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15505: NOEVER, PETER (ED.); [JOSEF HOFFMANN] - Josef Hoffman Designs
9822: NOLAN, IRIS - Landmarks From The Spirits
003251: NORBU, JAMYANG - Warriors of Tibet: the Story of Aten and the Khampas' Fight for the Freedom of Their Country
8605: NORDHOFF, CHARLES - The Young Man-Of-War's Man: A Boys Voyage Around The World
7982: NORIE, J. W. - The Seaman's New Daily Assistant, Exhibiting An Easy And Expeditious Method Of Keeping A Ship's Reckoning At Sea
12249: NORMAN, RALPH V. & CHARLES H. REYNOLDS (EDS.); VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS, INCLUDING MARTHA C. NUSSBAUM - Soundings An Interdisciplinary Journal. Vol. LXXII, No. 4, Winter 1989. A Symposium on The Fragility of Goodness
17439: NORMAN, JAMES - Murder, Chop Chop
19306: NORMAN, PHILIP (ED.) - John Ritchie at Ninety - A Festschrift from Friends, Colleagues, Family & Former Students
12253: NORMAN, RALPH V. & CHARLES H. REYNOLDS (EDS.); VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Soundings An Interdisciplinary Journal. Vol. LXXIII, No. 1, Spring 1990.
17805: NORMAN, HENRY (SIR) - The Peoples and Politics of The Far East: Travels and Studies in the British, French, Spanish and Portugese Colonies, Siberia, China, Japan, Korea, Siam and Malaya
5136: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - Miss Harriet Townshend
16226: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - Bread into Roses
12677: NORRIS, STEPHEN - Your Dreams
8820: NORTH LEE, BRIAN - The Bookplate Designs of Rex Whistler
18849: NORTH, [CHARLES NAPIER (MAJOR) (1817-1869)] - Journal of An English Officer in India
000453: NORTHCROFT, BRENDA GUTHRIE - Roaming At Random
002671: NORTHCROFT, BRENDA GUTHRIE - Roaming At Random
5310: NORTHCROFT, BRENDA GUTHRIE - Roaming At Random
000509: NORTON, MRS (CAROLINE) - The Dream and Other Poems
5488: NORTON, SARA AND M.A. DEWOLFE HOWE - Letters of Charles Eliot Norton. Two Volumes.
15002: NORWAY, G.; ILLUSTRATED BY ROBERT BARNES - A Prisoner of War: A Story of the Time of Napoleon Bonaparte
8444: NOYCE, WILFRID - The Gods Are Angry
18140: NUTT, JANE A. - For King and Country: A Story of the French Revolution
16919: NYE, E. R. (TED); ILLUSTRATED BY BRUCE MAHALSKI - The Adventure of the Teddy Bear's Ribbon and other tales as collected by Ted Nye, from the papers of Dr John H Watson MD
17448: OAKES, GAY - Decline into Darkness - Gay Oakes - The True Story
19161: OBERMAYER, AUGUST (ED.) - "Was nützt der Glaube ohne Werke. . ." Studien zu Franz Grillparzer anläßlich seines 200. Geburtstages
19202: OBERMAYER, AUGUST (ED.) - Die Ehre Als Literarisches Motiv - E. W. Herd zum 65. Geburtstag
15803: ODELL, R. S. - Handbook of Arthur Pass National Park: Its History, Tracks, Climbing Routes, Place Names, Geology, Botany
12213: ODGERS, GEORGE - Across the Parallel: The Australian 77th Squadron with the United States Air Force in the Korean War
6483: OESTERREICH, T. KONSTANTIN - Occultism and Modern Science
16491: OETTLI, PAT - Celebrating 50 Years: Memories of the January 1958 Nursing Class, Waikato Hospital Hamilton
4891: AMS / WAR OFFICE - Italy - Three World War Two (WWII) Maps.
