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12257: SMITHER, ELIZABETH - Elizabeth Smither: The Journal Box
14101: SMITHER, ELIZABETH - Legend of Marcello Mastroianni's Wife Poems
12029: SNOWDEN, RITA F - High Business
14214: SNOWDEN, RITA - A Thousand Sunrises
9897: SNOWDEN, KEIGHLEY - Myth and Legend in the Bible
11406: SOBOUL, ALBERT - Sans-Culottes and the French Revolution 1793-4
15074: FABIAN SOCIETY - What to Read : A List of Books for Social Reformers Tract No. 29
15011: THE BRITISH & FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY - Ko te rongopai ki te ritenga a Maka
14924: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER; PARKER, RALPH (TRANS) - One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
13390: SOPER, EILEEN L - The Otago of our Mothers
12887: SOPER, EILEEN L - The Otago of Our Mothers
13272: SOUTH, BOB - Trophy Trout : Stories from New Zealand's Top Trout Fishing Guides
5873: SPARNON, NORMAN J. - A Guide to Japanese Flower Arrangement
11483: SPEAIGHT, ROBERT - Mutinous Wind
16276: SPEAR, CHARLES - Twopence Coloured Poems By Charles Spear
6795: SPENCE, HENRY DONALD MAURICE (DEAN) - History of the English Church
14143: SPENCER, WILLIAM - Records of the Militia and Volunteer Forces 1757-1945: Including Records of the Volunteers, Rifle Volunteers, Yeomanry, Imperial Yeomanry, Fencibles, Territorials and the Home Guard
8115: SPENCER, HERBERT - Education : Intellectual, Moral, and Physical
7550: SPENDER, STEPHEN - The Still Centre
8659: SPENDER, J A - These Times
9567: SPENSER, H J - Greek and Roman Heroes : A Selection from 'Plutarch's Lives,' Adapted for Treading in the Higher Classes of Schools
11665: SPILLER, G - The Training of The Child : A Parents' Manual. The Peoples Books
7367: SPRIGGE, ELIZABETH - The Strange Life of August Strindberg
9037: SPROTT, T H - Modern Study of the Old Testament and Inspiration
8737: SQUIRE, J C - Life and Letters
8192: SQUIRE, JOHN COLLINGS - Essays on Poetry
8326: SQUIRE, J C - The Grub Street Nights Entertainments
15553: ST JOHN, ORDER OF - The Centenary of the Revival of the Order of St John in England 1931
15213: STACK, J W, REED, A H (ED) - A White Boy Among the Maoris in the 'Forties: Pages from an Unpublished Autobiography of James West Stack
15400: STACK, J W, REED, A H (ED) - A White Boy Among the Maoris in the 'Forties: Pages from an Unpublished Autobiography of James West Stack
16196: STACPOOLE, HENRY DE VERE - Golden Ballast
13226: STACPOOLE, JOHN - Auckland Society of Arts. New Zealand Women Painters 1845-1968
16154: STACPOOLE, JOHN; BEAVEN, PETER - New Zealand Art : Architecture 1820-1970
10485: STACPOOLE, JOHN - The Northern Club 1869-1994
10292: STAFF, I C S - Radio Fundamentals : Introduction to Radio Fundamentals of Electricity Capacity and Inductance Principles of Radio Communication
15692: STAFFORD, DON; STEELE, ROGER; & BOYD, JOAN - Rotorua 1880 - 1980
16211: STANKIEWICZ, W J - Relativism : Thoughts and Aphorisms
15017: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN - Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church : 3 Volumes
8666: STAPLEDON, R G; HANLEY, J A - Grass Land, Its Management and Improvement
8856: STAPLEDON, WILLIAM OLAF - Worlds of Wonder : Three Tales of Fantasy
8613: STARCKE, CARL NICOLAI - The Primitive Family in its Origin and Development
11515: STARNS, PENNY - Nurses at War: Women on the Frontline 1939-45
13970: STARR, JEROLD M (ED) - Cultural Politics: Radical Movements in Modern History
11635: DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS - The New Zealand Official Yearbook 1966, 71st Issue
8845: STEELE, LAURENCE EDWARD (ED) - Essays of Richard Steele
11256: STEFFENS, HENRY; GLEIG, REV G R (GEORGE ROBERT) - Adventures on the road to Paris, during the Campaigns of 1813-14. Extracted from the Autobiography of H Steffens. Translated from the German; & Story of the Battle of Waterloo. 2 Books Bound as One
13747: STEINBACH, ALICE - Without Reservations : The Travels of an Independent Woman
15941: STEINBECK, JOHN - Sweet Thursday
15942: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Moon is Down : A Novel
6741: STEPHEN, J K - Quo Musa Tendis?
