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15325: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - De Lessen van Don Juan
16420: CASTANO, JOHNNY (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Coquette [magazine]. No. 4. Oct-Nov 1972.
5919: DE CASTILLEJO, CHRISTOBEL - Obras De Christobal De Castillejo Secretario Del Emperardor D. Fernando: Tomo XII
19625: CATHIE, B. L. (BRUCE) & P. N. TEMM - Harmonic 695: The UFO and Anti-Gravity
7270: CATO, CONRAD - The Navy in Mesopotamia
17918: HOMER; TRANSLATED BY FRANCIS CAULFEILD - The Odyssey - Translated into English, in the Original Metre
17428: CAVANAH, FRANCES - The Secret of Madame Doll
13499: CAVENDISH, GEORGE; EDITED BY F. S. ELLIS - The Life and Death of Thomas Wolsey
000754: CAVENDISH, CHARLES - The Lure [Picadilly Novels No. 5]
001606: THE CAWTHRON INSTITUTE / MARSHALL, P & TE RANGI HIROA [PETER BUCK] - Cawthron Lectures Volume II. No. 1. the Geology of Nelson. by Dr. P. Marshall. No. 2. the Coming of the Maori. by Te Rangi Hiroa.
5356: CECIL, EVELYN - On the Eve of the War: A Narrative of Impressions during a journey in Cape Colony, the Free State, the Transvaal, Natal, and Rhodesia September 1899, to January 1900
9986: "OMEGA CENTAURI" - In Starry Skies Astronomy For Girl Guides
000254: TIBETAN PARLIAMENTARY AND POLICY RESEARCH CENTRE - Tibetan People's Right of Self-Determination: Report of the Workshop on Self-Determination of the Tibetan People: Legitimacy of Tibet's Case. 1994/1996, India
000403: TIBETAN PARLIAMENTARY & POLICY RESEARCH CENTRE - Indian Press on India-Tibet-China Relations: Selections from the Press
000404: TIBETAN PARLIAMENTARY AND POLICY RESEARCH CENTRE - World Press on Panchen Lama: Selections from Press Reports
002082: CESARI, DEL P. ANTONIO - Della Imitazione Di Gesu Cristo
15447: CHADWICK, J. [JOSEPH] - Men of Mark in the World of Sport in New Zealand
20963: CHAKKO, JACOB (GP. CAPT.) - Memoirs
10859: CHAKRAVARTI, ANAND - Contradiction and Change: Emerging Patterns of Authority in a Rajasthan Village
15626: CHALKLEY, THOMAS - A Journal of Thomas Chalkey, a Minister of the Gospel in the Society of Friends
15625: CHALKLEY, THOMAS - A Journal of the Life, Travels, and Christian Experiences of Thomas Chalkley. Written by Himself.
21482: CHALMERS, JAMES - Pioneering in New Guinea
6802: CHAMBERLAIN, PETER - Motor Cycling Year Book 1952.
13010: CHAMBERS, JACK S. - A Werner Laurie Show Book. Series A Number 1.
6920: CHAMPION, SELWYN GURNEY - Racial Proverbs: A Selection Of The World's Proverbs Arranged Linguistically.
19783: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The Lady in the Lake
7761: CHANDLER, ED. C - Waiuta Ghosts The Meanderings Of A Quartz-miner
16166: CHANDLER, ED. C - Waiuta Ghosts: The Meanderings Of A Quartz-miner
13163: CHANNING, W. E. - The Works of W. E. Channing, D.D. With an Introduction. A New Edition, Rearranged.
10278: CHAPIN, ANNA ALICE - Konigskinder [The Royal Children]
21523: CHAPLIN, ARNOLD - A St. Helena Who's Who Or a Directory of the Island During the Captivity of Napoleon
13614: CHAPMAN, ST GEORGE - No Dragons Yet
000633: CHAPMAN, H. S. - The New Zealand Portfolio
003499: CHAPMAN, H. S. (CONDUCTED BY) [HENRY SAMUEL CHAPMAN] - The New Zealand Portfolio; Embracing a Series of Papers on Subjects of Importance to Colonists
9079: CHAPMAN-COHEN, G. - Poems
12641: CHAPMAN, R. G. & C. T. DUVAL (EDS. ) - Charles Darwin 1809-1882: a Centennial Commemorative
9931: CHAPMAN, PETER - Homage To Mt. Helicon Collected Poems
19556: CHAPMAN, DEREK - The Lion and the Bear - The Exercise of Power in Britain and U.S.S.R.
19277: CHAPMAN-COHEN, G. - Perils in South Otago Waters
8937: CHAPPAZ, MAURICE - Grand Saint-Bernard
18242: CHAPPLE, L. J. B. - A Bibliographical Brochure Containing Addenda and Corrigenda to Extant Bibliographies of New Zealand Literature
14795: CHAPPLE, L. J. B. & CRANLEIGH BARTON - Early Missionary Work in Whanganui (1840-1850)
9398: CHAPPLE, L. J. B. & CRANLEIGH BARTON - Early Missionary Work in Wanganui (1840-1850)
001839: CHAPPLE, L. J. B. - A Bibliographical Brochure Containing Addenda and Corrigenda to Extant Bibliographies of New Zealand Literature
000683: CHARLES, ROBERT - The Venom of the Cobra
10846: CHARLES, F.W.B. - Conservation of Timber Buildings
001771: CHARLESWORTH, FRANKLIN - Chiropodial Orthopaedics
16678: WM. WHITELEY & SONS LTD. INCORPORATING J. CHARLESWORTH - Catalogue N.S.2 of High-Class Textile Machinery for Woollen, Worsted Cotton, Silk & Rayon Yarns & Piece Goods also Pile Fabrics Made by Wm. Whiteley & Sons Ltd.
001284: CHARNAY, DESIRE - The Ancient Cities of the New World. Being Travels and Explorations in Mexico and Central America from 1857-1882. Translated from the French by J. Gonino and Helen S. Conant
8860: CHARTERIS, LESLIE & HANS STEFAN SANTESSON (EDS.) - The Saint's Choice Introduced by Leslie Charteris: Stories from 'The Saint Magazine'
9674: CHARTERIS, LESLIE - The Saint and the Templar Treasure
001408: CHARTERIS, LESLIE - The Saint and the People Importers
19116: CHASE, JAMES HADLEY - You Never Know With Women
17746: CHASE, JAMES HADLEY - Have This One On Me
21661: CHATTERTON, E. KEBLE - Through Sea and Sky
8547: CHATTERTON, E. KEBLE - The Auxiliary Patrol
20691: CHATTERTON, THOMAS [EDITED BY CHARLES B. WILLCOX] - The Poetical Works of Thomas Chatterton with Notes of his Life, History of the Rowley Controversy, A Selection of his Letters and Notes Critical and Explanatory [2 volumes]
19656: PICKERING & CHATTO - List 129 - Mathematics
5851: CHEESEMAN, T. F - Manual of the New Zealand Flora
18908: CHEESEMAN, THOMAS (REV.) - The Story of William Threlfall - Missionary Martyr of Namaqualand - with some account of Jacob Links and Johannes Jager who fell with him
11705: CHEEVER, GEORGE B. - Wanderings of a Pilgrim in the Shadow of Mont Blanc and the Jungfrau Alp
14375: CHENOWETH, W. W. - Food Preservation: A Textbook for Student, Teacher, Home-maker and Home Factory Operator.
14943: CHERRY-GARRARD, APSLEY - The Worst Journey in the World
14093: CHERRY-GARRARD, APSLEY - The Worst Journey in the World [Volume Two only]
12773: CHESKIN, LOUIS - Why People Buy: Motivation Research and its Successful Application
12772: CHESKIN, LOUIS - Basis for Marketing Decision through Controlled Motivation Research
18432: CHESNEY, GEORGE (GENERAL SIR) - The Dilemma
4895: CHESSMAN, CARYL - Cell 2455 Death Row: A Condemned Man's Own Story
17819: CHESTERTON, G. K. - The Thing
18868: CHESTERTON, G. K. - Gloria in Profundis
5608: CHESTERTON, GILBERT K. - The Club of Queer Trades
7018: CHESTERTON, A. K. - Sound The Alarm! A Warning To The British Nations
7019: CHESTERTON, A. K. - Stand By The Empire: A Warning To The British Nations
7020: CHESTERTON, A. K. - Beware The Money! A Warning To The British Nations
7416: CHESTERTON, RUPERT - The Captain Of The "Phantom" The Further Adventures Of Captain Vanstone Of The "Phantom" Battleship
13599: CHESTERTON, A. K. & JOSEPH LEFTWICH - The Tragedy of Anti-Semitism
13765: CHESTERTON, A. K. - Betrayal: What Joining the Common Market Would Mean [3 copies]
12485: CHESTERTON, A. K. - Tomorrow: A Plan for the British Future
13234: CHESTERTON, A. K. - The New Unhappy Lords: An Exposure of Power Politics
11903: CHILD, PETER - Birdlife of Mount Aspiring National Park
18030: CHILDE, V. GORDON - Ancient Dwellings at Skara Brae
10967: CHILTON, CHARLES (DR.) - The Early History of the Canterbury College Dialectic Society: An Address delivered to the Canterbury College Dialectic Society on March 19th, 1904.