13611: 'AN OFFICER' - Sudan Campaign 1896-1899
001233: OGDEN, G. W. - Tennessee Todd: a Novel of the Great River
18455: OGILVIE, GORDON - The Port Hills of Christchurch
10261: OGILVIE, WILL H - Fair Girls And Gray Horses: With Other Verses
15110: OGILVIE, WILL H. - Fair Girls And Gray Horses: With Other Verses
15171: OGILVIE, JOSEPH (PRINCIPAL); THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND TRAINING COLLEGE IN ABERDEEN - Appendix to Records of Classes from 1874-75 to 1894-95
001484: OGLE, RICHARD - Soldiers of the Queen: the Royal Bodyguards and Household Troops [A 'do-You-Know Book']
16838: OGONOWSKA-COATES, HALINA - Boards, Blades & Barebellies
14207: OGONOWSKA-COATES, HALINA - Boards, Blades & Barebellies
5551: OKA, ASAJIRO - Report Upon the Tunicata in the Collection of the Indian Museum
14643: MOKWUGO OKOYE - Storms on the Niger: A Story of Nigeria's Struggle
000868: OLDHAM, H. R. - Stalingrad
5175: OLDMEADOW, KATHARINE L. - Princess Prunella
12829: OLDROYD, DAVID R. (ED.) - The Earth Inside and Out: Some Major Contributions to Geology in the Twentieth Century
10934: OLDS, PETER - Schizophrenic Highway
8684: OLDS, PETER - 'It Was A Tuesday Morning' Selected Poems 1972-2001
5232: OLDS, PETER - The Mad Elephant
6449: OLDS, PETER - Doctor's Rock
8676: OLDS, PETER - Doctor's Rock
8677: OLDS, PETER - Doctor's Rock
8678: OLDS, PETER - Poetry Reading At Kaka Point
8679: OLDS, PETER - 4 V8 Poems
8680: OLDS, PETER - Reaching For The Baxters
8682: OLDS, PETER - Exit - 2 Poems By Peter Olds
8683: OLDS, PETER - The Snow & The Glass Window
002461: OLIPHANT, MARGARET OLIPHANT W. - Memoir of the Life of Laurence Oliphant and of Alice Oliphant, His Wife [Vol. I Only]
17144: OLIPHANT, MRS - Magdalen Hepburn: A Story of the Scottish Reformation
17979: OLIPHANT, MRS - Chronicles of Carlingford: Salem Chapel
15691: OLIPHANT, LAURENCE - The Land of Gilead with Excursions in Lebanon
14400: OLIVER, W. R. B. (DIRECTOR); CONTRIBUTORS: W. J. PHILLIPPS; J. T. SALMON; R. R. FORSTER; W. R. B. OLIVER - Records of the Dominion Museum, Volume I, [No. 2]
12306: OLIVER, STEPHEN - Autumn Songs
003798: OLIVER, W. R. B. - New Zealand Birds
4914: OLIVER, W. H. - Bodily Presence
5959: OLIVER, R. L. & H. J. FINLAY; C. A. FLEMING - The Geology of Campbell Island Cape Expedition - Scientific Results of the New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Expedition, 1941-45
6363: OLIVER, G. [GEORGE] (REV.) - The Theocratic Philosophy of Freemasonry, in Twelve Lectures, on its Speculative, Operative, and Spurious Branches
6897: OLIVER, STEPHEN - Henwise - a poem sequence
6689: OLIVER, W.R.B. - The Vegetation and Flora of D'Urville and Stephen Islands
6898: OLIVER, STEPHEN - Chance to Laugh
7310: OLIVER, R. L. & H. J. FINLAY; C. A. FLEMING - The Geology of Campbell Island Cape Expedition - Scientific Results of the New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Expedition, 1941-45
7570: OLIVER, R. L AND J. H. SORENSEN - Botanical Investigations On Campbell Island
8681: OLIVER, STEPHEN - Letter To Peter Olds
12385: OLIVER, W. H. - James K. Baxter: a Portrait
10068: OLLIVANT, JOSEPH EARLE - A Breeze from the Great Salt Lake; or, New Zealand to New York by the new mail route
14303: OLMSTED, J. M. D. - Claude Bernard Physiologist
19310: OMBLER, JUNE - From Dragons to Orchids - An Expatriate Life in a Turbulent World
5404: OMOND, T.S - English Metrists: Being A Sketch of English Prosodical Criticism from Elizabethan Times to the Present Day
4408: OOSTHUIZEN, G. C. - Shepherd of Lovedale
18730: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Exploits of Pudgy Pete & Co.
17004: ORAM, RIC - Pinot Pioneers: Tales of Determination and Perseverance from Central Otago
001548: ORANGE, CLAUDIA (EDITOR) - The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography Vol. 1 : 1769-1869
003576: ORANGE, CLAUDIA (EDITOR) - The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. Volume Two: 1870-1900
8706: ORANGE, CLAUDIA - An Illustrated History Of The Treaty Of Waitangi
16928: ORANGE, CLAUDIA - The Treaty Of Waitangi
6519: ORCHISTON, D. WAYNE - Maori Greenstone Pendants in the Australian Museum, Sydney
11711: ORCZY, BARONESS [EMMUSKA] - No Greater Love
11710: ORCZY, BARONESS [EMMUSKA] - Unravelled Knots
11709: ORCZY, BARONESS [EMMUSKA] - The Bronze Eagle
14195: D'ORLEANS, HENRI (PRINCE) ; TRANSATED BY HAMLEY BENT - From Tonkin to India by the Sources of the Irawadi January '95 - January '96
14009: ORMAN, TONY - Memories of New Zealand Deerstalking: An Anthology
6950: ORMAN, TONY - In Hindsight [Cover title: In Hind Sight]
8133: VAN ORMAN QUINE, WILLARD - From A Logical Point Of View 9 Logico-Philosophical Essays
9210: ORMAN, TONY - Trout With Nymph
9213: ORMAN, TONY - The Challenge Of Fishing In Small Streams In New Zealand
