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000917: HEUMAN, WILLIAM - Pistoleers on Patrol
12215: HEWARD, CONSTANCE - Ameliaranne Camps Out
14850: HEWES, THOMAS - Decentralize for Liberty
7288: HEWITSON, WILLIAM - Andrew Cameron As I Knew Him Three Memorial Tributes To The Rev. Andrew Cameron
10973: HEWITSON, WILLIAM - Andrew Cameron As I Knew Him Three Memorial Tributes To The Rev. Andrew Cameron
18394: HEWITT, CHRISTOPHER & TOM CHEETHAM - Encyclopedia of Modern Separatist Movements
002486: HEWITT, L. R. & M. M. DAVIDSON - The Southern Alps (Part II) : Mount Cook Alpine Regions
10334: HEYER, GEORGETTE - The Great Roxhythe
17365: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Cotillion
13509: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Instead of the Thorn
002636: HEYER, GEORGETTE - The Masqueraders
001118: HEYER, GEORGETTE - The Black Moth
17363: HEYER, GEORGETTE - April Lady
15768: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Devil's Cub
18731: HEYER, GEORGETTE - They Found Him Dead
10816: HEYER, GEORGETTE - The Black Moth
16669: HEYERDAHL, THOR - The Tigris Expedition: In Search of Our Beginnnings
11883: HEYWOOD, B. A. [BENJAMIN ARTHUR] - A Vacation Tour at the Antipodes, through Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, and New Zealand, in 1861-162
18905: HIBBEN, FRANK C. - Hunting in Africa
001114: HICHENS, ROBERT - Flames: a London Phantasy
18485: HICKES, J. C. - The History and Development of Lesbury and Alnmouth
11075: HICKLING, HAROLD; WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY MARY ANSTRUTHER - Freshwater Admiral: Fishing the Tongariro River and Lake Taupo
9218: HICKORY WOOD, J. - Dan Leno
12030: HIGGINS, JACK - The Savage Day
17624: HIGHAM, CHARLES - Olivia and Joan: A Biography of Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine
8841: HIGHT, JAMES & C. R. STRAUBEL (EDS.) - A History of Canterbury. Volume I: To 1854
003337: HILDRETH, R. (ED. ) - The White Slave: a Story of Life in Virginia, Etc.
14309: HILL, LORNA - Swan Feather
16839: HILL, MURRAY (ED.) - The Drying and Storage of Grain and Herbage Seeds
8169: HILL, EDWARD - There Was Maori A Land League In Taranaki
9567: HILL, LES & GRAEME MARSHALL - Catching Trout
9690: HILL, A. C. - Man and the Multitude
14333: HILL, ARCHIBALD VIVIAN - Muscular Activity
13002: HILL, HEADON - The Cottage in the Chine
16568: HILL, CHRISTOPHER - God's Englishman: Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution
9867: HILL, ELFRIDA - Gathered Leaves
16865: HILL, LORNA - So Guy Came Too
17787: HILL, HAROLD (ED.) - Te Ope Whakaora - The Army that brings Life: A Collection of Documents on the Salvation Army & Maori 1884-2007
13882: HILLARY, J. H. - Westland: Journal of John Hillary, emigrant to New Zealand, 1879
002792: HILLARY, LOUISE - Keep Calm if You Can: Round the World with the Hillary Family
5857: HILLARY, EDMUND AND PETER - Two Generations
6291: HILLARY, EDMUND & DESMOND DOIG - High in the Thin Cold Air
17379: HILLARY, EDMUND - From the Ocean to the Sky
17380: HILLARY, EDMUND AND PETER - Two Generations
4293: HILLIARD, NOEL - A Piece of Land
15336: HILLIARD, NERINA - Sister to Meryl
17792: HILLS, DENNIS - The Styx Story: A Study of a Christchurch River
15620: HINDS, ELIZABETH (ED.) - Otago Early Settlers Museum
6506: HINE, REGINALD L. - Dreams and The Way of Dreams
15348: HINE, EDWARD - Forty-Seven Identifications of the British Nation with the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Founded upon Five Hundred Scripture Proofs.