14857: STEPHENS, JAMES - The Insurrection in Dublin
9707: STEPHENSON, T H - Westinghouse Brake Booklet; Plus Operating Non- Automatic or Straight-Air Brake on Engines
13502: STERNBERG, ROBERT J; GRIGORENKO, ELENA L - Our Labeled Children: What Every Parent and Teacher Needs to Know About Learning Disabilities
7622: STEVENS, FRANCIS - The Heads of Cerberus
13840: STEVENS, MAJOR GENERAL W G - Freyberg, VC: The Man 1939-45
12753: STEVENS, DENIS - Claudio Monteverdi Vespers. For Soloists, Double Choir, Organ and Orchestra
11723: STEVENS, EWING C - Tam Goes Fishing in New Zealand
6147: STEVENS, WILLIAM O. - Nantucket. The Far-Away Island
10255: STEVENS, G R - Paleontological Bulletin 36 : The Jurassic and Cretaceous Belemites of New Zealand and a Review of the Jurassic and Cretaceous Belemites in the Indo-Pacific Region
15525: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Island Nights' Entertainments
13397: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS; RAMSAY, KATHARINE M (MUSIC) - Song Flowers from "A Child's Garden of Verses Set to Music
11622: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Virginibus Puerisque And Other Papers
7043: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Memories and Portraits
9453: STEVENSON, E - Early Reviews of Great Writers, 1789-1832
9066: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - An Inland Voyage
13534: STEWART, W DOWNIE - Portrait of a Judge. Sir Joshua Strange Williams PC
15884: STEWART, J I M (AKA MICHAEL INNES) - The Last of the Tresilians
15886: STEWART, J I M (AKA MICHAEL INNES) - Mark Lambert's Supper
13815: STILWELL, JOSEPH W; WHITE, THEODORE H ED - The Stilwell Papers
11458: STITCH, WILHELMINA - The Golden Web
11487: STODDARD, CHARLES WARREN (1843-1909) - Summer Cruising in the South Seas : South-Sea Idyls
12256: STONE, R C J - Young Logan Campbell
5623: STONE, CALVIN P - Case Histories In Abnormal Psychology
9365: STOREY, GRAHAM - Reuters' Century : 1851-1951
15840: STOREY, DAVID - Flight Into Camden
13986: STORR, ANTHONY - Feet of Clay : Study of Gurus
15726: STOW, RANDOLPH - Midnite the Story of a Wild Colonial Boy
14623: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Religious Poems Illustrated
6895: STRANG, HERBERT (ED.) - Adventures in the Far North : Canada's Story
16184: STRAWBRIDGE, AVRON - Chansons - Pompadour, Crinoline, Modernes, Montmartoises
7979: STRONG, PATIENCE - Sunlit Byways
7980: STRONG, PATIENCE - By Quiet Waters
9917: STRONG, L A G - Dr. Quicksilver 1660-1742 : The Life and Times of Thomas Dover, M.D.
