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18334: ATTWELL, ERIC - The Road to London
003696: D'AUBIGNE, J. H. MERLE - History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century
16677: AUBURY, EDWARD (COMPILED BY); THOS. STOREY (ENGINEERS) LIMITED - The Bailey Bridge and Uniflote Handbook
13154: AUCHTERLONIE, DOROTHY - The Dolphin
6792: AUDEMARS, PIERRE - The Two Impostors
4081: AUDEN, W. H. - Some Poems
10090: AUDEN, W. H AND CHESTER KALLMAN (EDS.) - An Elizabethan Song Book Lute Songs, Madrigals and Rounds
13147: AUDEN, W. H. - A New Year Greeting
4138: AUER, LEOPOLD - Violin Playing as I Teach It
14651: AUGUR - Soviet versus Civilization
17218: AULD, WILLIAM - Greenock and its Early Social Environment
5763: AUSTEN, ERNEST EDWARD - A Monograph of the Tsetse-Flies [Genus Glossina, Westwood] Based on the Collection in the British Museum
5764: AUSTEN, ERNEST EDWARD - Illustrations of British Blood-Sucking Flies
6183: AUSTEN, JANE - Mansfield Park
17574: [VERGIL / VIRGIL] P. VERGILI MARONIS; EDITED BY R. G. AUSTIN - Aeneidos - Liber Quartus. [Aeneid - Book IV]
003177: AUSTIN, SAM C. - Boxing and How to Train
13796: BY "ADVANCE AUSTRALIA" - Communism - Why Not - A Ruthless Exposure
8710: AUSUBEL, DAVID P - Maori Youth
7569: AUTHORS INCLUDE: W. R. MCGREGOR, G. R. CURTIS; W. S. DALE; E. T. FROST - Wanderlust Magazine Vol I. No. 5
13253: AUTY, R. A. (ABRIDGED AND MODERNISED BY); C. A. SHEPPARD (ADDITIONAL CHAPTER BY); [NESFIELD, JOHN COLLINSON] - Nesfield's Errors in English Composition; with an Additional Chapter on Indian Errors in English
5576: AVELING, S. T - Carpentry and Joinery: A Useful Manual For The Many.
9753: AVELING, REV. THOMAS (ED.) - The Missionary Souvenir
9760: AVELING, S. T - Carpentry and Joinery: A Useful Manual For The Many.
000599: AVERY, HAROLD - "Play the Game!" a School Story
13011: AWDRY, W. (REV.) - Branch Line Engines
15751: AXBEY, BILL - Along the Track: A Collection of New Zealand Hunting Yarns
15417: AYNSLEY, J. C. MURRAY (MRS) [HARRIET GEORGIANA MARIA MURRAY-AINSLEY (1827-1898)] - Our Visit to Hindustan, Kashmir, and Ladakh
001192: AYTOUN, WILLIAM EDMONDSTOUNE - Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and Other Poems
6199: BABBAGE, CHARLES - On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures
17392: BACARELLA, MICHAEL - Lincoln's Foreign Legion: The 39th New York Infantry, The Garibaldi Guard
15579: BACH, ALBERT B. - Musical Education and Vocal Culture for Vocalists and Teachers of Singing
5620: BACHELLER, IRVING - Cricket Heron
12526: BACON, FRANCIS; EDITED BY RICHARD WHATELY - Bacon's Essays with Annotations
8147: BACON, G. E. - Neutron Diffraction
12960: BACON, FRANCIS - Essays Civil and Moral
8834: BACOT, JACQUES; TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH INTO ENGLISH BY H. I WOOLF - Three Tibetan Mysteries: Tchrimekundan, Nansal, Djroazanmo As performed in the Tibetan Monasteries
16769: BADEN-POWELL, ROBERT (SIR) - Scouting for Boys: A Handbook for Instruction in Good Citizenship through Woodcraft
11087: BADEN-POWELL, B. H. - The Origin and Growth of Village Communities in India
003267: "BAEDA" - In the Forest
15214: BAEDEKER, KARL - Spain and Portugal: Handbook for Travellers
11448: BAERLEIN, HENRY - The Birth of Yugoslavia [Volume Two only]
18162: HOMER; EDITED BY GUILELMUS BAEUMLEIN [WILLIAM BAEUMLEIN (1797-1865)] - Homeri Opera. Pars I. - Ilias. Pars II. - Odyssea [Homer - Works - Iliad - Odyssey. (2 volumes)]
14839: BAGLEY, WILLIAM ORLANDO - The Locomotive Engine Drivers' Guide: A Handbook of the Principles and Practice of Locomotive Running and Management
7094: BAGNALL, A. G AND G. C. PETERSEN - William Colenso: Printer Missionary Botanist Explorer Politician His Life and Journeys
13305: BAGNALL, A. G. - Union List of Serials in New Zealand Libraries
10733: BAILEY, RONA & HERBERT ROTH (EDS.); WITH MUSICAL ARRANGEMENTS BY NEIL COLQUHOUN - Shanties by the Way: A Selection of New Zealand Popular Songs and Ballads
8602: BAILEY, T. J (ED.) - Ordinum Sacrorum In Ecclesia Anglicana Defensio
14598: BAILEY, JANICE E. - "West Wind" Diary to New Zealand "A Trip From Hell"
9848: BAILLIE, JOANNA - The Dramatic and Poetical Works of Joanna Baillie
