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7074: MAC, ROBBIE - Hail Rain or Shine
13473: MACADAM, JOHN (ED.); [VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS, INCLUDING WILLIAM LOCKHART MORTON] - Transactions of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria, from January to December, 1859, Inclusive. Vol. IV.
13647: MACALISTER, JOHN (ED.) - A Dictionary of Maori Words in New Zealand English
6561: MACANDREW, JAMES - Address to the People of Otago
000508: [ANDERSON, AENEAS] / LORD MACARTNEY (GEORGE STAUNTON) - An Accurate Account of Lord Macartney's Embassy to China; Carefully Abridged from the Original Work; with Alterations and Corrections, by the Editor, Who Was Also an Attendant on the Embassy. Embellished with Plates
003373: MACAULAY (DR. ) - Livingstone Anecdotes: a Sketch of the Career and Illustrations of the Character of David Livingstone Missionary, Traveller, Philanthropist
11758: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - Ranke's History of the Popes [bound with three others by the same author]
4073: MACCARTHY, DESMOND (ED. ) - Life And Letters. Volume VI. No. 35. April 1931.
4074: MACCARTHY, DESMOND (ED. ) - Life And Letters. Volume VII. Nos. 39-40. August - September 1931 (2 Issues).
17705: MACCHIORO, VITTORIO D. - From Orpheus to Paul: A History of Orphism
11675: MACDONALD, GEORGE - The Princess and Curdie
17367: MACDONALD, JOHN D. - Deadly Welcome
4478: MACDONALD, W. A. - The Oldest Story: Doings of our Ancestors in India 10,000 years ago. Translated from the Pre-Vedic Sanskrit.
8094: MACDONALD, BRUCE FAULKNER - An Account Of The Family Of George MacDonald 100 Years In New Zealand 1866 - 1966
12653: MACDONALD, ROSS - The Ferguson Affair
001986: MACDONALD, G. R. - The Canterbury Frozen Meat Company Ltd. : the First Seventy-Five Years
002298: MACDONALD, JOHN D. - The Crossroads
002407: MACDONALD, ROSS - The Chill
9785: MACDONALD, JOYCE - Away From Home
18200: MACDONALD, CHRISTINA; INTRODUCTION BY HAMMOND INNES - Medicines of the Maori: From Their Trees, Shrubs and Other Plants, Together with Foods from the Same Sources
14205: MACDONALD, JOHN D. - The Deep Blue Good-Bye
15127: MACDONALD, MARSHALL (MRS) (COMPILED BY) - What's for Lunch?
13877: MACDONNELL, J. E. - The Ordeal
13878: MACDONNELL, J. E. - Battle Line
13879: MACDONNELL, J. E. - The Lesson
13875: MACDONNELL, J. E. - Guns for God
13871: MACDONNELL, J. E. - Weapon Raid
13870: MACDONNELL, J. E. - A Pair of Hands
6250: MACEWEN, WILLIAM - The Growth of Bone: Observations on Osteogenesis An Experimental Inquiry into the Development and Reproduction of Diaphyseal Bone
10260: MACFARLANE, JOHN (REV.) - The Life And Times Of George Lawson, Selkirk, Professor Of Theology To The Associate Synod. With Glimpses Of The Scottish Character From 1720 To 1820
10505: MACFARLANE, CHARLES - History of British India from the Earliest English Intercourse
18358: MACGILLIVRAY, W. - The Travels and Researches of Alexander Von Humboldt, with a Narrative of Humboldt's Most Recent Researches, including His Celebrated Journey to the Ural Mountains, and the Caspian Sea, Etc.
17637: MACGREGOR, JOHN JAMES - Memoir of John James Macgregor [. . .] with copious extracts from his writings
7260: MACGREGOR, MIRIAM - Early Stations Of Hawke's Bay
10195: MACHIDA, KOICHI - Gaisetsu Toyo bijutsushi
12464: MACINTOSH, JOAN - Throw out the Lifeline
7544: MACINTOSH, JOAN - A Regional History Of North Makarewa Lorneville
6316: MACINTYRE, DONALD (MAJOR-GENERAL) - Hindu-Koh: Wanderings and Wild Sport on and beyond the Himalayas
17518: MACK, PETER - Reading and Rhetoric in Montaigne and Shakespeare
11111: MACK, JAMES D. - The Naming of Australia: A Revised View
11818: MACK, GEORGE (ED.); VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science. Handbook of Queensland
17515: MACK, LOUISE (MRS J. P. CREED) - Girls Together
4546: MACKANESS, GEORGE (ED.) - Letters from an Exile at Botany Bay, to his Aunt in Dumfries.