13917: HINKS, PETER - Twentieth Century British Jewellery 1900-1980
17190: HINTZ, O. S. - The New Zealanders in England, 1931
4970: HIS EXCELLENCY THE RIGHT HONOURABLE UCHTER JOHN MARK, EARL OF RANFURLY. GOVERNOR - The Statutes of New Zealand: Passed in the Third Year of the Reign of His Majesty King Edward VII., and the First Session of the Fifteenth Parliament of New Zealand
12205: HITCHCOCK, THOMAS H. - Monogram Close-Up 9: BF 109 F
13074: HITT, THOMAS - A Treatise of Husbandry on the Improvement of Dry and Barren Lands
16756: HITTI, PHILIP K. - History of the Arabs
002854: HJORTO, KNUD - To Verdener [Three Volumes]
15975: HOARE, MICHAEL E. (ED.) - Enlightenment and New Zealand 1773-1774: Essays commemorating the visit of Johann Reinhold Forster and George Forster with James Cook to Queen Charlotte and Dusky Sounds
17537: HOBBS, WILLIAM; PHOTOGRAPHY BY BOB REED - Classic Cars - Power & Passion: From the World of WearableArt and Collectable Cars Museum - Nelson, New Zealand
8322: HOBBS, DERISLEY F. - Trout Fisheries In New Zealand Their Development And Management
4426: HOBDAY, E. A. P. (MAJOR) - Sketches on Service during the Indian Frontier Campaigns of 1897
12958: HOBSON, JOHN A. - The Economics of Distribution
5552: HOCHSTETTER, FERDINAND VON - Geology of New Zealand: Contributions to the Geology of the Provinces of Auckland and Nelson
11826: HOCKEN, T. M. - A Bibliography of the Literature Relating to New Zealand
003553: HOCKEN, T. M. - A Bibliography of the Literature Relating to New Zealand
001039: HOCKEN, T. M. - A Bibliography of the Literature Relating to New Zealand
16931: HOCKEN, A. G. - Dr Hocken of Dunedin: A Life
11583: HOCKEN, T. M. - A Bibliography of the Literature Relating to New Zealand
17555: HOCKEN, THOMAS MORLAND - Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand (Settlement of Otago)
001375: HODDER, EDWIN [FROM THE COLLECTION OF SIR GEORGE GREY] - George Fife Angas Father and Founder of South Australia
10543: HODGKINS, FRANCES - "Dairy Farm" "Houses and Outhouses, Purbeck"
14132: HODGSON, C. W. D. - Tales of a Town Clerk
10671: HODGSON, W. EARL - How to Fish: A Treatise on Trout & Trout-Fishers
17973: HODGSON, C. W. D. - Tales of a Town Clerk
12791: HODGSON, W. B. - The Education of Girls; and The Employment of Women of the Upper Classes Educationally Considered: Two Lectures
15334: HODLEY, ROBERT - The Insatiables
10235: HODSON, G. (REV.) - Sermons, Illustrative Of Some Of The Leading Doctrines Of The Gospel In Connection With Christian Temper And Experience
6890: HODSON, GEOFFREY - Be Ye Perfect
15013: HODSON, ARNOLD W.; EDITED BY A. E. NELLEN; INTRODUCTION BY SIR RALPH WILLIAMS; FOREWORD BY F. C. SELOUS - Trekking the Great Thirst: Travel and Sport in the Kalahari Desert
12122: HOFFMANN, HEINRICH (PROFESSOR) - Das Antlitz des Fuhrers
8609: HOFFMANN, E. T. A - The Devil's Elixirs
001362: HOFFMANN, ERNST, (ED. BY J. M. COHEN) - Tales from Hoffmann
001729: HOFFMANN (PROFESSOR) - Later Magic
11497: HOFFMANN, PROFESSOR - Conjuring Tricks with Coins, Watches, Rings, and Handkerchiefs: From "Modern Magic"
001366: HOFLUND, MRS - The Son of a Genius
9507: HOGARTH DU GRUCHY, FLORRIE - Wakatipu Queen Of The Lakes
11476: HOGG, A. W. (THE HON. MINISTER OF LABOUR) (COMPILED BY DIRECTION OF) - The Labour Laws of New Zealand. (Brought up to the end of the Session of 1908.)
002878: HOGG, JAMES - The Queen's Wake: a Legendary Poem
8993: HOGG, WILLIAM - Lays And Rhymes Descriptive, Legendary, Historical, Logical And Lyrical
17124: HOGG, OLIVER F. G. (BRIGADIER) - English Artillery 1326-1716: being the history of artillery in this country prior to the formation of the Royal Regiment of Artillery
6413: HOGGARD, N. F.; CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE MAURICE GEE & KENDRICK SMITHYMAN - Arena: A Literary Magazine. A run of 13 issues from Number 44, 1956 to Number 56, Spring 1961.
7332: HOHNEL, LAJOS - A Rudolf Es Stefania Tavakhoz Teleki Samuel Grof Felfedezo Utja Kelet-Afrika Egyenlitoi Videkein 1887-1888-Ban
13700: HOHNER - The New Harmonica Tutor
11631: HOLBOROW, D. G. [DAVID GEORGE] - Recollections 1925-1958
003127: HOLCROFT, M. M. - Timeless World: a Collection of Essays
6554: HOLCROFT, M. H. - Carapace. The Motor Car in New Zealand: A Roadside View
7620: HOLCROFT, M. H. - Old Invercargill
10286: HOLCROFT, M. H. - Graceless Islanders
9873: HOLCROFT, M. H. - Discovered Isles: A Trilogy
14470: HOLDEN, PHILIP - Wild Boar
14437: HOLDEN, PHILIP - Wild Game: Hunting Gamebirds, Small and Feral Game in New Zealand
14436: HOLDEN, PHILIP - The Golden Years of Hunting in New Zealand
7286: HOLDEN, PHILIP - The Wild Pig In New Zealand
17914: CICERO; EDITED BY HUBERT ASHTON HOLDEN - M. Tulli Ciceronis - Pro Gnaeo Plancio Oratio Ad Iudices
9513: HOLDEN, PHILIP - The Hunting Experience
16589: HOLDEN, PHILIP - On Target
16514: HOLDEN, PHILIP - The Way of a Hunter
17022: HOLDICH, THOMAS (SIR) - Tibet, The Mysterious
17023: HOLDICH, THOMAS (SIR) - Tibet, The Mysterious
17458: HOLDRIDGE, DESMOND - Escape to the Tropics
6641: HOLDSTOCK, ROBERT - Merlin's Wood or The Vision of Magic
5639: HOLE, TAHU - Anzacs Into Battle
17158: HOLLAND, H. E. [HENRY EDMUND] - Indentured Labour - Is it Slavery?