10483: BAILLIE, F. D. (MAJOR) - Mafeking: A Diary of the Siege
12752: BAILLIE-GROHMAN, W. A.; WITH A CHAPTER BY MRS BAILLIE-GROHMAN - Fifteen Years' Sport and Life in the Hunting Grounds of Western America and British Columbia
18061: BAILLIE, MIKE - New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection
14820: BAIN, R. NISBET - Peter III Emperor of Russia: The Story of a Crisis and a Crime
13094: BAIN, ALEXANDER - Education as a Science
9250: BAIRD, ANDREW (REV.) - The Annals Of A Tweeddale Parish The History Of The United Parish Of Broughton, Glenholm and Kilbucho
9963: BAIRNSFATHER, BRUCE - Old Bill Stands By! An Old Friend In A New Emergency
7766: BAIRNSFATHER, BRUCE - Old Bill Stands By! An Old Friend In A New Emergency
15755: BAKER, HANNAH NEWTON - Wytha Wytha: A Tale of Australian Life
7077: BAKER, HERETAUNGA PAT - Behind the Tattooed Face
8988: BAKER, SIDNEY J. - The Australian Language
11591: BAKER, TIMOTHY DAVID - Professor Bickerton's Wainoni
13231: BAKER, ALBERT E. - Christ and the Pharisees: A Study of the Twenty-Third Chapter of S. Matthew
10868: BALBIN, ISSAC AND KOENRAAD LECOT - Logic Programming: A Classified Bibliography
13089: BALDWIN, JOSEPH - Elementary Psychology and Education: A Text-Book for High Schools, Normal Schools, Normal Institutes, and Reading Circles, and a Manual for Teachers
002501: BALFOUR, CLARA L. (EDITED BY) - A Whisper to a Newly Married Pair from a Widowed Wife
001756: BALL, ROBERT S. (SIR) - In the High Heavens
16388: BALL, MURRAY - The Ballad of Footrot Flats
14532: BALL, MURRAY - The Ballad of Footrot Flats
16850: BALLANTYNE, DAVID - The Cunninghams
003340: BALLANTYNE, ROBERT MICHAEL - The Coral Island: a Tale of the Pacific Ocean
5170: BALLANTYNE, R. M. [ROBERT MICHAEL] - Erling the Bold: A Tale of the Norse Sea-Kings
16853: BALLANTYNE, DAVID - Sydney Bridge Upside Down
11956: BALLANTYNE, R. M. - The Young Trawler: A Story of Life and Death and Rescue on the North Sea
17815: BALLANTYNE, DAVID - The Cunninghams
17376: BALLANTYNE, R. M.; PHOTOGRAPHS BY A. BURNS - Photographs of Edinburgh, with Descriptive Letterpress by R. M. Ballantyne
12390: BALLARD, FRANK - The Miracles of Unbelief
001562: BALLINGER, BILL S. - The Longest Second: a Suspense Novel
13836: BALMOFRTH, RAMSDEN (LAON RAMSEY) - The New Reformation and its relation to Moral and Social Problems
15573: BALSAN, FRANCOIS - The Sheep and the Chevrolet: A Journey through Kurdistan
15103: BALSTON, THOMAS - Wood-Engraving in Modern English Books: The Catalogue of an Exhibition Arranged for The National Book League by Thomas Balston October-November 1949
001443: BALZAC, HONORE DE - The Tragedy of a Genius
17423: BAMBERGER, PERCY A. L. - Halstead in Old Picture Postcards
16321: BANCROFT, KEITH (ED.); ED LANGE (EDITORIAL DIRECTOR AND PUBLISHER) - Exposure and Design. Volume 1 Number 1.
16324: BANCROFT, KEITH & IRIS BANCROFT (EDS.); ED LANGE (PUBLISHER AND EDITORIAL DIRECTOR) - Nudism Today: Official Journal of the American Sunbathing Association. Vol. 2, No. 3. [Issue 9]
16360: BANCROFT, KEITH (CONTRIBUTOR) - Nude Image. No. 17.
6284: BAND, GEORGE - Road to Rakaposhi
002481: BAND, GEORGE - Everest: 50 Years on Top of the World
13828: BANGAY, R. D. - Wireless Telephony: A Simplified Explanation
7009: BANISTER, HENRY C. - George Alexander MacFarren: His Life, Works, And Influence.
12120: BANKS, JOSEPH (SIR); EDITED BY W. P. MORRELL - Sir Joseph Banks in New Zealand from his Journal
12775: BANKS, SEYMOUR - Experimentation in Marketing
9487: BANNAN, K. W. - Memoris Of A Peltie
10296: BANNERMAN, HELEN - Little Black Sambo
10805: BANNERMAN, HELEN - The Jumbo Sambo
12004: BANNISTER, ROGER - First Four Minutes [+ original photograph of Roger Bannister]
17266: BANWELL, D. BRUCE - Wapiti in New Zealand: The Story of the Fiordland Herd
12031: BARAN, PAUL A. & PAUL M. SWEEZY - Monopoly Capital: An Essay on the American Economic and Social Order
000539: BARBAULD, ANNA LAETITIA (ED. LUCY AIKIN) - The Works of Anna Laetitia Barbauld, with a Memoir, in Two Volumes
13818: BARBER, LAURIE - Red Coat to Jungle Green: New Zealand's Army in Peace and War
16380: BARCAN, ALAN - Radical Students: The Old Left at Sydney University
12585: BARCLAY-SMITH, C. - Federal Union Exposed!