20218: CHISHOLM, JAS. (REV.) - Memorials of John A. Torrance: Agent for Thirty Years of the Patients' and Prisoners' Aid Society
19592: CHISHOLM, JAMES (REV. ) - Fifty Years Syne - A Jubilee Memorial of the Presbyterian Church of Otago
9982: CHISHOLM, JAMES (REV.) - Fifty Years Syne. A Jubilee Memorial Of The Prebyterian Church Of Otago
10335: CHISHOLM, CECIL; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY SIR EVELYN WOOD - Sir John French: An Authentic Biography
003912: CHISHOLM, JAMES (REV. ) - Fifty Years Syne: a Jubilee Memorial of the Presbyterian Church of Otago
002047: CHISHOLM, JAMES (REV. ) - Fifty Years Syne: a Jubilee Memorial of the Presbyterian Church of Otago
002303: CHISHOLM, JAMES (REV. ) - Fifty Years Syne: a Jubilee Memorial of the Presbyterian Church of Otago
11613: CHISHOLM, JAS. (REV.) - Memorials of John A. Torrance: Agent for Thirty Years of the Patients' and Prisoners' Aid Society
19966: CHISHOLM, JOCELYN (ED.) - "Dear Dot" - Letters from a Country Childhood
11221: CITY OF DUNEDIN CHOIR - Collection of Eight Programmes
000388: CHOPHEL, NORBU - New English-Tibetan Dictionary
21170: TRANSLATED BY HIS HOLINESS SAKYA TRIZIN AND NGAWANG SAMTEN CHOPHEL - A Collection of Instructions on Parting From The Four Attachments - The Basic Mind Training Teaching of The Sakya Tradition
15331: CHOU, ERIC - Tales of the Forbidden Palace
4619: CHOUE, YOUNG SEEK - Proposal for Peace: The Last Option for Humankind
10081: CHOWN, DAISY M - Wayfaring In Africa A Woman's Wanderings From The Cape To Cairo
000248: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's South Kensington: Oriental Ceramics and Works of Art. 6 Nov 1997 #7783
000249: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's Los Angeles. Myth and Reality: Animals in Chinese Art. 7 May 1999. #9184
000251: CHRISTIE'S - Christie's South Kensington: Oriental Ceramics and Works of Art. 13 June 1996. #7256
003159: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Peril At End House
003323: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Death Comes As the End
003322: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Towards Zero
21640: CHRISTIE, MAY - Glittering Girl
16813: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Secret of Chimneys
20862: CHRISTIE'S - A Selection of Important Books, Manuscripts and Prints relating to Australasia, from the Library of Sir Thomas Ramsay, C.M.G.
001564: CHRISTOPHER, JOHN - The Lotus Caves
20219: EDITORIAL STAFF OF THE SPORTING CHRONICLE - The Sporting Chronicle Annual for 1937. A Handbook of Records for Every Branch of Sport with Special Olympic Games Section
002431: DAILY CHRONICLE - The Great War Book with Maps and Diagrams
14840: CHROUST, ANTON-HERMANN - Socrates Man and Myth: The Two Socratic Apologies of Xenophon
20908: CHUDLEIGH, EDWARD REGINALD (1841-1922); EDITED BY E. C. RICHARDS - Diary Of E. R. Chudleigh - 1862 - 1921 - Chatham Islands
15845: CHUKOVSKY, KORNEI; TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY LAUREN G. LEIGHTON - The Art of Translation: Kornei Chukovsky's ' A High Art'
11438: CHURCH, IAN - Last Port to Antarctica Dunedin and Port Chalmers: 100 Years of Polar Service
10637: CHURCH, IAN - Port Chalmers and its People
9503: CHURCH, A. H. - English Earthenware
6662: CHURCH, IAN N. - Opening the Manifest on Otago's Infant Years: Shipping Arrivals and Departures, Otago Harbour and Coast 1770-1860
19109: CHURCH, IAN (ED.) - Gaining a Foothold - Historical Records of Otago's Eastern Coast, 1770-1839
12189: CHURCH, IAN - Last Port to Antarctica Dunedin and Port Chalmers: 100 Years of Polar Service
21728: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S.; COMPILED BY RANDOLPH S. CHURCHILL - Into Battle - Speeches by the Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill P.C., M.P.
000574: CHURCHILL, CHARLES (ED. BY ROBERT W. LOWE) - The Rosciad and the Apology
001300: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Lord Randolph Churchill
001992: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - Richard Carvel
001038: CHURCHILL, WINSTON L. SPENCER - The Story of the Malakand Field Force: an Episode of Frontier War
9714: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - The Crisis
12177: CHURCHILL, WILLIAM - The Fale'ula Library: A Collection of Literature Relating to the Philology and Geography of the South Seas
18641: CICERO, EDITED BY A. R. CUMMING - Cicero: Select Letters and Extracts for Junior and Middle Forms
17565: CICERO, EDITED BY F. H. COLOSON - Cicero Pro Milone
10758: CITY OF DUNEDIN, NEW ZEALAND - City of Dunedin New Zealand. Jubilee of the Civic Government 1865-1915
21441: CLAPPERTON, BARBARA L. - Early Otago Newspapers. Thesis submitted for M.A. in History, 1949 [late draft]
19295: CLAPPERTON, A. A. - The Lauder Brothers in New Zealand
11535: CLARE, PRISCILLA - Various Verse: A Potpourri with a Kiwi Flavour
19640: CLARK, CUMBERLAND - The Humours of Bridge
19877: CLARK, HENRY MARTYN - Robert Clark of the Panjab - Pioneer and Missionary Statesmen
5775: CLARK, AUSTIN HOBART - The Crinoids of the Indian Ocean
8541: CLARK, MIRIAM AND RUTH VINCENT (ED) - Towards A United Voice A History Of The Multiple Sclerosis Society Of New Zealand Inc.
11132: CLARK, ROGER - The Development of the New Zealand Constitution
003016: CLARKE, COVINGTON - Aces Up
5102: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Reach for Tomorrow
11888: CLARKE, PERCY - The "New Chum" in Australia or the Scenery, Life and Manners of Australians in Town and Country
6543: CLARKE, ERNEST - Town Growing Up [Papakura]
002429: CLARKE, HENRY (MRS) - Ralph the Outlaw: a Tale of Adventure in Mediaeval England
13630: CLARKE, ISABEL C.; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY P. A. LAWLOR [PAT] - Katherine Mansfield: A Biography
19820: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Tales of Ten Worlds
21410: CLARKE, MARCUS; ILLUSTRATED BY DOUGLAS ALBION - For the Term of His Natural Life
20536: CLARKE, DON & PAT BOOTH - The Boot
13844: CLARKE, MERE; ILLUSTRATED BY MANU SMITH - Whirikoki me tana Kekeno
20193: CLARKE, MARCUS; ILLUSTRATED BY DOUGLAS ALBION - For the Term of His Natural Life
21590: CLARKE, GEORGE - Notes on Early Life in New Zealand
8154: CLARRICOATS, P. J. B - Microwave Ferrites
15665: CLATER, FRANCIS; REVISED BY D. MCTAGGART - Every Man his Own Farrier. Revised, and Much New Matter Added, by D. McTaggart
9030: CLATER, FRANCIS - Everyman His Own Horse And Cow Doctor [and] Every Man His Own Cattle Doctor (Two Titles In One Volume)
8144: CLAUS, R, L. MERTEN AND J. BRANDMULLER - Light Scattering By Phonon-Polaritons
000806: CLAY, BERTHA - The Mischief of the Good [Hutchinson's Famous Copyright Novels No. 142]
21118: CLAY, LEWIS - The Wanton Hour
13446: CLAYON, JACQUELINE - The Georgie-Porgie Book
9040: CLEARY, HENRY W. - An Impeached Nation Being A Study Of Irish Outrages
003735: CLEATOR, P. E. - An Introduction to Space Travel
20539: CLECKLEY, HERVEY - The Mask of Sanity: An Attempt to Clarify Some Issues about the So-Called Psychopathic Personality
20572: CLECKLEY, HERVEY - The Mask of Sanity: An Attempt to Clarify Some Issues about the So-Called Psychopathic Personality
9686: CLEMENS GOOD, ALDOLPHUS (REV.) - A Life For Africa
9546: CLERK MAXWELL, JAMES - A Biography Ivan Tolstoy
15019: CLEUGH, SOPHIA - Spring
18674: CLEVELAND, LES - The Songs We Sang
12489: CLEVELAND, LES - The Politics of Utopia: New Zealand and its Government
20041: CLIFFORD, HARVEY - Rhythm on Skis
21901: CLIFFORD, HUGH - Bush-Whacking and Other Sketches
21293: CLIFFORD, FRANCIS - The Green Fields of Eden
14502: CLIFTON, JANE - Political Animals: Confessions of a Parliamentary Zoologist
13445: CLOKE, RENE - Tippety is Snowed Up
13444: CLOKE, RENE - The Little Roundabout Horse
19242: CLOWES, DANIEL - Eightball [run of 6 issues: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 (all reprints except for #6)]
20195: CLOWES, DANIEL - Eightball [7 issues - Nos. 3, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17]
16943: SOUTHBROOK TRACTION ENGINE CLUB - 2006 Traction Engine Rally - 24-25-26th March 2006 - Rangiora Show Grounds
7205: TAIERI FOOTBALL CLUB - Season Pass Ticket
000886: NEW ZEALAND ALPINE CLUB - The New Zealand Alpine Journal. June 1955. Vol. XVI. No. 42.
