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9148: EVANS, ALLISTER - The Silver Tussock A History Of Holme Station, Craigmore, Maungati, Cannington, Craigmore Downs, Motukaika, Upper Pareora and Alpine
13574: EVANS, HILARY (ED.); WITH JOHN SPENCER - UFOs 1947-1987: The 40-Year Search for an Explanation
17713: EVANS, ERIC J.; WITH A FOREWORD BY ANDREW I. ROSS - Tillicoultry: A Centenary History 1871-1971
14569: EVANS, CHARLES LOVATT - Reminiscences of Bayliss and Starling Delivered on 22 March 1963 At University College, London
4574: EVELYN, JOHN; EDITED BY WILLIAM BRAY - Memoirs Illustrative of the Life and Writings of John Evelyn, Esq. F.R.S. Author of the "Sylva," &c. &c. [Two Volumes (complete)]
7446: EVELYN, JOHN - Memoires For My Grand-son Transcribed and Furnished with a Preface and Notes by Geoffrey Keynes
19134: EVERARD, JOHN - Life Lines
6941: EVERARD, JOHN. - Second Sitting Another Artist's Model
8048: EVERSDYK-SMULDERS, LILY (DR) - Enigmatic Tibet: Experiences with my Tibetan Family
14550: EVISON, HARRY C. - The Long Dispute: Maori Land Rights and European Colonisation in Southern New Zealand
18199: EVISON, HARRY C. - The Long Dispute: Maori Land Rights and European Colonisation in Southern New Zealand
16957: EWBANK, BROOKE & ASSOCIATES - Ewbank, Brooke & Associates - Naval Architects and Marine Consultants
13592: EWELL, MARK - Manacles for Mankind
9988: EWEN, C. L'ESTRANGE - Witch Hunting And Witch Trials
000715: CHESS EXPRESS - Chess Express / Schach Express. 10 Issues. 1970 - 1975
7284: EYLES, DESMOND - The Doulton Lambeth Wares
7140: EYRE, ANNETTE - Visit To Rata Creek
16182: EYRE, EDWARD JOHN - Reports of the Expedition to King George's Sound 1841 and the Death of Baxter
13475: EYRE, ERNEST L. - A Fortnight's Cruise on the Hauraki Gulf Auckland
000809: FABIAN, WARNER - The Men in Her Life [Stanley Paul's 6d Novels No. 41]
15608: FABRE, LUCIEN - Le Paradis des Amants
17642: FACCIOLATI, JACOBI & AEGIDII FORCELLINI - Totius Latinitatis Lexicon consilio et cura Jacobi Facciolati opera et studio Aegidii Forcellini
12530: FAIR, RONALD L. - Many Thousand Gone
10976: FAIR, A. - Guide to Book Values. New Zealand and Pacific. 6 volumes. 1948-1975
17176: FAIRBURN, MILES - Nearly Out of Heart and Hope: The Puzzle of a Colonial Labourer's Diary
10449: FAIRBURN, A. R. D. - Strange Rendezvous: Poems 1929-1941 with Additions by A. R. D. Fairburn
16188: FAIRBURN, A. R. D. [ARTHUR REX DUGARD (1904-1957)] - "the sky is a LIMPET" (A POLLYTICKLE PARROTTY): also four (4) stories OR MORAL FEEBLES
8027: FAIRCLOUGH, P. W. (REV.) - The Early History Of Missions In Otago
7505: FAIRLEY, T. C. - Sverdrup's Artic Adventures In The Far North Of Canada
9467: FAIRLEY, ROBERT - Poems And Songs
10293: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Calling Bulldog Drummond
003729: FAIRLY, GERALD - With Prejudice: Almost an Autobiography
15770: FALK, EDWIN A.; WITH A FOREWORD BY BRADLEY A. FISKE - Togo and the Rise of Japanese Sea Power
19692: FALKNER, J. MEADE - Moonfleet
10346: FALTUS, RUDOLPH & CHARLES STEINMETZ - Manual of Aircraft Layout
8467: FARLEIGH, JOHN - Graven Image An Autobiographical Textbook
9365: FARLEIGH, JOHN - Graven Image An Autobiographical Textbook
14911: FARNES, KENNETH - Tours and Tests
17007: FARRANT, EDGAR - Century of Service: The Taieri County and its Council 1877-1977
18363: FARRER, REGINALD - In Old Ceylon
18660: FARRER, REGINALD - The Rainbow Bridge
18350: FARROW, EDWARD S. - A Dictionary of Military Terms
19550: FARWELL, BYRON - Burton - A Biography of Sir Richard Francis Burton
18555: FASTIER, F. N. - Recollections of an Old Scarfie
13069: FASTIER, F. N. - Pharmacy Teaching at Otago University: How It Began
7705: FAULKNER, ROSE E. - Joseph Sidney Hill First Bishop In Western Equatorial Africa
8413: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Uncle Willy And Other Stories Volume One Of The Collected Short Stories
8569: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Intruder In The Dust
5315: FAVILLE, BARRY - Cook's First Voyage to New Zealand: A Bulletin for Schools
