
5864: STERPELLONE, L. - Very Illustrious Patients ...
6454: STEUART, JOHN A. - The Red Reaper
15292: STEVEN, ALEXANDER G. - Wind on the Wold
16302: STEVENS, FRANK - She Left a Silver Slipper
6086: STEVENS, WILLIAM; ANON.; JONES, W. (REV.); LYTTELTON, GEORGE LORD - A Treatise on the Nature and Constitution of the Christian Church (1800) [bound with] The Trial of the Witnesses (1799) [bound with] An Essay on the Church (1800) [bound with] Observations on the Conversion and Apostleship of St. Paul (1799)
9463: STEVENS, JOAN (ED.); EDWARD JERNINGHAM WAKEFIELD - The London Journal of Edward Jerningham Wakefield 1845-46
17977: STEVENS, P. G. - John Grigg of Longbeach
16449: STEVENSON, D. E. - The Young Clementina
10256: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Catriona A Sequel To "Kidnapped" Being Memoirs Of The Further Adventures Of David Balfour At Home And Abroad
13747: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Pavilion on the Links
17268: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Works. Tusitala Edition. 35 Volumes (Complete)
17486: STEVENSON, D. E. - Sarah's Cottage
17485: STEVENSON, D. E. - Miss Buncle's Book
17487: STEVENSON, D. E. - Miss Bun, the Baker's Daugthter
001107: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Silverado Squatters
9768: STEVENSON, THOMAS - The Modern Culture Of Sweet Peas
17766: STEVENSON, D. E. - The Two Mrs Abbotts
13750: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - [Group of 15 early editions of works by Robert Louis Stevenson, together with 4 works about Robert Louis Stevenson (19 books in total)]
4133: STEWARD, WILLIAM J. - The Vision of Aorangi and Other Poems
15217: STEWART, ALEXANDER - [Tailor's manuscript account book]
16742: STEWART, WILLIAM DOWNIE - William Rolleston: A New Zealand Statesman
10453: STEWART, DOUGLAS - Green Lions
11045: STEWART, W. DOWNIE - Portrait Of A Judge: Sir Joshua Strange Williams P.C.
15769: STEWART, H. (COL. ) - The New Zealand Division 1916-1919. A Popular History Based On Official Records. (Spine title: "The Official History of New Zealand's Effort in the Great War. Volume II France")
13728: STEWART, DUGALD; EDITED BY SIR WILLIAM HAMILTON - The Philosophy of the Active and Moral Poweres of Man. Vol. I. to which is prefixed, Part Second of the Outlines of Moral Philosoph. With Many New and Important Additions. [Volume One only]
11838: STEWART, WILLIAM DOWNIE - The Right Honourable Sir Francis Bell, P.C., G.C.M.G., K.C., His Life and Times
10917: STEWART, FLORA - Flowering in the Sun
8181: STEWART, CONWAY - Southland A Bulletin For Schools
8182: STEWART, CONWAY - Southland A Bulletin For Schools
8487: STEWART, PETER JAMES - Challenge And Response The History Of The Otago Presbyterian Social Service Association
17055: STEWART, DOUGLAS - The Seven Rivers
000825: STEWART, J. I. M. - A Palace of Art
13663: STEWART, SIR NORMAN (MAJOR-GENERAL) - My Service Days: India, Afghanistan, Suakim '85, and China
17420: NEWBOLD'S BOOKSHOP; WITH A FOREWORD BY THE HON. W. DOWNIE STEWART - A New Zealand Catalogue. 1949. Number 192. [. . .] Books, Prints, Portraits, Letters, Manuscripts, Association Items, Early Maori, with a few of the South Seas
13658: STEWART, IAN - The Twigs of My Tree
13695: STEWART, DOUGLAS - Green Lions
5660: STIDOLPH, R. H. D - The Birds Around Us: From a Diary of Bird Observations in New Zealand Over a Period of 50 Years 1921-1971.
4691: STIRLING, CHRYSTAL - Soldiers Two
12771: STIRLING, JAMES HUTCHISON - Lectures on the Philosophy of Law. Together with Whewell and Hegel, and Hegel and Mr W. R. Smith, A Vindication in a Physico-Mathematical Regard
11197: STOCK, EUGENE - The History of the Church Missionary Society in New Zealand
11196: STOCK, EUGENE - The Story of the New Zealand Mission With a Supplementary Chapter on the New Zealand C. M. Association by the Right Rev. C. O. Mules, D.D.
6014: STOCK, RALPH - The Cruise of the Dream Ship
5678: STOCKER, BASIL E. & EDWARD SAMUEL (COMPILED BY) - Catalogue of the General Assembly Library of New Zealand. In Two Volumes. [plus] Supplement to the Catalogue of the General Assembly Library of New Zealand
13332: STOCKER, BASIL E. & EDWARD SAMUEL (COMPILED BY) - Catalogue of the General Assembly Library of New Zealand. In Two Volumes.