5500: MACKAY, ALEX (REV.) - Manual of Modern Geography Mathematical, Physical, and Political
10021: MACKAY, DUNCAN - Working The Kauri A Social And Photographic History Of New Zealand's Pioneer Kauri Bushmen
14997: MACKAY, JESSIE - From The Maori Sea
14998: MACKAY, JESSIE (ED.) - New Zealand Rhymes Old and New
15001: MACKAY, JESSIE - The Bride of the Rivers & Other Verses
000682: MACKENZIE, NIGEL - Footprints of Death
003605: MACKENZIE, P. (MRS) . [ALICE] - Poems
4608: MACKENZIE, J. MURRAY - The Gaelic Old Smuggler Hotch-Potch of Story, Song, & Music
4875: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Sinister Street: The Second Volume
5001: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Fairy Gold
10325: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - The Passionate Elopement
16500: MACKENZIE, CLUTHA (TROOPER) (EDITOR) - Chronicles of the N.Z.E.F.: Records of Matters Concerning the Troops
5715: MACKERSEY, IAN - Into the Silk: True Stories of the Caterpillar Club
11501: MACKNESS, CONSTANCE - Miss Pickle
16161: MACKWORTH, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS & WILLIAM JOHN MUNCE; EDITED BY P. R. DINGWALL; C. FRASER; J. G. GREGORY; C. J. R. ROBERTSON - Enderby Settlement Diaries: Records of a British Colony at the Auckland Islands 1849-1852
18355: MACKWORTH-PRAED, BEN & MIKE ANDREWS - Year With Three Summers
11786: MACLEAN, CHRIS - For Whom The Bell Tolls: A History Of The National War Memorial
12416: MACLEANE, DOUGLAS - The Athanasian Creed
4626: MACLENNAN, ALEXANDER; EDITED BY REV. HUGH JENKINS - Memoir and Sermons of the Late Rev. Alexander Maclennan, M.A. Minister of Canmore Street Congregational Church Dunfermline
6586: MACLENNAN, J. [JOHN (1864-1911)] - Neptune's Toll and Other Verses
11673: MACLEOD, NORMAN - The Starling: A Scotch Story
11143: MACMILLAN, DAVID - By-Ways of History & Medicine (With special reference to Canterbury, New Zealand)
15295: MACNEICE, LOUIS (1907-1963) - Eighty-Five Poems Selected by the Author
11604: MACONALD, ANGUS M.; EDITED BY SHEILA MACLEOD; FOREWORD BY SANDY MATHESON - A Lewis Album: From the collection of historical photographs compiled by Angus M. MacDonald ARPS
6015: PAR UN VÉTÉRAN DE LA MAÇONNERIE [VUILLAUME] - Manuel Maçonnique, ou Tuileur des Divers Rites de Maçonnerie Pratiqué en France [...]
15349: MACREADY, SARA - Onekaka wharf at low tide, Golden Bay [Original Artwork]
003822: MACSORLEY, C. M. - The Earl-Printer: a Tale of the Time of Caxton
15086: DE MADARIAGA, SALVADOR - The World's Design
16328: MADISON, LEE (ED.) - Modern Sunbathing Quarterly. No. 77, Fall 1975.
000009: PAVEMENT MAGAZINE (LUCY LAWLESS) - Pavement - Feb/mar 2002 . Featuring 8 Page Article/interview on Lucy Lawless
6993: BRITISH CHESS MAGAZINE - British Chess Magazine 1903 - 1904 [10 Issues, An Incomplete Run]
001400: WANDERLUST MAGAZINE [AUTHORS INCLUDE MALCOLM ROSS] - Wanderlust Magazine. Volume 1. No. 1. January 1930.
13266: MAGNUS, LAURIE - 'Religio Laici' Judaica: The Faith of a Jewish Layman
8250: MAGRE, MAURICE - The Return Of The Magi
8186: MAGUIRE, T - The Lantern Was Lighted The History Of The Dunedin Photographic Society Inc. 1890-1990
17920: MAHAFFY, J. P. - Euripides
001389: MAHER, LISA - Sexed Work : Gender, Race and Resistance in a Brooklyn Drug Market [Series Title: Clarendon Studies in Criminology]
6925: MAHON, JOHN W. AND ELLEN MACLEOD MAHON (EDS.) - The Merchant of Venice: New Critical Essays
002127: MAHONY, BERTHA E. & LOUISE PAYSON LATIMER, BEULAH FOLMSBEE - Illustrators of Children's Books 1744-1845
18227: MAIDEN, COLIN - An Energetic Life
17858: MAIHAROA, TAARE TE; EDITED BY HERRIES BEATTIE - Folklore and Fairy Tales of the Canterbury Maoris: Told by Taare te Maiharoa to Maud Goodenough Hayter (Mrs. T. Moses)
000490: MAILLART, ELLA K. - Forbidden Journey: from Peking to Kashmir
6661: MAILLART, ELLA K. - Forbidden Journey: from Peking to Kashmir
12262: MAILLART, ELLA K. - Turkestan Solo: One Woman's Expedition from the Tien Shan to the Kizil Kum
15100: MAILLET, A. & MARCEL COHEN - Les Langues du Monde par un Groupe de Linguistes sous la direction de A. Meillet et Marcel Cohen
8719: MAIN, WILLIAM AND JOHN B. TURNER - New Zealand Photography From The 1840s To The Present
15386: MAINE, HENRY SUMNER (SIR) - Ancient Law: Its Connection with the Early History of Society and its Relation to Modern Ideas
002418: MAINWARING, MARION - Murder in Pastiche Or, Nine Detectives all At Sea
13435: MAIRET, PHILIP (COMPILED BY); [MAJOR C. H. DOUGLAS] - The Douglas Manual: being a recension of passages from the works of Major C. H. Douglas outlining Social Credit
5443: MAITLAND, FREDERIC WILLIAM - The Life and Letters of Leslie Stephen
16486: MAKAY, DAVID ET AL. (EDS.); VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Counting the Cost: The 1981 Springbok Tour in Wellington
003767: MALCOLM, ELIZABETH O. - Pressed Plant Specimen Book W. Accompanying Poetry
10098: MALING, PETER BROMLEY - Early Sketches and Charts of Banks Peninsula 1770-1850
6701: MALLESON, G. B. (COLONEL) - History of the Indian Mutiny, 1857-1858.