000887: NEW ZEALAND ALPINE CLUB - The New Zealand Alpine Journal. June 1954. Vol. XV. No. 41.
13454: WORCESTERSHIRE CAMERA CLUB - Nineteenth Annual Exhibition 1926 / Catalogue of 19th Annual Open and International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography 1926
17358: NEW ZEALAND ALPINE CLUB - The New Zealand Alpine Journal. [Volume VII only]
21150: DUNEDIN SHAKESPEARE CLUB - [collection of 10 programmes, 1943-1948]
15745: DUNEDIN NATURALISTS' FIELD CLUB - Catalogue of the Indigenous and Introduced Flowering Plants, Ferns & Seaweeds Occurring in the Dunedin District
7141: CLUNE, FRANK - Free And Easy Land
7243: CLUNE, FRANK - Bound For Botany Bay: Narrative Of A Voyage in 1798 Aboard The Death Ship Hillsborough
16858: CLUNE, FRANK (FOREWORD BY) - A Noose for Ned. . Reprint of a very rare pamphlet, with a Foreword by Frank Clune
9819: CLUNE, FRANK - Flight To Formosa
21305: CLUNE, FRANK - Ben Hall - The Bushranger
16203: CLUNE, FRANK - "The Demon" Killer: (The Career of Deeming, Satanic Murderer)
7899: CLYDE, ALAN - "Te Kooti" And Other Poems
15556: T. BULMER & CO. - History, Topography and Directory of West Cumberland, comprising its ancient and modern history; A general view of its physical features: geological character, mines and minerals; trade, commerce and manufactures; statistics, &c., &c.,
6009: ANDREW USHER CO - The Usher Diary 1915
19657: SOTHEBY AND CO. - Catalogue of Valuable Printed Books and a Few Manuscripts, Autograph Letters and Historical Documents, etc. [28-30 July 1930]
8087: COAD, N. E - A History Of The Pacific
5058: COATES, DANDESON - Principles, Objects, and Plan of the New Zealand Association Examined in a Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Genelg [...]
10766: COATES, DANDESON - The New Zealanders and their lands. The report of the Select Comittee of the House of Commons, on New Zealand, considered in a letter to Lord Stanley
11605: COATSWORTH, THOMAS (1877-1953) - People, Places, and Some Famous Monarchs of England: A Series of Articles by Rev. T. Coatsworth 1933-1934
14355: COBB, JOHN - The Walking Tracks of New Zealand's National Parks
14505: COBBETT, WILLIAM - Advice to Young Men, and (Incidentally) to Young Women, in the Middle and Higher Ranks of Life In a Series of Letters Addressed to a Youth, a Bachelor, a Lover, a Husband, a Father, a Citizen or a Subject
14652: COBDEN, RICHARD - Speeches on Free Trade
17315: COCK, JACKLYN & EDDIE KOCH (EDS.) - Going Green: People, Politics and the Environment in South Africa
000563: COCKAINE, THOMAS (SIR) - Shakespeare Association Facsimiles No. 5: a Short Treatise of Hunting
19325: COCKAYNE, L. [LEONARD] - Monograph on the New Zealand Beech Forests. Part II. The Forests from the Practical and Economic Standpoints.
19900: COCKBURN,JAMES - The Yarn Calculator, containing Rules and Observations relating to Woollen Yarn, Single and Twisted
002489: COCKCROFT, JOHN - The Philippines
12123: CODY, J. F. - New Zealand Engineers, Middle East [Series Title: Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939-45]
003809: COFFEE, FRANK - Forty Years on the Pacific: the Lure of the Great Ocean
11716: COGHLAN, T. A. - The Decline in the Birth-Rate of New South Wales and Other Phenomena of Child-Birth. An Essay in Statistics
002408: COHEN, OCTAVIUS ROY - Love Can be Dangerous
16478: COHEN, BEN - Acol Quiz: A Collection of Bidding Problems based on The Acol System of Contract Bridge
8296: COHN, NORMAN - The Pursuit Of The Millennium Revolutionary Millenarians And Mystical Anarchists Of The Middle Ages
20603: COILLARD, FRANCOIS; EDITED BY CATHERINE WINKWORTH MACKINTOSH - On the Threshold of Central Africa - A Record of Twenty Years' Pioneering Among the Barotsi of the Upper Zambesi
21542: COLBORN, EDWARD F.; ILLUSTRATED BY F. J. HAYNES - To Geyserland - Union Pacific - Oregon Short Line Railroads to the Yellowstone National Park [Cover title: "Where Gush the Geysers"]
9117: COLCORD, ANNA L. - A Friend In The Kitchen; Or, What To Cook And How To Cook It
7941: COLE, E. W. - Cole's Intellect Sharpener And Family Amuser Containing 2,000 Choice Riddles And 500 Amusing Puzzles And Games
11353: COLE, E. W. - Cole's Fun Doctor: The Funniest Book in the World
21526: COLECLOUGH, MABEL C. - A Book of British Flora for British Boys and Girls
000185: COLECLOUGH, MABEL C. - A Book of New Zealand Flora for New Zealand Boys and Girls
4980: COLECLOUGH, MABEL C. - A Book of New Zealand Flora for New Zealand Boys and Girls
6331: COLEMAN, FREDERIC - With Cavalry in 1915: The British Trooper in the Trench Line Through the Second Battle of Ypres
18154: COLEMAN, FREDERIC - With Cavalry in 1915: The British Trooper in the Trench Line Through the Second Battle of Ypres
19255: COLENSO, WILLIAM - [Specimen] A Maori-English Lexicon: being a Comprehensive Dictionary of the New Zealand Tongue; Including Mythical, Mythological, "Taboo" or Sacred, Genealogical, Proverbial, Poetical [...]
19217: COLENSO, WILLIAM - Ancient Tide-Lore and Tales of the Sea, from the Two Ends of the World. Also, Some Highly Curious Ancient and Legendary Little-Known East Coast Maori Stories. Translated, with Explanatory Notes on the Same.
21723: COLENSO, WILLIAM - [3 offprints by Colenso from Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, 1887]
18459: COLENSO, WILLIAM - [Specimen] A Maori-English Lexicon: being a Comprehensive Dictionary of the New Zealand Tongue; Including Mythical, Mythological, "Taboo" or Sacred, Genealogical, Proverbial, Poetical [...]
21734: COLENSO, WILLIAM - On the Botany of the North Island of New Zealand
21438: COLENSO, WILLIAM - Ancient Tide-Lore and Tales of the Sea, from the Two Ends of the World. Also, Some Highly Curious Ancient and Legendary Little-Known East Coast Maori Stories. Translated, with Explanatory Notes on the Same.
4890: COLENSO, WILLIAM - A Maori-English Lexicon: being a Comprehensive Dictionary of the New Zealand Tongue; Including Mythical, Mythological, "Taboo" or Sacred, Genealogical, Proverbial, Poetical [...]
16667: COLENSO, W. [WILLIAM] - The Authentic and Genuine History of the Signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand, February 5 and 6, 1840: Being a Faithful and Circumstantial, Though Brief, Narration of Events Which Happened on That Memorable Occasion [...]
9555: COLENSO, WILLIAM - Maori Lexicon [4 items]
21474: COLENSO, WILLIAM - [Specimen] A Maori-English Lexicon: being a Comprehensive Dictionary of the New Zealand Tongue; Including Mythical, Mythological, "Taboo" or Sacred, Genealogical, Proverbial, Poetical [...]
18209: COLENSO, WILLIAM; COMPILED BY IAN ST GEORGE - Give Your Thoughts Life: William Colenso's Letters to the Editor
13512: COLENSO, WILLIAM - Three Literary Papers Read Before the Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute, During the Session of 1882: I. and II. On Nomenclature. III. On "Macaulay's New Zealander."
19686: COLENSO, WILLIAM - [Specimen] A Maori-English Lexicon: being a Comprehensive Dictionary of the New Zealand Tongue; Including Mythical, Mythological, "Taboo" or Sacred, Genealogical, Proverbial, Poetical [...]
000757: COLERIDGE, K. A. - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Milton Collection in the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand
003679: COLES, MANNING - The Fifth Man
14503: COLLETTE, CHARLES HASTINGS - A Reply to Cobbett's "History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland."
000998: COLLIER, JAMES - Sir George Grey Governor, High Commissioner, and Premier an Historical Biography
14113: COLLINGWOOD, R. G. - An Autobiography
000779: THE POLYNESIAN SOCIETY. AUTHORS: J. T. LARGE; ELSDON BEST; LIEUT. COL. GUDGEON; E. TREGEAR; GEORGE COLLINRIDGE - The Journal of the Polynesian Society. No. 46. September 1903 (Vol. XII, No. 3)
17274: COLLINS, WILKIE - The Moonstone: A Romance
20486: COLLINS, BRUCE E. - Rocks, Reefs and Sandbars: A History of Otago Shipwrecks
14923: COLLINS, R. D. J. - Through Fifty Years: The Early Decades of The South Canterbury Art Society
000566: INTRODUCTION BY D. C. COLLINS - Shakespeare Association Facsimiles No. 9: Battle of Nieuport 1600. Two News Pamphlets and a Ballad
5536: COLLINS, HUNT - Cut Me In
7833: COLLINS, W. E. (DR.) - A Paper Read Before The New Zealand Branch Of The British Medical Association On March 18, 1898
12806: COLLINS, J. H. - A First Book of Mineralogy adapted to the requirements of the Science and Art Department. And suitable for self-instruction.