8269: FAWCETT, HENRY - Free Trade And Protection
16875: FAWCETT, BRIAN - Ruins in the Sky
14742: FAY, AMY - Music-Study in Germany from the Home Correspondence of Amy Fay
18909: FAYE, CARL - Zulu References - For Interpreters and Students
5281: FEA, ALLAN - Rooms of Mystery and Romance
17250: FEARNLEY, J. B. [JOHN BLAKEWAY] - Murder by Degrees
17219: FEARON, KEVIN J. - Te Wharau: A History which traces the Origins of the Various Properties from the Kourarau Hill to the Coast, and covers the General Development of the District
9431: FEATHERSTONE, DONALD F. - Advanced War Games
13421: FEATHERSTONE, DONALD F. - Air War Games: Fighting Air Battles with Model Aircraft
14826: FEATHERSTONE, KEVIN & DIMITRIOS K. KATSOUDAS (EDS.) - Political Change in Greece: Before and After the Colonels
6529: FEATON, E. H. (MR AND MRS) [SARAH] - The Art Album of New Zealand Flora
19812: FEAVEARYEAR, A. E. - The Pound Sterling - A History of English Money
7622: FEIGE, FRANZ G. M. - The Varieties Of Protestantism In Nazi Germany Five Theopolitical Positions
11263: FELDMAN, HERBERT - Karachi Through a Hundred Years: The Centenary History of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry 1860-1960
19148: FELLOWES-GORDON, IAN - Amiable Assassins - The Story of the Kachin Guerrillas of North Burma
19007: FELTON, A. W. - Signifying Nothing - The Story of All My Yesterdays
7753: FENIMORE COOPER, J - Jack Tier; Or, The Florida Reef (Four Titles, bound in one volume)
8936: FENTON, RICHARD - A Historical Tour Through Pembrokeshire
10634: FENTON, ELIJAH - The Poetical Works of Elijah Fenton. With the Life of the Author.
002755: FENWICK, ELIZABETH - A Night Run
10163: FENWICK, SIR GEORGE - I. Romance Of The Flora Of New Zealand. II. Farthest North In New Zealand - A Memorable Tour
6776: FENWICK, SIR GEORGE - American Notes 1924 and France And Belgium In War Time
8275: FENWICK, SIR GEORGE - I. Romance Of The Flora Of New Zealand. II. Farthest North In New Zealand - A Memorable Tour
16298: FENWICK, ELIZABETH - The Passenger
19908: FERGUSON, DUGALD - Poems of the Heart
10769: FERGUSON, DUGALD - Job and Other Sacred Poems
6419: FERGUSON, DUGALD - Castle Gay, and Other Poems
000040: FERGUSON, DUGALD - Poems of the Heart
003145: FERGUSON, DUGALD - Job and Other Sacred Poems
000959: FERGUSON, DUGALD - Poems of the Heart
4128: FERGUSON, DUGALD - Mates
6620: FERGUSON, DUGALD - Poems
9284: FERGUSON, DUGALD - The King's Friend: A Tale of the Scottish Wars of Independence
000954: FERGUSON, DUGALD - Vicissitudes of Bush Life in Australia and New Zealand
001624: FERGUSON, ADAM - Practical Notes Made During a Tour in Canada, and a Portion of the United States, in MDCCCXXXI.
15588: FERGUSON, DUGALD - The King's Friend: A Tale of the Scottish Wars of Independence
9852: FERGUSON, DUGALD - Castle Gay, and Other Poems
9523: FERGUSON, JOHN ALEXANDER - Bibliography of Australia 1784-1850 [4 volumes]
11965: FERGUSON, DUGALD - Castle Gay, and Other Poems
18309: FERRALL, CHARLES; PAUL MILLAR & KEREN SMITH (EDS.) - East by South: China in the Australasian Imagination
002425: FERRARS, ELIZABETH - A Legal Fiction
16299: FERRARS, ELIZABETH - I, Said the Fly
8917: FERRES, ARTHUR - His First Kangaroo An Australian Story For Boys
19033: FERRIMAN, Z. DUCKETT - East and West of Hellespont - Memories of Fifty Years
10394: FERRIS, GEORGE - Fly Fishing in New Zealand
4892: FERRIS, GEORGE - The Trout are Rising
5711: FERRIS, GEORGE - Fly Fishing in New Zealand
6219: FERRIS, GEORGE - The Trout are Rising
9221: FERRIS, GEORGE - The Trout & I
9495: FERRIS, GEORGE - Fly Fishing In New Zealand
13789: FIELD, A. N. [ARTHUR NELSON (1882-1963)] - To-Day's Greatest Problem
13790: FIELD, A. N. [ARTHUR NELSON (1882-1963)] - Socialism Unmasked: Who Propagated It - How and Why
13758: FIELD, PAUL - The Critical Legacy: Clement Greenberg and Kantian Aesthetics
16473: FIELD, H. C. - The Ferns of New Zealand and its Immediate Dependencies, with Directions for their Collection and Cultivation
12456: FIELD, A. N. - Why Colleges Breed Communists
17645: FIELDING, HENRY - Miscellanies - Vol. II. A Journey from this World to the Next, &c.