12959: BARCLAY-SMITH, C. - Victory Without Debt
7527: BARCROFT, JOSEPH - Features In The Architecture Of Physiological Function
15431: BAREILLES, BERTRAND - Constantinople: Ses Cites Franques et Levantines (Pera - Galata - Banlieue)
17584: BARING-GOULD, S. - Yorkshire Oddities: Incidents and Strange Events
003484: BARING-GOULD, S. - Mrs. Curgenven of Curgenven. [Volume 1 Only of 3 Volumes]
5672: BARKER, LADY - Station Life in New Zealand
4997: BARKER, GRANVILLE - The Red Cross in France
8893: BARKER, GRAY - The Silver Bridge
11726: BARKER, LADY - Station Life in New Zealand
6515: BARKLY, HENRY (SIR) - Islanders of the Pacific. Letter from his Excellency Sir Henry Barkly to His Grace the Duke of Newcastle relative to the extent to which the Islanders of the Pacific are being enticed or torn from their homes and conveyed in slave vessels to South America
11093: BARLEY, ALFRED H.; WITH A FOREWORD BY ALAN LEO - What do we mean by Astrology?
15908: BARLOW, BRIGIT - The Devil Fish
6010: BARLOW, P. W - Kaipara Or Experiences Of A Settler In North New Zealand
9220: BARNARD, CAPTAIN C. D - Barnard On Learning To Fly
000926: BARNARD, JACK - The Hump: the Greatest Untold Story of the War
15424: BARNES, JOCK; EDITED BY TOM BRAMBLE - Never a White Flag: The Memoirs of Jock Barnes
4773: BARNES, WILLIAM - Dorset Poems
9449: BARNES, ROBERT - The Physiology and Treatment of Placenta Praevia: Being the Lettsomian Lectures on Midwifery for 1857
10352: BARNETT, C. R. - Enjoy Private Flying
9421: BARON CORVO, FREDERICK - In His Own Image
7945: BARR, R. A. - With The British Rugby Team True Story Of The Tour In Maoriland
9983: BARR, JIM AND MARY BARR (EDS. ) - The Southern Cross Flies Again
9587: BARRADALE, V. A. - Pearls Of The Pacific
18285: BARRATT, GLYNN - Bellingshausen - A Visit To New Zealand: 1820
12282: BARRAUD, E. M. - Barraud: the story of a family
9569: BARRELL, FREDERICK - The Diary Of Frederick Barrell
9917: BARRER, JENNIFER - Follow The Sun
12222: BARRER, N. A. R. - The Misty Isle
8136: BARRETT, ROGER C. AND DAPHNE F. JACKSON - Nuclear Sizes And Structure
5777: BARRETT, C. G. ET AL. (EDITED BY) - The Entomologist's Monthly Magazine Vol XXXIV, 1898. 11 of 12 parts.
12756: BARRIE, J. M; RETOLD BY MAY BYRON - J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan & Wendy: Retold by May Byron for Little People with the Approval of the Author
4787: BARRIE, J. M.; RETOLD FOR THE NURSERY BY MAY BYRON - The Littlest Ones Peter Pan & Wendy
9015: BARRIE, J. M - Peter Pan & Wendy
18366: BARRIE, J. M.; ILLUSTRATED BY ARTHUR RACKHAM - Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
003908: BARRINGTON, RUSSELL (MRS) - The Life, Letters and Work of Frederic Leighton. Vol. II. [Volume Two Only of Two Volumes]
11843: BARROW, T. - Maori Godsticks in Various Collections
16300: BARROW, KENNETH; WITH A FOREWORD BY WALTER MATTHAU - Mr Chips: The Life of Robert Donat
7431: BARROW, JOHN (ED.) - Cook's Voyages Of Discovery
9405: BARROW, T. - Art And Life In Polynesia
11124: BARROW, T. - Maori Godsticks in Various Collections
4935: BARROWMAN, RACHEL - Mason: The Life of R. A. K. Mason
18053: BARROWS, SAMUEL J. - Children's Courts in the United States. Their Origin, Development, and Results. Reports prepared for The International Prison Commission.