7390: MALLESON, G. B. (COL.) - Herat: The Granary And Garden Of Central Asia
12967: MALLOCH, P. D. - "Malloch of Perth" Scottish Shooting, Fishing & Estate Agency
8248: MALLOCK, W. H - Atheism And The Value Of Life
12517: MALLOCK, W. H. - Capital War and Wages: Three Questions in Outline
16767: MALLORY, CLARE - Juliet Overseas
16922: MALLORY, CLARE - Merry Begins
15795: MALLORY, CLARE - The New House at Winwood
6213: MALORY, THOMAS; EDITED BY GREG WAITE - Le Morte Darthur Tales Seven and Eight
17222: MALRAUX, ANDRÉ - Days of Contempt
15449: MALTBY, PEG - Peg's Fairy Book
11459: MALTBY, P [PEG] - Ben and Bella in the Hills
18130: MALTHUS, T. R. [THOMAS ROBERT] - Parallel Chapters from the First and Second Editions of An Essay on the Principle of Population by T. R. Malthus 1798 : 1803
10772: MANDER, JANE - The Story Of A New Zealand River
10032: MANDER, JANE - Allen Adair
12143: MANDER, JANE (1877-1949) - The Strange Attraction
12074: MANDER, JANE (1877-1949) - The Strange Attraction
7085: MANDER, JANE - The Story Of A New Zealand River
8435: MANDER, JANE - The Story Of A New Zealand River
000187: MANGEOT, SYLVAIN - The Adventures of a Manchurian: the Story of Lobsang Thondup
003990: MANGEOT, SYLVAIN - The Adventures of a Manchurian: the Story of Lobsang Thondup
17586: MANGRUM, LLOYD; WITH OTIS DYPWICK - How to Break 90 at Golf
7248: DE MANHAR, NURHO - Zohar (Bereshith - Genesis) An Expository Translation From Hebrew
17130: MANHIRE, BILL - The Elaboration
14432: MANHIRE, BILL - Songs of My Life
13410: MANHIRE, BILL - Sheet Music: Poems 1967-1982
15920: MANHIRE, BILL - The Elaboration
14173: MANLEY, GORDON - Climate and the British Scene
003108: MANN, GOLO - Thomas Mann. Memories of My Father by Golo Mann. Translations of Thomas Mann's Works - a Bibliography
15174: MANNERING, GEORGE EDWARD - Eighty Years in New Zealand: Embracing Fifty Years of New Zealand Fishing
6137: MANNERING, GUY (ED.); JOANNA MARTIN (CONTRIBUTOR) - The Peaks & Passes of J.R.D.: James Robert Dennistoun born 7th March 1883 died 9th August 1916: from the note-books diaries and letters from life
15272: MANNERING, GUY (ED.); JOANNA MARTIN (CONTRIBUTOR) - The Peaks & Passes of J.R.D.: James Robert Dennistoun born 7th March 1883 died 9th August 1916: from the note-books diaries and letters from life
12432: MANNIN, ETHEL - Christianity - Or Chaos? A Re-Statement of Religion
10304: MANNING, E. J. - The Coming Of Father Christmas
5284: MANSEL, HENRY LONGUEVILLE - Metaphysics or the Philosophy of Consiousness Phenomenal and Real
003665: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE; EDITED BY J. MIDDLETON MURRAY - Journal of Katherine Mansfield
6717: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE; EDITED BY IAN A. GORDON - Undiscovered Country: The New Zealand Stories of Katherine Mansfield
7924: MANSFIELD, COMINS - Adventures In Composition The Art Of The Two-Move Chess Problem
000977: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - The Doves' Nest and Other Stories
12692: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - The Garden Party and Other Stories
18324: MANSFIELD, STEPHEN - Have You Seen Byron Lichen?
17903: MANSON, CELIA - Widow of Thorndon Quay (Part II of The Story of a New Zealand Family)
10259: MANT, RICHARD - The Clergyman's Obligations
17150: MANT, F. W. (REV.) - The Midshipman or Twelve Years at Sea
9289: "TE MANUWIRI" [DAVIDSON, ALBERT EDWARD] - Sketches of Early Colonisation in New Zealand and its Phases of Contact with the Maori Race
10506: A PAKEHA MAORI [MANING, FREDERICK EDWARD] - Old New Zealand: Being Incidents of Native Customs and Character in the Old Times
11434: A PAKEHA MAORI [MANING, FREDERICK EDWARD] - Old New Zealand: Being Incidents of Native Customs and Character in the Old Times
10617: A PAKEHA MAORI [MANING, FREDERICK EDWARD] - Old New Zealand: Being Incidents of Native Customs and Character in the Old Times
11732: A PAKEHA MAORI [MANING, FREDERICK EDWARD] - Old New Zealand: Being Incidents of Native Customs and Character in the Old Times
002487: MARAINI, FOSCO; TRANSLATED FROM THE ITALIAN BY PETER GREEN - Where Four Worlds Meet: Hindu Kush 1959
002745: MARAINI, FOSCO - Secret Tibet
10289: MARASH, J. G - Henry Monnier Chronicler Of The Bourgeoisie
003973: MARDEN, ORISON SWETT - Getting On
4164: MARDEN, ORISON SWETT - Architects of Fate or Success and Power: A Book designed to inspre youth to Character Building, Self-Culture, and Noble Achievement
003947: DE LA MARE, F. A. - G. B. Lancaster 1873-1945: a Tribute
4776: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Motley and Other Poems
5417: MARE, WALTER DE LA - News
4078: DE LA MARE, WALTER - The Burning-Glass and Other Poems
16283: MARETT, FRED (ED.) - 23rd Battalion (Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast Inc.) Newsletters Volume 2: Covering the years from 2003 to 2006
17546: MARGARET, QUEEN OF NAVARRE; - The Heptameron of Margaret, Queen of Navarre
11325: MARK, A. F. & NANCY ADAMS - New Zealand Alpine Plants
6120: MARKHAM, CLEMENTS R. (ED.) - The Voyages of James Lancaster, KT., to the East Indies, with Abstracts of Journals of Voyages to the East Indies, During the Seventeenth Century, Preserved in the India Office, and the Voyage of Captain John Knight (1606), to Seek the North-West Passage
17498: MARKIDES, KYRIACOS C. - Fire in the Heart: Healers, Sages, and Mystics
12792: MARKS, SUSAN - The Riddle of All Constitutions: International Law, Democracy and the Critique of Ideology
9055: MARKS, H. STACY ET AL. - Mr. Punch In Wig And Gown The Lighter Side Of Bench And Bar
16039: MARKS, JOHN (ED.) - Young & Naked
12254: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER - Hero and Leander
10631: MARMONTEL, M. - Moral Tales. Volume Two only.