15752: ORMAN, TONY & JOHN MORTON - Serious about Trout Fishing
000897: ORMEROD, ROGER - A Shot At Nothing
11700: ORSI, COUNT - Recollections of the Last Half-Century
18329: ORWIN, JOANNA - Travis Wetland Walk - A Field Guide
14198: ORWIN, JOANNA - Collision
12878: OSBORN, ARTHUR W. - Occultism, Christian Science and Healing
18553: OSHO - Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships
6238: OSTROWSKI, WACLAW; TRANSLATED BY KRYSTYNA KEPLICZ - Contemporary town planning: From the origins to the Athens Charter
8277: OSWALD, ADRIAN - English Brown Stoneware 1670 - 1900
6471: KAI TAHU KI OTAGO - Kai Tahu ki Otago Natural Resource Management Plan
10092: PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT OF OTAGO - The Otago Provincial Government Gazette. Volumes I-VI
11253: AN OTAGONIAN [PSEUDONYM OF JOHN TURNBULL THOMSON] - Rambles with a Philosopher; or, Views at the Antipodes
4323: MES RUNICMAN; E. HERRING & OTHERS - Reports on the Selwyn Block with Map Shewing the Whaiti-Kuranui & Patatere Lands, Province of Auckland, New Zealand
19156: OTTO, OPIRA - Trust, Identity and Beer: Institutional Arrangements for Agricultural Labour in Isunga Village in Kiryandongo District, Midwestern Uganda
15226: OULESS, P. J. - Jersey Illustrated
17578: OTAGO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION / OUSA - Otago University Capping Book. [6 Issues: 1920, 1932, 1938, 1939, 1945, 1951]
13779: OUSELEY, JOHN - 100 Trifles That Tell in Business: A Business Book of Sterling Value to the man of woman who wants to get into touch with Time, Money, Labour, and Saving Methods
18990: OUSPENSKY, P. D. - The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolutoin
001327: OVERTON, ROBERT - Queer Fish: Character Sketches
13655: OWEN, HAROLD - Common Sense about the Shaw: Being a Candid Criticism of "Common Sense about the War," by Bernard Shaw
13175: OWEN, ROBERT; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY M. BEER - The Life of Robert Owen
16988: OWEN, JOHN - Wind in the Sky
9653: OWEN, D. M - A Stranger Stands
17653: OWEN, A. R. G. - Can We Explain the Poltergeist?
16907: OWEN, W. LAMBDEN; WITH A FOREWORD BY J. H. CURLE - Cossack Gold: The Chronicles of an Early Goldfields Warden
12504: OWEN, ROBERT; EDITED BY JOHN F. C. HARRISON - Utopianism and Education: Robert Owen and the Owenites
7173: OXLEY, J. M. - In the Wilds of the West Coast
15346: OXONIAN [PSEUDONYM OF REV. WALTER METCALFE HOLMES MILNER] - Israel's Wanderings; or, The Scuths, the Saxons, and the Kymry: A Connected Account, Tracing the Lost Tribes of Israel into the British Isles
10876: VAN OYSTAEYEN, F. (ED.) - Methods in Ring Theory
19851: PACHAI, B. [BRIDGLAL] - Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa
8012: PACHMAN, LUDEK - Complete Chess Strategy 1: Planning The Pieces
000262: NEW ZEALAND ALPINE CLUB / H. E. RIDDIFORD / E. P. HILLARY / W. P. PACKARD - The New Zealand Alpine Journal. June 1952. Vol. XIV. No. 39.
17803: PADOVAN, RENZO - Te-Ika-a-Maui (the fish of Maui): A Portfolio of Maori Art
001685: LE PAGE, RAND - Beyond These Suns
001687: LE PAGE, RAND - Time and Space
8919: PAGE, LEIGH - Stars Of The Earth; Or, Wild Flowers Of The Earth
001684: LE PAGE, RAND - Blue Asp
002294: PAGE, JESSE - Amid Greenland Snows or the Early History of Arctic Missions
002295: PAGE, JESSE - Amid Greenland Snows or the Early History of Arctic Missions
11668: PAGE, DAVID - Chips and Chapters: A Book for Amateur and Young Geologists
18570: PAGE, VICTOR W. - The Ford V8 Cars and Trucks - Construction - Operation - Repair - A Most Complete and Practical Manual Explaining the Consturction of All Parts of Late Model Ford Automobiles with Instructions for Driving, Servicing and Repairing [. . .]
14276: PAGEL, WALTER - Paracelsus: An Introduction to Philosophical Medicine in the Era of the Renaissance
003319: PAGET, FRANCES [BISHOP OF OXFORD] - Studies in the Christian Character. Sermons with an Introductory Essay
003225: PAGLIERO, LEONARD - The Retail Stationer's Handbook. Volume One
18014: PAKEHA [PSEUDONYM OF PETER THOMSON, C1823-1879] - Rambles Round Dunedin [collection of xeroxed copies of this column from the "Otago Witness" newspaper]
12422: PALEY, WILLIAM; WITH AN INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY REV. T. R. BIRKS - A View of the Evidences of Christianity. In Three Parts.
13132: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS (SIR) - The History of Normandy and of England [Volume I only]
11176: PALIN, MICHAEL - Full Circle
000033: PALLIS, MARCO - Peaks and Lamas
000585: PALMER, WM. T. - The English Lakes
8072: PALMER, GEOFF - Telling Stories
15629: PALMER, CHARLES OSCAR & ELSIE PALMER - The Mystery of the Moa: A Poem. A Souvenir of New Zealand.