11177: HOLLAND, CLIVE - Things Seen in Japan
14873: HOLLEDGE, JAMES - Black Magic
12670: HOLLEDGE, JAMES - Black Magic
11255: HOLLINS, S. T. - No Ten Commandments: Life in the Indian Police
8478: HOLLISS, REX - Killer On The Coast The True Story Of Stan Graham
12616: HOLLISS, REX - A Documented Exposure of Secret Police in N.Z.: What the University Inquiry Didn't Expose
17474: HOLLOWAY, J. T. - The Mountain Lands of New Zealand
17769: HOLMAN, JEFFREY PAPAROA - The Lost Pilot: A Memoir
6547: HOLME, HUATA; WITH RUSSELL BISHOP & TED GLYNN - Tu Mai Kia Tu Ake: Impact of Taha Maori in Otago and Murihiku Schools
4755: HOLMES, E. R. T. - Flannelled Foolishness: A Cricketing Chronicle
17138: HOLMES, DAVID - My Seventy Years on the Chatham Islands
8007: HOLMES, MAURICE - An Introduction To The Bibliography Of Captain James Cook
003357: HOLT, EMILY SARAH - All for the Best; Or, Bernard Gilpin's Motto
9471: HOLT, MARTIN - Out Of Bondage
8556: HOLT HUTTON, RICHARD - Aspects Of Religious And Scientific Thought
13797: HOLT HUTTON, RICHARD - Aspects Of Religious And Scientific Thought
18538: HOLTBY, WINIFRED - South Riding: An English Landscape
18688: HOLTHOUSE, HECTOR - Gympie Gold
003584: WALKERS & HOLTZAPFFEL - "00" and "0" Gauge Model Railway Equipment by Walkers & Holtzapffel Ltd. and Associate Company Romford Model Ltd. [Cover Title: "Catalogue of Model Railway Equipment"]
16065: HOLYOAK, D. T. & J.-C. THIBAULT - Contribution ŕ l'étude des oiseaux de Polynésie Orientale
12769: HOLYOAKE, GEORGE JACOB - The Origin and Nature of Secularism; showing that where Freethought commonly ends Secularism begins
9130: HOMER - The Iliad Of Homer Rendered Into English Blank Verse
17974: HOOD, THOMAS - The Headlong Career and Woful Ending of Precocious Piggy
002453: HOOD, THOMAS; EDITED BY WILLIAM MICHAEL ROSSETTI - The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood. First Series.
11707: HOOK, THEODORE - Merton; or, "There's Many a Slip 'Twixt the Cup and the Lip."
11693: HOOK, THEODORE - Precepts and Practice
14944: HOOKER, JOSEPH DALTON (SIR) - Himalayan Journals; Or, Notes of a Naturalist in Bengal, the Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas, the Khasia Mountains, &c.
18429: HOOKER, MARY - Behind the Scenes in Peking: Being Experiences during the Siege of the Legations
11564: HOOKER, BRIAN - Dictionary Of New Zealand Map-Makers & An Appendix: Early Cartography In New Zealand - A Guide
5869: HOOKER, RICHARD - The Ecclesiastical Polity and Other Works of Richard Hooker: With His Life by Izaak Walton. (Volume Three only)
5870: HOOKER, RICHARD - The Ecclesiastical Polity and Other Works of Richard Hooker: With His Life by Izaak Walton. (Volume One only)
15341: HOOKES, NICHOLAS - Amanda, A Sacrifice To an Unknown Goddesse, Or, A Free-will Offering Of a loving Heart to a Sweet-Heart
10887: HOOL, GEORGE A. & W. S. KINNE (EDS.); REVISED BY R. R. ZIPPRODT AND H. E. LANGLEY - Movable and Long-Span Steel Bridges
10530: HOOLE, JOHN; EDITED BY O. M. BRACK JR - Journal Narrative Relative to Doctor Johnson's Last Illness Three Weeks Before is Death
8189: HOOLE, ELIJAH - Personal Narrative Of A Mission To The South Of India, From 1820 To 1828 (Part II - 1825 to 1828)
14476: HOOPER, EDWARD - The River: A Journey to the Source of HIV and Aids
12195: HOOPER, PETER - "Profiles in Monochrome": ten poems from Westland
16999: HOPE, FIELDING - The Mystery of the House of Commons
6361: HOPKINS, HENRY - Three Lectures on Free-Masonry, regarded as a Moral and Religious System, and in its Social Duties and Influences [...]