7610: FIELDING, S. G - The Southern Light
001581: FIELDING HALL, H. - A People At School
13374: FIGUEROLA, CARMEN - Family on Phillip Island
19749: FILER, DAVID - Crete - Death from the Skies - New Zealand's Role in the Loss of Crete
19304: FILER, DAVID - Man's Best Friend - A Celebration of New Zealand Dogs
001677: FILIPPI, FILIPPO DE - Karakoram and Western Himalaya 1909: an Account of the Expedition of H. R. H. Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy Duke of the Abbruzzi
7056: FINDLAY, G. G AND W. W. HOLDSWORTH - The History Of The Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society (Volume Three)
8567: FINDLAY, ALEXANDER - Chemistry In The Service Of Man
12112: FINLAY, GEORGE - The History of Greece under Othoman and Venetian Domination
16773: FINLAY, EILEEN - The Caravan Passes with Book II Full Turn
10984: FINLAYSON, RODERICK - The Schooner came to Atia
003945: FINLAYSON, RODERICK - D'Arcy Cresswell
13159: FINLAYSON, RODERICK - Brown Man's Burden
9882: FINLAYSON, HELEN A. - The Ribbonwood Tree And Other Poems
10558: FINLAYSON, RODERICK - Our Life in This Land
18666: FINNEMORE, JOHN - The Bandits of Black Gap
5938: FINOCCHIARO, MAURICE A. - Gramsci and the history of dialectical thought
7916: FIONN - The Celtic Lyre: A Collection Of Gaelic Songs, With English Translations. [Parts III and IV].
003909: FIRSTBROOK, PETER - Lost on Everest: the Search for Mallory and Irvine
18137: FISCHER, BARRY - Guide to New Zealand Book Collecting and Handbook of Values.
5827: FISCHER, RAYMOND P - Four Hazardous Journeys of the Reverend Jonathan Blanchard founder of Wheaton College
003742: FISHER, WELTHY HONSINGER - The Top of the World
5225: FISHER, SOPHIE - The Imprudence of Prue
7874: FISHER, JAMES - Spring-Day: Or, Contemplations On Several Occurences Which Naturally Strike The Eye In That Delightful Season
000823: FISHER, LAWRENCE V. - Die a Little Every Day [American Bloodhound Mystery No. 440]
16227: FISHER, VARDIS - I See No Sin
14167: FISHER, JAMES & R. M. LOCKLEY - Sea-Birds: An Introduction to the Natural History of the Sea-Birds of the North Atlantic
17386: FISKE, JOHN - The War of Independence
7422: FITCH, GEORGE - My Demon Motor Boat
13772: FITCH, JOSHUA G.; FOUNTAIN J. HARTLEY; WILLIAM H. GROSER - Lectures to Teachers. Comprising: Fitch on "The Art of Questioning and the Art of Securing Attention in a Sunday School Class." Fitch on "Memory." Hartley's "Pictorial Teaching and Bible Illustration." Groser's "The Teacher, His Books, and How to Read Them."
9156: FITZE, KENNETH (SIR) - Twilight Of The Maharajas
19800: FITZGERALD, TANY & JENNY COLLINS - Historical Portraits of Women Home Scientists - The University of New Zealand 1911-1947
003816: FITZGERALD, JAMES EDWARD - The Native Policy of New Zealand. a Speech Delivered in the House of Representatives, of New Zealand, August 6, 1862
10864: FITZGERALD, E. A. - Climbs in the New Zealand Alps: Being an Account of Travel and Discovery
15605: FLAMMARION, CAMILLE - Urania: A Romance
7367: FLANAGAN, FREDERICK - New Zealand Tours And Excursions. Canterbury
7368: FLANAGAN, FREDERICK - New Zealand Tours And Excursions. Taranaki
7369: FLANAGAN, FREDERICK - New Zealand Tours And Excursions. Nelson
15081: FLANAGAN, IONA (FOREWORD BY) - Watch the Birdie! Earls Barton Life in Photographs From the Earls Barton Museum Collection. In Memory of Mollie Cope & Mary Hager / Two of the very best Museum Trustees
6190: FLEMING, C. A.; J. J. REED; W. F. HARRIS - The Geology of the Snares Islands
14922: FLEMING, IAN - The Spy Who Loved Me
003621: FLEMING, IAN - The Spy Who Loved Me
5690: FLEMING, C. A (EDITOR) - Oceania [Oceanie]: Fascicule 4, New Zealand
7292: FLEMING, C. A.; J. J. REED; W. F. HARRIS - The Geology of the Snares Islands
7536: FLEMING, IAN - Thunderball
13474: FLEMING, CHARLES; EDITED BY MARY MCEWEN - Charles Fleming's Cape Expedition Diary - Auckland Islands, 1942-43
19093: FLEMING, IAN - You Only Live Twice