14318: STOCKTON, DAVID - Cicero: A Political Biography
14057: STODDARD, LOTHROP - The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under Man
13595: STODDARD, LOTHROP - The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under Man
4909: STOKELL, G. - Freshwater Fishes from the Auckland and Campbell Islands Cape Expedition - Scientific Results of the New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Expedition, 1941-45
5057: STOKELL, G - Fresh Water Fishes of New Zealand
6639: STOKER, BRAM - Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories
7771: STOKES, EVELYN - Stories Of Tauranga Moana
18398: STONE, BARRY - The Diggers' Menagerie
6016: STONE, WILLIAM L. - Letters on Masonry and Anti-Masonry, addressed to the Hon. John Quincy Adams
8326: STONE, LESLIE FRANCES - Out Of The Void
9269: STONE, PETER - Come Fishing With Me
13673: STONE, COLIN F. - A Further Twenty-Five Years: The Story of the Motor Trade Association (Inc.) 1967-1992
7693: STONES, WILLIAM - New Zealand (The Land Of Promise) And Its Resources
5593: STOREY, DAVID - This Sporting Life
15469: STORY, ALFRED T. - A Book of Vagrom Men and Vagrant Thought
6672: STORY, ALFRED T. (ED.) - Spurzheim's Lectures on Phrenology
11356: STOUPPE, J. P. - History of the New Zealand Optical Associations
002424: STOUT, REX - Trio for Blunt Instruments
17293: STOW, RANDOLPH; ILLUSTRATED BY RALPH STEADMAN - Midnite: The Story of a Wild Colonial Boy
001499: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Uncle Tom's Cabin. a Tale of Life Among the Lowly
5509: STOWELL, WILLIAM HENDRY - On The Work Of The Spirit
003652: STRACHAN-DAVIDSON, J. L. - Cicero and the Fall of the Roman Republic
002886: STRAKER, J. F. - A Coil of Rope
18409: STRANG, HERBERT - Samba: A Story of the Rubber Slaves of the Congo
17745: STRANGE, JOHN STEPHEN - Make My Bed Soon
7798: STRASBURGER, EDUARD - Rambles On The Riviera
10301: STRATHESK, JOHN - Bits About America
14323: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - Moths of the Limberlost: A Book about Limberlost Cabin
14731: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - The Magic Garden
16187: STRAUBEL, C. R. [CARL RUDOLF (1906-1959)] - The Schooner Richmond and Canterbury's First Farmers
16750: STREATFEILD, G. S. - Lincolnshire and the Danes
001533: STREDDER, ELEANOR - Archie's Find: a Story of Australian Life
10628: STRICKLAND, AGNES & BERNARD BARTON - Fisher's Juvenile Scrap-Book
16508: STRINGER, ARTHUR - Risk!
003804: STRUTHERS, JOHN - The History of Scotland, from the Union to the Abolition of the Heritable Jurisdictions in MDCCXLVIII. [Volume Two Only of Two Volumes]
16512: STRYDOM, HANS - The Fourth Reich
000875: STRYK, LUCIEN AND TAKASHI IKEMOTO (EDS. ) - The Penguin Book of Zen Poetry
15800: STUART, SHEILA - Alison's Easter Adventure
9713: STUART, IAN (MACLEAN, ALISTAIR) - The Dark Crusader
12613: STUART-MONTEATH, BRUCE - A Hostile Environment: A Case Study of the Harassment of Environmentalists on the West Coast of New Zealand
17513: STUCHKA, P. I.; EDITED BY ROBERT SHARLET, PETER B. MAGGS, & PIERS BEIRNE - Selected Writings on Soviet Law and Marxism
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17501: TODD, BARBARA EUPHAN - Worzel Gummidge at the Circus
17504: TODD, H. E. - Bobby Brewster's Camera
13777: TODD, JOHN (REV.) - The Sabbath School Teacher: Designed to Aid in Elevating and Perfecting the Sabbath School System
17695: TODD, H. E. - Bobby Brewster
13019: TODHUNTER, I. - The Conflict of Studies and Other Essays on Subjects Concerned with Education
6207: TOHEI, KOICHI - Aikido: The Co-ordination of Mind and Body for Self-defense
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15974: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Return of the King: Being the Third Part of the Lord of the Rings
002663: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Return of the King: Being the Third Part of the Lord of the Rings
15393: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Lord of the Rings [Set of three volumes: The Fellowship of the Ring; The Two Towers; The Return of the King.]
15988: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Fellowship of the Ring: Being the First Part of the Lord of the Rings
15962: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - The Hobbit or There and Back Again
16818: TOMASSON, KATHERINE - The Jacobite General
10912: TOMBS, H. H. - A Century of Art in Otago: being a survey of the work of Otago's painters, writers and musicians
14891: TOMELINE, GEORGE (LATE PRETYMAN) - An Introduction to the Study of the Bible: Being the Sixteenth Edition of the First Volume of the Elements of Christian Theology: Containing Proofs of the Authenticity and Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures; A Summary of the History of the Jews; An Account of the Jewish Sects; And a Brief Statement of the Contents of the Several Books of the Old and New Testaments.
16658: TOMKINS, SUE - The Life and Times of One Warm Fuzzy: An Autobiography
5374: TOMKINSON, (LIEUT. COL) - The Diary of A Cavalry Officer in the Peninsula War and Waterloo Campaign 1809 - 1815.
002689: TOMLINSON, H. M. - Under the Red Ensign
6136: TOMLINSON, J. E. - Remembered Trails
7625: TOMLINSON, J. E. - Remembered Trails
9006: TOMLINSON, H. M - The Sea & The Jungle
17523: TONKIN, L. C. - [Series of 3 booklets on Robert Butler, the Cumberland St. Murder]
15218: TONKIN, J. C. & PRESCOTT ROW - Lyonnesse: The Isles of Scilly. A Handbook for Visitors and Residents. The Homeland Handbook, No. 4. The Council's Official Guide.