001694: HOPKINS, ALPHONSO A. - The Life of Clinton Bowen Fisk
5072: HOPPE, E.O; WITH A PREFACE BY THE QUEEN OF RUMANIA - In Gipsy Camp and Royal Palace: Wanderings in Rumania
5434: HOPPUS - Hoppus's Practical Measurer made Easy
003026: HORLER, SYDNEY - Horror's Head
16978: HORNADGE, BILL - Collecting Stamps in Australia & New Zealand
5654: HORNELL, JAMES - The Indian Varieties and Races of the Genus Turbinella
6500: HORWILL, HERBERT W. - The Usages of the American Constitution
17804: HOSE, CHARLES - Natural Man: A Record from Borneo
6427: HOSEGOOD, NANCY - The Glass Island: The Story of Tristan da Cunha
8627: HOSIE, ALEXANDER - Manchuria Its People, Resources And Recent History
14336: HOST, EMILY (ED.) - Able Tasman National Park: A Handbook for Visitors
14065: HOTERE, RALPH - Ralph Hotere: A Survey 1963-1975
001021: HOTSON, J. LESLIE - The Death of Christopher Marlowe
12059: HOUSE, ERWIN - The Missionary in Many Lands: A Series of Interesting Sketches of Missionary Life
18512: LUCAN; EDITED BY A. E. HOUSMAN [MARCUS ANNAEUS LUCANUS] - Belli Civilis - Libri Decem
9371: HOUSTON, EDWIN J. - Volcanoes and Earthquakes
5238: HOWARD-BURY, CHARLES & GEORGE LEIGH MALLORY; EDITED BY MARIAN KEANEY - Everest Reconnaissance: The First Expedition of 1921
8768: HOWARD, ELIZABETH - Sabina
15788: HOWARD, E. J. [EDWIN JOHN] - Seditious Prisoners and Conscientious Objectors Fund.
18895: HOWARD, GEORGE A. - The Heart of Fiordland
18434: HOWCROFT, WILBUR G. - Bush Characters: Yarns and Verse from the Outback
10916: HOWE, MURIEL - Winter Tariff
10903: HOWE, P. P. - The Life of William Hazlitt
13124: HOWELL, GEORGE - The Conflicts of Capital and Labour Historically and Economically Considered being a History and Review of the Trade Unions of Great Britain Showing their Origins, Progress, Constitution, and Objects in their Political, Social, Economical and Industrial Aspects
17427: HOWELL, SIGNE; WITH A FOREWORD BY RODNEY NEEDHAM - Society and Cosmos: Chewong of Peninsular Malaysia
14744: HOWELLS, TREVOR - African Experience: Story of an RNZAF Ferry Pilot
15772: HOWES, EDITH - Fairy Rings
14945: HOWES, EDITH - The Sun's Babies
15773: HOWES, EDITH - The Sun's Babies
003633: HOWES, EDITH - Rainbow Children
9520: HOWES, BRIAN - Guide to Fine and Rare Australasian Books Volume Three
18104: HOWES, EDITH - Young Pioneers
14367: HOWITT, MARY - Which is the Wiser? A Tale
15185: HOWITT, WILLIAM & MARY HOWITT - Ruined Abbeys and Castles of Great Britain. The Photographic Illustrations by Bedford, Sedgfield, Wilson, Fenton, and others.
12803: HOWORTH, HENRY H. (SIR) - The Glacial Nightmare and the Flood: A Second Appeal to Common Sense from the Extravagance of Some Recent Geology
000464: HOYLAND, JOHN S. - The Sacrament of Nature
8243: HOYLAND, JOHN - An Epitome Of The History Of The World, From The Creation To The Advent Of The Messiah, Exhibiting The Fulfilment Of Scripture Prophecies Particularly In Relation To The Jews (Volume Two only)
12611: HUBBARD, L. RON & JOHN SANBORN - The Co-Auditor's Manual of Scientology: The Basic Theory and Practice of Scientology as developed by L. Ron Hubbard presented for use in Co-Auditing by John Sanborn
9027: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journeys To The Homes Of Eminent Orators Pitt
9076: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journeys To The Homes Of English Authors Robert Browning
9077: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journeys To The Homes Of English Authors William Morris
16439: HUBBELL, ROSE STRONG; ILLUSTRATED BY JOHNY GRUELLE - Quacky Doodles' and Danny Daddles' Book
10872: HUCKABA, JAMES A. - Commutative Rings with Zero Divisors
5515: HUDSON, G. V - Transactions of the New Zealand Institute 1901, Vol XXXIV. Article II. - On The Senses Of Insects
12784: HUDSON, WILLIAM HENRY - An Introduction to the Philosophy of Herbert Spencer with a Biographical Sketch
10662: HUDSON, G. V. - Fragments of New Zealand Entomology A Popular Account of all the New Zealand cicadas. The natural history of the New Zealand glow-worm. A second supplement to the butterflies and moths of New Zealand and notes on many other native insects.
12152: HUDSON, G. V. - Fragments of New Zealand Entomology A Popular Account of all the New Zealand cicadas. The natural history of the New Zealand glow-worm. A second supplement to the butterflies and moths of New Zealand and notes on many other native insects.
11725: HUE, FRANÇOIS - Derničres années du rčgne et de la vie de Louis XVI
002268: HUGHES, TED - The Earth Owl and Other Moon-People
003520: HUGHES, HUGH (REV. ) - Female Characters of Holy Writ
13627: HULL, MICHAEL JOHN - Horace Henry (Harry) Hull 1873-1951: The Story of the Arrival of the Hull Family in New Zealand from Warwickshire, England
17814: HULL, ERNEST R. - Love Courtship and Marriage
13440: HULLAH, ANNETTE - Theodor Leschetizky
7759: HULME, KERI - The Bone People
18204: HULME, KERI - The Silences Between (Moeraki Conversations)
14720: HULME, KERI - Strands
8516: HULSBERGEN, E. D AND I. T. KLAASEN, AND I. KRIENS (EDS) - Shifting Sense Looking Back To The Future In Spatial Planning
5972: HUME, FERGUS - The Carbuncle Clue: A Mystery
15929: HUMPHREYS, CHRIS - Going Bush
7273: HUMPHRY, MRS - Manners For Men
12990: HUNN, JACK KENT - Not Only Affairs of State
5612: HUNNEWELL, JAMES F. - Bibliography of the Hawaiian Islands
18946: HUNT, A. N. (TONY) - Foxton 1888-1988 - The First 100 Years
14823: HUNT, LAWRENCE - An American Speaks
18758: HUNT, SAM - Bracken Country
18695: HUNT, G. H.; GEORGE TOWNSEND - Outram & Havelock's Persian Campaign. By Capt. G. H. Hunt, 78th Highlanders. To which is prefixed, A Summary of Persian History, an account of Various Differences between England and Persia, and an Inquiry into the Origin of the Late War. By George Townsend, Author of "Russell's Modern Europe Epitomised."