9563: PALMER, W. T - The English Lakes
13247: PALMER, RAY (REV.) - What is Truth? Hints on the formation of Religious Opinions. Addressed especially to young men and women of Christian education
19770: PALMIER, LESLIE - Communists in Indonesia
000911: PANSY - Household Puzzles
10539: PARDOE, F. E. - John Baskerville of Birmingham Letter-Founder & Printer
17661: PARHAM, W. T. - John Roberts, N.Z.C. - A Man in his Time: A Life of Lt.-Col. John Mackintosh Roberts (1840-1928)
4099: PARK, G. S. - New Zealand Commercial Ceramics
7247: PARKER, GILBERT - Round the Compass in Australia
16652: PARKES, W. S.; JIM COMERFORD & MAX LAKE - Mines, Wines and People: A History of Greater Cessnock
002856: ACT MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT - Old Values - New Ideas from ACT Members of Parliament
11339: PARMEE, FREDERICK C. - The Road: Poems
5828: PARROTT, ARTHUR W. - Sea Angler's Fishes of New Zealand
6845: PARROTT, ARTHUR W. - Sea Angler's Fishes of New Zealand
6846: PARROTT, ARTHUR W. - Big Game Fishes Of New Zealand
8471: PARROTT, EDWARD (SIR) - The Children's Story Of The War (Volume III only)
18727: PARRY, GORDON - A Southern Success: The Polson Higgs & Co Story
15312: PARRY, GORDON - Cathedral in the Octagon: The First Hundred Years of St. Paul's, Dunedin 1894-1994
16821: PARRY, GORDON - Otago Medical School 1875-1975: An Historical Sketch
002998: PARRY, GORDON - Behind the Headlines
7399: PARRY, D. H - Britain's Roll Of Glory Or The Victoria Cross Its Heroes And Their Valour From Personal Accounts, Official Records, And Regimental Tradition
14697: PARRY, GORDON - Patients Prisoners & Progress: The First 125 Years of the Patients' and Prisoners' Aid Society of Otago Incorporated
11250: PARSONS, JOHN & BRYN HAMMOND - New Zealand's Treasury of Trout and Salmon: An Angling Anthology
11135: PARSONS, JOHN - Parsons' Glory: a bedside book for anglers
18348: PARTON, H. N. [HUGH]; EDITED BY M. H. PANCKHURST - Science is Human: Essays
17290: PARTON, HUGH NOBLE - Science is Human
4380: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - Comic Alphabets: Their Origin, Development, Nature
5064: PASCAL, BLAISE - The Provincial Letters of Blaise Pascal
002488: PASCOE, JOHN - Of Unknown New Zealand
003009: PASCOE, JOHN - Of Unknown New Zealand
15801: PASCOE, JOHN - Over The Whitcombe Pass: The Narrative Of Jakob Lauper Reprinted From The Canterbury Gazette, July 1863
15071: PASCOE, JOHN (ED. ) - Mr. Explorer Douglas
19391: PASILIO, T. M. (INTRODUCTION BY); VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Tokelau - A Collection of Poems by Young Writers from Tokelau
19793: PASLEY, RHYS - Two Poems - Cafe Life & The Train
7034: PASLEY, RHYS (ED.) - Lipsync Two: Dec 1972
9054: PASSMORE, J. L. (ED.) - 1934-35 Year Book Together With The Work of The Year For 1933-34
19511: PATER, WALTER - Marius the Epicurean - His Sensations and Ideas
4450: PATERSON, A. I. H. - Caves in the Hills: Selected Poems by A. I. H. Paterson
17818: PATERSON, G. THACKER - First Aid In Chemical Warfare: Including Collective and Personal Protection - The New Zealand Red Cross Society
16639: PATERSON, JAMES & EDWIN G. MACNAUGHTON - The Approach to Latin Writing
11589: PATERSON, AUDREY I. - A Cornish Goldminer at Hamiltons
15705: PATERSON, KIMBERLEY - The X Factor: Finding Inner Courage
12623: PATERSON, JAMES - The Liberty of the Press, Speech, and Public Worship. Being Commentaries on the Liberty of the Subject and the Laws of England
19612: PATERSON, CAMPBELL - A Catalogue of the Stamps of New Zealand 1855-1948
19330: PATMAN, ROBERT G. (ED.) - Security in a Post-Cold War World
17187: PATMAN, ROBERT G. (ED.) - Globalization and Conflict: National Security in a "New" Strategic Era
7058: PATON CAMPBELL, DAVID - Rae Budding Or Slums In New Zealand
8466: PATON, H. J. - The Good Will A Study In The Coherence Theory Of Goodness
5350: PATRICK, MARY MILLS - Sappho and the Island of Lesbos
18836: PATTERSON, ROBIN S. - A Sock in My Stew: Memories of Dick Morris and the Deer Cullers
003411: PATTERSON, GEORGE N. - Peking Versus Delhi
9996: PATTERSON, FREEMAN - Shadow Light A Photographer's Life
7435: PATTERSON, GEORGE N - Tibet In Revolt
7659: PATTERSON, A - Rambles In Birdland
002349: PATTERSON, GEORGE N. - Tragic Destiny
17438: PATTERSON, HARRY - The Thousand Faces of Night
18451: PATTERSON, GEORGE (REV.) - Missionary Life Among the Cannibals: Being the Life of the Rev. John Geddie, D.D., First Missionary in the New Hebrides; with A History of the Nova Scotia Presbyterian Mission on that Group.