15867: BARRY, JONATHAN & COLIN JONES (EDS.) - Medicine and Charity before the Welfare State
14152: BARTHOLOMEW, J. G.; W. EAGLE CLARK; PERCY H. GRIMSHAW - Atlas of Zoogeography: A Series of Maps illustrating the Distribution of over Seven Hundred Families, Genera, and Species of Existing Animals
11248: BARTLE, FRANK - An Idyl of the South: or A Sketch in Dreamland
003414: BARTLETT, NORMAN - The Pearl Seekers
17233: BARTLETT, W. H. - The Nile Boat; or, Glimpses of the Land of Egypt
7511: BARTON, G. B. (ED.) - The Practical Ordinances Of The Province Of Otago, New Zealand
9188: BARTON, R. A AND J. D. SANDFORD (EDS.) - Black Cattle Green Grass Angus Cattle In New Zealand
8272: LE BAS, CHARLES WEBB - The Life Of Wiclif
14719: BASCAND, HELEN - Windows on the Morning Side
5604: BASHAMBAR, DAS; VAN DER GROOT, P (ED.) - The Aphididae of Lahore
18369: BASSETT, LEN E. [LEONARD ELLIOTT (1879-1956)] - Chapters No. 4 and 6 (only) of The "Light" of the "Sevens" (a dual title)
16551: BATE, WESTON - Life After Gold: Twentieth-Century Ballarat
17470: BATEMAN, ROBERT - Archie's Italian Adventure
13365: BATES, HARRY (ED.) - Astounding Stories - Vol. VI, No. 3 - June, 1931
7977: BATES, H. E. - My Uncle Silas
13366: BATES, HARRY (ED.); [CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE JACK WILLIAMSON] - Astounding Stories - Vol. VI, No. 1 - April, 1931
000963: BATHGATE, A. - New Zealand Cities: Dunedin
6098: BATHGATE, JOHN; EDITED BY A. H. REED - Bathgate Expeditions from New Zealand's Commercial Capital of the Sixties: Autobiographic Sketches by John Bathgate
6443: BATHGATE, ALEXANDER - Colonial Experiences; or Sketches of People and Places in the Province of Otago, New Zealand
8610: BATHGATE, ALEXANDER - Waitaruna: A Story Of New Zealand Life
11460: BATTEN, JEAN - My Life
13641: BATTY, NORMAN C. - A Catalogue of Recordings made by the New Zealand Mobile Broadcasting Unit in North Africa & Europe during World War Two.
003904: BAUER, PAUL (ED. ) ; TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN BY E. G. HALL - Himalayan Quest: the German Expeditions to Siniolchum and Nanga Parbat
9605: BAUGHAN, B. E - Forest And Ice
18419: BAUVAL, ROBERT & GRAHAM HANCOCK - Keeper of Genesis: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind
11419: BAXENDELL, SARA MAUD - Blind Gold
18328: BAXTER, DOREEN - Dreamland Frolics
16448: BAXTER, JAMES K.; EDITED BY J. E. WEIR - Collected Poems
14103: BAXTER, JAMES K. - In Fires of No Return
8220: BAXTER, JAMES K. - Two Plays: The Wide Open Cage And Jack Winter's Dream
003861: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Holy Life and Death of Conrete Grady: Various Uncollected and Unpublished Poems
003872: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Fire and the Anvil: Notes on Modern Poetry
003874: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Sore-Footed Man. the Temptations of Oedipus
4369: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Fallen House
6411: BAXTER, JAMES K. - Recent Trends in New Zealand Poetry
10155: BAXTER, JAMES K. - Runes
001621: BAXTER, RICHARD (REV. MR. ) ; ABRIDGED BY BENJAMIN FAWCETT - The Saints' Everlasting Rest; Or, a Treatise of the Blessed State of the Sains, in Their Enjoyment of God in Heaven. [Together with "A Call to the Unconverted"]
002165: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Devil and Mr Mulcahy / the Band Rotunda
4368: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Devil and Mr Mulcahy / the Band Rotunda
15820: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Man on the Horse
15821: BAXTER, JAMES K. - Thoughts About the Holy Spirit
14530: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Man on the Horse
003862: BAXTER, JAMES K. - The Labyrinth: Some Uncollected Poems 1944-72
003865: BAXTER, JAMES K. - Runes
15066: BAXTER, JAMES K. - Jerusalem Daybook
17079: BAXTER, JAMES K. - Blow, Wind of Fruitfulness
16740: BAYLEY, VICTOR - Permanent Way Through the Khyber
4866: BAYLY, E. BOYD [ELIZABETH] - A New Zealand Courtship and other Work-A-Day Stories
8355: BAYLY, MRS - The Life And Letters Of Mrs. Sewell
9793: BAYNE, CHARLES S (ED.) - My Book Of Best Fairytales
8392: BAYNES, JOHN AND JOHN LAFFIN - Soldiers Of Scotland
11652: BAYSTING, ARTHUR - Over the Horizon
17942: 'BB' (DENYS WATKINS-PITCHFORD) - The Little Grey Men
6826: BB - Confessions of a Carp Fisher
7987: 'BB' - Bill Badger And The Secret Weapon
10122: 'BB' - Bill Badger And The Pirates
18365: BB / WATKINS-PITCHFORD, D. J. - 'BB''s Fairy Book: Meeting Hill
003382: BEACHCROFT, T. O. - You Must Break out Sometimes
10080: BEADLE, N. C. W ET AL. - Flora Of The Sydney Region
8620: BEADLE, PETER - Queenstown
15517: BEAGLEHOLE, TIM - A Life of J. C. Beaglehole - New Zealand Scholar
003980: BEALE, LIONEL S. - How to Work with the Microscope
12226: BEALE, OCTAVIUS CHARLES - Racial Decay: A Compilation of Evidence from World Sources
17875: BEAN, C. E. W. - Letters from France
14185: BRITISH OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION; CECIL BEAR (ED.) - British Olympic Association Official Report of the Olympic Games - XVIth Olympiad - Melbourne, November 22 - December 3, 1956
14467: BEATSON, KATH - The Olympian Soldier: G. C. Cooke
12377: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Early Runholding in Otago
15775: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Otago Place Names: As Bestowed by the Pakeha and Jotted down by Herries Beattie
18313: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Maori Lore of Lake, Alp and Fiord
13634: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Early Runholding in Otago
001650: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Moriori: the Morioris of the South Island
002942: BEATTIE, HERRIES - A History of Gore 1862-1962
003066: BEATTIE, HERRIES - I Visit Te Anau
003563: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Majestic Manapouri
003564: BEATTIE, HERRIES - A History of Gore 1862-1962
4444: BEATTIE, HERRIES - A History of Gore 1862-1962
4638: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Majestic Manapouri
5184: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Maori Lore of Lake, Alp and Fiord
5446: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Moriori: the Morioris of the South Island
5892: BEATTIE, H. [HERRIES] - Pioneer Recollections. Fourth Series. Mainly of the Gore District Reprinted from a series of Articles in "The Mataura Ensign" in the years 1947-1948.