16545: HUNT, SAM - Time to Ride
15830: HUNT, J. ERIC; WITH A FOREWORD BY BISHOP HAMILTON - The Glass in St. Mary's Church Shrewsbury
9434: HUNT, JANET - Hone Tuwhare A biography
9816: HUNT, SAM - Collected Poems 1963 - 1980
15169: HUNT, SARA K. - Yusuf and his Friends. The Story of a Family Trip to the Land of Egypt
18615: HUNT, SAM - Backroads: Charting a Poet's Life
13187: HUNT, SAM - Down the Backbone
17094: HUNT, SAM - Doubtless: New & Selected Poems
17103: HUNT, GRAEME - Why MMP Must Go: The case for ditching the electoral disaster of the century
18322: LE HUNTE, BEM - There, Where the Pepper Grows
002130: HUNTER, IRWIN - New Zealand Rugby Football: Some Hints and Criticisms
12690: HUNTER, IRWIN - New Zealand Rugby Football: Some Hints and Criticisms
18704: HUNTER, CHRIS - Vantastic: A Pictorial History of Caravans in New Zealand
13101: HUNTER, EDWARD - Brainwashing: The Story of the Men Who Defied It
17828: [SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM]; TRANSLATED INTO MAORI BY PEI TE HURINUI - Te Tangata Whai-Rawa O Weniti ["The Merchant of Venice" in Maori]
16228: HURT, FREDA - Return to Terror
14122: HUSBANDS, CHRISTOPHER T. - Racial Exclusionism and the City: the Urban Support of the National Front
7624: HUSSEY, H. - Colonial Life And Christian Experience With Notes Of Travel, Lectures, Publications, etc
17038: HUTCHINS, GRAHAM - Eight Days a Week: The Beatles' Tour of New Zealand 1964
17484: HUTCHINS, GRAHAM - The Way to Go! A Travel Guide to New Zealand's Highways, Byways & Railways
7036: HUTCHINSON, HORACE - Golfing
001447: HUTCHISON, WILLIAM - Before the Fact
10141: HUTTON, CAPTAIN F. W. (ED.) - Index Faunae Novae Zealandiae
10140: HUTTON, CAPTAIN F. W. (ED.) - Index Faunae Novae Zealandiae
13216: HUTTON, W. H. (REV.) (ED.) - Simon de Montfort & his Cause 1251-1266: Extracts from the writings of Robert of Gloucester, Matthew Paris, William Rishanger, Thomas of Wykes, etc., etc. Selected and Arranged by The Rev. W. H. Hutton, B. D.
11955: HUTTON, S. K. - By Eskimo Dog-Sled and Kayak: A Description of a Missionary's Experiences & Adventures in Labrador
6257: HUXLEY, THOMAS HENRY - An Introduction to the Classification of Animals
001779: HUXLEY, JULIAN - Biological Aspects of Cancer
13131: HUXLEY, THOMAS H. - Science and Christian Tradition: Essays
18801: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Crome Yellow
18802: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Brief Candles
18800: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Ends & Means
9947: HUZAYYIN, S. A - The Place Of Egypt In Prehistory
12691: HYDE, ROBIN [PSEUDONYM OF IRIS GUIVER WILKINSON (1906-39)] - Nor the Years Condemn
14399: HYDE, ROBIN - The Conquerors and Other Poems
5491: HYDE, ROBIN - Check To Your King: The Life History of Charles, Baron de Thierry, King Of Nukahiva, Sovereign Chief of New Zealand.
11584: HYDE, ROBIN - Check To Your King: The Life History of Charles, Baron de Thierry, King Of Nukahiva, Sovereign Chief of New Zealand.
6450: HYDE, ROBIN - Dragon Rampant
6649: HYDE, ROBIN - The Godwits Fly
12599: HYDE, DOUGLAS - United We Fall: The Tactic of the United Front
9198: HYDE, ROBIN - Persephone In Winter: Poems
9215: HYDE, ROBIN - Check To Your King: The Life History of Charles, Baron de Thierry, King Of Nukahiva, Sovereign Chief of New Zealand.
13202: HYDE, ROBIN - Journalese
12634: HYDE, ROBIN - The Desolate Star and Other Poems
12294: HYDE, ROBIN - Check To Your King: The Life History of Charles, Baron de Thierry, King Of Nukahiva, Sovereign Chief of New Zealand.