11667: COLLINS, W. WILKIE - Antonina; or, The Fall of Rome
10702: COLLINS, R. D. J. (COMPILED AND INTRODUCED BY) - The First Exhibition of The Otago Art Society
13625: COLLINS, NORRIS - Faith to Works: My Life Story of Church Trade Union and Community Involvement
19814: WILLIAM COLLINS - The Complete Atlas, Consisting of One Hundred and Twenty Maps of Modern, Historical, Classical, and Physical Geography; [. . .]
21368: COLLINS, BRUCE E. - Rocks, Reefs and Sandbars: A History of Otago Shipwrecks
16627: COLLINSON, FRANCIS - The Bagpipe: The History of a Musical Instrument
18106: COLLODI, C. (ADAPTED FROM) - The Adventures of Pinocchio
18663: AN OLD COLONIST [PRATT, WILLIAM] - Colonial Experiences; or, Incidents and Reminiscences of Thirty-Four Years in New Zealand
14317: COLQUHOUN, D. - Lectures on Biostatistics: An Introduction to Statistics with Applications in Biology and Medicine
5108: COMBE, P.H - Hunting Beasts and Men
10022: COMBES, REG - Pharmacy In New Zealand
13771: COMERFORD, JOHN - Health the Unknown: The Story of the Peckham Experiment
19955: THE ROSS SEA COMMITTEE - The Trans-Antarctic Expedition and The International Geophysical Year
003814: NEW ZEALAND COMPANY - The Twenty-Fourth Report of the Court of Directors of the New Zealand Company Presented to the Annual General Court of Proprietors Held on the 31st of May, 1848
10767: NEW ZEALAND COMPANY - The Twenty-Third Report of the Court of Directors of the New Zealand Company Presented to a Special General Court of Proprietors Held on the 15th October, 1847
19289: COMPAYRÉ, GABRIEL - Abelard and The Origin and Early History of Universities
4017: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - Men And Wives
4018: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - More Women Than Men
4019: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - A House And Its Head
4029: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - A Father And His Fate
4030: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - A Heritage And Its History
4031: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - The Mighty And Their Fall
4033: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - The Last And The First
17685: COMRADE X, AS TOLD TO KEN ANDERSON - My 3 Years Inside Russia
7461: CONAN DOYLE, ARTHUR (SIR) - The End And The Beginning: The Final Problem, The Adventure Of The Empty House
15698: CONDÉ, J. A. (DR.); TRANSLATED BY MRS. JONATHAN FOSTER - History of the Dominion of the Arabs in Spain (Volume III only)
003503: CONDER, CLAUDE REIGNIER - Heth and Moab. Explorations in Syria in 1881 and 1882
20362: EDITED BY THE SECRETARIES TO THE CONFERENCE - Conference on Missions Held In 1860 At Liverpool: Including The Papers Read, The Deliberations, And The Conclusions Reached; With A Comprehensive Index Shewing The Various Matters Brought Under Review
001857: CONGALTON, A. A. - Hawera - a Social Survey: a Report of a Community Venture
5666: ORNITHOLOGICAL CONGRESS - Acta XX Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici: Volume I - IV plus Supplement.
10633: CONGREVE, WILLIAM - The Poetical Works of William Congreve. With the Life of the Author.
16700: CONLY, D. G - "J. J.'s" Dunedin: Episodes in the making of James John Marlow O.B.E.
20354: CONNELL, MAURICE - Origins
14724: O'CONNELL, MICK (MRS) ('CEIL'); PREFACE BY EVELYN V. O'CONNELL - This Place They Call Macraes
19795: O'CONNOR, TOM; WITH MAORI TRANSLATION BY KINGI IHAKA - Bunty Preece - Soldier of the 28 (Maori) Battalion / Hoia toa Alfred Preece - tetahi o nga morehu o te Hoko Whitu a Tumatauenga
11645: O'CONNOR, JOHN (ED.) - Plainwraps. [3 Issues: Numbers 1, 2 and 5]
14721: O'CONNOR, JOHN - As It Is: Poems 1981-1996
6253: O'CONNOR, W. J. - Founders of British Physiology: A Biographical Dictionary, 1820-1885
18649: CONSIDINE, BOB - MacArthur the Magnificent
10748: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Screen Stories and Film News. May 1, 1941.
10747: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Screen Book Magazine December 1939 The News Magazine of the Movies
10738: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Screenland Magazine December 1937 The Smart Screen Magazine
10739: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Screenland Magazine May 1938 The Smart Screen Magazine
10740: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Screenland Magazine July 1939 The Smart Screen Magazine
10741: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Screenland Magazine January 1940 The Smart Screen Magazine
10742: VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS - Screenland Magazine February 1940 The Smart Screen Magazine
6479: CONWAY, MONCURE DANIEL - Solomon and Solomonic Literature
20779: CONWAY, WILLIAM MARTIN (SIR) - The First Crossing of Spitsbergen
10511: COOK, JAMES (CAPTAIN) - Narrative of Captain James Cook's Voyages Round the World; with an Account of his Life during the previous and intervening periods: Also, an appendix, detailing the progress of the voyage after the death of Captain Cook.
17012: COOK, ELMA - The Small World of Your Garden: A Pictorial Guide to Insects and other Small Creatures Commonly Found in New Zealand Gardens
20635: COOK, FREDERICK A. - To the Top of the Continent - Discovery, Exploration and Adventure in Sub-arctic Alaska. The First Ascent of Mt. McKinley, 1903-1906
4325: COOK, OSCAR - Borneo: The Stealer of Hearts
19981: COOK, EDWARD (SIR) - The Press in War-Time
20151: COOKE, FRANCIS B. - Seamanship for Small Yachts
003297: COOKE, ARTHUR O. - Ships and Sea-Faring Shown to the Children
20202: COOKE, FRANCIS B. - Seamanship for Small Yachts
8306: COOKSON, CATHERINE - Hannah Massey
003450: COOKSON, CATHERINE - Our Kate
14111: COOKSON, CATHERINE - Fanny McBride
16664: COOMBS, JANE (EDITOR, ISSUES 1 & 2); (MICHELE LEGGOTT (EDITOR OF NO. 3); ELIZABETH NEWTON (EDITOR, NO. 4); GREGORY O'BRIEN (EDITOR, NO. 5) - Rambling Jack [Complete run of all 5 issues]
15611: COOP, TIMOTHY & HENRY EXLEY - A Trip Around the World in a Series of Letters
18067: COOPER, BRIAN - A Time to Retreat
13119: COOPER, IRVING S. - The Secret of Happiness
13621: COOPER, JOYCE (COMPILED BY); WITH ILLUSTRATIONS BY ERICA SKLENERS - The Soldier and the Nurse From Waimate: Memories of Wartime Service
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12078: COOPER, H. STONEHEWER - The Islands of the Pacific: Their Peoples and their Products
9773: COOPER, WENDY - Disappearing Diamonds The Second Adventure Of The Do And Dare Club
19138: COPE, TREVOR (ED.); - Izibongo - Zulu Praise-Poems - Collected by James Stuart - Translated by Daniel Malcolm
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7537: COPLAND, D. B - Wheat Production In New Zealand A Study In The Economics Of New Zealand Agriculture
5411: COPPER, BASIL - The Caligari Complex
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13115: CORBION, W. A. & G. E. GRIMSDALE - Salesmanship: A Practical Guide for Shop Assistant, Commercial Traveller, and Agent
10223: LE CORBUSIER - Concerning Town Planning
17836: CORELLI, MARIE - The Young Diana. An Experiment of the Future. A Romance
7557: CORLISS, KEN - The Grouse, The Dun, And I
14482: CORLISS, WILLIAM R. - Biological Anomalies: Humans I
20828: CORMACK, IAN & SHIRLEY CORMACK - Te Matapuna - Te Ia Reo 1
14451: CORNFORD, L. COPE; ILLUSTRATED BY W. L. WYLLIE & J. SPURLING - A Century of Sea Trading 1824-1924: The General Steam Navigation Company Limited
7526: CORNFORD, F. M - Microcosmographia Academia Being A Guide For The Young Academic Politician
17330: CORNING, W. C. & M. W. BALABAN (EDS.) - The Mind: Biological Approaches to its Functions
6051: CORNWALLIS-WEST, G. - The Life and Letters of Admiral Cornwallis
8044: CORTHELL, E. L - A History Of The Jetties At The Mouth Of The Mississippi River
21031: CORY, HARPER - Rover - A Collie-Coyote - A True Story
20753: COSGRAVE, JOYCE - Adventures Unexpected
20410: M'COSH, JAMES (REV.) - The Intuitions of the Mind - Inductively Investigated
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7095: COTES, ROGER; THE SECOND EDITION BY ROBERT SMITH - Hydrostatical And Pneumatical Lectures
13252: COTTERILL, HENRY - Does Science Aid Faith in Regard to Creation?
7318: COTTERRELL, ROGER - Fishing For The Pot Around Kapiti
5513: COTTIN, MADAME - Elizabeth; Or, The Exiles of Siberia. A Tale, Founded Upon Facts.