18623: FLEMING, CHARLES; EDITED BY MARY MCEWEN - Charles Fleming's Cape Expedition Diary - Auckland Islands, 1942-43
19169: FLEMING, STUART - Blisters, Bugs & Abandoned Underwear - A Solo Trek of New Zealand
19872: FLEMING, JOYCE - Defying Convention - The Truth about Tony and Me
13126: FLETCHER, J. [JOSEPH] - The History of the Revival and Progress of Independency in England, Since the Period of the Reformation [Volume Two only]
11832: FLETCHER, H. J. (REV.) - Hinemoa: With Notes and Vocabulary
001450: FLETCHER, BANISTER - Compensations: a Text-Book for Surveyors. in Tabulated Form
6509: FLETCHER, F. T. H. - Montesquieu and English Politics (1750-1800)
7769: FLETCHER, H. J. (REV) (TRANSLATED FROM THE MAORI BY) - Ponga And Puhihuia: From the Original Maori
19628: FLETCHER, J. S. - The Middle Temple Murder
15010: FLETCHER, J. S. - The Box Hill Murder
12300: FLOWER, MARK (COMPILED BY); TEXT BY DONALD CRAWFORD; RESEARCH BY CAROLINE JULER - Charles Johnson Payne: Snaffles. Being a Selection of his Hunting and Racing Prints
000686: FLÜRSCHEIM, MICHAEL [MICHAEL FLUERSCHEIM] - Clue to the Economic Labyrinth
16219: FLYNN, JAMES - How to Defend Humane Ideals: Substitutes for Objectivity
15094: FOCKEN, CHARLES M. - Lord Rutherford of Nelson: A Tribute to New Zealand's Greatest Scientist
15095: FOCKEN, CHARLES M. - Lord Rutherford of Nelson: A Tribute to New Zealand's Greatest Scientist
002302: FOLEY, HELEN - Fort of Silence
17623: FONTAINE, JOAN - No Bed of Roses
16855: FOOTE, W. J. [WILL] - Going Uphill Backwards: Foote-notes from a Storied Life
6568: FOOTE, W. J. - A Bit Over the Top and other stories of a Canterbury boyhood 1925-1936
19346: FOOTE, W. J. - The Decision - Behind the Wire in New Zealand
8464: FOOTNER, HULBERT - Death Of A Saboteur
8512: FORAN, W. ROBERT - A Hunter's Saga
18955: FORAN, W. ROBERT - A Hunter's Saga
7596: FORBES, HENRY O - A Hand-Book To The Primates (Two Volumes)
9065: FORBES, ROSITA - A Fool's Hell
17417: FORBES, SCOTT (ED.); HARVEY BROADBENT (CONSULTANT) - Australia and New Zealand - Voices of the First World War - A Commemorative Collection of Letters, Diaries, Songs, Poems and Images
12817: FORBES, JAMES D. - Travels Through the Alps
18738: FORD, ROBERT W. (1923-2013) - [Two aerogramme letters, relating to Tibet]
15669: FORD, S. GERTRUDE - Lessons in Verse-Craft
17245: FORD, LESLIE - Crack of Dawn
18744: FORD, EARL C. & WM. Z. FOSTER [WILLIAM] - Syndicalism
13228: FORD, HENRY (SR.) - The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem
16614: FOREST, ANTONIA - The Thursday Kidnapping
15735: FORREST, G. W. - Cities of India
12324: FORRESTER, REX - Rex Forrester's Hunting Adventures
19731: FORRESTER, REX - The Chopper Boys: New Zealand's Helicopter Hunters
9025: FORSTER, JOHN - Lives Of The Most Eminent British Statesmen (Volume Seven only)
9026: FORSTER, JOHN - Lives Of The Most Eminent British Statesmen (Volume Six only)
14844: FORSTER, R. H. - Harry of Athol
18092: FORSTER, PETER - Play the Man
003034: FORSYTH, FREDERICK - The Day of the Jackal
003035: FORSYTH, FREDERICK - The Day of the Jackal
8801: FORSYTH, WILLIAM - History Of The Captivity Of Napolean At St. Helena; From The Letters And Journals Of The Late Lieut.-Gen. Sir Hudson Lowe, And Official Documents Not Before Made Public
12356: FORSYTH, JULIA - Almost an Island: Guide to Otago Peninsula
5773: FOSBERG, F. R. & MARIE-HELENE SACHET & ROYCE OLIVER - A Geographical Checklist of the Micronesian Dicotyledonae
14050: FOSSUM, KARIN - De Galnas Hus
14280: FOSTER, MICHAEL (SIR) - Lectures on the History of Physiology during the Sixteenth, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
19613: FOSTER, R. F. - Bridge for Advanced Players
12572: FOSTER, JOHN - An Essay on the Evils of Popular Ignorance: and A Discourse on the Communication of Christianity to the People of Hindoostan
10003: FOSTER, HARRY L. - A Vagabond In Barbary
5772: FOSTER, WILLIAM (ED.); JOHN JOURDAIN - The Journal of John Jourdain, 1608-1617, Describing his Experiences in Arabia, India, and the Malay Archipelago.