12638: HYDE, ROBIN - Persephone In Winter: Poems
9742: HYDE, ROBIN - Journalese
12709: HYDE, FRANK W. - Radio Astronomy for Amateurs
8459: HYDE, ROBIN - Houses By The Sea & The Later Poems Of Robin Hyde
15540: HYDE, ROBIN - The Desolate Star and Other Poems
12133: HYNEK, J. ALLEN & JACQUE VALLEE - The Edge of Reality: A Progress Report on Unidentified Flying Objects
002925: HYTHE, VISCOUNT & JOHN LEYLAND (EDS. ) - The Naval Annual, 1914
13135: IDRIESS, ION L. - Fortunes in Minerals: Simple Tests and How to Make Them
18962: IDRIESS, ION L. - One Wet Season
16086: IDRIESS, ION L. - Gold-Dust and Ashes: The Romantic Story of the New Guinea Goldfields
18958: IDRIESS, ION L. - Lightning Ridge: The Land Of Black Opals
18960: IDRIESS, ION L. - Forty Fathoms Deep: Pearl Divers and Sea Rovers in Australian Seas
18956: IDRIESS, ION L. - The Vanished People
16962: IDRIESS, ION L. - Fortunes in Minerals: Simple Tests and How to Make Them
18834: IDRIESS, ION L. - Stone of Destiny
16087: IDRIESS, ION L. - Madman's Island
5266: IDRIESS, ION L. - Forty Fathoms Deep: Pearl Divers and Sea Rovers in Australian Seas
6442: IDRIESS, ION L. - Lasseter's Last Ride: An Epic in Central Australian Gold Discovery
18957: IDRIESS, ION L. - Outlaws of the Leopolds
9424: IDRIESS, ION L. - Flynn Of The Inland
18961: IDRIESS, ION L. - Madman's Island
18541: IDRIESS, ION L. - Man Tracks
15616: IDRIESS, ION L. - The Yellow Joss and other tales
17227: IDRIESS, ION L. - The Yellow Joss and other tales
17162: IDRIESS, ION L. - The Tin Scratchers
18963: IDRIESS, ION L. - Prospecting for Gold
17946: IGNATIUS, SAINT (OF LOYOLA); TRANSLATED BY THOMAS CORBISHLEY - The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius
14087: IHIMAERA, WITI - Pounamu Pounamu
16213: IHIMAERA, WITI - Pounamu Pounamu
6843: IHIMAERA, WHITI (ED.) - Te Ao Marama Contemporary Maori Writing. Volume 1 Te Whakahuatanga O Te Ao: Reflections Of Reality
8730: IHIMAERA, WITI - The Whale Rider
14182: IHIMAERA, WITI - The Whale Rider
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13646: LAUGHTON, J. G. - From Forest Trail to City Street: The Story of the Presbyterian Church among the Maori People
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5613: LAWLOR, P. A. - The Caxton Press: Some Impressions and a Bibliography [Series Title: New Zealand Collectors Monographs. No. 5]
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15921: LAWRY, A. R. - From Inauguration to Premiers: A Souvenir to the . . . Southern Football Club, covering a period of Twenty-one Seasons. Also, A Complete Record of Intercolonial and International Matches played by New Zealand Teams, Forty-three illustrations. (The First Club History published in New Zealand.)
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5962: LAWSON, HENRY - In the Days when the World Was Wide and Other Verses
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9239: LAWSON, HENRY - Joe Wilson's Mates
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18554: M. C. [MABEL COLLINS]; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY C. W. LEADBEATER - Light on the Path: A Treatise - Written for the Personal Use of Those Who Are Ignorant of the Eastern Wisdom and Who Desire to Enter Within Its Influence - And an Essay on Karma - Written Down by M. C. [+ 2 others]
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10693: NAVY LEAGUE - The Navy Year Book and Diary 1949
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9866: LEE, J. E. (COLONEL) - Duntroon The Royal Military College Of Australia 1911 - 1946
16563: LEE, J. A. [JOHN] - Debt Finance for War and Peace versus Democracy: A Speech which aroused New Zealand
18793: LEECH, ROGER H. - The Topography of Medieval and Early Modern Bristol - Part 1: Property Holdings in the Early Walled Town and Marsh Suburb North of the Avon
18733: LEEK, SYBIL - A Shop in the High Street
11426: LEEMING, OWEN - Venus is Setting
8438: LEEMING, ERNEST LEONARD - "The Superelevation Of Highway Curves"
7429: LEES, J. A AND W. J. CLUTTERBUCK - B. C. 1887 A Ramble In British Columbia
14199: LEES, ANNETTE - The Deep Sky Waits on the Outskirts of Town
4443: LEETE, ALFRED; VERSES BY REGINALD ARKELL - The Bosch Book: 80 Drawings by Alfred Leete
15463: LEFEBVRE, DENYS (SYNED) - The Lone Trek
14301: LEFF, GORDON - The Dissolution of the Medieval Outlook: An Essay on the Intellectual and Spiritual Change in the Fourteenth Century
002220: LEIGH, BARBARA - The Changing Face of Malaysian Crafts : Identity, Industry and Ingenuity (The Asia Collection)
7224: LEIGHTON, ROBERT - The Whole Works Of The Most Reverend Father In God Robert Leighton (Volume Two only)
18257: LEIGHTON, MARIE CONNOR - The Silver Stair
13267: LELAND, JOHN - The Divine Authority of the Old and New Testament Asserted. With a particular vindication of the Character of Moses, and the Prophets, our Saviour Jesus Christ, and his Apostles, against the unjust aspersions and false reasonings of a book, entitled, The Moral Philosopher. To which is added A Defence of this Book against the exceptions and misrepresentations in the second volume of the Moral Philosopher