9169: MARNHAM, PATRICK - Road To Katmandu
7506: MARRIOTT, ANDREW AND ANNA O'BRIEN - Machines And The Men
13727: MARRIOTT, J. A. R. - Second Chambers: An Inductive Study in Political Science
003356: MARRYAT (CAPTAIN) - The Settlers in Canada
17412: MARSDEN, SAMUEL; EDITED BY JOHN RAWSON ELDER - The Letters and Journals of Samuel Marsden 1765-1838
16897: MARSH, NGAIO - Surfeit of Lampreys
003378: MARSH, NGAIO - Artists in Crime
5607: MARSH, NGAIO - Surfeit of Lampreys
6123: MARSH, NGAIO - Vintage Murder
6593: MARSH, RICHARD - A Duel
16899: MARSH, NGAIO - Swing, Brother, Swing
16898: MARSH, NGAIO - Colour Scheme
16894: MARSH, NGAIO - Death in Ecstasy
16895: MARSH, NGAIO & DR. H. JELLETT [HENRY] - The Nursing-Home Murder
15208: MARSH, NGAIO - Death and the Dancing Footman
17466: MARSHALL, JOHN - Battling for Gold, or Stirring Incidents of Goldfields Life in West Australia
11063: MARSHALL, OWEN - Tomorrow We Save the Orphans
8246: MARSHALL, JULIE G. - Britain And Tibet 1765-1947 The Background To The India-China Border Dispute A Selected Annotated Bibliography Of Printed Material In European Languages
6118: MARSHALL, OWEN - Supper Waltz Wilson and other New Zealand Stories
7662: MARSHALL, OWEN - Supper Waltz Wilson and other New Zealand Stories
002473: MARSHALL, OWEN - The Day Hemingway Died and Other Stories
16432: MARSHALL, EMMA - Brook Silverton, and The Lost Lilies. Two Stories for Children.
15884: MARSHALL, GRAEME - Hunter
10731: MARSHALL, OWEN - The Best of Owen Marshall's Short Stories
12008: MARSHALL, OWEN - The Master of Big Jingles & Other Stories
12012: MARSHALL, OWEN - Supper Waltz Wilson and other New Zealand Stories
10200: MARSHMAN, JOHN CLARK - The Life And Labours Of Carey Marshman & Ward The Serampore Missionaries
4526: MARSHMAN, JOHN CLARK - The Life and Times of Carey, Marshman, and Ward. Embracing the History of the Serampore Mission. Two Volumes (complete)
6581: MARSYAS [PSEUDONYM OF D.W.M. BURN] - Flax and Fernseed
6582: MARSYAS [PSEUDONYM OF D.W.M. BURN] - Pedlar's Pack
6583: MARSYAS [PSEUDONYM OF D.W.M. BURN] - Soundings
6584: MARSYAS [PSEUDONYM OF D.W.M. BURN] - Eggs and Olives
6585: MARSYAS [PSEUDONYM OF D.W.M. BURN] - Eggs and Olives
15571: MARSYAS [PSEUDONYM OF D.W.M. BURN] - Flax and Fernseed
9970: MARTEL, RENÉ - The Eastern Frontiers Of Germany
10664: MARTIN, THOMAS F. - The Position and Constitution of the Anglican Church in New Zealand
17359: MARTIN, NEVILLE - By the Seat of My Pants
17248: MARTIN, ANDREW - Underground Overground: A Passenger's History of the Tube
13635: MARTIN, TREVOR - Colour of Right
002672: MARTIN, THOMAS FREDERIC - Opinions on Local Government Law in New Zealand Given to the Municipal Association of New Zealand between the Years 1892 and 1904 [...]