10389: COTTON, C. A. - Climatic Accidents in Landscape-Making: A Sequel to "Landscape as Developed by the Processes of Normal Erosion"
10494: COTTON, C. A. - Earth Beneath: An Introduction to Geology for Readers in New Zealand
17618: COTTON, CHARLES; EDITED BY JOHN BERESFORD - Poems of Charles Cotton 1630-1687
19314: COTTON, HENRY - Hints on Play with Steel Shafts
21154: COTTON, C. A. - Earth Beneath: An Introduction to Geology for Readers in New Zealand
17721: COTTRELL, JOHN - Julie Andrews: The Story of a Star
20100: COUCH, SIR ARTHUR QUILLER (RETOLD BY); ILLUSTRATED BY EDMUND DULAC - The Sleeping Beauty and other fairy tales - From the Old French
20621: DE COULANGES, FUSTEL - The Ancient City - A Study on the Religion, Laws, and Institutions of Greece and Rome
19251: COULTON, G. G. - The Main Illusions of Pacifism - A Criticism of Mr. Norman Angell and of the Union of Democratic Control
5084: HASTINGS BOROUGH COUNCIL - The Official Handbook of Hastings: For Tourist, Sportsman and Settler.
9916: COURAGE, JAMES - Such Separate Creatures: Stories. Chosen by Charles Brasch
21685: COURAGE, JAMES; EDITED BY CHARLES BRASCH - Such Separate Creatures - Stories
21391: DE COURCY, KENNETH - Review of World Affairs. Volume VI
8865: COURTIER, SIDNEY HOBSON - Ligny's Lake
21044: COUTTS, PETER & MARK JURISICH - Results of an Archaeological Survey of Ruapuke Island [Otago University Monographs in Prehistory Anthropology, Volume 5]
16109: COVENEY, T. G. - A Venture into Shipping: A Success Story
7364: COVENTRY'S - Cyclist's And General Tourists Map Of The Lake District
13620: COWAN, VALERIE - Bridging the Centures: Five New Zealanders - Born 1896 to 1899 - Talk About Their Lives
19254: COWAN, JAMES - The New Zealand Wars. A History of the Maori Campaigns and the Pioneering Period [Two volumes]
21448: COWAN, JAMES - Tales of the Maori Coast
21507: COWAN, JAMES - The New Zealand Wars - A History of the Maori Campaigns and the Pioneering Period. Volume I: 1845-64; Volume II: The Hauhau Wars, 1864-72
18367: COWDEN, R. W. - Current Glossary [Words Coined Since the War]
8846: COWEN, FRANCES - The Haunting of Helen Farley
8859: COWEN, FRANCES - The Unforgiving Moment
002740: COWPER, WILLIAM - Poems by William Cowper, Esq. of the Inner Temple [Two Volumes]
9784: COWPER, E. E. - Hunted, And The Hunter
17488: COX, GEOFFREY & MALCOLM FRANCIS - Sharks and Rays of New Zealand
12086: COX, S. HERBERT - Prospecting for Minerals: A Practical Handbook for Prospectors, Explorers, Settlers, and all interested in the opening-up and development of new lands
12065: COX, S. HERBERT - Mines and Minerals: A Guide for the Australian Miner
21838: COX, HARRY - Are Pigs People [Humorbooks #H49]
11193: COX, ALFRED - Men of Mark of New Zealand
15643: COX, J. E. & R. H. TAYLOR; RUTH MASON - Motunau Island Canterbury New Zealand: An Ecological Survey
5383: COX, EDWIN MARION (ED.) - The Poems of Sappho with Historical and Critical Notes Translations and A Bibliography.
6444: COX, G. W. (REV.) - The Greeks and the Persians
6660: COX, BEVERLY J. & DENNA JONES ANDERSON - Miguel Covarrubias Caricatures
21778: COX, GEOFFREY - The Road to Trieste
16785: COXE, GEORGE HARMON - Suddenly a Widow
16782: COXE, GEORGE HARMON - Venturous Lady
12038: CRABB, JAMES - The Gipsies' Advocate; or Observations on the Origin, Character, Manners, and Habits, of the English Gipsies
16643: CRABBE, GEORGE (REV.) - The Borough: A Poem
9561: CRAD, JOSEPH - White Hell Of The North
7436: CRADOCK, H. C. - Josephine's Happy Family
20675: CRAIG, S. EDGAR (STEPHENSON) - British-Israel Exposed
4865: CRAIG, KATHERINE TAYLOR - The Fabric of Dreams: Dream Lore and Dream Interpretation, Ancient and Modern
6716: CRAIG, ROBERT W. - Storm and Sorrow in the High Pamirs
9242: CRAIG, E. W. G. - Man Of The Mist A Biography Of Elsdon Best
12833: CRAIG, G. Y. & J. H. HULL (EDS.) - James Hutton - Present and Future
4729: CRAIG, MARY - Tears of Blood: A Cry for Tibet
21923: CRAIGIE, JAMES - The Humanity of Burns
13676: CRAIK, GEORGE L. - The Pursuit of Knowledge Under Difficulties
9712: CRAMP, WILLIAM - Continuous Current Machine Design
11483: CRANE, FRANK (D.D.) - Human Gold: Adventures in Common Sense
12954: CRANFORD, ROBIN - My City Fears Tomorrow
16828: CRASHAW, RICHARD; EDITED BY L. C. MARTIN - The Poems English Latin and Greek of Richard Crashaw
16071: CRAVEN, PATRICIA & CHRISTINE MARAIS - Namib Flora: Swakopmund to the Giant Welwitschia via Goanikontes
19606: CRAWFORD, H. J. (REV.) - A Noble Record - One Hundred Years of Presbyterian Church Government in Auckland 1856-1956
18224: CRAWFORD, ANN - Pumps & Bellows: The Ann Crawford Story
7552: CRAWLEY, CAPTAIN - Whist: Its Theory And Practice With Chapters On Loo And Cribbage
20047: CREASEY, JOHN - The Flying Turk
16233: CREED, DAVID - Death Watch
5964: CREIGHTON, LOUISE - G. A. Selwyn, D.D. Bishop of New Zealand and Lichfield
15221: CRESSWELL, JOHN C. M. - Maori Meeting Houses of the North Island
20878: CRESSWELL, DOUGLAS - The Story of Cheviot
11163: CRESSWELL, FRANCES - Old Homes: Lyttelton Harbour
5377: CROCKETT, HENRY CLAY - The American in Europe Being "Guesses" and "calculations" on Men and Manners; Made During a Tour Through the Most Important Portions of Europe
14112: CROCKETT, MARY & TERRY SNOW (EDS.) - The Listener Bedside Book No. 2
11694: CROCKETT, S. R. - The White Plumes of Navarre: A Romance of the Wars of Religion
15210: CROCKETT, W. S. - Biggar: Historical, Traditional and Descriptive. With the Chief Walks and Drives in the Neighbourhood, and a Map specially prepared from the latest Ordnance Survey.
21740: CROFTS, FREEMAN WILLS - Antidote to Venom
16791: CROFTS, FREEMAN WILLS - Fatal Venture
8774: O'CROHAN, TOMAS - The Islandman
18998: CROMARTIE, ALAN - Sir Matthew Hale 1609-1676 - Law, Religion and Natural Philosophy
7287: CROMB, JAMES - The Highland Brigade: It Battles And Its Heroes
21624: CROMPTON, RICHMAL - William Carries On
17850: CROMPTON, RICHMAL - William - The Good
15859: CROMPTON, ROSEMARY (ED.) - Restructuring Gender Relations and Employment: The Decline of the Male Breadwinner
20703: CROMWELL, DEAN B. - The Javelin Throw and Relay Races
21029: CROMWELL, DEAN B. - [Group of 6 flip-books: The High Jump; The Shot Put, Hammer Throw; The Discus; The Distance Runs; The Pole Vault; The Middle Distance Runs]
12459: CROMWELL, DEAN B. - The Broad Jump
8858: CRONIN, MICHAEL - A Black Leather Case
13554: CROOT, CHARLES - Mornington School 125th Jubilee 1865-1990: A Historical Survey
000273: CATHOLIC FILM INSTITUTE / BING CROSBY - Focus: a Film Review. Vol. IV. No. 12. December 1951
8533: CROSBY, A. B - The Art Of Holding The Violin & Bow As Exemplified By Ole Bull His Pose And Method Proved To Be Based On True Astronomical Principles
15437: CROSFIELD, HELEN G. - Margaret Fox of Swarthmoor Hall
19838: CROSSLEY, E. K. (EDITED AND PARTLY ILLUSTRATED BY) [ELLA KATHLEEN CROSSLEY?] - Witnesses Unto Me - The Story of the Ceylon and India General Mission - 1907
14860: CROW, KATHRYN E. & RICHARD D. BATT (EDS.) - Human Metabolism of Alcohol Volume III: Metabolic and Physiological Effects of Alcohol
11915: CROWE, DESMOND T. - Beyond the Beat: Recollections of a retired Police Officer & Local Body Politician
8770: CROWTHER, JAMES - The Unwritten Record A Story Of The World We Live On
6942: CROZIER, WILLIAM - William Crozier Recent Paintings 8 - 26 September 1964.