6394: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Far-Famed Fiordland Historic and Descriptive: European Explorers, White Whalers, Seamen and Surveyors, Travellers and Tourists, and Pakeha Place-names
6803: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Far-Famed Fiordland Historic and Descriptive: European Explorers, White Whalers, Seamen and Surveyors, Travellers and Tourists, and Pakeha Place-names
7343: BEATTIE, W - Five New Zealand Railway Postcards + One Volcano Postcard
8735: BEATTIE, HERRIES - The Maoris and Fiordland
7565: BEATTIE, J. W - Port Arthur And Tasman Peninsula, Illustrating The Convict Days Of Tasmania
7910: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Moriori: the Morioris of the South Island
8028: BEATTIE, HERRIES - The Maoris and Fiordland
17855: BEATTIE, HERRIES - The Pioneers Explore Otago: A Record of Explorers, Travellers, Surveyors, Bushmen, Seekers of Pastoral Country, Inland Voyagers, and Wayfaring Men
8806: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Mackenzie Of The Mackenzie Country Pioneer-Explorer-Sheeplifter Story Of A Remarkable Man
9182: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Far-Famed Fiordland Historic and Descriptive: European Explorers, White Whalers, Seamen and Surveyors, Travellers and Tourists, and Pakeha Place-names
003273: BEATTIE, H. [HERRIES] - European Place Names in Southern New Zealand
13909: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Early Runholding in Otago
17859: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Maori Place-Names of Canterbury: Including One Thousand Hitherto Unpublished Names Collected from Maori Sources
10132: BEATTIE, HERRIES - The Maoris and Fiordland
14017: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Early Runholding in Otago
17856: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Early Runholding in Otago
17865: BEATTIE, H - The First White Boy Born in Otago
11186: BEATTIE, HERRIES - Far-Famed Fiordland Historic and Descriptive: European Explorers, White Whalers, Seamen and Surveyors, Travellers and Tourists, and Pakeha Place-names
16006: BEATTY-KINGSTON, W. - Music and Manners: Personal Reminiscences and Sketches of Character. In Two Volumes.
14562: BEAUMONT, WILLIAM - Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice and the Physiology of Digestion: Facsimiles of the Original Edition of 1833 together with a Biographical Essay 'A Pioneer American Phsyiologist' by Sir William Osler Reprinted on the Occasion of the XIIIth International Physiological Congress
5860: DE BEAUSOBRE, IULIA - The Woman Who Could Not Die
6298: BECK, CHRISTINE - John and Elizabeth Beck: Family History and Tree
17652: BECKER, ERNEST - The Structure of Evil: An Essay on the Unification of the Science of Man
10874: BECKER, THOMAS & VOLKER WEISPFENNIG, IN COOPERATION WITH HEINZ KREDEL - Grobner Bases: A Computational Approach to Commutative Algebra
4417: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Molloy
8178: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Dream Of Fair To Middling Women
002222: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Malone Dies
13245: BECKETT, W. H. - The Reformation in England
8794: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable
16096: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Murphy
16095: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Mercier and Camier
10525: BECKFORD, WILLIAM - Vathek
8211: BEDFORD, RILAND W. K (REV.) - The Moral Temple: A Sermon Preached At Saint Philip's Church, Birmingham, On Wednesday, Oct 13, 1858
12957: BEDFORD, H. D. - Political Fingerposts. An enquiry into what labour should do and should not do.
17415: BUMBLE BEE [ANDRE L. SIMON] - The Salient, The Somme, and Arras. Leaves from the Diary of a Bumble Bee 1915-1917
18288: BEEBY, C. E. - The Biography of an Idea: Beeby on Education
15225: BEECHAM, K. J. - History of Cirencester and the Roman City Corinium
8011: BEECHING, H. C. (REV.) - Two Lectures Introductory To The Study Of Poetry
8607: BEECHING, R. - Electron Diffraction
002716: BEECHWOOD - The Burglar's Accomplice
001735: BEET, JOSEPH AGAR - Through Christ to God: a Study in Scientific Theology
7898: BEETE JUKES, J. - The School Manual Of Geology
11067: BEETON, S. O. (ED.) - Beeton's Boy's Annual. A Volume of Fact, Fiction, History, and Adventure. Illustrated by Coloured, Tinted, and Steel Plates, and Numerous Woodcuts.