5200: MARTIN, E.R. - Marine Department Centennial History 1866 - 1966
7438: MARTIN, R. MONTGOMERY - The British Colonies; Their History, Extent, Condition and Resources. [One volume only, North America]
7504: MARTIN, JOHN E. - Holding The Balance A History Of New Zealand's Department Of Labour 1891-1995
8142: MARTIN, WILLIAM AND ERIC SKINNER (EDS.) - Provincial Pride (Numbers 4 to 20, 1958 to 1974)
17757: MARTIN, W. (SIR) [WILLIAM] - The Taranaki Question
11161: MARTIN, T. F. - A Practical Handbook on the Land Laws of New Zealand
15619: MARTIN, WILLIAM & ERIC SKINNER - Short History of the Otago Early Settlers' Association 1898-1948 and Guide to the Museum
12384: MARTIN, WILLIAM & JOHN CHILD - New Zealand Lichens
16273: MARTIN, ROBERT - The Mystery of the Poisoned Puppet
15701: MARTIN, W. TODD - The Evolution Hypothesis: A Criticism of the New Cosmic Philosophy
17489: MARTYN, ERROL W. - A Passion for Flight: New Zealand Aviation before the Great War - Volume Two: Aeroclubs, Aeroplanes, Aviators and Aeronauts 1910-1914
14713: MARTYN, FURNEAUX - Tripoli and Beyond: The Story of a New Zealand Artilleryman who went through the Campaign in Tunisia, and was then one of those fortunate Kiwis sent home to New Zealand with the First Furlough Draft from the Middle East
5734: MARVELL, HOLT & JACK STRACHEY - These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)
10519: MARVELL, ANDREW - Miscellaneous Poems
8658: MARWICK, J - The Geology Of The Te Kuiti Subdivision
16555: MARWOOD, JIM - Valley People
001092: MARX, KARL - Value, Price and Profit
8989: MASEFIELD, JOHN AND CONSTANCE (EDS.) - Lyrists Of The Restoration From Edward Sherburne To William Congreve
10495: MASON, BRUCE - New Zealand Drama: A Parade of Forms and a History
11021: MASON, BRUCE - We Don't Want Your Sort Here: A Collection of Songs, Parodies and Sketches with Drawings by David Kennedy
17332: MASON, R. A. K. - Collected Poems
14088: MASON, R. A. K. - This Dark Will Lighten: Selected Poems 1923-41
6301: MASON, R. A. K. - No New Thing
9540: MASON, MICHAEL H. - Spain Untroubled
5868: MASSINGER, PHILIP; EDITED BY W. GIFFORD - The Plays of Philip Massinger, in Four Volumes
6992: MASSINGER, PHILIP - The Selected Plays Of Philip Massinger: The Duke Of Milan, The Roman Actor; A New Way To Pay Old Debts; The City Madam.
17656: MASSON, FRÉDÉRIC - Napoleon at St. Helena
11895: MASTERS, READ - With the All Blacks in Great Britain, France, Canada and Australia 1924-25
9570: MASTERS, ROGER D. - The Political Philosophy Of Rousseau
000915: MATHERS, HELEN - The Pirouette and Other Stories
12330: MATHESON, JAMES G. - Do You Believe This? Sermons on the Beatitudes and a Communion Sermon
16495: MATHEWS, ELIZABETH - Cora: A Wilding Seed
16268: MATHEWS, M. E. - Sixpenny Holiday
16807: MATHEWS, GREGORY M. - Systema Avium Australasianarum. A Systematic List of the Birds of the Australasian Region. [Part I only]
10869: MATTHEE, RUDI - The Pursuit of Pleasure: Drugs and Stimulants in Iranian History, 1500-1900
5246: MATTHEWS, GRAEME & JAMES RITCHIE - The Waikato: Green Heartland of New Zealand
12236: MATTHEWS, NEVIL & PRUE MATTHEWS - Rapaura: The Growing Heart of Marlborough
12452: MATTHEWS, J. B. - Communism in our Churches
17559: MATTINSON, CAMPBELL; WITH A FOREWORD BY JAMES HALLIDAY - Wine Hunter: The Man Who Changed Australian Wine
17044: MATURIN, ANTHONY - Pilgrimage to Chajul: Tales from Guatemala
17925: MAUGHAM, WILLIAM SOMERSET - Orientations
7066: MAUGHAM, W SOMERSET - Ashenden Or The British Agent
7309: MAUGHAM, NEVILLE H - The Book Of Italian Travel (1580 - 1900)
12085: MAUNSELL, R. [ROBERT] - Grammar of the New Zealand Language
6690: MAUNSELL, R. [ROBERT] - Grammar of the New Zealand Language
9227: MAUNSELL, R. [ROBERT] - Grammar of the New Zealand Language
9948: MAUNSELL, R. [ROBERT] - Grammar of the New Zealand Language
11868: MAUNSELL, ROBERT (REV.) - Grammar of the New Zealand Language. Part 4.
15635: MAURICE, F. (COLONEL) - War: Reproduced with Amendments from the article in the last edition of the "Encyclopaedia Britannica" to which is added An Essay on Military Literature and a List of Books with brief comments
003993: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - The Scapegoat
4401: DU MAURIER, GEORGE - Trilby: A Novel
5047: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Jamaica Inn
6827: MAWE, J. - Wodarch's Introduction to the Study of Conchology: Describing The Orders, Genera, and Species of Shells:
8233: MAXWELL, VAL - Southern Sails One Hundred Years Of The Otago Yacht Club
18251: MAY, PERCY - The Chemistry of Synthetic Drugs
13823: MAYES, STANLEY - Cyprus and Makarios
7865: MAYHEW, W. R. - Tuapeka The Land And Its People: A Social History Of The Borough Of Lawrence And Its Surrounding Districts
15465: MAYHEW, ATHOL - A Jorum of "Punch" with those who helped to brew it being the early history of "The London Charivari".