21612: CROZIER, ANITA (ED.) - Beyond the Southern Lakes - The Explorations of W. G. Grave
10037: CRUISE, RICHARD A. - Journal of a Ten Months' Residence in New Zealand
20220: CRUMB, R.; EDITED BY GARY GROTH WITH ROBERT FIORE - The Complete Crumb - Volume 2 - Some More Early Years of Bitter Struggle
17273: CRUMP, BARRY - No Reference Intended
18726: CRUMP, BARRY - Gulf
21922: CRUMP, BARRY - The Odd Spot of Bother
20829: CRUMP, BARRY - Shorty
19375: CRUMP, BARRY - "No Reference Intended"
21928: CRUMP, BARRY - Scrapwaggon
10176: CRUMP, BARRY - Puha Road
5142: CRUMP, BARRY - Hang On A Minute Mate
5143: CRUMP, BARRY - A Good Keen Girl
5542: CRUMP, BARRY - Fred
5669: CRUMP, BARRY - Bastards I Have Met: An ABC of Bastardry
8201: CRUMP, BARRY - Shorty
9358: CRUMP, BARRY (ED.) - Bush Telegraph: A Collection of Original Verse
9359: CRUMP, BARRY - Scrapwaggon
9360: CRUMP, BARRY - Scrapwaggon
19530: CRUMP, BARRY - There and Back
21790: CRUMP, BARRY - Fred
21793: CRUMP, BARRY; EDITED BY MANDY HERRON - Barry Crump's Bedtime Yarns
19336: CRUMP, BARRY (ED.) - Bush Telegraph: A Collection of Original Verse
17592: CRUMP, BARRY - Puha Road
21934: CRUMP, BARRY - Gulf
20699: CRUVEILHIER, J. - Anatomie Descriptive. Tome Quatrième.
17541: CRYER, MAX - Hear Our Voices, We Entreat: The Extraordinary Story of New Zealand's National Anthems
16064: CUDDIHY, LINDA W. & CHARLES P. STONE - Alteration of Native Hawaiian Vegetation: Effects of Humans, their Activities and Introductions
12175: CUDDIHY, M. J. & A. D. ROSS - Forests, Grasslands and Animals of Mount Aspiring National Park and Dart State Forest
17317: CULL, DAVE - Big Weather South
19285: CULL, DAVE; ILLUSTRATED BY STEPHEN JAQUIERY - Icebergs - The Antarctic Comes To Town
19904: CULLET, PHILIPPE (ED.) - The Sardar Sarovar Dam Project - Selected Documents
5440: M'CULLOCH, DAVID M. - The Swinging Tub
7037: M'CULLOCH, R. - M'Culloch's Guide To The Game Of Draughts Containing Seventeen Openings And Upwards Of 700 Variations With Diagrams And Critical Positions
18778: CULPAN, MAURICE - A Nice Place To Die
18779: CUMBERLAND, MARTEN - Out Of This World: A Saturnin Dax Detective Novel
6469: CUMBERLAND, RICHARD - The Observer: Being a Collection of Moral, Literary and Familiar Essays. Six volumes.
8868: CUMBERLAND, MARTEN - Attention! Saturnin Dax!
21266: CUMMING, C. F. GORDON - Fire Fountains - The Kingdom of Hawaii - Its Volcanoes, and the History of Its Missions [Volume I only of two volumes]
6825: CUMMING, C. F. GORDON - Granite Crags
15266: CUMMING, R. GORDON - A Hunter's Life in South Africa
20255: CUNNINGHAM, W. T. (ED.) - New Zealand as a Tourist & Health Resort. A Handbook to The Hot Lakes - The Cold Lakes - Sounds, Etc.
15145: CUNNINGHAM, JACK - Galway's Own
21498: CUNNINGHAM, ALEXANDER - Report of Tours in the Gangetic Provinces from Badaon to Bihar, in 1875-76 and 1877-78. Archaeological Survey of India - Volume XI
4906: CUNNINGHAM, J. W. - A World Without Souls
18125: CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT (1836-1874), "GEORDIE SHORT" - ["Geordie Short's Letters. I." - a finely bound scrapbook of clippings]
19985: CUNNINGHAM, ALEXANDER (BREV.-MAJOR) (1814-1893) - The Bhilsa Topes; Or, Buddhist Monuments of Central India: Comprising A Brief HIstorical Sketch of the Rise, Progress, and Decline of Buddhism; with an account of the Opening and Examination of the Various Groups of Topes Around Bhilsa
20577: CURNOW, ALLEN - Island & Time
21167: CURNOW, ALLEN; WITH AN ESSAY BY PETER SIMPSON - Allen Curnow - The Loop in Lone Kauri Road
6339: CURNOW, ALLEN - Valley of Decision: Poems by Allen Curnow
7134: CURNOW, ALLEN - At Dead Low Water And Sonnets
19792: CURNOW, ALLEN - An Abominable Temper and Other Poems
001289: CURNOW, ALLEN - The Axe: a Verse Tragedy
20814: CURNOW, ALLEN - The Hucksters & The University or Out of Site, Out of Mind! A Happy Little Poem for all the Family
15534: CURNOW, ALLEN - Jack Without Magic: Poems
19435: CURRIE, A. E. - A Centennial Treasury Of Otago Verse
5073: CURRIE, ERNEST - Versions from Verlaine
8317: CURRIE, A. E. - A Centennial Treasury Of Otago Verse
9644: CURRIE, A. E. - A Centennial Treasury Of Otago Verse
5754: CURTEIS, W. C. - A Full Report of the Case of Mastin v. Escott, Clerk, For Refusing to Bury An Infant Baptized by a Wesleyan Minister
5256: CURTH, HANK - The Sounds of Antarctica
17739: CURTISS, URSULA - The Stairway
6927: CURZON, ROBERT (JUN.) - Visits to the Monasteries of the Levant
7328: CURZON-HOBSON, WHELDON - Finding Lizzie
8826: CUTT, JOHN A. - Rainbow Waters 125 Years Of Settlement In Waianiwa
13642: CUTT, JOHN A. (ED.) - From Rust to Restoration. Tractor Centennial Rally Gore February 24-26 1989
21247: CUTT, JOHN A. - Rainbow Waters - 125 Years Of Settlement In Waianiwa
17874: CUTTRISS, G. P. - 'Over the Top' with the Third Australian Division
18795: CUTTRISS, G. P. - 'Over the Top' - with the Third Australian Division
18498: DABROWKSI, KAZIMIERZ - Personality Shaping Through Positive Disintegration
9582: VON DADELSZEN, E. J. (REGISTRAR-GENERAL) - Report on the Results of a Census of the Colony of New Zealand taken for the Night of the 12th April, 1896
4440: DAINOW, BERT (PHOTOGRAPHY BY) - Camera in Northland New Zealand
000234: DAKPA, RINCHEN & B. A. ROOKE - In Haste from Tibet
17698: DALE, DARLEY - The Village Blacksmith
13609: DALEY, CAROLINE - Leisure & Pleasure: Reshaping & Revealing the New Zealand Body 1900-1960
4119: DALLAS, RUTH - Country Road and Other Poems 1947-52
20853: DALLAS, RUTH - Ragamuffin Scarecrow
003898: DALLAS, RUTH - Walking on the Snow
003899: DALLAS, RUTH - Shadow Show
5363: DALLAS, RUTH - Country Road and Other Poems 1947-52
7138: DALLAS, RUTH - Country Road and Other Poems 1947-52
8424: DALLAS, RUTH - The Turning Wheel
19345: DALLAS, RUTH - Song for a Guitar and Other Songs
20824: DALLAS, RUTH - Collected Poems
15060: DALLAS, RUTH - Joy of a Ming Vase
19438: DALLAS, RUTH - Country Road and Other Poems 1947-52
8378: DALLINGER, W. H - The Creator, And What We May Know Of The Method Of Creation The Fernley Lecture Of 1887
12382: DALRYMPLE, H. K. - Fungus Hunting in Otago, New Zealand
13325: DALRYMPLE, H. K. - Fungus Hunting in Otago, New Zealand
6698: DALRYMPLE, H. K. - Fungus Hunting in Otago, New Zealand
12171: DANA, WILLIAM H, - J. W. Pepper's Practical Guide and Study to the Secret of Arranging Band Music, or, the Amateur's Guide [bound with one other]
21067: DANIEL, ROLAND - The Murder Gang
13059: DANN, CHRISTINE & NEVILLE PEAT - Dunedin - North and South Otago. NZ Guides
18045: DANSEY, H. D. B. - How the Maoris Came to Aotearoa
5934: DARCH, WINIFRED - Elinor In The Fifth
14058: DARK, SIDNEY & HERBERT SIDEBOTHAM - The Folly of Anti-Semitism
20484: DARWIN, CHARLES - Journal of Researches during the Voyage of H.M.S. "Beagle"
18049: DARWIN, CHARLES - Autobiography of Charles Darwin - with Two Appendices, comprising a chapter of reminiscences and a state of Charles Darwin's religious views, by his son, Sir Francis Darwin
12726: DARWIN, CHARLES; EDITED BY FRANCIS DARWIN - More Letters of Charles Darwin: A Record of his Work in a Series of Hitherto Unpublished Letters
19983: DARWIN, CHARLES; WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JOSEPH W. WILLIAMS - On the Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs
15807: DARWIN, BERNARD - Second Shots: Casual Talks about Golf
17469: DARWIN, CHARLES - Journal of Researches during the Voyage of H.M.S. "Beagle"
5163: HIS DAUGHTER - Sir Rowland Hill: The Story of a Great Reform Told by His Daughter
17866: DAVEY, A. J. - Daybreak in Geraldine County: Record of Progress During Seventy-Five Years under Local Government 1877-1952
21481: DAVID, ELIZABETH - French Provincial Cooking
002608: DAVIDSON, WILLIAM - Stories of New Zealand Life: Including "The Two Detectives. " "The Miser's Plant, " "Rescue of the Stray Lamb, " "Wee Davie, " & C.