8319: FOSTER, A. E. MANNING - The Light Side Of Auction Bridge
6273: FOSTER, WILLIAM (SIR) (ED.) - The Red Sea and Adjacent Countries at the close of the Seventeenth Century as described by Joseph Pitts[,] William Daniel and Charles Jacques Poncet
11760: FOSTER, JOHN; EDITED BY J. E. RYLAND; WITH A PREFACE BY JOHN SHEPPARD - An Essay on the Improvement of Time: and other Literary Remains
16878: FOSTON, H. - At the Front: A Story of Pluck and Heroism in the Railway Construction Camps in the Dominion of New Zealand
003832: FOURNIER, AUGUST - Napoleon I. a Biography. [Two Volumes (Complete) ]
11698: FOWLER, THOMAS - Progressive Morality: An Essay in Ethics
17905: FOWLER, W. WARDE - Aeneas at the Site of Rome: Observations on the Eighth Book of the Aeneid
8377: FOWLES, JOHN - The Magus
10033: FOX, WILLIAM - The Six Colonies of New Zealand
6838: FOX, THOMAS LEWIS - Freemasonry. An Account of the Early History of Freemasonry in England. With Illustrations Of The Principles And Precepts Advocated By That Institution
002117: FOX, WILLIAM - The Six Colonies of New Zealand
19885: FOX, GEORGE TOWNSHEND (REV.) - A Memoir of the Rev. Henry Watson Fox, B.A.
11580: FRAME, JANET - You Are Now Entering the Human Heart
10789: FRAME, JANET - The Rainbirds
12248: FRAME, JANET - The Rainbirds
12046: FRAME, JANET - Scented Gardens for the Blind
6188: FRAME, JANET - Towards Another Summer
002124: FRAME, JANET - Daughter Buffalo
003237: FRAME, JANET - Scented Gardens for the Blind
003983: FRAME, JANET - The Edge of the Alphabet
4500: FRAME, JANET - The Envoy from Mirror City: An Autobiography: Volume Three
4932: FRAME, JANET - The Adaptable Man
5055: FRAME, JANET - A State of Siege
5534: FRAME, JANET - The Envoy from Mirror City: An Autobiography: Volume Three
7516: FRAME, JANET - Faces In The Water
4646: FRAME, JANET - The Lagoon and Other Stories
001991: FRAME, JANET - Scented Gardens for the Blind
002176: FRAME, JANET - The Lagoon and Other Stories
002235: FRAME, JANET - The Adaptable Man
002576: FRAME, JANET - The Edge of the Alphabet
4536: FRAME, JANET - Scented Gardens for the Blind
4933: FRAME, JANET - The Edge of the Alphabet
5997: FRAME, JANET - The Lagoon and Other Stories
8961: FRAME, JANET - The Edge of the Alphabet
002259: FRAME, JANET - Owls Do Cry
002262: FRAME, JANET - A State of Siege
002264: FRAME, JANET - The Reservoir and Other Stories
002568: FRAME, JANET - Faces in the Water
6162: FRAME, JANET - Faces in the Water
11563: FRAME, JANET - The Lagoon and other stories
17845: FRAME, JANET - The Adaptable Man
17205: FRAME, JANET - The Rainbirds
002704: FRANCIS, DEIRDE - Sustainable Land Management: a Planning Project Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Regional and Resource Planning, At the University of Otago, Dunedin
003961: FRANCIS, ROBERT - A New Zealand Harp
18627: FRANK, LEO (ED.) - Sexual Freedom No. 7
14363: FRANK, ROBERT G. (JR.) - Harvey and the Oxford Physiologists: A Study of Scientific Ideas
18626: FRANK, LEO (ED.) - Sexual Freedom No. 5
15602: FRANKAU, PAMELA - Villa Anodyne
6465: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - The Works of Dr. Benjamin Franklin: Consisting of Essays, Humorous, Moral, and Literary; with his Life, written by himself
13164: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - The Works of Benjamin Franklin: Consisting of Essays, Humorous, Moral, and Literary; with His Life, Written by Himself
17839: FRANKLIN, H. W. F. & J. A. G. BRUCE - A New Latin Reader
12274: FRASER, RONALD (COMPILED BY) - Cook Bicentenary Expedition in the South-West Pacific
13438: FRASER, NATALIE C. - William Ings: Early Settler & Baptists Layman
19189: FRASER, DAVID - A Modern Campaign - Or War and Wireless Telegraphy in the Far East
4039: FRASER, G. S. - The Traveller Has Regrets And Other Poems
6197: FRASER, JOHN FOSTER - The Real Siberia Together with an Account of a Dash through Manchuria
7067: FRASER, JOHN FOSTER - Pictures From The Balkans
13754: FRASER, JAMES BAILLIE - A Winter's Journey (Tatar,) From Constantinople to Tehran; with Travels through Various Parts of Persia, &c. [Volume Two only]
14484: FRASER, JOHN FOSTER - The Conquering Jew
13283: FRAZER, FELIX J. & ELSA PETERS MORSE - Tomorrow's Money
17241: FREEMAN, R. AUSTIN - When Rogues Fall Out
17182: FREEMAN, DONALD B. - The Pacific
7703: FREEMAN, WILLIAM (ED.) - Zealandia. A Monthly Magazine Of New Zealand Literature, By New Zealand Authors (Volume One only)