13387: PAUL, JANET - Journey Through My Island
5231: PAUL, ROBERT BATEMAN - Letters From Canterbury, New Zealand.
001516: PAUL, M. EDEN - Psychical Research and Thought Transference: Their Meaning and Recent History [ Issued for the Rationalist Press Association, Limited]
17517: PORTER STANSBERRY; WITH A FOREWORD BY RON PAUL - America 2020: The Survival Blueprint
19729: PAUL, ROBERT BATEMAN - Letters From Canterbury, New Zealand.
003386: PAULL, MINNIE E. - Ruby's Ups and Downs
7695: PAVILLARD, STANLEY S. - Bamboo Doctor
6956: PAVRI, P. - The World-Teacher (In Questions And Answers).
18625: PAWLAK, VIC (ED.) - Vibrations - Drug Survival News - Vol. 2 No. 1
19907: PAYNE, S. H. C. (CAPTAIN) - SAS Inkonkoni 1885-1985
11477: PAYNE, NEIL F. - Techniques for Wildlife Habitat Management of Wetlands
000918: PAYNE, WILL - Jerry the Dreamer
8268: PAYNE, E. J - Colonies And Colonial Federations
9821: PAYTON, CHARLES A (SIR) - Days Of A Knight An Octogenarian's Medley of Memories
11872: PAYTON, E. W. [EDWARD WILLIAM] - Round About New Zealand Being A Journal Of Three Years' Wanderings In The Antipodes
17050: PEACOCKE, ISABEL M. - Marjolaine
003730: PEACOCKE, ISABEL M. - Concerning the Marlows
002173: PEACOCKE, MAUD [ISABEL] - Songs of the Happy Isles
18383: PEAKE, MERVYN - Titus Alone
7694: PEARCE, T. D. AND ROBERT V. FULTON (EDS) - Otago High School Old Boys' Register
8038: PEARCE, REV. JOHN (ED.) - Seeking A See A Journal Of The Right Reverend Henry Lascelles Jenner D. D. Of His Visit To Dunedin, New Zealand In 1868 - 1869
18607: OVID; EDITED BY J. W. E. PEARCE - Elegaic Poems of Ovid - Vol. II - The Roman Calendar - Selections from the Fasti
10471: PEARCE, T. D. AND ROBERT V. FULTON (EDS) - Otago High School Old Boys' Register
15219: PEARN, NORMAN STONE & VERNON BARLOW - Quest for Sheba
19139: PEARN, JOHN (COLONEL) - Arms and Aesculapius - Military Medicine in Pre-Federation Queensland - The Queensland Defence Force and its Doctor-Soldiers
12266: PEARSE, MARK GUY - Some Aspects of the Blessed Life
000884: PEARSON [AUTHORS INCLUDE KIPLING; TENNYSON; BROWNING] - Pearson's New Reciter and Reader
002132: PEARSON, EDMUND LESTER - The Library and the Librarian: a Selection of Articles from the Boston Evening Transcript and Other Sources
18533: PEASE, HOWARD - Tales of Northumbria
13745: PEAT, NEVILLE - Antarctica The Big Ice: Exploration. Science. Inspiration
14092: PEAT, NEVILLE & BRIAN PATRICK - Wild Dunedin: Enjoying the Natural History of New Zealand's Wildlife Capital
16706: PEAT, NEVILLE - The Incredible Kiwi: A Wild South Book
13736: PEAT, NEVILLE & BRIAN PATRICK - Wild Dunedin: Enjoying the Natural History of New Zealand's Wildlife Capital
14629: PECK, JOHN LORD - The Kingdom of the Unselfish
003583: PECO - Peco. Catalogue Guide with Price List. Quality Products for the Small Scale Railway Model
10657: PEDDIE, J. CAMERON; WITH A PREFACE BY A. D. MOFFAT - The Forgotten Talent: God's Ministry of Healing
7432: PEDDIE, CAMERON J. - The Forgotten Talent God's Ministry Of Healing
19324: PEFFER, NATHANIEL - Japan and the Pacific
19670: PEISSEL, MICHEL - Lords & Lamas: A Solitary Expedition across the Secret Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan
002454: VAN PELT, S. J. (DR. ) & DR. GORDON AMBROSE, DR. GEORGE NEWBOLD - Medical Hypnosis: New Hope for Mankind
19487: PENG, CHING-I & PORTER, P. LOWRY III (EDS.); VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Floras of Asia and the Pacific Rim - Proceedings of the International Symposium on Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Floras of Asia and the Pacific Rim - April 30 - May 4, Taipei, 1996
8460: PENICK, HARVEY - Harvey Penick's Little Red Book (Four Volume Set)
003426: PENN-SMITH, FRANK - Hang!