5540: LEMARCHAND, ELIZABETH - Nothing To Do With The Case
17512: LENNON, JOHN - Walls and Bridges
18692: LENTLE, ROGER & FRANK SAXTON - The New Zealand Hunters' Companion
4706: LEONIS, SHEILA - The Mystery of Iusa
001663: LEOTY, ERNEST - Le Corset a Travers Les Ages
4044: LERMONTOV, M. Y. - A Hero Of Our Time
003390: LESLIE, EMMA - Margie's Gifts and How She Used Them
5329: LESLIE, JOHN (SIR) AND HUGH MURRAY - Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Seas and Regions
8966: LESLIE, CHARLES (REV.) - A Short And Easy Method With the Deists
4042: LESSING, DORIS - This Was The Old Chief's Country
6862: LESSING, DORIS - This Was The Old Chief's Country
4899: LESTER, COLIN J. (ED.) - Perception of Science Fiction [Special Issue of Pacific Quarterly Moana, Vol. 4 No. 3 1979]
18376: LESTER, JOHN - William Ferrier 1855-1922 Photographer
18399: LESTER, 'BIG AL' - Arse-Up Creek: Bush Lies and Half Truths
18438: LESTER, 'BIG AL' - A Sting in the Tale: The Best of the Bush from 'Big Al' Lester
15728: LETTS, WINIFRED M. - Bridget of All Work
001239: LEVER, CHARLES - The Knight of Gwynne: a Tale of the Time of the Union. in Two Volumes.
7897: LEVINSOHN, ISAAC - The Story Of Isaac Levinsohn, A Polish Jew
7265: LEVY, E. BRUCE - Grasslands Of New Zealand
001903: LEWES, GEORGE HENRY - The Life of Maximilien Robespierre with Extracts from His Unpublished Correspondence
16708: LEWES, G. H. - The Life of Maximilien Robespierre; with extracts from his unpublished correspondence.
5677: LEWIN, EVANS - Subject Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Empire Society [...] Volume Two - The Commonwealth of Australia, The Dominion of New Zealand, The South Pacific, General Voyages and Travels, and Arctic and Antarctic Regions
8054: LEWINSON, RICHARD - The Profits Of War Through The Ages
13144: LEWIS, C. S. - Prince Caspian. The Return To Narnia
13056: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Rotting Hill
13057: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - Tarr
16005: LEWIS, C. S.; COLLECTED BY WALTER HOOPER - Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature
12782: LEWIS, CHARLES T. & CHARLES SHORT - A Latin Dictionary founded on Andrews' Edition of Freund's Latin Dictionary Revised, Enlarged, and in Great Part Rewritten
16641: LEWIS, H. SPENCER - Rosicrucian Questions and Answers: With Complete History of the Rosicrucian Order
5365: LEWIS, C. S. - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
10804: LEWIS, C. S. - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
9592: LEWIS, C. S. - Prince Caspian The Return To Narnia
9818: LEWIS, HYWEL D. - Persons And Life After Death
10206: LEWIS, C. S. - The Last Battle
11527: LEWIS, [SAMUEL]; MAPS DRAWN BY R. CREIGHTON - Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of England. [Atlas volume only, with 42 of 45 maps]
13753: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - The Jews: Are They Human?
12811: LEWIS, HENRY CARVILL; EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY HENRY W. CROSSKEY - Papers and Notes on the Glacial Geology of Great Britain and Ireland
13801: LEWIS, JOHN - Douglas Fallacies: A Critique of Social Credit
15197: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Martin Arrowsmith
14677: LEY, W. CLEMENT (REV.) - Cloudland: A Study on the Structure and Characters of Clouds
000543: LEYBOURN, WILLIAM - Panarithmologia: Or, the Trader's Sure Guide. Containing Exact and Useful Tables, Ready Cast Up, Adapted to the Use of Merchants, Mercers, Bankers [...]
6189: BOMBAY BRANCH ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY; COMPILED BY THE LIBRARIAN - Catalogue of Books Added to the Library during 1936 [bound with 7 similar issues for each year up until 1943]
10412: DE LIEFDE, JOHN - The Postman's Bag and Other Stories
11462: LIGHT, WILLIAM - A Brief Journal of the Proceedings of William Light, Late Surveyor-General of the Province of South Australia; with a Few Remarks on some of the Objections that have been made to them
13709: SMITH'S BOOKSHOP LIMITED - [bundle of 8 Smith's Bookshop catalogues, 1969 -1973, Nos. 51, 56, 57, 59, 60, 61, 63, 64]
13726: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM; SELECTED, EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY G. MERCER ADAM - Speeches of Abraham Lincoln Including Inaugurals and Proclamations
14395: LIND, CLIVE (TEXT BY) - Invercargill in Images
16738: VAN DE LINDE, GERARD - Bookkeeping
8523: LINDNER, CHRISTOPH (ED) - Urban Space And Cityscapes Perspectives From Modern And Contemporary Culture
13498: LINDSAY, LIONEL (INTRODUCTION BY) - Australia's Achievement in Art: Special Number of "Art in Australia" Issued in Commemoration of Australia's 150th Anniversary
003443: SHAW SAVILL LINE - New Zealand: Wellington and Auckland.