16790: FREEMAN, R. AUSTIN - The Surprising Experiences of Mr. Shuttlebury Cobb
13644: FREEMAN, J. D. & W. R. GEDDES (EDS. ) - Anthropology in the South Seas: Essays Presented to H. D. Skinner
16789: FREEMAN, R. AUSTIN - The Magic Casket: A Thorndyke Detective Novel
5723: THE AUTHOR OF THE TEXTBOOK OF FREEMASONRY - The Perfect Ceremonies of the Antient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners
003096: FREER, MARTHA WALKER - The Married Life of Anne of Austria, Queen of France, Mother of Louis XIV. and Don Sebastian, King of Portugal. in Two Volume (Complete) Together with "The Regency of Anne of Austria [...]". Two Volumes (Complete) [Total of 4 Volumes]
19082: FREMANTLE, ANNE (ED.) - The Protestant Mystics
000216: FREMLIN, CELIA - A Lovely Day to Die & Other Stories
11938: DE FRESNES, JILL (ED.) - Constance Astley's Trip to New Zealand 1897-1898
000208: FREUND, PHILIP - The Beholder: Seven Tales of Sebastian Romm
15945: FRIEDMAN, NORMAN - Battleship Design and Development 1905-1945
18089: FRIEDRICHSEN, G. W. S. - The Gothic Version of the Epistles: A Study of its Style and Textual History
8037: FRIESEN PETKAU, IRENE AND PETER A. PETKAU - Blumenfeld Where Land And People Meet
6871: FRIIS, ANNE - Katherine Mansfield Life and Stories
17113: FRISBIE, JOHNNY - The Frisbies of the South Seas
5505: FRISBIE, ROBERT DEAN - My Tahiti
10792: FRISBIE, JOHNNY - The Frisbies of the South Seas
17408: FRISBIE, ROBERT DEAN - My Tahiti
19219: FRISBIE, ROBERT DEAN - My Tahiti
13895: FRISBIE, JOHNNY - The Frisbies of the South Seas
17316: FRISBIE, JOHNNY - The Frisbies of the South Seas
17509: FRISCHAUER, WILLI - The Nazis at War
001879: FRISCHAUER, PAUL (TRANSLATED BY AMETHE SMEATON, COUNTESS VON ZEPPELIN) - Prince Eugene: a Man and a Hundred Years of History
18937: FROBENIUS, LEO - The Black Decameron
16245: FROME, DAVIE - The Eel Pie Mystery
17551: FROMM, ERICH - Escape from Freedom
17778: FRY, A. S. - The Aunt Daisy Story
002012: FRYER, JOHN; (EDITED BY WILLIAM CROOKE) - A New Account of East India and Persia. Being Nine Years' Travels, 1672-1681
15107: FUJIMOTO, T. - The Nightside of Japan
18384: FULLER, THOMAS - Gnomologia: Adages and Proverbs, Wise Sentences, and Witty Sayings. Ancient and Modern, Foreign and British.
11663: FULLER, CLAUDE; EDITED BY LEO FOUCHE - Louis Trigardt's Trek across the Drakensberg 1837-1838
11085: FULLER, MARCUS B. (MRS) [JENNY]; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY RAMABAI - The Wrongs of Indian Womanhood
000857: FULLERTON, LADY G. - Grantley Manor
000859: FULLERTON, LADY GEORGIANA - Constance Sherwood: an Autobiography of the Sixteenth Century
14778: FULTON, ROBERT VALPY - Medical Practice in Otago and Southland in the Early Days A description of the manner of life, trials, and difficulties of some of the Pioneer Doctors, of the places in which, and of the people among whom, they laboured.
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14912: GRADY, DON - Sealers and Whalers in New Zealand Waters
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19389: HARRISON-SMITH, J. L. - Practical Water Power
17790: HARROP, A. J. - England and the Maori Wars
16211: HARROP, A. J. [ANGUS JOHN] - England and New Zealand
17155: HARROP, A. J. - The Amazing Career of Edward Gibbon Wakefield
4191: HART-SMITH, W. - Poems in Doggerel: Some South Canterbury Riverbed Reflections (from a completed sequence)
19105: HART, ALAN - Zionism - The Real Enemy of the Jews - Volume III - Conflict Without End?
000933: HARTE, BRET - Clarence
18286: HARTE, BRET - An Heiress of Red Dog
9072: HARTIG, ROBERT (DR.) - Phytopathological Classics Number 12 Important Diseases Of Forest Trees Contributions To Mycology And Phytopathology For Botanists And Foresters
8152: HARTKAMPER, A. AND H. NEUMANN (EDS.) - Foundations Of Quantum Mechanics And Ordered Linear Spaces
9278: HARTMAN, GEOFFREY H. - Minor Prophecies: The Literary Essay in the Culture Wars
17810: HARTWIG, G. (DR.) - The Sea and Its Living Wonders: A Popular Account of The Marvels of the Deep and of the Progress of Maritime Discovery from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time
5708: HARVEY & CO., LIMITED, HAYLE, CORNWALL - Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue of Machinery, Tools, & General Ironwork manufactured by Harvey & Co.