16484: BEGG, A. CHARLES & NEIL C. BEGG - The World of John Boultbee Including an Account of Sealing in Australia and New Zealand
8753: BEITH, ALEX - Memories Of Disruption Times
16474: BELL, JAMES - A System of Geography, Popular and Scientific [. . .] Vol. III.
17259: BELL, CHARLES (SIR) - The People of Tibet
13638: BELL, CURRER (CHARLOTTE BRONTE) - The Professor. To which are added The Poems of Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell, now first collected.
4126: BELL, JOHN - In the Shadow of the Bush: A New Zealand Romance
10780: BELL, GEO. W. [GEORGE] - Mr. Oseba's Last Discovery
6745: BELL, LEONARD - The Maori in European Art: a Survey of the Representation of the Maori by European Artists from the Time of Captain Cook to the Present Day
7006: BELL, J. J. - The Whale Hunters And Other Stories
8004: BELL, C. NAPIER - Tangweera Life And Adventures Among Gentle Savages
16122: BELL, LESLIE - Sabotage! The Story of Lt-Col J. Elder Wills
16714: BELL, CHARLES (SIR) - The People of Tibet
11376: BELL, CHARLES SIR - Portrait of the Dalai Lama
16879: BELL, JOSEPHINE - From Natural Causes
10706: BELL, DAVID - Art in Education: An Essay Celebrating One Hundred and Twenty-Five Years of Art Education at the Dunedin College of Education
10118: BELL, JAMES MACKINTOSH - A Geographical Report On The Franz Josef Glacier
18231: BELL, GERDA ELIZABETH - Ernest Dieffenbach: Rebel and Humanist
15741: BELL, CHARLES (SIR) - The Religion of Tibet
14362: BELL, CHARLES (SIR) - The People of Tibet
18151: BELL, CHARLES (SIR) - Tibet Past and Present
12577: BELLAMY, FRANCIS - Presidents of the United States in the Century from Jefferson to Fillmore
001464: BELLAMY, EDWARD - Looking Backward. 2000-1887.
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6884: BESANT, ANNIE - The Ideals of Theosophy
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13030: BLYTON, ENID - Let's Have A Story
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11685: BOWLES, W. L. (REV.) - A Reply to the Charges Brought by the Reviewer of Spence's Anecdotes, in the Quarterly Review, for October 1820, against the Last Editor of Pope's Works; And Author of "A Letter to Mr. Campbell," on "The Invariable Principles of Poetry."
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5663: BOYLE, FREDERICK - The Woodlands Orchids: Described and Illustrated with Stories of Orchid-Collecting.
15896: BOYLE, V. G. - Three Score and More 1920-1980: A History of the Drummond (and associated) Rugby Football Clubs
11065: BRACKEN, THOMAS - Lays Of The Land Of The Maori And Moa
15641: BRADFORD, J. M. - Systematics and Ecology of New Zealand Central East Coast Plankton Sampled at Kaikoura
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001789: BRAILSFORD, BARRY - Song of the Stone
11933: BRAILSFORD, BARRY - Song of the Stone
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10347: BRAMBLE, A. YORK - Air-Plane Flight
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16470: BRAND, MAX - The Safety Killer
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12364: BRATHWAITE, ERROL - Dunedin
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14597: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Three Go to the Chalet School
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003041: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - A Thrilling Term At Janeways
003042: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - The Feud in the Fifth Remove
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14331: BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. - Redheads at the Chalet School
17938: BRENT, P. L. (ED.) - Young Commonwealth Poets '65
14555: BRERETON, C. B. (LT. COL.) - History of the Nelson Institute
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17639: O'BRIAN, PATRICK - The Unknown Shore
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6821: CAMPBELL, ROBERT ALLEN - Phallic Worship: An Outline of the Worship of the Generative Organs [. . .]