10883: TOOLEY, R. V. - Collectors' Guide to Maps of the African Continent and Southern Africa
003626: TORR, CECIL - Small Talk At Wreyland
001538: TOULOUSE, JULIAN HARRISON - Bottle Makers and Their Marks
4878: TOWNEND, W. - Ma Brown
10213: TOWNEND, W. - Night's Black Agent
10353: TOWNSEND, WILLIAM S. B. - The Aircraft Press Tool Maker
11902: TOWNSEND, J. I. - Fauna of New Zealand / Ko te Aitanga Pepeke o Aotearoa: Trechini (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae)
8208: TOWNSEND, JOHN FITZHENRY (THE RT. WORSHIPFUL DEPUTY GRAND MASTER OF IRELAND) - The Duty Of The Master In The Government Of A Masonic Lodge A Lecture Delivered At The Lodge Of Instruction, Held Under The Warrant Of The Victoria Lodge, No IV, Dublin
17405: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. - A Journey to China or Things Which Are Seen
16001: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD; WITH A MEMOIR BY B. JOWETT - Lectures on the Industrial Revolution of the 18th Century in England: Popular Addresses, Notes and Other Fragments
000762: TRACY, LOUIS - The Man with the Sixth Sense (Hodder & Stoughton's Paper Bound Octavo Novels)
14079: TRAIL, JOSEPHINE - Child of the Arrow
12568: TRAILL, H. D. - Central Government
10302: TRAILL, H. D. - Number Twenty Fables And Fantasies
4538: TRAILL, ROBERT - Select Practical Writings of Robert Traill
18205: TRAINOR, LUKE - British Imperialism and Australian Nationalism: Manipulation, Conflict and Compromise in the Late Nineteenth Century
18280: TRANTER, NIGEL - High Spirits
11964: TRANTER, PHILIP; EDITED BY NIGEL TRANTER - No Tigers in the Hindu Kush [Uncorrected Proof]
18302: TRANTER, NIGEL - Rum Week
18265: TRANTER, NIGEL - Island Twilight
6174: TRANTER, NIGEL - Delayed Action
6972: TRANTER, NIGEL - The Courtesan.
000699: TRANTER, TINA - The Lovers
001033: TRANTER, NIGER - The Clansman
17257: TRANTER, NIGEL - The Chosen Course
17449: TRANTER, NIGEL G. - Eagle's Feathers
18281: TRANTER, NIGEL - A Stake in the Kingdom
001244: TRANTER, TINA - The Lovers
14747: TREADWELL, C. A. L. - Recollections of an Amateur Soldier
12151: TREADWELL, C. A. L. - Recollections of an Amateur Soldier
16648: TREASE, GEOFFREY - Black Banner Abroad
16989: TREASE, GEOFFREY - No Boats on Bannermere
16697: TREASE, GEOFFREY - Laughter at the Door: A Continued Autobiography
16649: TREASE, GEOFFREY - The Gates of Bannerdale
17503: TREECE, HENRY - The Bronze Sword
12360: TREGEAR, E. [EDWARD] - Fairy Tales and Folk-Lore of New Zealand and the South Seas
12033: TREGEAR, EDWARD & S. PERCY SMITH - A Vocabulary and Grammar of the Niue Dialect of the Polynesian Language.
6829: TREGEAR, EDWARD - The Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary
7752: TREGEAR, EDWARD - The Aryan Maori
7849: TREGEAR, EDWARD - The Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary
8837: TREGEAR, EDWARD - The Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary
8815: TREGEAR, EDWARD - The Aryan Maori
9223: TREGEAR, EDWARD - The Aryan Maori
9433: TREGEAR, EDWARD - A Dictionary Of Magareva (Or Gambier Islands)
10153: TREGEAR, EDWARD - The Maori Race
11243: TREMAIN, GARRICK - Garrick Tremain Cartoons. Volumes 3, 4, 5, 9 & 12. [Five volumes in total]
9436: TREMBLY, DIANE L. - Petticoat Medic In Vietnam Adventures Of A Women Doctor
17397: TREMEARNE, A. J. N. (MAJOR) - Hausa Superstitions and Customs: An Introduction to the Folk-Lore and the Folk
11439: TREMEWAN, PETER - Selling Otago: A French Buyer, 1840 Maori Sellers, 1844 Dunedin and Port Chalmers: 100 Years of Polar Service
16435: TRENCH, RICHARD CHENEVIX - Notes on the Parables of Our Lord
6186: TRENCH, RICHARD CHENEVIX - On the Study of Words Lectures Addressed (Originally) to the Pupils at the Diocesan Training-School, Winchester
16483: TRENCH, RICHARD CHENEVIX - Notes on the Miracles of Our Lord
15115: TRENT, MILDRED (COMPILED BY) - Stevens' "Cathedral Brand" Essences Cookery Book
11927: TRENT, MILDRED (COMPILED BY) - Stevens' "Cathedral Brand" Essences Cookery Book
002957: TREVOR, MERIOL - Hunt the King, Hide the Fox
9844: TREVOR, GEORGE (REV.) - India An Historical Sketch
11092: TREW, H. F. (LT.-COL) - African Man Hunts
6000: TREWERN, PETER - Fire My Tales
10413: WAITANGI TRIBUNAL - Report of The Waitangi Tribunal on The Orakei Claim (Wai-9)
000595: TRIDON, ANDRE - Psycho-Analysis and Man's Unconscious Motives
17658: TRIMBLE, A. H. - Walt Whitman and Leaves of Grass: An Introduction
4724: TRIMBLE, ROBERT - A Review of the American Struggle, in its Military and Political Aspects, from the Inauguration of President Lincoln,4th March, 1861, till his re-election, 8th November, 1864
4987: TRIMBLE, ROBERT - A Reformed Army for Home and Foreign Service; with Estimates of Cost
14407: NGORCHEN KONGHOC LHUNDRUB; WITH A FOREWORD BY H. H. SAKYA TRIZIN - The Beautiful Ornament of the Three Visions: An exposition of the preliminary practices of the path which extensively explains the instructions of the "Path Including Its Result" in accordance with the Root Treatise of the Vajra Verses of Virupa.
18097: LA TROBE, JOHN ANTES - The Music of the Church considered in its various branches, Congregational and Choral: An Historical and Practical Treatise for the General Reader
16654: TROG - Flook
11748: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Warden
16938: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Lady Anna
16945: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Nina Balatka and Linda Tressel
15490: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - New Zealand: Being a Portion of the Work Entitled "Australia and New Zealand," by the same author
15990: TROLLOPE, MRS. [FRANCES] - Second Love; or, Beauty and Intellect. A Novel. [Volume Two only]
17292: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Australia and New Zealand. In Two Volumes.