13306: HARVEY, D. R. - Union List of Newspapers preserved in libraries, newspaper offices, local authority offices and museums in New Zealand
19604: HARVEY, NORMAN B. - One Magpie for Sorrow
18903: [OSSIAN]; TRANSLATED BY GEORGE HARVEY - Ossian's Fingal; An Ancient Epic Poem, In Six Books, Rendered into English Verse
16128: HASKINS, SAM - Cowboy Kate & Other Stories
16456: HASLUCK, PAUL N. (ED. ) - Bamboo Work
4194: HASTINGS, RIORDAN [PSEUDONYM FOR ANGELA HASTINGS] - A New Zealand Village and other Poems
5056: HASTINGS, PATRICK - Famous and Infamous Cases
5898: HASTINGS ROBINSON, A. M - Acta Apostolorum. Variorum Notis Tum Dictionem Tum Materiam Illustrantibus Suas Adjecit
9105: HASTINGS FRASER, COLONEL - Memoir And Correspondence Of General James Stuart Fraser Of The Madras Army
19099: HASZARD, GLENN - New Zealand Book Values
19100: HASZARD, GLENN - New Zealand Book Values
10258: HATCH, EDWIN - Die Gesellschaftverfassung Der Christlichen Kirchen Im Alterthum
9807: HATCH, EDWIN - Auckland's Orchids
001422: HATT, SUE - Gender, Work and Labour Markets
12936: HATTERSLEY, C. MARSHALL - This Age of Plenty - its Problems and their Solution
12945: HATTERSLEY, C. M. [MARSHALL] - Men, Machines and Money. The Problem of the Machine Age and Its Solution
12937: HATTERSLEY, C. MARSHALL - Wealth, Want and War - Problems of the Power Age
12935: HATTERSLEY, C. MARSHALL - The Community's Credit: A Consideration of the Principles of Social Credit
10350: VAN HATTUM, JUSTE - Contest Model Sailplanes
6623: HAVARD-WILLIAMS, P. (ED.); WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY W. P. MORRELL - Marsden and the New Zealand Mission: Sixteen Letters.
003403: HAVERFIELD, E. L. - Blind Loyalty
5914: HAVERFIELD, E. L. - Who Are The Cromlyns?
5438: HAVERGAL, CECILIA - Songs Of The Water
002596: HAWCRIDGE, R. [ROBERT] & CHARLES DARLING - Souvenir of the Great War 1914-1919
11696: HAWEIS, H. R. (REV.) - Current Coin
000831: HAWK, JOHN - The Titanic Hotel Mystery (Skeffington's 6d Editions of Popular Novels. No. 2)
19396: HAWKEN, DINAH - It Has No Sound And Is Blue
001773: HAWKINS, CLIFFORD F. - Diseases of the Alimentary Tract
12864: HAWKSWOOD - Reminiscences of New Zealand
19718: HAWORTH, WILDRID B. - Chile. An Outline of the Postal Issues. 1766-1919.
14458: HAWORTH, JENNY - Lost Souls: A Novel of the Boer War
16379: HAWORTH, JENNY - New Zealand Then & Now
18332: HAWORTH, DIANNE - Give A Man A Horse: The Remarkable Story of Sir Patrick Hogan
18457: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL; EDITED BY CARL VAN DOREN - Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne
19623: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Mosses from an Old Manse
000468: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The House of the Seven Gables
5358: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL (ED.) - Journal of an African Cruiser: Comprising Sketches of the Canaries, the Cape de Verds, Liberia, Madeira, Sierra Leone, and other places of interest on the West Coast of Africa
5574: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Twice-Told Tales
9261: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The Witch's Palace and one other Story from "Tanglewood Tales"
9380: HAWTHORNE, JAMES - A Dark Chapter from New Zealand History
9408: HAWTHORNE, JAMES - A Dark Chapter from New Zealand History
19151: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The Scarlet Letter and The House with the Seven Gables
18356: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - [Works. (12 volumes)]
18846: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The Blithedale Romance
18114: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - Transformation: or, The Romance of Monte Beni
16068: HAY, ROD & RALPH POWLESLAND; COMPILED BY JOANNA SIM - Guide to the Birds of Niue
7073: HAY, CATHERINE - Halo Round the Moon
8983: HAY, GEORGE (RIGHT REV.) - The Scripture Doctrine Of Miracles Displayed (Two Volumes)
9133: HAY, GEORGE (RT. REV. DR.) - The Devout Christian Instructed In The Faith Of Christ, From The Written Word
002883: HAYDEN, HENRY (SIR) & CESAR COSSON - Sport and Travel in the Highlands of Tibet
4954: HAYDON, A. L. (ED. ); CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE ROBERT SCOTT - The Empire Annual for Boys Volume Fourteen. [Cover Title: The Empire Annual for New Zealand Boys]
10028: HAYES, M. HORACE - A Guide To Training And Horse Managerment In India
18754: HAYES, DENIS - Conscription Conflict: The Conflict of Ideas in the Struggle For and Against Military Conscription in Britain between 1901 and 1939
11314: HAYES, DAWN - Wetbush Fire: Poems
6986: HAYMAN, EVA - By the Moon and the Stars: A heart-rending, wartime story of a young Czech exile's lonely struggle to grasp the meaning of life and love
13066: PAEROA WELSH SOCIETY; FOREWORD BY ROSAMUND HAYNES - Canwch I'r Arglwydd Sing to the Lord: A Hymn Book of Favourite Welsh Tunes
15787: HAYR, HARRY H. - The Latest Guide to the Hot Lakes Terraces, and Geysers
8016: HAYS, DAVID G (ED.) - Readings In Automatic Language Processing
17165: HAYWARD, BRUCE - Trilobites, Dinosaurs and Moa Bones: The Story of New Zealand Fossils
17795: HAYWARD, HENRY J. - Here's to Life! The Impressions Confessions and Garnered Thoughts of a Free-Minded Showman
16480: HAZLEHURST, KAYLEEN M. - Political Expression and Ethnicity: Statecraft and Mobilisation in the Maori World
18385: HAZLITT, WILLIAM - Winterslow: Essays and Characters Written There
6704: HAZLITT, WILLIAM; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY RICHARD LE GALLIENNE - Liber Amoris or the New Pygmalion by William Hazlitt with Additional Matter Now Printed for the First Time from the Original Manuscripts
19433: HAZLITT, WILLIAM - The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte [Six volumes]
6836: HEAD, GEORGE. - Forest Scenes And Incidents, In The Wilds Of North America; Being A Diary Of A Winter's Route From Halifax To The Canadas, And During Four Months' Residence In The Woods On The Border's Of Lakes Huron And Simcoe.