11648: MAZEY, WYNFRED - The One Way Track: Memories of Milford
11070: MCALPINE, RACHEL - Lament for Ariadne
4609: MCALPINE, NEIL [M'ALPINE] - A Pronouncing Gaelic Dictionary: to which is prefixed a Concise but Most Comprehensive Gaelic Grammar
9989: MCARA, J. B. - Gold Mining At Waihi 1878 - 1952
6936: MCARTHUR, GLADYS AND JAMES WILFRED MCARTHUR. - "The Golden Lure" A Condensed History And Survey Of The Dunstan Goldfields And Surrounding Areas On The Occasion Of The Centenary Celebrations 1862-1962.
16133: MCBRIDE, H. W. - A Rifleman Went to War
000451: MCCAASKILL, L. W. & J. H. JOHNS - The Hanmer Forest Walks
12434: MCCABE, JOSEPH - Haeckel's Critics Answered
13050: MCCABE, JOSEPH - The A B C of Evolution
13123: MCCABE, JOSEPH - The Bankruptcy of Religion
16455: MCCAFFERTY, PATRICK & MIKE BAILLIE - The Celtic Gods: Comets in Irish Mythology
17110: MCCAFFERTY, PATRICK & MIKE BAILLIE - The Celtic Gods: Comets in Irish Mythology
7676: MCCALLUM, HUGH AND JOHN (EDS) - An Original Collection Of The Poems Of Ossian, Orran, Ulin, And Other Bards, Who Flourished In The Same Age
4199: MCCARTEN, ANTHONY - A Modest Apocalypse and Other Stories
14072: MCCARTHY, WINSTON - The All Blacks on Trek Again: the Complete Story of the 1949 New Zealand Rugby Team in South Africa
003020: MCCARTHY, WINSTON - Rugby in My Time Including a Gallery of Rugby Greats
7203: MCCARTHY, WINSTON - Round the World with the All Blacks 1953-54: The Story of the New Zealand Tour to the British Isles, France, Canada and America, 1953054
9356: MCCARTHY, WINSTON - Round the World with the All Blacks 1953-54: The Story of the New Zealand Tour to the British Isles, France, Canada and America, 1953054
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5579: MOSELEY, H. N. - Notes by a Naturalist on the "Challenger," Being an Account of Various Observations Made During the Voyage of H.M.S. "Challenger" Round the World, in the Years 1872-1876 [...]
5923: MOSELEY, H. N. - Notes by a Naturalist on the "Challenger," Being an Account of Various Observations Made During the Voyage of H.M.S. "Challenger" Round the World, in the Years 1872-1876 [...]
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11393: NEELE, [SAMUEL] - Map - France
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11780: NEWPORT, J. N. W. - Sovereign Butter: Seventy-Five Years Of Production
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9965: NISBET, HARRY - Grammar Of Textile Design
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8605: NORDHOFF, CHARLES - The Young Man-Of-War's Man: A Boys Voyage Around The World
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14643: MOKWUGO OKOYE - Storms on the Niger: A Story of Nigeria's Struggle
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8677: OLDS, PETER - Doctor's Rock
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8682: OLDS, PETER - Exit - 2 Poems By Peter Olds
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11710: ORCZY, BARONESS [EMMUSKA] - Unravelled Knots
11709: ORCZY, BARONESS [EMMUSKA] - The Bronze Eagle
14195: D'ORLEANS, HENRI (PRINCE) ; TRANSATED BY HAMLEY BENT - From Tonkin to India by the Sources of the Irawadi January '95 - January '96
14009: ORMAN, TONY - Memories of New Zealand Deerstalking: An Anthology
6950: ORMAN, TONY - In Hindsight [Cover title: In Hind Sight]
8133: VAN ORMAN QUINE, WILLARD - From A Logical Point Of View 9 Logico-Philosophical Essays
9210: ORMAN, TONY - Trout With Nymph
9213: ORMAN, TONY - The Challenge Of Fishing In Small Streams In New Zealand
15752: ORMAN, TONY & JOHN MORTON - Serious about Trout Fishing
000897: ORMEROD, ROGER - A Shot At Nothing
11700: ORSI, COUNT - Recollections of the Last Half-Century
18044: ORTON, JOE - Entertaining Mr Sloane
18329: ORWIN, JOANNA - Travis Wetland Walk - A Field Guide
14198: ORWIN, JOANNA - Collision
12878: OSBORN, ARTHUR W. - Occultism, Christian Science and Healing
6238: OSTROWSKI, WACLAW; TRANSLATED BY KRYSTYNA KEPLICZ - Contemporary town planning: From the origins to the Athens Charter
8277: OSWALD, ADRIAN - English Brown Stoneware 1670 - 1900
6471: KAI TAHU KI OTAGO - Kai Tahu ki Otago Natural Resource Management Plan
10092: PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT OF OTAGO - The Otago Provincial Government Gazette. Volumes I-VI
11253: AN OTAGONIAN [PSEUDONYM OF JOHN TURNBULL THOMSON] - Rambles with a Philosopher; or, Views at the Antipodes
4323: MES RUNICMAN; E. HERRING & OTHERS - Reports on the Selwyn Block with Map Shewing the Whaiti-Kuranui & Patatere Lands, Province of Auckland, New Zealand
15226: OULESS, P. J. - Jersey Illustrated
17578: OTAGO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION / OUSA - Otago University Capping Book. [6 Issues: 1920, 1932, 1938, 1939, 1945, 1951]
13779: OUSELEY, JOHN - 100 Trifles That Tell in Business: A Business Book of Sterling Value to the man of woman who wants to get into touch with Time, Money, Labour, and Saving Methods
001327: OVERTON, ROBERT - Queer Fish: Character Sketches
13655: OWEN, HAROLD - Common Sense about the Shaw: Being a Candid Criticism of "Common Sense about the War," by Bernard Shaw
13175: OWEN, ROBERT; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY M. BEER - The Life of Robert Owen
16988: OWEN, JOHN - Wind in the Sky
9653: OWEN, D. M - A Stranger Stands
17653: OWEN, A. R. G. - Can We Explain the Poltergeist?