16263: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - An Old Man's Love
18059: TRONO, GAVINO C., JR. - Field Guide and Atlas of the Seaweed Resources of the Philippines
14191: TROOPER - SAS Malayan Scout
14115: TROST, GEORGE - Sign of the Swastika
11001: TROTTER, MARGARET - Early Woodlands
13097: TROTTER, WILFRED - Instincts of the Herd in Peace and War 1916-1919
16699: TROTTER, OLIVE - Dunedin's Crowning Glory: The Town Clock Tower
17393: TROTTER, MARGARET - Early Woodlands & Today
15456: TROTTER, MICHAEL M. - Niue Island Archaeological Survey
12644: TROWSDALE, T. BROADBENT - The Cricketer's Autograph Birthday Book: Illustrated with numerous Full-page Half-tone Gravures, after Action-photographs, by George W. Beldam; and One Hundred and Thirty Autographs of Celebrated Cricketers in facsimile.
001549: TRUBY KING, F - Appendix A: Physiological Economy in the Nutrition of Infants (Extracts from an Article by Dr. Truby King, Published in the New Zealand Medical Journal in 1907, the Year when the Plunket Society Was Formed in Dunedin. )
001551: TRUBY KING, F. - A Plea for the Drawing Up and Circulation Throughout the Whole Community of Simple Reliable Consistent Standards for Guidance in the Rearing of Normal Infants. with Discussion.
17633: TRUSSELL, DENYS - Speaking to the Islands of the Ancestors: Four long poems and commentaries
17641: TRUSSELL, DENYS - The Expressive Forest: Essays on the Arts and Ecology in Oceania
9366: TSCHIFFELY, A. F. - Bohemia Junction
000402: TSOMO, TSERING & SHANKAR SHARAN (EDS. ) - Tibet Since the Asian Relations Conference
10339: TUCKER, T. G. - Decursus Primus: A First Latin Grammar with Exercises
003942: TUCKER, DOROTHEA - Jane Mander
6800: TUCKER, A. R. (THE RIGHT REV.) - Toro Visits To Ruwenzori "Mountains Of The Moon".
003476: TUCKETT, IVOR LL. - Mysticism and the Way Out [Conway Memorial Lecture]
17582: TUCKEY, C. LLOYD - Treatment by Hypnotism and Suggestion; or, Psycho-Therapeutics
5932: "TUI" - Tui's Third Book On Commonsense Cookery
9748: "TUI" - Tui's Third Book On Commonsense Cookery
15385: TUPPER, MARTIN F. - Lyrics of the Heart and Mind
15195: TURGENIEFF, IVAN - Smoke: A Russian Novel
11240: TURLE, FREDERICA J. - The Gap in the Fence
16257: TURNBULL, AIDAN (ED.) - Military Fire Fighter [bundle of 7 issues, 1990-1995]
18425: TURNER, ETHEL - Seven Little Australians
5096: TURNER, SAMUEL - The Conquest of the New Zealand Alps
003424: TURNER, LILIAN - Ann Chooses Glory
18372: TURNER, KARLA - Into the Fringe: A True Story of Alien Abduction
6217: TURNER, F. J. - Structural Petrology of the Schists of Eastern Otago, New Zealand. Parts I and II.
6510: TURNER, JULIA - Human Psychology as seen through the Dream
6003: TURNER, SAMUEL - The Conquest of the New Zealand Alps
17502: TURNER, PHILIP - The Candlemass Treasure
18371: TURNER, KARLA - Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda
16901: TURNER, ETHEL - Seven Little Australians
13608: TURNER, J. M. W.; MONKHOUSE, W. [WILLIAM] COSMO (TEXT BY) - The Turner Gallery [bound volume of 26 plates]
16265: TURNER, DANIEL; THOMAS SUTHERLAND - View of the Thames, from the Water Works, York Buildings, to Blackfriar's Bridge [Aquatint]
16685: TURVEY, ANNE - St. Kilda - The Final Years - 1976-1989
16544: TUWHARE, HONE - Something Nothing
13015: TUWHARE, HONE - Short Back & Sideways: Poems & Prose
4336: TUWHARE, HONE - Sap-Wood & Milk
4934: TUWHARE, HONE - Oooooo......! ! !
4836: TUWHARE, HONE - Oooooo......! ! !
8732: TUWHARE, HONE - Oooooo......!!!
5903: TUWHARE, HONE - Deep River Talk: Collected Poems
003923: TUWHARE, HONE - Oooooo......! ! !
4333: TUWHARE, HONE - No Ordinary Sun
6559: TUWHARE, HONE - Piggy-Back Moon
17131: TUWHARE, HONE - Short Back & Sideways: Poems & Prose
12241: TUWHARE, HONE - Oooooo......! ! !
4833: TUWHARE, HONE - Oooooo......! ! !
13911: TUWHARE, HONE - No Ordinary Sun
10074: TUWHARE, HONE - Something Nothing
10890: TUWHARE, HONE - Three Autograph Letters + 1 photograph
11877: TUWHARE, HONE - Autograph Letter
12240: TUWHARE, HONE - Piggy-Back Moon
18124: TUWHARE, HONE - No Ordinary Sun
11293: TUWHARE, HONE - Selected Poems
12239: TUWHARE, HONE - Shape-Shifter
10892: TUWHARE, HONE - No Ordinary Sun
10974: TUWHARE, HONE - Signed postcard with photograph of Hone Tuwhare and Jessie
13536: TUWHARE, HONE - No Ordinary Sun
7269: TUWHARE, HONE - Galley Proofs for "Something Nothing"; Hone Tuwhare's fourth collection of poetry.