4732: DAVIDSON, BASIL - Turkestan Alive
6705: DAVIDSON, JOHN - Smith: A Tragedy
7585: DAVIDSON, MARGARET - My Lords Richard
11086: DAVIDSON, BASIL - Turkestan Alive
4083: DAVIE, DONALD - Essex Poems 1963-67
19184: DAVIES, JUDY - Planning to Move, Moving to Plan - Living With Developmental Dyspraxia in New Zealand
10681: DAVIES, REV. J. SANGER - Dolomite Strongholds: The Last Untrodden Alpine Peaks An Account of Ascents of the Croda da Lago, the Little and Great Zinnen, the Cinque Torri, the Funffingerspitze, and the Langkofel
6933: DAVIES, L. P. - The Paper Dolls
9099: DAVIES, WILLIAM - A Fine Old English Gentleman, Exemplified In The Life And Character Of Lord Collingwood
19074: DAVIES, PETER J. - The Character of a Genius - Beethoven in Perspective
15199: DAVIES, OLIVER - Between-Time Poems
17018: DAVIES, P. N.; WITH A FOREWORD BY LORD COLE - The Trade Makers: Elder Dempster in West Africa 1852-1972
9161: DAVIN, DAN - For The Rest Of Our Lives
21770: DAVIN, DAN - Breathing Spaces
003724: DAVIN, DAN - For the Rest of Our Lives
21538: DAVIN, DAN - Not Here, Not Now
20570: DAVIN, DAN - Brides of Price
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21459: DOWER, J. - Northern Germany [Map]
21463: DOWER, J. - Sweden and Norway [Map]
21462: DOWER, J. - France [Map]
21456: DOWER, J. - South Italy [Map]
21457: DOWER, J. - North Italy [Map]
21458: DOWER, J. - Southern Germany [Map]
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19641: DREW, NINA - Himalayan Harvest - Kashmir Cameos
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17544: DRUMMOND, P. R. - Perthshire in Byone Days: One Hundred Biographical Essays
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19544: DUNCAN, W. MURDOCH - Killer Keep
21375: DUNCAN, RUSSELL - Early Walks in New Zealand Up to 1850 (Compiled from the Travellers' Journals) To which is added some excursions to Ruapehu and Tongariro made between the years 1889-98 by the Compiler.
13486: DUNCAN, RUSSELL - Early Walks in New Zealand Up to 1850 (Compiled from the Travellers' Journals) To which is added some excursions to Ruapehu and Tongariro made between the years 1889-98 by the Compiler.
17863: DUNFORD, RICHARD (REV.) - The Fishing Diary 1809-1819 of The Rev. Richard Durnford
4628: DUNHAM, JOSIAH - An Oration, in Commemoration of the Birth of our Illustrious Washington, pronounced at Windsor, February 22, 1814, before a numerous concourse of citizens, at the request of the Washington Benevolent Society
13990: DUNMORE, THE EARL OF - The Pamirs; being A Narrative of a Year's Expedition on Horseback and on Foot through Kashmir, Western Tibet, Chinese Tartary, and Russian Central Asia
21856: DUNMORE, THE EARL OF - The Pamirs; being A Narrative of a Year's Expedition on Horseback and on Foot through Kashmir, Western Tibet, Chinese Tartary, and Russian Central Asia
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15552: DUTT, R. PALME (ED.) - Labour Monthly: A Magazine of International Labour [group of seven issues from 1947, 1948]
15553: DUTT, R. PALME (ED.) - Labour Monthly: A Magazine of International Labour [group of eleven issues from 1937-1940]
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15186: EARLE, JOHN - A Guide to the Knowledge of Bath Ancient and Modern
11525: EASDALE, NOLA - Kairuri: The Measurer of the Land: The Life of the 19th Century Surveyor Pictured in his Art and Writings
11779: EASDALE, NOLA - Kairuri: The Measurer of the Land: The Life of the 19th Century Surveyor Pictured in his Art and Writings
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11315: EASTWOOD, OS - Random Ramblings
8540: EBBETT, EVE - Give Them Swing Bands
20470: EBERHART, MIGNON G. - Five of My Best: Deadly is the Diamond - Bermuda Grapevine - Murder Goes to Market - Strangers in Flight - Express to Danger
21613: EBERHART, MIGNON G. - The Crimson Paw
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19107: ECCLES, ALFRED & A. H. REED; WITH A FOREWORD BY W. DOWNIE STEWART - John Jones of Otago: Whaler - Coloniser - Shipowner - Merchant
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21409: [MARTEILHE, JEAN]; TRANSLATED BY M. BETHAM-EDWARDS - Passages in the Life of a Galley-Slave
17059: EDWARDS, BRENT - Wally: The Warren Lees Story
14151: FRANCIS EDWARDS; [E. A. PETHERICK (COMPILER)] - Catalogue of Books Relating to Australasia Malaysia, Polynesia, the Pacific Coast of America and the South Seas on Sale At the Prices Affixed by Francis Edwards [Edwards's Australasian Catalogue]
19032: EARL OF CRANBROOK; DAVID S. EDWARDS - Belalong - A Tropical Rainforest
12966: EDWARDS, ELIZABETH - The Planners and Bureaucracy
12680: EDWARDS, REM B. (ED.) - Advances in Bioethics / Volume 2. 1997: New Essays on Abortion and Bioethics /
18765: EFFORD, LINCOLN - Penalties on Conscience: An Examination of the Defaulters' Detention System in New Zealand
002816: EGAN, LESLEY - My Name is Death
14908: EGAN, PIERCE - The Wrestlers [extract from Pierce Egan's Book of Sports]
9800: EGARR, GRAHAM - Whitewater River Running In New Zealand
7522: EGGLETON, DAVID - Three Poems
17524: EHRENBURG, ILYA - The War 1941-45: Volume V of Men, Years - Life
002153: EHRENBURG, ILYA - The Ninth Wave
20729: EHRENFECHTER, C. A. - Delivery in the Art of Pianoforte Playing. On Rhythm, Measure, Phrasing, Tempo
8853: EHRLICH, JACK - The Drowning
8854: EHRLICH, JACK - The Drowning
17054: ELBE, LOUIS - Future Life in the Light of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science
5424: ELBERTUS, FRA - So This Then Is The Appreciation of Ali Baba of East Aurora
15044: ELDER, JOHN RAWSON (ED) [SAMUEL MARSDEN] - The Letters and Journals of Samuel Marsden 1765-1838
001823: ELDER, JOHN RAWSON - The History of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1840-1940
001947: ELDER, JOHN RAWSON - The History of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1840-1940
5454: ELDER, JOHN RAWSON (ED. ) - Marsden's Lieutenants
11772: ELDER, JOHN RAWSON (ED. ) - Marsden's Lieutenants
20103: ELDER, JOHN RAWSON (ED. ) - Marsden's Lieutenants
17127: ELIADE, MIRCEA - A History of Religious Ideas: From the Stone Age to the Eleusinian Mysteries [Volume One only]
12198: ELIADE, MIRCEA - The Sacred and the Profane: The Nature of Religion
9160: ELIOT, JOHN - Hand-Book Of Cyclonic Storms In The Bay Of Bengal. For The Use Of Sailors. Vol.I-Text
20512: ELIOT, T. S. - Sweeney Agonistes - Fragments of an Aristophanic Melodrama
18338: ELKIN, A. P. - The Australian Aborigines
15382: ELLET, MRS [ELIZABETH F.] - Popular Legends; or, Evenings at Woodlawn
21402: ELLIN, E. H. - The Children of Clearwater Bay
8000: ELLIOT, HENRY M (SIR) - Memoirs On The History, Folk-Lore, And Distribution Of The Races Of The North Western Provinces Of India; Being An Ampified Edition Of The Original Supplemental Glossary Of Indian Terms (Two Volumes)
7550: ELLIOTT, WM - Carolina Sports By Land And Water; Including Devil-Fishing, Wild-Cat, Deer, And Bear Hunting
19772: ELLIS, SIR ALBERT - Mid-Pacific Outposts
15593: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - The Criminal
6337: ELLIS, EDWARD S.; M. V. VICTOR; W. J. HAMILTON; PERCY B. ST. JOHN - The Fugitives; or, The Quaker Scout of Wyoming [bound with] The Gold Hunters A Picture of Western Character, and Pike's Peak Life [bound with] Big Foot, The Guide; or, The Surveyors [bound with] The Trapper's Bride and White Stone Canoe Etc. Etc.
6979: ELLIS, PETERS - The Sanctuary Sparrow: The Seventh Chronicle Of Brother Cadfael.