5369: PENNANT, THOMAS - Of London
19797: PENNELL, ALICE M. - Pennell of the Afghan Frontier - The Life of Theodore Leighton Pennell
17794: PENNEY, SARAH E. W. - Lake Ellesmere to Te Pirita: The Land and its People
17112: PENNY, VIRGINIA (MISS) - How Women Can Make Money, Married or Single, in all branches of the arts and sciences, professions, trades, agricultural and mechanical pursuits.
6354: PENTELOW, J. N. - England v. Australia: The Story of the Test Matches From 1877 to 1904
10533: PENWARNE, JOHN - Contemplation, a Poem; with Tales, and other Poetical Compositions.
9091: PEPYS, SAMUEL - Diary Of Samuel Pepys F.R.S Secretary To The Admiralty In The Reigns Of Charles II & James II (Volume One only)
5921: PERCIVALL, WILLIAM - Lameness In The Horse: With Coloured Lithographic Plates, Illustrative Of The Different Species Of Lameness. Part I, Vol IV, of the author's "Hippopathology."
18464: PEREN, GEOFFREY (SIR) - The Perendale
16720: PERTWEE, ROLAND - The Islanders
14705: PERYER, PETER - The Left Hand Raised: Peter Peryer Photographs 1995-2001
4778: PESCE, DOLORES (ED.) - Hearing the Motet: Essays on the Motet of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
13773: PETA (COMPILED BY) - Our Money
12454: PETA (COMPILED BY) - Our Money
6225: PETERKEN, G. F. - Woodland Conservation and Management
8421: PETERS, ELLIS - Death Mask
17621: PETERS, ELLIS - Death and the Joyful Woman
16277: PETERS, DAVID - The School on Kniveley Island
000678: PETERSON, MARGARET - Scarlet Blossoms
10193: PETO, GLADYS - Gladys Peto's Bedtime Stories
7148: PETRIE, CHARLES (SIR) - Twenty Years' Armistice - And After British Foreign Policy Since 1918
6205: PETROSJAN, T. & ALEKSANDAR MATANOVIC - SSSR-SVET [...] Soviet Union vs. World
19019: PETTMAN, CHARLES (REV.) - Africanderisms - A Glossary of South African Colloquial Words and Phrases and of Place and Other Names
4633: PETTY, WILLIAM (SIR) - Essays on Mankind and Political Arithmetic
12583: PHELAN, JIM - Lifer
9454: PHELAN, GERALD B. - Jacques Maritain
003716: PHELPS, GILBERT - The Low Roads
003063: PHILIP, ROBERT - Communion with God; Or, a Guide to the Devotional
4655: PHILIP, ADAM (REV.) - Things Grave and Gay from Gowrie: Dedicated to the Soldiers and Sailors of the Carse and Perthshire
002797: PHILIPS, JUDSON - The Twisted People
10466: PHILLIPPS, W. J. - Notes with Illustrations of Maori Material Culture
7424: PHILLIPPS, WILLIAM J. - Maori Houses And Food Stores
7323: PHILLIPPS, W. J - Maori Carving
4012: PHILLIPS, E. W. - Fifteen Months Among The Kaffirs
7764: PHILLIPS, W. J. - Maori Carving
8399: PHILLIPS, W. J - Maori Carving Illustrated
11678: PHILLIPS, JOHN - A Guide to Geology
17201: PHILLIPS, WILLIAM J - Maori Houses And Food Stores
14644: PHILLIPS, RAY E.; WITH A FOREWORD BY C. T. LORAM - The Bantu are Coming: Phases of South Africa's Race Problem
7044: PHILPOTT, STUART F - Modern Electric Clocks: Principles, Construction, Installation, And Maintenance
12766: PHIPSON, SIDNEY L. - Manual of the Law of Evidence for the Use of Students: Being an Abridgement of the Sixth Edition of the Author's Larger Treatise upon the Same Subject
6550: PICART, BERNARD - Ceremonies et Coutumes Religieuses des Peuples Idolatres. Tome Premier & Tome Second [Two volumes]
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003122: RYBURN, W. M. - Through Shadow and Sunshine: the History of the Panjab Mission of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, 1909-1959
19214: RYLAND, CLIVE - Murder on Bag Hill
000381: RYLAND, J. E. (ED. ) / JOHN SHEPPARD (JOHN FOSTER) - The Life and Correspondence of John Foster. with Notices of Mr. Foster As a Preacher and a Companion, by John Sheppard. Vol. II Only of 2.
9776: SAALEELD, EDMUND (DR.) - Lectures On Cosmetic Treatment A Manual For Practicioners
17673: VON SACHER-MASOCH, LEOPOLD; - The Master Masochist: Tales of Sadistic Mistresses
15342: SACKVILLE-WEST, V. [VITA] - Solitude: A Poem
12357: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Bulwer: A Panorama. Edward and Rosina 1803-1836
003706: SADLER, GILBERT T. - Three Booklets [Bound in One Volume]
15299: SADLER, MARK D. - Horns Faintly Blowing or Uprising in Fiji
8782: SAFRONI-MIDDLETON, A. - No Extradition: A Romance of the South Sea Islands
13824: SAGE, IVAN - 777 Days: Extracts from my dealings with John Fitzgerald Kennedy (junior), the American CIA and NSA, the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service and Prime Minister Jenny Shipley
10209: SAHLIN, AXEL - The Modern Continuous Rolling Mill
003581: SAILI, GANESH - Himalaya
003977: SAINI, SHIV RAM - Treks and Passes of the Dhauladhar and the Pir Panjal Ranges (The Outer and the Mid Indian Himalaya
7640: SALE, GEORGE - The Koran; Commonly Called The Alcoran Of Mohammed (Two Volumes)
17148: SALE BARKER, MRS [LUCY D] - With a Stout Heart
18531: SALE-HARRISON, L. (DR.) - The Remarkable Jew: His Wonderful Future
4007: SALEEBY, C. W. - Heredity
6357: SALICETO, GRATIANO LEOSTHENE - Elixir Jesuiticum, Sive Quinta Essentia Jesuitarum [...]