15712: STRUTT, WILLIAM; MACKANESS, GEORGE (ED) - The Australian Journal of William Strutt 1850-1862 2 Vols
16252: STRYK, LUCIEN; & IKEMOTO, TAKASHI (EDS) - The Penguin book of Zen Poetry
10618: STRYPE, JOHN - Annals of The Reformation and Establishment of Religion, And Other Various Occurrences in the Church of England, During Queen Elizabeth's Happy Reign: Together With an Appendix of Original Papers of State, Records and Letters
8314: STUART, DOUGLAS - A Very Sheltered Life: The Recollections of a BBC Foreign Correspondent
14189: STUART, DR ELIZABETH - Daring to Speak Love's Name : A Gay and Lesbian Prayer Book
14942: MOORE. THOMAS STURGE - Armour for Aphrodite
7039: STURMTHAL, ADOLF - The Tragedy of European Labour 1918-1939
7545: SUBUH, MUHAMMAD - The Meaning of Subud : Four Talks Given in London, August 1959
15649: SUGGS, ROBERT C - Marquesan Sexuel Behaviour : An Anthropological Study of Polynesian Practices
11490: SULLIVAN, ROBERT - Jazz Waiata
15542: SUMMERS, AUGUSTUS MONTAGUE - The Discoverie of Witchcraft By Reginald Scott with Introduction be the Rev. Montague Summers
13850: SUMMERS, JOHN - O Darkly Bright
13852: SUMMERS, JOHN - Dreamscape Book 2
13853: SUMMERS, JOHN - Letter to Joe
13849: SUMMERS, JOHN - Prancing Before the Ark
13854: SUMMERS, JOHN - Hymns (E & O E)
13512: SUNIM, KUSAN - The Way of Korean Zen
8827: SUTCLIFFE, HALLIWELL - A bachelor in Arcady : Everett's Library
8684: SUTHERLAND, L W; & ELLISON, NORMAN - Aces and Kings
14551: SUTHERLAND, TEMPLE - Green Kiwi
14971: SUTHERLAND, I(VAN) L G - The Maori Situation (Apirana Ngata)
14912: SUTTON, EVE - Moa hunter
8929: SUTTON, ANN & MYRON - Exploring with the Bartrams
8138: SUYIN, HAN - The Mountain is Young
14987: SWAN, ANDREW; MACFADYEN, ANDREW - The Remarkable Story of Andrew Swan : Being a Record of His Experiences, of His Shipwreck, and His Many Escapes from Death During Forty-Four Years of Wandering Adventures By Land and Sea
6985: SWAN, ANNIE S - The Strait Gate
14095: SWAN, GERTRUDE - To Beguile a Wet Afternoon Poems
11484: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL; SUTTON, REV. ERIC A (SELECTED BY) - Peace and War : A Selected Series of Quotations From the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg
15024: SWEENEY, CHARLES - Naturalist in the Sudan
15359: SWEVEN, GODFREY (PSEUD JOHN MACMILLAN BROWN) - Riallaro: The Archipelago of Exiles
8808: SWINBURNE, RICHARD - Space and Time
11632: SWINNERTON, FRANK (ED) - Modern Fiction : Nelson Classics
7650: SYLVESTER, CHARLES H - Journeys Through Bookland : Vol. 4
9366: SYMON, JAMES D - The Press and its Story
9109: SYNGE, JOHN M - The Tinker's Wedding, Riders To The Sea, The Shadow Of The Glen
7809: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH - The Collected Poems and Plays of Rabindranath Tagore
13425: TAHERI, AMIR - Holy Terror: The Inside Story of Islamic Terrorism
12383: TAINE, H A (HIPPOLYTE ADOLPHE); VAN LAUN, H (TRANS) - History of English Literature in Four Volumes
14370: TALBOT-BOOTH, E C - Ships of the World's Battlefleets
14600: TALBOT-KELLY, ROBERT - Egypt Painted and Described By R Talbot-Kelly
8825: TALFOURD, T N - Tragedies, to Which are Added a Few Sonnets and Verses
13119: MARSHALL P TALLING - Extempore Prayer. Principles, Preparation & Practice
15853: TANG, TRUONG NHU - Journal of a Vietcong Uncorrected Proof
16096: TANNER, LT COL WILLIAM (BILL) PSUED. (KINGSLEY AMIS) - The Book of Bond, or Every Man His Own 007
14875: TAYLER, C B REV. - Memorials of the English Martyrs
13903: TAYLOR, PETER - States of Terror: Democracy and Political Violence
13370: TAYLOR, PETER - As Darker Grows the Night