16907: OWEN, W. LAMBDEN; WITH A FOREWORD BY J. H. CURLE - Cossack Gold: The Chronicles of an Early Goldfields Warden
12504: OWEN, ROBERT; EDITED BY JOHN F. C. HARRISON - Utopianism and Education: Robert Owen and the Owenites
7173: OXLEY, J. M. - In the Wilds of the West Coast
15346: OXONIAN [PSEUDONYM OF REV. WALTER METCALFE HOLMES MILNER] - Israel's Wanderings; or, The Scuths, the Saxons, and the Kymry: A Connected Account, Tracing the Lost Tribes of Israel into the British Isles
10876: VAN OYSTAEYEN, F. (ED.) - Methods in Ring Theory
8012: PACHMAN, LUDEK - Complete Chess Strategy 1: Planning The Pieces
000262: NEW ZEALAND ALPINE CLUB / H. E. RIDDIFORD / E. P. HILLARY / W. P. PACKARD - The New Zealand Alpine Journal. June 1952. Vol. XIV. No. 39.
17803: PADOVAN, RENZO - Te-Ika-a-Maui (the fish of Maui): A Portfolio of Maori Art
001685: LE PAGE, RAND - Beyond These Suns
001687: LE PAGE, RAND - Time and Space
8919: PAGE, LEIGH - Stars Of The Earth; Or, Wild Flowers Of The Earth
001684: LE PAGE, RAND - Blue Asp
002294: PAGE, JESSE - Amid Greenland Snows or the Early History of Arctic Missions
002295: PAGE, JESSE - Amid Greenland Snows or the Early History of Arctic Missions
11668: PAGE, DAVID - Chips and Chapters: A Book for Amateur and Young Geologists
14276: PAGEL, WALTER - Paracelsus: An Introduction to Philosophical Medicine in the Era of the Renaissance
003319: PAGET, FRANCES [BISHOP OF OXFORD] - Studies in the Christian Character. Sermons with an Introductory Essay
003225: PAGLIERO, LEONARD - The Retail Stationer's Handbook. Volume One
18014: PAKEHA [PSEUDONYM OF PETER THOMSON, C1823-1879] - Rambles Round Dunedin [collection of xeroxed copies of this column from the "Otago Witness" newspaper]
12422: PALEY, WILLIAM; WITH AN INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY REV. T. R. BIRKS - A View of the Evidences of Christianity. In Three Parts.
13132: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS (SIR) - The History of Normandy and of England [Volume I only]
11176: PALIN, MICHAEL - Full Circle
000033: PALLIS, MARCO - Peaks and Lamas
000585: PALMER, WM. T. - The English Lakes
8072: PALMER, GEOFF - Telling Stories
15629: PALMER, CHARLES OSCAR & ELSIE PALMER - The Mystery of the Moa: A Poem. A Souvenir of New Zealand.
9563: PALMER, W. T - The English Lakes
12608: PALMER, GEOFFREY - Compensation for Incapacity: A Study of Law and Social Change in New Zealand and Australia
13247: PALMER, RAY (REV.) - What is Truth? Hints on the formation of Religious Opinions. Addressed especially to young men and women of Christian education
000911: PANSY - Household Puzzles
10539: PARDOE, F. E. - John Baskerville of Birmingham Letter-Founder & Printer
17661: PARHAM, W. T. - John Roberts, N.Z.C. - A Man in his Time: A Life of Lt.-Col. John Mackintosh Roberts (1840-1928)
4099: PARK, G. S. - New Zealand Commercial Ceramics
7247: PARKER, GILBERT - Round the Compass in Australia
16652: PARKES, W. S.; JIM COMERFORD & MAX LAKE - Mines, Wines and People: A History of Greater Cessnock
6946: PARKINSON, BRIAN. - Common Insects Of New Zealand
002856: ACT MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT - Old Values - New Ideas from ACT Members of Parliament
11339: PARMEE, FREDERICK C. - The Road: Poems
5828: PARROTT, ARTHUR W. - Sea Angler's Fishes of New Zealand
6845: PARROTT, ARTHUR W. - Sea Angler's Fishes of New Zealand
6846: PARROTT, ARTHUR W. - Big Game Fishes Of New Zealand
8471: PARROTT, EDWARD (SIR) - The Children's Story Of The War (Volume III only)
15312: PARRY, GORDON - Cathedral in the Octagon: The First Hundred Years of St. Paul's, Dunedin 1894-1994
16821: PARRY, GORDON - Otago Medical School 1875-1975: An Historical Sketch
002998: PARRY, GORDON - Behind the Headlines
7399: PARRY, D. H - Britain's Roll Of Glory Or The Victoria Cross Its Heroes And Their Valour From Personal Accounts, Official Records, And Regimental Tradition
14697: PARRY, GORDON - Patients Prisoners & Progress: The First 125 Years of the Patients' and Prisoners' Aid Society of Otago Incorporated