13915: TUWHARE, HONE - Year of the Dog: Poems New and Selected
13914: TUWHARE, HONE - Short Back & Sideways: Poems & Prose
4831: TUWHARE, HONE - No Ordinary Sun
13924: TUWHARE, HONE - Year of the Dog: Poems New and Selected
16159: TUWHARE, HONE - Come Rain Hail: Poems by Hone Tuwhare
14995: TUWHARE, HONE - Shape-Shifter
15191: TWAIN, MARK - The £1,000,000 Bank-Note and Other New Stories
5537: TWAIN, MARK - A Horse's Tale
16104: TWAIN, MARK - The Choice Humorous Works of Mark Twain
4800: TYERMAN, REV. L. - The Life and Times of the Rev. John Wesley, M.A., Founder of the Methodists. (Volume 2 only of 3 volumes).
12893: TYERMAN, DANIEL (REV.) & GEORGE BENNET; COMPILED FROM THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS BY JAMES MONTGOMERY - Voyages and Travels Round the World, by the Rev. Daniel Tyerman and George Bennet, Esq. Deputed from the London Missionary Society to visit their various stations in the South Sea Islands, Australia, China, India, Madagascar, and South Africa between the years 1821 and 1829
000578: TYNDALE, WALTER - An Artist in the Riviera
16955: TYRRELL, A. R - Catlins Pioneering
5916: TYRRELL, A. R - Catlins Pioneering
18133: TYRRELL, A. R. - The Fulton Hogan Story 1933-1993
13086: UFER, CHR.; TRANSALTED IN TO ENGLISH BY J. C. ZINSER - Introduction to the Pedagogy of Herbart
12497: UNESCO - The Training of Journalists: A World-Wide Survey on the Training of Personnel for the Mass Media
13218: LEAGUE OF NATIONS UNION - General Smuts and the League
13217: LEAGUE OF NATIONS UNION - The Blue-Eyed Infant or Popular Misconceptions of the League of Nations
7266: UNSWORTH, WALTER - Tiger In The Snow The Life And Adventures Of A. F. Mummery
001309: UNSWORTH, WALTER - Matterhorn Man: the Life and Adventures of Edward Whymper
13150: UPTON, LEE - Obsession and Release: Rereading the Poetry of Louise Bogan
8301: UREN, MALCOLM AND ROBERT STEPHENS - Waterless Horizons
5883: URQUHART, DAVID - Progress of Russia in the West, North, and South, by opening the sources of opinion and appropriating the channels of wealth and power
13590: URWICK, L. F. [LYNDALL] - The Pattern of Management
001835: USHER, FRANK - Death is Waiting: a Daye Smith Adventure
12839: USHER, JOHN - European Community Law and National Law: The Irreversible Transfer?
15638: UTTLEY, G. H. & J. S. BULLIVANT - Biological Results of the Chatham Islands 1954 Expedition Part 7: Bryozoa Cheilostomata
16000: VAIZEY, GEORGE - Religion and Business
12304: BARON DE LOS VALLES - The Career of Don Carlos, Since the Death of Ferdinand the Seventh: Being a Chapter in the History of Charles the Fifth
14779: VANCE, WILLIAM - Land of Promise: The Story of Waikakahi
11699: VANDERKISTE, R. W. (REV.) - Lost - But Not For Ever. My Personal Narrative of Starvation and Providence in the Australian Mountain Regions
10947: VARIOUS - Manuka Blossoms: An Anthology by New Zealand Authors
6566: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS, INCLUDING RONA DYER - Dunedin Writers Workshop Collection '78 Vol. 1 No. 1
7649: VARIOUS - Bound Volume of 10 tracts on Colonial Subjects
10860: VARIOUS AUTHORS, INCLUDING F. W. WILD, J. A. BARTRUM, R. A. FALLA - Te Aroha and The Fortunate Valley: Pioneering in the Thames Valley 1867-1930
5239: VARTANIAN, RAYMOND - How We Travel in Pop-Up Action Pictures
13355: VARY, COLIN - The Victims: Seeing is Believing
5049: VASEY, THOMAS (REV.) (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Story of our Founder: Being a Life of John Wesley, written for children
8709: VASIL, RAJ - Biculturalism - Reconciling Aotearoa With New Zealand
003783: VATCHER, WILLIAM H. (JR. ) - Panmunjom: the Story of the Korean Military Armistice Negotiations
15329: VAUGHAN, ROBERT - Mistress of the Lash
001556: VAUGHAN, HENRY - Silex Scintillans
4600: VEITCH, GEORGE S. - Huskisson and Liverpool
17751: VEITCH, WILLIAM - Greek Verbs: Irregular and Defective
002243: VENABLES, STEPHEN - Everest: Summit of Achievement
003420: VENABLES, BERNARD - The Angler's Companion
13282: VENNARD, WICKLIFFE B. (SR.) - The Federal Reserve Corporation: 44 Years of Subversion in 100 Acts
11906: VERCOE, TONY - Yesterday's Drums: Echoes from the Wasteland of War
16527: DE VERE STACPOOLE, H. - Under Blue Skies
6839: VERNE, JULES - A Journey Into The Interior Of The Earth
6930: VERNE, JULES - The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in Southern Africa
8089: VERNE, GYULA (JULES) - Utazas A Holdba (From The Earth To The Moon)
9047: VERNE, JULES - From The Earth To The Moon
9262: VERNE, JULES - The Clipper of the Clouds
001645: VERNE, JULES - Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. Part I. [Volume 1 Only of 2]
10819: VERNE, JULES - Adrift in the Pacific
18048: VERNE, JULES - The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in Southern Africa
7778: VERNON-HARCOURT, LEVESON FRANCIS - Rivers And Canals The Flow, Control, And Improvement Of Rivers And The Design, Construction, And Development Of Canals Both For Navigation And Irrigation (Volume One only)
8985: VERNON, R. - James Calvert; Or, From Dark To Dawn In Fiji
18377: VERSTAPPEN, STEFAN H. - The Art of Urban Survival: A Family Safety and Self Defense Manual
14001: VERVOORN, AAT - Beyond the Snowline
17491: VERVOORN, AAT - Mountain Solitudes: Solo Journeys in the Southern Alps of New Zealand
8836: VETTE, GORDON - Impact Erebus
10477: VETTE, GORDON - Impact Erebus
6142: VEYSEY, A. R. - A Century of Rugby: A History of the Wellington Football Club's First Hundred Years
17431: VICARY, DOROTHY - Niece of the Headmistress
5178: VICKERS, ROY - Seven Chose Murder
8316: VICKERS, ROY - Lord Roberts The Story Of His Life
001410: VICKERS, ROY (ED. ) - Crime Writers' Choice: the Fifth Anthology of the Crime Writers' Association
002401: VICKERS, ROY - Double Image and Other Stories
001059: MARK VII [MAX PLOWMAN] - A Subaltern on the Somme in 1916
5832: VILJOEN, BEN (GENERAL) - My Reminiscences of the Anglo-Boer War
16031: DE VILLE, TERRY (ED.); LESTER ROGERS (MANAGING EDITOR) - Sun Lovers Naturist Magazine. Vol. 1. No. 4.