15384: TAYLOR, N J - Bibliography and Index of New Zealand Geology 1970-1989 (Monograph 9)
10601: TAYLOR, CLYDE ROMER HUGHES - A Bibliography of Publications on the New Zealand Maori and the Moriori of the Chatham Islands
14675: TAYLOR, PETER - As Darker Grows the Night
14974: TAYLOR; T D - New Zealand's Naval Story : Naval Policy and Practice, Naval Occasions, Visiting Warships
9615: TEELING, WILLIAM - Why Britain Prospers
14937: TEGG, WILLIAM - The Last Act : Being the Funeral Rites of Nations and Individuals
15451: TEGNER, HENRY - The Roe Deer : Their History, Habits and Pursuit
13579: TEMPLAR, RICHARD - The Rules of Wealth
15135: TEMPLE, PHILIP - Moa: The Story of a Fabulous Bird
10417: TEMPLETON, CHARLES - Act of God
14239: TEMPLETON, CLAIRE - Pill Popper, Or, Live and Die
8952: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - Locksley Hall and other Poems
11972: TERENTIUS AFER, PUBLIUS; COLMAN, GEORGE (TRANS) - The Comedies of Terence, Translated into Familiar Blank Verse
13680: TERRAINE, JOHN - To Win a War: 1918 The Year of Victory
10306: DEPARTMENT OF TEXTILES - Brief Guide to the Persian Woven Fabrics
15729: THACKERAY, MISS (ANNE ISABELLA) - To Esther and Other Sketches
15733: THACKERAY, MISS (ANNE ISABELLA) - Miss Williamson's Divagations
15728: THACKERAY, MISS (ANNE ISABELLA) - The Village on the Cliffs
15730: THACKERAY, MISS (ANNE ISABELLA) - A Book of Sibyls : Mrs Barbauld, Mrs Opie, Miss Edgeworth, Miss Austen
15727: THACKERAY, MISS (ANNE ISABELLA) - Toilers and Spinsters and Other Essays
11980: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE; SNOW, T C & WILLIAM (EDS) - The History of Henry Esmond
8460: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE; SAINTSBURY, GEORGE (ED) - Ballads and Contributions to 'Punch' 1842-1850 by William Makepeace Thackeray
11937: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE; SAINTSBURY, G (ED) - Henry Esmond; The English Humourists; The Four Georges
14592: THEOPHRASTUS; CALEY, EARLE R; RICHARDS, JOHN C - Theophrastus on Stones: Introduction, Greek Text, English Translation, and Commentary
15099: THEROUX, PAUL - The Great Railway Bazaar : By Train Through Asia
15656: THESIGER, WILFRED - Arabian Sands
15162: THMSON, MURRAY GLADSTONE: ECCLES, ALFRED ED - A Pakeha's Recollection
15262: THOMAS, C S - History of the Highland Pipe Bands Association of New Zealand 1928-1953
7867: HILL. WILLIAM THOMAS - The Golden Quest. A story of the Eureka stockade
11752: THOMAS, HAROLD T - After All
15808: THOMAS, DYLAN - Twenty Years A-Growing : A Film Script from the Story of Maurice O'Sullivan
6531: THOMAS, HUGH - A History of Wales 1485 - 1660
9505: THOMAS, GILBERT - Things Big and Little : Essays and Sketches
15653: THOMAS, EDWARD - Algernon Charles Swinburne : a Critical Study
12625: THOMPSON, G; & WINTER, J - Warkworth : History and Description of Warkworth Castle, Hermitage and Church. To Which is Added a Short Chapter on Amble
14755: THOMPSON, FRANCIS - The Works of Francis Thompson. Poems 3 Volumes
12280: THOMPSON, A TH C; VAN DER HOEK, DR M; HILLE RIS LAMBERS, DR C - De Groote Denkers der Eeuwen. 4 Volumes; Algemeene Geschiedenis der Philosophie; Plato. Overzicht Van Zijn Philosophie. De Staat; De Wijzen Van Het Oosten. Brahmanisme, Boeddhisme, Chineesche, Mazdeism; Mohammed's Koran en de Arabische
9822: THOMPSON, T & BROWN, GREGORY - British Opisthobranch Molluscs. Mollusca : Gastropoda. Keys and Notes for the Identification of the Species
15354: THOMPSON, SUE - Fish of the marine Reserve : A Guide to the Identification and Biology of Common cCastal Fish of North-Eastern New Zealand
11523: THOMPSON, ROY - Cap Badges & Insigia of the RCN, RCAF and CAP 1953-1977 : Vol. 4