11250: PARSONS, JOHN & BRYN HAMMOND - New Zealand's Treasury of Trout and Salmon: An Angling Anthology
11135: PARSONS, JOHN - Parsons' Glory: a bedside book for anglers
17290: PARTON, HUGH NOBLE - Science is Human
18348: PARTON, H. N. [HUGH]; EDITED BY M. H. PANCKHURST - Science is Human: Essays
4380: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - Comic Alphabets: Their Origin, Development, Nature
5064: PASCAL, BLAISE - The Provincial Letters of Blaise Pascal
002488: PASCOE, JOHN - Of Unknown New Zealand
003009: PASCOE, JOHN - Of Unknown New Zealand
15801: PASCOE, JOHN - Over The Whitcombe Pass: The Narrative Of Jakob Lauper Reprinted From The Canterbury Gazette, July 1863
15071: PASCOE, JOHN (ED. ) - Mr. Explorer Douglas
7034: PASLEY, RHYS (ED.) - Lipsync Two: Dec 1972
9054: PASSMORE, J. L. (ED.) - 1934-35 Year Book Together With The Work of The Year For 1933-34
4450: PATERSON, A. I. H. - Caves in the Hills: Selected Poems by A. I. H. Paterson
17818: PATERSON, G. THACKER - First Aid In Chemical Warfare: Including Collective and Personal Protection - The New Zealand Red Cross Society
16639: PATERSON, JAMES & EDWIN G. MACNAUGHTON - The Approach to Latin Writing
11589: PATERSON, AUDREY I. - A Cornish Goldminer at Hamiltons
15705: PATERSON, KIMBERLEY - The X Factor: Finding Inner Courage
12623: PATERSON, JAMES - The Liberty of the Press, Speech, and Public Worship. Being Commentaries on the Liberty of the Subject and the Laws of England
17187: PATMAN, ROBERT G. (ED.) - Globalization and Conflict: National Security in a "New" Strategic Era
7058: PATON CAMPBELL, DAVID - Rae Budding Or Slums In New Zealand
8466: PATON, H. J. - The Good Will A Study In The Coherence Theory Of Goodness
5350: PATRICK, MARY MILLS - Sappho and the Island of Lesbos
003411: PATTERSON, GEORGE N. - Peking Versus Delhi
9996: PATTERSON, FREEMAN - Shadow Light A Photographer's Life
7435: PATTERSON, GEORGE N - Tibet In Revolt
7659: PATTERSON, A - Rambles In Birdland
002349: PATTERSON, GEORGE N. - Tragic Destiny
17438: PATTERSON, HARRY - The Thousand Faces of Night
18451: PATTERSON, GEORGE (REV.) - Missionary Life Among the Cannibals: Being the Life of the Rev. John Geddie, D.D., First Missionary in the New Hebrides; with A History of the Nova Scotia Presbyterian Mission on that Group.
13387: PAUL, JANET - Journey Through My Island
5231: PAUL, ROBERT BATEMAN - Letters From Canterbury, New Zealand.
001516: PAUL, M. EDEN - Psychical Research and Thought Transference: Their Meaning and Recent History [ Issued for the Rationalist Press Association, Limited]
17517: PORTER STANSBERRY; WITH A FOREWORD BY RON PAUL - America 2020: The Survival Blueprint
003386: PAULL, MINNIE E. - Ruby's Ups and Downs
7695: PAVILLARD, STANLEY S. - Bamboo Doctor
6956: PAVRI, P. - The World-Teacher (In Questions And Answers).
11477: PAYNE, NEIL F. - Techniques for Wildlife Habitat Management of Wetlands
000918: PAYNE, WILL - Jerry the Dreamer
8268: PAYNE, E. J - Colonies And Colonial Federations
9821: PAYTON, CHARLES A (SIR) - Days Of A Knight An Octogenarian's Medley of Memories
11872: PAYTON, E. W. [EDWARD WILLIAM] - Round About New Zealand Being A Journal Of Three Years' Wanderings In The Antipodes
17050: PEACOCKE, ISABEL M. - Marjolaine
003730: PEACOCKE, ISABEL M. - Concerning the Marlows
002173: PEACOCKE, MAUD [ISABEL] - Songs of the Happy Isles
18383: PEAKE, MERVYN - Titus Alone
12682: PEAR, T. H. - Voice and Personality
7694: PEARCE, T. D. AND ROBERT V. FULTON (EDS) - Otago High School Old Boys' Register
8038: PEARCE, REV. JOHN (ED.) - Seeking A See A Journal Of The Right Reverend Henry Lascelles Jenner D. D. Of His Visit To Dunedin, New Zealand In 1868 - 1869
10471: PEARCE, T. D. AND ROBERT V. FULTON (EDS) - Otago High School Old Boys' Register
15219: PEARN, NORMAN STONE & VERNON BARLOW - Quest for Sheba
12266: PEARSE, MARK GUY - Some Aspects of the Blessed Life
000884: PEARSON [AUTHORS INCLUDE KIPLING; TENNYSON; BROWNING] - Pearson's New Reciter and Reader

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