6710: VINCENT, THOMAS - An Explicatory Catechism: Or, An Explanation of the Assemblies Shorter Catechism
14032: VINE, GILLIAN - Longhaired Cats in New Zealand
17561: VIPONT, ELFIRDA - The Pavilion
10030: VIVIAN, A. PENDARVES - Wanderings In The Western Land
7267: VIZETELLY, HENRY (ED.) - Paris In Peril (Two Volumes)
12042: DES VOEUX, G. WILLIAM (SIR) - My Colonial Service in British Guiana, St. Lucia, Trinidad, Fiji, Australia, Newfoundland, and Hong Kong with Interludes. [Volume One only]
10778: VOGEL, SIR JULIUS - Anno Domini 2000; or, Woman's Destiny
16676: VOGEL, HERMANN - The Chemistry of Light and Photography
5493: VOGL, ADOLF - Parsifal Tiefe Schau in die Mysterien des Bühnenweihfestspiels
9078: VOGT, ANTON - Anti All That
000659: VOGT, A. E. VAN & E. MAYNE HULL - The Winged Man
15419: VOIGT, E. R. - Modern Wrestling Holds
10575: VOITURE - Les Oeuvres de Monsieur de Voiture. Novvelle Edition corrigee. Tome II.
8577: VOLKMAR, DR GUSTAV - Handbuch Der Einleitung In Die Apokryphen
6461: VOLTAIRE - Histoire de Charles XII, Roi de Suede
11546: VOSS, J. C. (CAPT.) - Venturesome Voyages of Capt. Voss
7118: VOYCE, A. H (REV) - New Zealand Registration Markings
17285: WADDELL, RUTHERFORD - The Building of the Ship, and Other Addresses, being a second series of "The Voyage of Life."
000607: WADDELL, L. AUSTINE - Lhasa and its Mysteries with a Record of the Expedition of 1903-1904
4823: WADDELL, RUTHERFORD - Behold the Lamb of God! A Series of Discourses Tracing through Scripture the Evolution and Coronation of the Lamb
9530: WADDELL, L. AUSTINE; TRANSLATED INTO HUNGARIAN BY DR SCHWALM AMADÉ - A Rejtelmes Lhassza és az 1903-1904. Évi angol katonai expedició története
000579: WADE, JOHN (ED. ) [JUNIUS] - Junius: Including Letters by the Same Writer under Other Signatures; to Which Are Added His Confidential Correspondence with Mr. Wilkes, and His Private Letters to Mr. H. S. Woodfall; a New and Enlarged Edition, with New Evidence As to the Late [...]
9751: WAGAR, WARREN W. - The Next Three Futures Paradigms Of Things To Come
17067: WAGG, LEN (PHOTOGRAPHY); BOB BANCROFT (TEXT) - Wild Nova Scotia: Photography by Len Wagg
7281: WAIN, LOUIS - Louis Wain's Children's Book
16735: WAINWRIGHT, F. T. (ED.) - The Problem of the Picts
000274: WAINWRIGHT, GAVIN - The Kiwi Joker Book: a Guide to the Real New Zealand Joker
5836: WAINWRIGHT, JOHN - Evil Intent
13037: WAINWRIGHT, SAMUEL (D. D.) - Scientific Sophisms. A Review of Current Theories concerning Atoms, Apes, and Men.
17789: WAITE, FRED (MAJOR) - The New Zealanders At Gallipoli (The Official History of New Zealand's Effort in the Great War. Volume I)
6348: WAITE, EDGAR R. - Scientific Results of the New Zealand Government Trawling Expedition, 1907.
9783: WAITE, ARTHUR - Table Tennis
18186: WAITE, NOEL - Books for a Nation: The Whitcoulls Story
13693: WAKE, C. STANILAND - The Evolution of Morality. Being a History of the Development of Moral Culture.