7167: CAMPBELL, LORD GEORGE - Log-Letters From 'The Challenger'
7196: CAMPBELL, V ET AL. - George Street School Jubilee Souvenir and Report Of Jubilee Celebrations April 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23, 1930
7258: CAMPBELL, MAJOR GUY - Golf For Beginners
7895: CAMPBELL, ALISTAIR - Mine Eyes Dazzle
8402: CAMPBELL-HUNT, DIANE - Developing A Sanctuary: The Karori Experience
8513: CAMPBELL BEGG, JOHN - Essays On Thoughts And Worlds
8562: CAMPBELL, ROY; WILLIAM PLOMIER AND LAURENS VAN DER POST (EDS) - Voorslag A Magazine Of South African Life And Art (Facsimile Reprint of Numbers 1, 2 and 3)
9081: CAMPBELL DUNCAN, J. (DR.) - Rotorua And New Zealand's Thermal Wonderland
9548: CAMPBELL, F. H ET AL (EDS.) - Otago Boys' High School Old Boys' Register
10701: CAMPBELL, MARGARET [PSEUDONYM OF ETHEL ANDERSON] - Music in Dunedin: an Historical Account of Dunedin's Musicians and Musical Societies from the Founding of the Province in 1848
9894: CAMPBELL, LORD GEORGE - Log Letters From "The Challenger"
10556: CAMPBELL, ALISTAIR - The Dark Lord of Savaiki
17830: CAMPBELL, LEWIS - Sophocles
10559: CAMPBELL, ALISTAIR - Mine Eyes Dazzle
11084: CAMPBELL, C. G. (TRANSLATED AND SET DOWN BY) - Tales from the Arab Tribes: A Collection of the Stories told by the Arab Tribes of the Lower Euphrates
003968: CAMPBELL, ALISTAIR - Dreams, Yellow Lions: Poems by Alistair Campbell
10281: CAMPION, DOROTHY - The Perfect Team
15314: CAMPION, J. S. - On Foot in Spain: A Walk from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean
12835: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA - Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of the Economic Minerals of Canada, and of its Crystalline Rocks. Sent to the London International Exhibition for 1862.
8131: CANNING, ALBERT - Kilsorrel Castle An Irish Story (Vol II only)
001099: CANNING, VICTOR - Polycarp's Progress
8913: CANNON, DOLORES - Legacy From The Stars
7275: CAPEK, KAREL - Fairy Tales With One Extra As A Makeweight By Joseph Capek
4558: CAPELL, A. - A New Fijian Dictionary
14360: CAPON, PETER - The Sex Jungle
13390: BLESSED RAYMOND OF CAPUA - The Life of St Catherine of Siena
8453: CAREW, PETER - Combat And Carnival
11304: CAREY, ROSALIE - Winterless North: Poems Serious and Silly
8241: CAREY, G. V - Mind The Stop A Brief Guide To Punctuation With A Note On Proof-Correction
12336: CARL, CHRISTOPHER (CAPTAIN) - Throw Me a Line
15686: CARLETON, WILLIAM - The Squanders of Castle Squander [Volume One only]
14832: CARLETON, HUGH (EDITED AND REVISED BY JAMES ELLIOTT) - The Life of Henry Williams Archdeacon of Waimate
16386: CARLINO, ANDREA; TRANSLATED BY NOGA ARIKHA - Paper Bodies: A Catalogue of Anatomical Fugitive Sheets 1538-1687
18414: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Essays
14893: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The Choice of Books
17594: CARMAN, A. H. - W. N. Carson: Footballer and Cricketer
11475: CARMAN, A. H. - The Birth of a City
6242: CARMAN, ARTHUR H. & NOEL S. MACDONALD (EDITED BY) - The Cricket Almanack of New Zealand 1953
6243: CARMAN, ARTHUR H. & NOEL S. MACDONALD (EDITED BY) - The Cricket Almanack of New Zealand 1954
6246: CARMAN, ARTHUR H. (EDITED BY) - The Cricket Almanack of New Zealand 1959
6355: CARMAN, A. H. - W. N. Carson Footballer and Cricketer
13969: CARMAN, DULCE - The Maori Gateway (A Romance of Maoriland)
9826: CARMAN, DULCE - Neath The Maori Moon
15404: CARMAN, ARTHUR H. & NOEL S. MACDONALD (EDITED BY) - The Cricket Almanack of New Zealand 1948
12371: CARMODY, KEITH - Keith Carmody on Cricket
13351: CARNEGIE, DALE - Little Known Facts About Well Known People
16244: CARPENTER, FRANK G. - Cairo to Kisumu: Egypt - The Sudan - Kenya Colony
10971: CARPENTER, WILLIAM B. - The Physiology of Temperance and Total Abstinence. An Examination of the Effects of the Excessive, Moderate, and Occasional Use of Alcholic Liquors on the Human System
14253: CARPENTER, KENNETH J. - The History of Scurvy and Vitamin C
13068: CARPENTER, DAVINA - The Mind Laugher
18259: CARR, JOHN DICKSON - Poison in Jest
16695: CARR, JOHN DICKSON - The Men Who Explained Miracles: Six Short Stories and a Novelette
15043: CARRICK, RO. [ROBERT OSBONE CARRICK (1832-1914)] - Historical Records of New Zealand South prior to 1840
14740: CARRINGTON, CAREY J. - Important Views for the Times of Vital Importance to Our New Zealand People and their Future Welfare
17216: CARROLL, LEWIS - Sylvie and Bruno
15180: CARROLL, LEWIS - Rhyme? And Reason?