21878: ELLIS, DAVID - March Out of Hell [Commando/War series, #35]
19475: ELLYARD, LAWRENCE; WITH A FOREWORD BY MASARU EMOTO - The Spirit of Water - The Hidden Message for All of Us
11614: ELMSLIE, J. G. - John Elmslie 1831-1907
10923: ELSTON, ROY (ED.) - The Traveller's Handbook for Southern Italy including Sicily and Sardinia
8334: ELVY, DALE - Spirit City
7407: ELWIN, VERRIER - Myths Of Middle India
16526: EMANUEL, WALTER; ILLUSTRATED BY CECIL ALDIN - The Dogs of War: Wherein the Hero-Worshipper portrays the Hero and incidentally gives an account of the greatest Dog's Club in the World
4398: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Emerson on Shakespeare from his Essays on Representative Men
18609: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Essays - 1st & 2nd Series
19659: EMMETT, E. T. - Tasmania By Road and Track
12269: EMMOTT, LORD - Nationalization of Industries: A Criticism
8857: ENEFER, DOUGLAS - The Screaming Orchid
8861: ENEFER, DOUGLAS - Girl on the M6
8869: ENEFER, DOUGLAS - Girl in a Million
8856: ENEFER, DOUGLAS - Riverside 90
4781: ENLOE, CYNTHIA - Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women's Lives
20584: ENTWISLE, PETER - The Otago Peninsula
21198: ENTWISLE, PETER - Elaine & Other Stories
14433: ENTWISLE, PETER - Elaine & Other Stories
002068: COMMISSION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - Environmental Impact Audit: Proposed Aluminium Smelter At Aramoana
002730: OFFICE OF THE PARLIAMENTARY COMMISSION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - Environmental Information and the Adequacy of Treaty Settlement Procedures
12514: ERDELY, EUGENE V. (DR.) - Germany's First European Protectorate: The Fate of the Czechs and Slovaks
13861: ERESHEFSKY, MARC (ED.) - The Units of Evolution: Essays on the Nature of Species
16088: CICERO; EDITED BY JOHANNES AUGUSTI ERNESTI - Opera Omnia ex recensione Jo. Augusti Ernesti [Volume One only of Eight Volumes]
20851: ERWIN, R. N. - Sir Apirana Ngata - A Preliminary Bibliography of his Printed Work
21807: ESCOTT-INMAN, H.; [ABRIDGED AND ADAPTED BY MONA TRACY] - The Castaways of Disappointment Island
17135: ESDAILE, ARUNDELL - National Libraries of the World: Their History, Administration and Public Services
10488: ESLER, LLOYD - The Southland Book of Records
17540: ESLER, LLOYD - The Southland Book of Records
12204: ETHELL, JEFFREY L. - Monogram Close-Up 24: TA 152
11817: ETHERIDGE, R. - Records of the Australian Museum. Vol. XI, No. 2.
11814: ETHERIDGE, R. - Records of the Australian Museum. Vol. IV, No. 6.
11815: ETHERIDGE, R. - Records of the Australian Museum. Vol. VIII, No. 2.
9630: EVAN HOPKINS, HUGH A. - Raj The Dacoit
7632: EVANS, JOHN - A Chronological Outline Of The History Of Bristol, And The Stranger's Guide Through Its Streets And Neighbourhood
9148: EVANS, ALLISTER - The Silver Tussock A History Of Holme Station, Craigmore, Maungati, Cannington, Craigmore Downs, Motukaika, Upper Pareora and Alpine
20479: EVANS, HILARY - Visions - Apparitions - Alien Visitors
13574: EVANS, HILARY (ED.); WITH JOHN SPENCER - UFOs 1947-1987: The 40-Year Search for an Explanation
17713: EVANS, ERIC J.; WITH A FOREWORD BY ANDREW I. ROSS - Tillicoultry: A Centenary History 1871-1971
14569: EVANS, CHARLES LOVATT - Reminiscences of Bayliss and Starling Delivered on 22 March 1963 At University College, London
4574: EVELYN, JOHN; EDITED BY WILLIAM BRAY - Memoirs Illustrative of the Life and Writings of John Evelyn, Esq. F.R.S. Author of the "Sylva," &c. &c. [Two Volumes (complete)]
7446: EVELYN, JOHN - Memoires For My Grand-son Transcribed and Furnished with a Preface and Notes by Geoffrey Keynes
6941: EVERARD, JOHN. - Second Sitting Another Artist's Model
8048: EVERSDYK-SMULDERS, LILY (DR) - Enigmatic Tibet: Experiences with my Tibetan Family
21146: EVISON, HARRY C. - Ngai Tahu Land Rights and the Crown Pastoral Lease Lands in the South Island of New Zealand
20583: EVISON, HARRY C. - The Long Dispute: Maori Land Rights and European Colonisation in Southern New Zealand
20831: EVISON, HARRY C. - The Long Dispute: Maori Land Rights and European Colonisation in Southern New Zealand
16957: EWBANK, BROOKE & ASSOCIATES - Ewbank, Brooke & Associates - Naval Architects and Marine Consultants
13592: EWELL, MARK - Manacles for Mankind
9988: EWEN, C. L'ESTRANGE - Witch Hunting And Witch Trials
19936: EWING, WILLIAM - J. E. H. Thomson, D.D. - Scholar and Missionary in the Holy Land
20538: EWINS, RORY - Changing Their Minds - Tradition and Politics in Contemporary Fiji and Tonga
000715: CHESS EXPRESS - Chess Express / Schach Express. 10 Issues. 1970 - 1975
7284: EYLES, DESMOND - The Doulton Lambeth Wares
7140: EYRE, ANNETTE - Visit To Rata Creek
16182: EYRE, EDWARD JOHN - Reports of the Expedition to King George's Sound 1841 and the Death of Baxter
13475: EYRE, ERNEST L. - A Fortnight's Cruise on the Hauraki Gulf Auckland
000809: FABIAN, WARNER - The Men in Her Life [Stanley Paul's 6d Novels No. 41]
15608: FABRE, LUCIEN - Le Paradis des Amants
12530: FAIR, RONALD L. - Many Thousand Gone
10976: FAIR, A. - Guide to Book Values. New Zealand and Pacific. 6 volumes. 1948-1975
21796: FAIRBURN, A. R. D.; EDITED BY MAC JACKSON - A. R. D. Fairburn - Selected Poems
20060: FAIRBURN, A. R. D. - Hands Off The Tom Tom
21800: FAIRBURN, A. R. D. - Strange Rendezvous: Poems 1929-1941 with Additions by A. R. D. Fairburn
10449: FAIRBURN, A. R. D. - Strange Rendezvous: Poems 1929-1941 with Additions by A. R. D. Fairburn
16188: FAIRBURN, A. R. D. [ARTHUR REX DUGARD (1904-1957)] - "the sky is a LIMPET" (A POLLYTICKLE PARROTTY): also four (4) stories OR MORAL FEEBLES
21799: FAIRBURN, A. R. D.; EDITED BY DENIS GLOVER & GEOFFREY FAIRBURN - The Woman Problem & Other Prose
21797: FAIRBURN, A. R. D.; EDITED BY LAURIS EDMOND - The Letters of A. R. D. Fairburn - Selected and Edited by Lauris Edmond
8027: FAIRCLOUGH, P. W. (REV.) - The Early History Of Missions In Otago
21656: VIRGIL; EDITED BY H. RUSHTON FAIRCLOUGH - Virgil - Eclogues - Georgics - Aeneid I-VI [Volume One only] [Loeb Classical Library #63]
7505: FAIRLEY, T. C. - Sverdrup's Artic Adventures In The Far North Of Canada
10293: FAIRLIE, GERARD - Calling Bulldog Drummond
003729: FAIRLY, GERALD - With Prejudice: Almost an Autobiography
15770: FALK, EDWIN A.; WITH A FOREWORD BY BRADLEY A. FISKE - Togo and the Rise of Japanese Sea Power
20492: FALKIRK, RICHARD - Blackstone Underground
19692: FALKNER, J. MEADE - Moonfleet
10346: FALTUS, RUDOLPH & CHARLES STEINMETZ - Manual of Aircraft Layout
8467: FARLEIGH, JOHN - Graven Image An Autobiographical Textbook
9365: FARLEIGH, JOHN - Graven Image An Autobiographical Textbook
21079: FARMER, FRANCES - Will There Really Be a Morning?
14911: FARNES, KENNETH - Tours and Tests
21366: FARRANT, EDGAR - Century of Service: The Taieri County and its Council 1877-1977
18363: FARRER, REGINALD - In Old Ceylon
18660: FARRER, REGINALD - The Rainbow Bridge
18350: FARROW, EDWARD S. - A Dictionary of Military Terms
18555: FASTIER, F. N. - Recollections of an Old Scarfie
13069: FASTIER, F. N. - Pharmacy Teaching at Otago University: How It Began
7705: FAULKNER, ROSE E. - Joseph Sidney Hill First Bishop In Western Equatorial Africa
8413: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Uncle Willy And Other Stories Volume One Of The Collected Short Stories
8569: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Intruder In The Dust
20861: DU FAUR, FREDA - The Conquest of Mount Cook and Other Climbs - An Account of Four Seasons' Mountaineering on the Southern Alps of New Zealand
5315: FAVILLE, BARRY - Cook's First Voyage to New Zealand: A Bulletin for Schools
14742: FAY, AMY - Music-Study in Germany from the Home Correspondence of Amy Fay
18909: FAYE, CARL - Zulu References - For Interpreters and Students
5281: FEA, ALLAN - Rooms of Mystery and Romance
17219: FEARON, KEVIN J. - Te Wharau: A History which traces the Origins of the Various Properties from the Kourarau Hill to the Coast, and covers the General Development of the District

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