11570: WAKEFIELD, KEN - The Fighting Grasshoppers: US Liaison Aircraft Operations in Europe, 1942-1945
5150: WAKEFIELD, EDWARD JERNINGHAM - Adventure in New Zealand, from 1839 to 1844 (Volume One only) With Some Account of the Beginning of the British Colonization of the Islands
8003: WAKEFIELD, EDWARD GIBBON (ED.) - A View Of The Art Of Colonization, With Present Reference To The British Empire; In Letters Between A Stateman And A Colonist
7136: WAKEFIELD, EDWARD JERNINGHAM; EDITED BY MALCOLM MONCRIEF-SPITTLE - The Lost Journal of Edward Jerningham Wakefield: Being an Account of his Exploits and Adventures in New Zealand in the years 1850-1858, including: his various visitations, conversations & observations &c. &c. To which is added, an Introduction
13016: WALDBOTT, G. L. - A Struggle with Titans
15321: WALDIE, GEORGE - A History of the Town and Palace of Linlithgow; with Notices, Historical and Antiquarian, of Places of Interest in the Neighbourhood
14401: WALKER, RONALD - Alam Halfa and Alamein [Series Title: Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939-45]
6391: WALKER, G. H. - Adventures of British Seamen, in Various Parts of the World
14071: WALKER, JOHN; WITH RON PALENSKI - John Walker: Champion
9681: WALKER, JAMES - The Theology And Theologians Of Scotland Chiefly Of The Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries
15031: WALKER, WALTER (GENERAL SIR) - Wake Up or Perish: The Defence of the West Against the Soviet Global Threat
001774: WALKER, R. MILNES - The Pathology and Management of Portal Hypertension
13668: WALL, GEOFFREY (1897-1917) - Letters of an Airman
11649: WALL, ARNOLD - A Century of New Zealand's Praise
17108: WALL, ARNOLD - Long and Happy: An Autobiography
002904: WALL, ARNOLD - The Queen's English: a Commentary for New Zealand
4203: WALL, ARNOLD - London Lost and other poems
13427: WALL, ARNOLD (PROFESSOR) & DR. H. H. ALLAN - The Botanical Names of the Flora of New Zealand: Their Origin, History and Meaning, with Hints on Pronunciation
11973: WALL, ARNOLD (PROFESSOR) - The Flora of Mount Cook
17374: WALLACE, IVY L. - Pookie At The Seaside
003800: WALLACE, ANDREW - A Popular Sketch of the History of Glasgow from the Earliest to the Present Time
8925: WALLACE, A. R. [ALFRED RUSSEL] - Travels On The Amazon And Rio Negro
12501: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Land Nationalisation: Its Necessity and Aims. Being a Comparison of the System of Landlord and Tenant with that of Occupying Ownership in their influence on the Well-Being of the People.
17206: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Island Life: or, the phenomena and causes of Insular Faunas and Floras, including a revision and attempted solution of the problem of Geological Climates
18248: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - Contributions To The Theory Of Natural Selection: A Series of Essays
15808: WALLACE, ROBERT L. - The Canary Book
15246: WALLIS, R. T. - Neoplatonism [Neo-Platonism]
002254: WALLWORK, ERNEST - Durkheim: Morality and Milieu
16754: WALMSLEY, HUGH MULLENEUX - Wild Sports and Savage Life in Zulu Land
10217: WALPOLE, HORACE - Correspondence Of Horace Walpole (Vol I only of III)
10218: WALPOLE, HORACE - Correspondence Of Horace Walpole (Vol III only of III)
7984: WALPOLE, E. H - Mount Usher 1868 - 1928
16048: WALPOLE, HUGH - Mr. Perrin and Mr. Trail
11792: WALSH, R. (REV.) - Narrative of a Journey from Constantinople to England
002916: WALSH, JOHN [SIR] - Living with Uncertainty
7075: WALSH, MAURICE - A Strange Woman's Daughter
7931: WALSH, P. G. - The Roman Novel The 'Satyricon' Of Petronius And The 'Metamophoses' Of Apuleius
9391: WALSH, T[HOMAS] - The Man and the Donkey: A Narration of the Undaunted Chivalry of John Simpson Kirkpatrick [Murphy] in the Gallipoli Campaign, 1915
002495: WALSH, MAURICE - The Man in Brown
18437: WALSH, J. M. - Mystery House
18028: WALSH, J. M. - Danger Zone
15076: WALSH, PATRICK - Secret Communist Agents Who Have Changed the Course of History
4990: WALTER, WILLIAM W. (COMPILED BY) - The Great Understander: True Life Story of the Last of the Wells Fargo Shotgun Express Messengers
17965: WALTER, JOHN - Central Powers' Small Arms of World War One
17838: WALTERS, W. C. FLAMSTEAD - Hints and Helps in Continuous Latin Prose
5412: WALTERS, EUROF - The Serpent's Presence
000669: WALTON, EVANGELINE - Son of Darkness
12725: WALTON, IZAAK - The Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert, and Dr. Robt. Sanderson
12026: WALTON, JAMES E. - Model Yachts and Model Yacht Sailing. How to Build, Rig, and Sail a Self-Acting Model Yacht
13567: WALTON, J. (ED.) [CANTERBURY MOUNTAINEERING CLUB] - The Canterbury Mountaineer: Journal of the Canterbury Mountaineering Club. 4 issues, Nos. 24, 25, 26 & 27. 1954-55, 1955-56, 1956-57, 1957-58.