6495: CARROTHERS, W. A. - Emigration from the British Isles: With Special Reference to the Development of the Overseas Dominions
8987: CARSTAIRS, GEORGE (REV.) - The Hindu A Brief Sketch Of The Social & Religious Progress Of India
12509: CARSTAIRS, ANDREW MCLAREN - A Short History of Electoral Systems in Western Europe
5357: CARTER, THOMAS FORTESCUE - A Narrative of the Boer War: Its Causes and Results
5675: CARTER, C. R. - Second Continuation. Catalogue of Books, Presented by C. R. Carter, to the New Zealand Institute and Colonial Museum, Wellington, N.Z., in the year 1893
12750: CARTER, GEORGE - Hound and Horn; or, The Life and Recollections of George Carter, the Great Huntsman
9658: CARTER, ANGELA - The Passion Of New Eve
15882: CARTWRIGHT, TINA (ED.) - Taking Latin America Home
10908: CARTWRIGHT, THOMAS - The Old Old Myths of Greece and Rome
10204: CARY, JOYCE - The Horse's Mouth
15286: CASE, T. H. T. - Songs and Poems
10464: CASELBERG, JOHN - Lines
7455: CASELBERG, JOHN (ED.) - Maori Is My Name Historical Writings In Translation
9440: CASELBERG, JOHN - Lines
16127: CASING, JAMES - Submariners
6595: CASSERLY, GORDON (MAJOR) - The Training of the Volunteers for War
14578: CASSIDY, MICHAEL ET AL. - Agenda for a Biblical Church: Major Papers from the National Evangelical Anglican Congress
9775: CASSIDY, JAMES - Love Is Love Tales And Episodes
14812: CASSON, HERBERT N. - The Meaning of Life
13552: CASSON, HERBERT N. - Factory Efficiency: How to Increase Output, Wages, Dividends and Good-Will
14813: CASSON, HERBERT N. - Management: The Secret of Increased Net Profits
14143: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - A Seperate Reality: Further Conversations with Don Juan
15339: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - De kunst van het dromen
15338: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - Reis naar Ixtlan
15325: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - De Lessen van Don Juan
16420: CASTANO, JOHNNY (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Coquette [magazine]. No. 4. Oct-Nov 1972.
5919: DE CASTILLEJO, CHRISTOBEL - Obras De Christobal De Castillejo Secretario Del Emperardor D. Fernando: Tomo XII
17552: CATHER, WILLA - The Song of the Lark
11804: CATHIE, B. L. & P. N. TEMM - Harmonic 695: the UFO and Anti-Gravity
7270: CATO, CONRAD - The Navy in Mesopotamia
17918: HOMER; TRANSLATED BY FRANCIS CAULFEILD - The Odyssey - Translated into English, in the Original Metre
12430: CAUSTON, BERNARD - The Moral Blitz
17428: CAVANAH, FRANCES - The Secret of Madame Doll
13499: CAVENDISH, GEORGE; EDITED BY F. S. ELLIS - The Life and Death of Thomas Wolsey
000754: CAVENDISH, CHARLES - The Lure [Picadilly Novels No. 5]
001606: THE CAWTHRON INSTITUTE / MARSHALL, P & TE RANGI HIROA [PETER BUCK] - Cawthron Lectures Volume II. No. 1. the Geology of Nelson. by Dr. P. Marshall. No. 2. the Coming of the Maori. by Te Rangi Hiroa.
5356: CECIL, EVELYN - On the Eve of the War: A Narrative of Impressions during a journey in Cape Colony, the Free State, the Transvaal, Natal, and Rhodesia September 1899, to January 1900
9986: "OMEGA CENTAURI" - In Starry Skies Astronomy For Girl Guides
000254: TIBETAN PARLIAMENTARY AND POLICY RESEARCH CENTRE - Tibetan People's Right of Self-Determination: Report of the Workshop on Self-Determination of the Tibetan People: Legitimacy of Tibet's Case. 1994/1996, India
000403: TIBETAN PARLIAMENTARY & POLICY RESEARCH CENTRE - Indian Press on India-Tibet-China Relations: Selections from the Press
000404: TIBETAN PARLIAMENTARY AND POLICY RESEARCH CENTRE - World Press on Panchen Lama: Selections from Press Reports
002082: CESARI, DEL P. ANTONIO - Della Imitazione Di Gesu Cristo
15447: CHADWICK, J. [JOSEPH] - Men of Mark in the World of Sport in New Zealand
10859: CHAKRAVARTI, ANAND - Contradiction and Change: Emerging Patterns of Authority in a Rajasthan Village
15626: CHALKLEY, THOMAS - A Journal of Thomas Chalkey, a Minister of the Gospel in the Society of Friends
15625: CHALKLEY, THOMAS - A Journal of the Life, Travels, and Christian Experiences of Thomas Chalkley. Written by Himself.
4571: CHALMERS, JOHN - An Account of the Structure of Chinese Characters Under 300 Primary Formsl after the Shwoh-Wan, 100, A.D., and the Phonetic Shwoh-Wan, 1883
6802: CHAMBERLAIN, PETER - Motor Cycling Year Book 1952.
7561: CHAMBERLAIN, BASIL HALL AND W. B. MASON - A Handbook For Travellers In Japan Including The Whole Empire From Saghalien To Formosa
13010: CHAMBERS, JACK S. - A Werner Laurie Show Book. Series A Number 1.
6920: CHAMPION, SELWYN GURNEY - Racial Proverbs: A Selection Of The World's Proverbs Arranged Linguistically.
7761: CHANDLER, ED. C - Waiuta Ghosts The Meanderings Of A Quartz-miner
11052: CHANDLER, PETER - Land of the Mountain and the Flood: A Contribution to the History of Runs and Runholders of the Wakatipu District
16166: CHANDLER, ED. C - Waiuta Ghosts: The Meanderings Of A Quartz-miner

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