9206: THOMSEN, PER (ED) - Sunshine in Wonderland
7948: THOMSON, GEORGE MALCOLM - The First Churchill, The Life of John, 1st Duke of Marlborough
13796: THOMSON, SYLVIA - The White Flame : Forty Eight Selected Poems
14424: THOMSON, H & S - Ann Gilchrist Strong Scientist in the Home
6666: THOMSON, MARGARET. R : THOMSON, ARTHUR J. - Threads in the Web of Life
6734: THOMSON, JOHN - Warrior Nation : New Zealanders at the Front 1900 - 2000
10211: THOMSON, MALCOLM - The Life And Times Of Winston Churchill
9536: THOMSON, JOHN - Francis Thompson The Preston-Born Poet
15739: THOMSON, DR J ALLAN - The Geology of Western Samoa : The New Zealand Journal of Science and Technology Vol IV No 2, April 1921
8000: THORNTON, ELINOR - Reminiscences
14891: THORPE, FR. OSMUND C P - Mary McKillop : The Life of Mother Mary of the Cross, Foundress of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart
13941: THURMAN, JUDITH - Cleopatra's Nose: 39 Varieties of Desire
7517: TILLER, TERENCE - Unarm, Eros
7492: TINKER, HUGH - Separate and Unequal : India and The Indians in The British Commonwealth 1920-1950
14334: TITCHENER, PAUL - Little Ships of New Zealand
11221: TIZARD, R - The Auckland Society of Arts 1870 - 1970 : A Centennial History
15460: TODHUNTER, ISAAC - A History of the Mathematical Theory of Probability from the Time of Pascal to that of Laplace
10347: TOGHILL, JEFF - Coastal Navigation for Beginners
13295: TOGHILL, JEFF - Power Boating
13748: TOIBIN, COLM - Bad Blood : A Walk along the Irish Border
13763: TOKAYER, MARVIN; SWARTZ, MARY - The Fugu Plan : The Untold Story of the Japanese and the Jews During World War II
13464: TOLERTON, JANE - Convent Girls
8728: TOLKE, ARNIM & INGEBORG - Macrophoto And Cine Methods
15056: TOMBS, H H (ED) - The Tracing Boards and Other Selected Papers Delivered Before Research Lodge of Wellington No. 194 By Members of the Lodge
8147: TOMLIN, ERIC WALTER FREDERICK - Living and Knowing.
10480: TOMLINSON, H. M. - Tidemarks : Some Records of a Journey to the Beaches of the Moluccas and the Forest of Malaya, in 1923
8503: TOMLINSON, H M - Gifts of Fortune, With Some Hints For Those About to Travel
13227: TOMORY, P A (CURATOR) - Painting from the Pacific. Japan America Australia New Zealand
11222: TONGUE, W M (CURATOR) - Acquisitions 1952-3 : Auckland City Art Gallery
6817: TOYNBEE, WILLIAM (TRANS) - Songs Of Beranger : In English Verse
6723: TOZER, H F - Classical Geography : History Primer
10477: TOZER, H F - Classical Geography
10465: TRACY, HONOR - Silk Hats and No Breakfast : Notes on a Spanish Journey
14417: TRACY, MONA - Rifle and Tomahawk : A Stirring Tale of the Te Kooti Rebellion
5978: TRAILL, H(ENRY) D(UFF) - William The Third : Twelve English Statesmen
12455: TRAILL, MRS CATHERINE PARR STRICKLAND - Afar in the forest, or, Pictures of life and scenery in the wilds of Canada
6382: TRAILL, H. D. - Lord Strafford
15209: TRAVERS, W L T - On the Life and Times of Te Rauparaha
7221: TRENCH, RICHARD CHENEVIX - English, Past and Present : Five Lectures
13571: TRESE, LEO - Vessel of Clay
8544: TREVELYAN, GEORGE OTTO (MACAULAY) - Macauley's Life and Letters
7154: TREVELYAN, G. M. - An Autobiography And Other Essays
15037: TREVELYAN, G O (SIR GEORG OTTO) - The Competition Wallah
9737: TREWIN, J. C. - The Theatre Since 1900 : Twentieth Century Histories
15676: WAITANGI TRIBUNAL - Ngai Tahu Ancillary Claims Report 1995
7224: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY; COLLINS, W LUCAS (ED) - The Commentaries of Caesar
11975: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Commentaries of Caesar : Ancient Classics for English Readers
14020: TROMPENAARS, FONS; WOOLLIAMS, PETER - Business Across Cultures