15040: WANDLESS, ROGER - State Highway 6: Bluff to Blenheim
9276: WARBURG, FREDRIC - An Occupation for Gentlemen
7470: WARBURTON, LLOYD E. - The Steepest Mountain N.Z. Andes Expedition, 1960
17009: WARBURTON, LLOYD E. - The Steepest Mountain: N.Z. Andes Expedition, 1960
16505: WARBURTON, LLOYD E. - The Steepest Mountain: N.Z. Andes Expedition, 1960
12426: WARD, WILFRID - The Wish to Believe: A Discussion Concerning the Temper of Mind in which a Reasonable Man should undertake Religious Inquiry
13248: WARD, A. R. [ALBERT ROBERT] - Is there Snow on Pen Maen Mawr: The Password
14419: WARD, EDWARD - The Journal of Edward Ward 1850-51: Being His Account of the Voyage to New Zealand in the 'Charlotte Jane' and the First Six Months of the Canterbury Settlement
11759: WARD, HUMPHREY (MRS) [MARY AUGUSTA] - Miss Bretherton
5340: WARD, JOHN. P - Wanderings with the Maori Prophets, Te Whiti & Tohu
7023: WARD, RAYMOND. - Settler And Stranger Poems By Raymond Ward
15243: WARD, JEAN E. & JOAN YELL (EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY) - The Medical Casebook of William Brownrigg, M.D., F.R.S. (1712-1800) of the Town of Whitehaven in Cumberland
11953: WARD, SHARON - Life in the Balance: A Search Dog Story
7712: WARD PRICE, G - In Morocco With The Legion
15387: WARD, B. R. (CAPTAIN) [BERNARD ROWLAND] (KENTISH RAG) - Regimental Rhymes and Other Verses
18219: WARD, GERALD - Early Fruitgrowing in Canterbury New Zealand
4127: WARDON, REVE - MacPherson's Gully: A Tale of New Zealand Life
10612: WARNER, P. F. - Cricket Across the Seas: Being an Account of the Tour of Lord Hawke's Team in New Zealand and Australia
15280: WARNER, TIM - 25 Years of Mushroom Records
001813: WARNER, GEORGE TOWNSEND - How Wars Were Won: a Short Study of Napoleon's Times
7654: WARNER, P. F. - Cricket Memories By A Country Vicar
9350: WARNER, WILLIAM - A Lettered Cup: Poems by William Warner 1921-1942
13036: WARNER, HORACE EMORY; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JOHN R. MOTT - The Psychology of the Christian Life: A Contribution to the Scientific Study of Christian Experience and Character
16929: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Night Rider
7427: WARRENDER, HOWARD - The Political Philosophy Of Hobbes His Theory Of Obligation
14641: WASERMAN, MANFRED & CAROL CLAUSEN - Bulletin of the History of Medicine - Index to Volumes and Supplements 1933-1982
10379: WASHBURN, STANLEY - The Russian Offensive: Being the Third Volume of "Field Notes from the Russian Front," Embracing the Period from June 5th to Sept. 1st, 1916
15425: WASSNER, ADELHEID - Labour of Love: Childbirth at Dunedin Hospital, 1862-1972
5479: WATERHOUSE, J. W - The Magic Circle (Black & White Print)
6955: WATERHOUSE, FRANCIS A. - Five Sous A Day
003759: WATERTON, CHARLES - Wanderings in South America, the North-West of the United States, and the Antilles, in the Years 1812, 1816, 1820, & 1824
10784: WATSON, FREDERICK - Lieutenant James Cook and His Voyages in H. M. Bark Endeavour
17215: WATSON, JOHN - A Year in the Fields
15559: WATSON, STUART - Courage Without Cash [Part One]
15595: WATSON, WILLIAM - The Father of the Forest and other poems
15296: WATSON, ERIC R. - Trial of Thurtell and Hunt
17943: WATT, DAVID & PETER SWALLOW - Surveying Historic Buildings
10990: WATT, GILLIAN M. - Conservation Report. A report on a private collection of art works; their condition, and recommendations for conservation treatment, with an estimated account of the costs involved A paper submitted for the Diploma in Fine Art Conservation at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery New Zealand
14693: WATT, LAWRENCE - Mates and Mayhem: World War II: Frontline Kiwis Remember
18085: WATTERS, RAY; EDITED BY GINNY SULLIVAN - Journeys Towards Progress: Essays of a Geographer on Development and Change in Oceania
13222: WATTS, D. - The Dangerous Myth of Racial Equality: Genocide for the White Races?
5009: WATTS, G. W. (ED.) - Buses 'Sixtynine
6044: WATTS, ELIZABETH - Flowers and the Flower Garden with Instructions on the Culture of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. etc.
6751: WATTS, ISAAC - A Short View of the Whole Scripture History
17604: WATTS, ISAAC - Hymns and Spiritual Songs. In three books.
13791: WATTS, D. - The Equality Dogma Leads to Communism
17319: WAUCHOP, HAL - An Artist in the Family: The Life and Times of W. S. Wauchop 1889-1971
17149: WAUGH, EVELYN - Scoop
15077: WAUGH, EVELYN - Ninety-Two Days
14928: WAUGH, EVELYN - Put Out More Flags
5353: SAPPHO; TRANSLATED BY ARTHUR S. WAY - Sappho and the Vigil of Venus
12573: WAYLAND, FRANCIS - The Limitations of Human Responsiblity
18238: WEAR, PETER - The Madding of Daniel O'Hooligan
14283: WEAR, A.; R. K. FRENCH & I. M. LONIE (EDS.) - The Medical Renaissance of the Sixteenth Century
16719: WEAVER, TOM - Interviews with B Science Fiction and Horror Movie Makers: Writers, Producers, Directors, Actors, Moguls and Makeup
18361: WEBB, COLIN & PETER JOHNSON; BILL SYKES - Flowering Plants of New Zealand
12137: WEBB, MURRAY - Hone Tuwhare [framed print]
4966: WEBB, ROSS - Meet Nookie
8293: WEBB, BOB - Tackle Motorcycle And Scooter Maintenance This Way
11674: WEBB, J. B. (MRS) - The Life and Adventures of Charles Durand : shewing the Manners and Customs of Eastern Nations
15085: WEBB, SIDNEY & HAROLD COX - The Eight Hours Day
10825: WEBB, MARION ST. JOHN - The Little Round House
13674: WEBBY, JACQUI (ED.); WITH A FOREWORD BY HELEN CLARK - Celebrating 100 Years: The New Zealand Kiwifruit Industry 1904 - 2004
9228: WEBER, REX A - Wool Man
13297: WEBSTER, NESTA H. - Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette before the Revolution
12851: WEBSTER, NESTA H. - The Surrender of an Empire
11299: WEDDE, IAN - Dick Seddon's Great Dive: A Novel

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