9697: ORIENT LINE - MCC Australasian Tour 1936-7
002950: LINES, N. R. - A "Ton" of Time 1874-1974: the Centennial Publication of the Invercargill Rugby Football Club (Incorporated)
16877: LING, PETER - Flood Water
14513: LIPYEAT, MOIRA & LES WRIGHT - Delving Deeper: Half a Century of Cave Discovery in New Zealand
5212: LISTER, R. G. & R. P. HARGREAVES - Central Otago: a Symposium to Mark the Centenary of the 'golden Decade' of the 1860s in Central Otago
7668: LISTER, STEPHEN - Hungarian Roulette
001185: LISTER, SYDNEY - Saws and Sawing
16212: LITTLE, J. S - A Century Of Fires And Fire Brigades In Dunedin 1848 - 1948
18584: LITTLE, J. S - A Century Of Fires And Fire Brigades In Dunedin 1848 - 1948
12659: LITTLE, EDMUND - The Fantasts: Studies in J. R. R. Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, Mervyn Peake, Nikolay Gogol and Kenneth Grahame
10670: LITTLEJOHN, AGNES - The Breath of India
15951: LIVERSIDGE, A. (ED.); VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS, INCLUDING ELSDON BEST; S. PERCY SMITH; A, W. HOWITT - Report of the Seventh Meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, held at Sydney, 1898
16946: LIVII, T. [LIVY] - Historiarum. Tom. I. Part II. - Lib. VI.-X.
001197: LIVINGSTON, MARJORIE - Muted Strings
11403: LIZARS, D. - Map - Asia
14491: LLOYD, G. E. R. - Adversaries and Authorities: Investigations into Ancient Greek and Chinese Science
14493: LLOYD, G. E. R. - Ancient Worlds, Modern Reflections: Philosophical Perspectives on Greek and Chinese Science and Culture
14494: LLOYD, GEOFFREY & NATHAN SIVIN - The Way and the Word: Science and Medicine in Early China and Greece
16311: LLOYD, FREDERICK JAMES - The Science of Agriculture
15565: LLOYD, LORD KENYON; WITH ADDITIONS BY JOB WALDEN HANMER - Notes of Cases Argued, and Adjudged, in the Court of King's Bench and of some determined in the other High Courts [. . .] [Volume One only]
9868: LLOYD-JONES, W (BREVET-MAJOR) - Havashi Frontier Adventures In Kenya
18400: LLOYD, GEORGE THOMAS - Thirty-Three Years in Tasmania and Victoria being the Actual Experience of the Author Interspersed with Historic Jottings, Narratives, and Counsel to Emigrants
15504: LOBB, HARRY WILLIAM - On some of the more Obscure Forms of Nervous Affections: Their Pathology and Treatment. With an Introduction, on the Physiology of Digestion and Assimilation, and the Generation, and Distribution, of Nerve Force. Based upon Original Observations. Illustrated with Original Engravings, Drawn on Wood by the Author.
12199: LOBSANG RAMPA, T. - Doctor from Lhasa
15108: LOCKE, JOHN - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
18292: LOCKER, EDWARD HAWKE - Views in Spain
14150: LOCKER, EDWARD HAWKE (1777-1849) - Memoirs of Celebrated Naval Commanders, Illustrated by Engravings from Original Pictures in The Naval Gallery of Greenwich Hospital
001662: LOCKLEY, R. M. - Letters from Skokholm
8443: LOCKRIDGE, FRANCES AND RICHARD - Death By Association
15008: GESHE ACHARYA THUBTEN LODEN - The Fundamental Potential for Enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism
002493: LODGE, DAVID - The British Museum is Falling Down
18331: LOFFHAGEN, SHIRLEY (COMPILED BY) - Millennial Moments in Okiwi Bay
11912: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Puddleby Adventures
13496: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Dogs
4503: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle
4858: LOFTING, HUGH - The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle
12875: LOGAN, KATHRINE R. - There's Something Better on the Way
7492: LOGEROT (ED.) - Plan De Paris
16571: LOGES, WERNER; A. BAEGE; ANDRE DE DIENNES - Schönheit im Bild. Band 1-3. / Beauty and Nature. I, II & III [Three volumes]
15242: LOMAX, ELIZABETH M. R. - Small and Special: The Development of Hospitals for Children in Victorian Britain
15056: LONDON, JACK - The Acorn-Planter: A California Forest Play. Planned to be sung by efficient singers accompanied by a capable orchestra.
000724: LONDON, JACK - Smoke Bellew
002094: LONDON, JACK - The Game
18893: LONDON, JACK - White Fang
18004: LONEY, ALAN - dear Mondrian
16322: LONG, ARTHUR C. (ED.) - Broadside. Volume One, Number One.
17749: LONG, A. A. - Hellenistic Philosophy
16253: LONG, AMELIA R. - Symphony in Murder
9556: LONG INNES, J. G.; EDWD COMBES; H. A. THOMPSON; E. A. BAKER; RICHARD FRAPPELL - Report of the Gold Fields Royal Commission of Inquiry, 1871, New South Wales,[. . .]
002293: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W. - Poems
5638: LONGLAND, J. L. (ED.) - Oxford and Cambridge Mountaineering 1928-1929
9248: LONGSHORE-POTTS, A. M (MRS) - Discourses To Women On Medical Subjects

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