12862: TROTSKY, LEON - Leon Trotsky on the Paris Commune
6447: TROTTER, WILLIAM F - The Government of Greater Britain
11394: TROW-SMITH, ROBERT - Society and the Land
11488: TRUSSELL, DENYS - Words for the Rock Antipodes
14751: A L O E (PSEUD CHARLOTTE MARIA TUCKER) - Good for Evil and Other Stories
6669: TUCKWELL, W - Spenser
7641: TURNBULL, MICHAEL - The Chief of Hawke's Bay
14018: TURNBULL, CRAIG - It's Easy to be a Property Multi Millionaire
15473: TURNER, J M W; THORNBURY, WALTER - The Life of J M W Turner, R A Founded on Letters and Papers Furnished By His Friends and Fellow Academics
16246: TURNER, GEORGE - Beloved Son
5793: TURNER, W J (ED) - Impressions of English Literature
14990: TURNER, JOHN B - Eric Lee-Johnson: Artist with a Camera
15293: TURNER, WHITELEY - A Spring-Time Saunter Round and About Bronte Land
10102: TUTE, WARREN - Leviathan
14504: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : Whitcombes Story Books. No 664
14542: TWAIN, MARK - The Innocents Abroad or The New Pilgrims Progress : Australian Edition
14508: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer : Whitcombes Story Books. No 663
11654: TWELVETREES, W NOBLE - Simplified Methods of Calculating Reinforced Concrete Members
6219: TYLOR, LOUIS - Fellow Wayfarers : A Record
15459: TYNDALL, JOHN - Essays on the Use and Limit of the Imagination in Science
6804: UDALL, NICHOLAS, ARBER, EDWARD (ED) - Roister Doister
9535: UNTERMANN, ERNEST - The World's Revolutions
7690: UPDIKE, JOHN - Midpoint and Other Poems
10401: URIS, LEON - QB VII
12143: URLIN, ETHELL L(UCY HARGREAVE) - Dancing Ancient and Modern
12142: URQUHART, JOHN W - Dynamo Construction : A Practical Handbook for Use of Engineer Constructors and Electricains in Charge
15804: USBORNE, KAREN - Elizabeth the Author of Elizabeth and Her German Garden
14758: USHER, JOHN - Poems and Songs
13591: UYS, C J - In the Era of Shepstone: British Expansion in South Africa
6769: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - The Pinch of Prosperity : Wayfarers Library
6596: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - This was England: A Countryman's Calendar
15147: VAGGIOLI, DOM FELICE - A Deserter's Adventures: The Autobiography of Dom Felice Vaggioli. Translated by John Crockett
14920: VAILLE, BLANCHE - Fairy Tales from New Zealand with Nature Notes
14216: VARGAS, ROBERTO; HRUSKA Y CORTES, ELIAS - Primeros Cantos / This Side and Other Things
15329: VARIOUS - Manuka 1944 Auckland Teachers Training College Magazine
13282: VARIOUS - 80th Anniversary of the Southland Building Society 1869-1949
15640: VARIOUS - Folk-Lore a Quarterly Review of Myth, Tradition, Institution , and Custom .Volume XXXI No. 2
8656: VARIOUS - Present Day Tracts, on Subjects of Christian Evidence, Doctrine, and Morals . Vol XIV
15747: VARIOUS - Big Hats, Scent Pots & Old Joe oral history of Papakura
10224: VARIOUS - Macmillan's Magazine. Vol XLVI - May 1882, to October 1882
12702: VARIOUS - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Year Book 1964
13674: VARIOUS - Western Story Magazine Vol 177 No 1 Sept 1939
12703: VARIOUS - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Year Book 1968
14727: VARIOUS - The Diorama, or, Amusing Sketches of Life and Manners
13230: VARIOUS - The Turnbull Library Record. Womens Studies Issue . Vol XIX No. 1 May 1986
12704: VARIOUS - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Year Book 1972
12708: VARIOUS - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Year Book 1980
12242: VARIOUS - New Zealand Military Forces. Handbook for Use of Junior Non-Commissioned Officers of the Senior Cadets. D. 251/7/9.