11948: SALINGER, LESLEIGH - A Clinton Couple: Letters from the Early Days in South Otago
19723: SALMON, J. T - The Native Trees Of New Zealand
9974: SALMON, JOHN T. - Field Guide To The Plants Of New Zealand
13724: SALMOND, WILLIAM - Prohibition: A Blunder
6081: SALMOND, WILLIAM - Prohibition: A Blunder
8223: SALMOND, ARTHUR L. - The First Church Of Otago And How It Got There
18947: SALMOND, ARTHUR L. - The First Church Of Otago And How It Got There
9654: SALMOND, J. D - By Love Serve
17480: SALMOND, J. D. - Hearts of Gold: Memories of Old Queenstown
13835: SALTER, WILLIAM MACKINTYRE - First Steps in Philosophy (Physical and Ethical)
12472: SALTER, ANDREW - Conditioned Reflex Therapy: The Direct Approach to the Reconstruction of Personality
11260: SAMADDAR, SIVAPRASAD - Calcutta Is
12749: SAMSON, GEORGE GORDON - Houses, Villas, Cottages and Bungalows for Britishers and Americans Abroad: A Book Showing How They Should Be Built And What They Ought To Cost
18509: SAMUEL, R. D. - New Zealand Postal Stationery Catalogue. Part 1 - Postcards. Part 2 - Lettercards. Part 3 - Registered Envelopes, Etc.
9432: SAMUEL, FIONA ET AL - Three Radio Plays
7047: SAMUELSON, JAMES - Roumania Past and Present
001750: SAND, GEORGE - Le Meunier D'Angibault.
13168: SAND, GEORGE; ARRANGED BY ALFRED H. HYATT - George Sand: Thoughts & Aphorisms from her works
16475: SANDAY, PEGGY REEVES - Divine Hunger: Cannibalism as a Cultural System
7420: SANDBERG, GRAHAM - Tibet And The Tibetans
11922: SANDERS, DAWN - Dance New Zealand
000692: SANDERS, CHARLES W. - Cattle Drive. [Collins Green Sixpenny No. 168]
002334: SANDERSON, G. P. - Thirteen Years Among the Wild Beasts of India: Their Haunts and Habits from Personal Observation; with an Account of the Modes of Capturing and Taming Elephants
18160: SANDFORD, DANIEL K. [KEYTE] (SIR) - Rules and Exercises in Homeric and Attic Greek, to which is added a short system of Greek Prosody, for the use of the Second and Senior Greek Classes in the University of Glasgow
15809: VAN SANDWYK, CHARLES - The Parade to Paradise
17895: SANDYS, JOHN EDWIN - A History of Classical Scholarship: From the Sixth Century B.C. to the End of the Middle Ages
18941: SANSON, ROSS - Above the Rubber: A Taxi Driver's Experiences
002891: SAPPER - Sapper's War Stories Collected in One Volume
17483: "THE SARGE" [G. HUGH SUMPTER] - Excuse My Feet! (Being the Full Adventures of Herbert Simkins, of 2nd N.Z.E.F.)
12819: SARGEANT, WILLIAM A. S. - Geologists and the History of Geology: An International Bibliography from the Origins to 1978 [5 volume set]
13986: SARGENT, WINSTON - The Palms Bend Down
13286: SARGENT, ERIC (ED.) - What is that Aeroplane?
18652: SARGESON, FRANK - Memoirs of a Peon
4158: SARGESON, FRANK - When the Wind Blows
19268: SARGESON, FRANK - A Man and his Wife
10420: SARGESON, FRANK - A Man and his Wife
14879: SARGESON, FRANK - Memoirs of a Peon
9112: SAROYAN, WILLIAM - The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze And Other Stories
10137: SATCHELL, WILLIAM - The Land Of The Lost A Tale Of The New Zealand Gum Country
10658: SATCHELL, WILLIAM - The Land Of The Lost: A Tale Of The New Zealand Gum Country
8461: SATCHELL, WILLIAM - The Greenstone Door
16694: SATCHELL, WILLIAM - The Land Of The Lost: A Tale Of The New Zealand Gum Country
10144: SATCHELL, WILLIAM - The Land Of The Lost A Tale Of The New Zealand Gum Country
11273: SATCHELL, WILLIAM - The Land Of The Lost: A Tale Of The New Zealand Gum Country
12751: SATCHELL, WILLIAM - The Land Of The Lost: A Tale Of The New Zealand Gum Country
6804: SAUNDERS, ALFRED - Tales Of a Pioneer Episodes In The Life Of Alfred Saunders Selected And Arranged By His Two Youngest Daughters
18060: SAUNDERS, J. J.; EDITED BY G. W. RICE - Muslims and Mongols: Essays on Medieval Asia by J. J. Saunders
16516: SAUNDERS, W. A. - Historical Racing Records and Inauguration of the Racing and Trotting Clubs in Otago and Southland
19761: SAUNDERS, GLEN & LYNETTE MCLEOD - Improving Fox Management Strategies in Australia
9915: SAUTELLE, JOHN - Fishing For The Educated Trout
16671: SAVA, GEORGE - A Surgeon in Cyprus
8230: SAVAGE, MURRAY J. - Haddon Of Glen Leith An Ecumenical Pilgrimage
11968: SAVAGE, JOHN - Some Account of New Zealand; Particularly the Bay of Islands, and Surrounding Country; with a Description of the Religion and Government, Language, Arts, Manufactures, Manners, and Customs of the Natives, & c. &c.