15582: HEAD, GEORGE (SIR) - Rome. A Tour of Many Days. [Volumes One and Two only of three volumes]
001505: HEADINGLEY, ADOLPHE S. - The Biography of Charles Bradlaugh
002490: HEALE, THEOPHILUS - New Zealand and the New Zealand Company: Being a Consideration of How Far Their Interests Are Similar. in Answer to a Pamphlet Entitled How to Colonize: the Interests of the Country, and the Duty of Government
002735: HEALEY, KATHLEEN - The Green and the Gold Volume II the Story of Greater Green Island 1970-1989
4926: HEALEY, KATHLEEN - The Green and the Gold Volume II: The Story of Greater Green Island 1970-1989
10009: HEAPHY, CHARLES - Narrative Of A Residence In Various Parts Of New Zealand Together With A Description Of The Present State Of The Company's Settlements
14884: HEARN, LAFCADIO; EDITED BY ELIZABETH BISLAND - The Japanese Letters of Lafacadio Hearn
7669: HEARN, TERRY - Nenthorn: Gold And The Gullible
6141: HEATH, FRANCIS GEORGE - Autumnal Leaves
15612: HEATH, CARL - Pacifism in Time of War
15083: HEATON, HERBERT & ROBERT REDFIELD; CLIFTON UTLEY - What's the War All About? The University of Chicago Round Table No. 85. [Cover title: The University of Chicago Round Table: A Radio Discussion of What's the War All About?]
13389: HEBER, REGINALD - Narrative of a Journey through the Upper Provinces of India, from Calcutta to Bombay, 1824-1825 [Volume One only]
15591: HEBER, REGINALD - Narrative of a Journey through the Upper Provinces of India, from Calcutta to Bombay, 1824-1825 [Volume Two only]
16106: HEBERLEY, HEATHER - Last of the Whalers: Charlie Heberley's Story
7970: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1873, Vol VI
4881: HECTOR, JAMES - Reports of Geological Explorations during 1892-93. With Maps and Sections.
7921: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1868. Vol I.
7922: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1869. Vol II.
7971: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1874, Vol VII
8047: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute 1877. Vol X.
8066: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1878. Vol XI.
8159: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1879. Vol XII.
8160: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1880. Vol XIII.
8161: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1881. Vol XIV.
8344: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1883. Vol XVI.
8345: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1884. Vol XVII.
8346: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1885. Vol XVIII (First Of New Series)
8357: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1886. Vol XIX (Second Of New Series)
8359: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1886. Vol XX(Third Of New Series)
8372: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1888. Vol XXI(Fourth Of New Series)
8373: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1888. Vol XXII(Fifth Of New Series)
8374: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1890. Vol XXIII(Sixth Of New Series)
8375: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1891. Vol XXIV(Seventh Of New Series)
8379: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1892. Vol XXV(Eighth Of New Series)
8667: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1893. Vol XXVII(Tenth Of New Series)
8668: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1893. Vol XXVIII(Eleventh Of New Series)
9362: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1868. Vol I.
9363: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute, 1868-1909. A run of 42 Volumes
9425: HECTOR, SIR JAMES - Phormium Tenax As A Fibrous Plant
4754: HECTOR, JAMES [OTAGO PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT GAZETTE] - Geological Expedition to the West Coast of Otago, New Zealand [The Otago Provincial Government Gazette. Vol VI. No. 274. November 5, 1863]
8046: HECTOR, JAMES (ED.) - Transactions And Proceedings Of The New Zealand Institute 1876. Vol. IX
18617: HEDDLE, ETHEL F. - A Mystery of St. Rule's
5685: HEDGEPETH, WILLIAM - The Alternative: Communal Life in America
10133: HEDIN, SVEN - My Life As An Explorer
5008: HEDIN, SVEN - Trans-Himalaya: Discoveries and Adventures in Tibet. Three volumes.
5829: HEDIN, SVEN - Through Asia. Two Volumes.

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