19813: SAVAGE-LANDOR, A. HENRY - China and the Allies
16075: SAVAGE, JOHN - Some Account of New Zealand; Particularly the Bay of Islands, and Surrounding Country; with a Description of the Religion and Government, Language, Arts, Manufactures, Manners, and Customs of the Natives, & C. &c.
12214: SAVINSKY, A. - Recollections of a Russian Diplomat
17700: SAWICKI, STANISLAW J. & THERESA SAWICKA-BROCKIE - Embattled Poland: An Historical Reflection - Reflections on an Ethnic Journey
002276: SAWYER, CHARLES J. & F. J. HARVEY DARTON - English Books 1475-1900: a Signpost for Collectors
003365: SAXBY, ARGYLL - The Black Lizard: a Story of Adventure in the Syrian Desert
8975: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Busman's Honeymoon A Love Story With Detective Interruptions
18602: SCANLAN, NELLE M. - Primrose Hill
19567: SCANLAN, NELLE M. - Primrose Hill
18255: SCANLAN, NELLE M. - Ambition's Harvest
15245: SCANLAN, MIKE - The New Zealand Boating Handbook
8595: SCANLAN, NELLE M - The Marriage Of Nicholas Cotter
8803: SCANLAN, NELLE M. - Tides Of Youth
8804: SCANLAN, NELLE M. - Winds Of Heaven
8805: SCANLAN, NELLE M. - Pencarrow
16845: SCANLAN, NELLE M. - Leisure for Living
16870: SCANLAN, NELLE M. - Tides Of Youth
16447: SCANLAN, NELLE M. - The Marriage of Nicholas Cotter
16848: SCANLAN, NELLE M. - Primrose Hill
16849: SCANLAN, NELLE M. - The Top Step
18746: SCAPOLO, DEAN (COMPILED BY) - The Complete New Zealand Music Charts 1966-2006 - Singles - Albums - DVDs - Compilations
17588: DANTE ALIGHIERI; EDITED BY G. A. SCARTAZZINI - La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri - Volume Primo. L'Inferno. [+] Volume Secundo. Il Purgatorio. [Two volumes]
003103: SCAVINI, PETRO - Theologia Moralis Universa Ad Mentem S. Alphonsi M. De Liguorio Pio IX Pontifici Maximo Dicata Auctore Petro Scavini [Volume One]
17424: SCHAEFER, JACK - The Canyon and Other Stories
19531: SCHAFER, EDWARD ALBERT & GEORGE DANCER THANE (EDS.) - Quain's Elements of Anatomy - Vol. II. - Part I. Osteology [This part only]
19532: SCHAFER, EDWARD ALBERT & GEORGE DANCER THANE (EDS.); R. J. GODLEE - Quain's Elements of Anatomy - Appendix - Superficial and Surgical Anatomy. [Appendix volume only]
19008: SCHAPERA, I. (TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR) - Praise Poems of Tswana Chiefs
18911: SCHAPERA, I. - The Khoisan Peoples of South Africa - Bushmen and Hottentots
18759: SCHAW, H. (MAJOR-GENERAL) - The Metamorphosis of Maoriland; or, How Colonization became possible in New Zealand.
16174: SCHAW, H. (MAJOR-GENERAL) - The Metamorphosis of Maoriland; or, How Colonization became possible in New Zealand.
8979: SCHEDIUS, ELIAS - De Diis Germanis sive Veteri Germanorum, Gallorum, Britannorum, Vandalorum Religione
14509: SCHEIN, SETH L. (ED.) - Reading the 'Odyssey': Selected Interpretive Essays
9949: SCHILLINGS, C. G - In Wildest Africa (Vol I)
7871: SCHIOTT, OBERST F. C. - "1864" Billeder Og Text
003275: SCHOLDERER, VICTOR - Printers and Readers in Italy in the Fifteenth Century [Annual Italian Lecture of the British Academy 1949]
4391: SCHOLEFIELD, G. H. - Who's Who in New Zealand and the Western Pacific 1925
4392: SCHOLEFIELD, G. H. - Who's Who in New Zealand and the Western Pacific 1925

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