13672: VARIOUS - Planet Stories No 6 July 1953 SF Magazine
13771: VARIOUS - New Zealand Society of Accountants Year Book 1912
12997: VARIOUS - Waitara, 1859-1936; Souvenir of Pomare Memorial Meeting. Hui Whakamahara Ki a Maui Pomare
12706: VARIOUS - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Year Book 1977
13673: VARIOUS - Two Gun Kid No 43 Blazing Adventures of the Wild West
14678: VARIOUS - Celebrating Sixty Hutt Valley High 1926-86 Cookbook
12689: VARIOUS - McGillicuddy Serious Party Manifesto 1996
13223: VARIOUS - Arts in New Zealand. An extract from the 1964 NZ official Yearbook
12705: VARIOUS - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Year Book 1975
12906: VARIOUS - U. S. Army Standard Military Motor Vehicles, 1943
12707: VARIOUS - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Year Book 1979
12457: VARIOUS - St. Bede's College Golden Jubilee 1911 - 1961
12701: VARIOUS - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Year Book 1959
12611: VARIOUS - Northcote Bowling Club Inc. A Centennial History
14532: VARIOUS - Jetset No 9. October/November 1982
13231: VARIOUS - The Turnbull Library Record. Essays on Music, Vol XXIII No. 2 October 1990
12897: VARIOUS - Letters from New Plymouth 1843. Letters from Settlers & Labouring Emigrants, in the New Zealand Company's Settlements of Wellington, Nelson, & Newplymouth. From February, 1842, to January, 1843
15273: VARIOUS - Mangorei Primary School 50th Jubilee
14167: VARIOUS - McGillicuddy Serious Party Manifesto 1993
16130: VARIOUS - On Love. With drawings by John Cameron cut on wood by Georges Lemoine : Woodcut Library Anthologies
11915: VARIOUS - Coal Mines Act 1925 and Amendments, 5, 843-943
11514: VARIOUS - Dod's Peerage, Baronetage Knightage, Etc. of Great Britain and Ireland for 1918, Including Bishops, Members of the Privy Council, Companions of all Orders etc.
11820: VARIOUS - Art in Schools : The New Zealand Experience
6675: VARIOUS - USSR Today and Tomorrow : Facts, Figures, Pictures
10638: VARIOUS - Rules of Discipline of the Religious Society of Friends, with Advices: being Extracts from the Minutes and Epistles of their Yearly Meeting, held in London, from its first institution.
10206: VARIOUS - Blackwood's Magazine, No. MCCXXXVI
13765: VARIOUS - New German Critique. Germans & Jews Special Issue 1
5696: VARIOUS - The Sunday Teachers' Treasury.
9435: VARIOUS - The Teacher at Work : A Monthly Illustrated Magazine for All Who Train the Young in Home and Sunday-School
9904: VARIOUS - The School List of Christ's College : From 1850-1950
9903: VARIOUS - Woodford House Register of Old Girls 1894-1976
9766: VARIOUS - Scott Country Water Colours
9613: VARIOUS - Annals of England, A D 1660 - A D 1714, the Stuarts : An Epitome of English History, from Contemporary Writers. School Edition
9612: VARIOUS - Annals of England, A D 1603 - A D 1660, the Stuarts : An Epitome of English History, from Contemporary Writers. School Edition
9611: VARIOUS - Annals of England, A D 1154 - A D 1485, the Plantagenets : An Epitome of English History, from Contemporary Writers. School Edition
9602: VARIOUS - The World And Its People Geography Reader : Australasia
6210: VARIOUS - Constitution and Laws of Antient, Free and Accepted Masons of New Zealand.
8980: VARIOUS - A Fairy Garland : Being Fairy Tales From The Old French
13676: VARIOUS - Super Science Novels No 13 1942 SF Magazine
10244: VARIOUS - The Life and Career of the Late Prime Minister Norman Kirk
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15938: WOLFE, TOM - The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby
7302: WOLFE, BERTRAM DAVID - The Bridge and the Abyss : The Troubled Friendship of Maxim Gorky and V I Lenin
6848: WOLLASTON, ARTHUR N. - The Religion of the Koran
13559: WOLPERT, LEO - Brother Berthold Tells a Story : One hundred little stories, to be used as illustrations for sermons and catechetical Instructions
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14853: WOOD, H(ENRY) C(HARLES) - Washed By the Four Seas : An English Officer's Travels in the Near East
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13398: WOODROW, C - The Biographical Portrait Gallery of Distinguished People of All Nations Comprising of Above Three Hundred Portraits with Original Descriptive Notices
13020: WOODS, STANLEY (LEAD ARTICLE) - Vacuum Manual for Motorcyclists
6518: WOODS, FRANK THEODORE (BISHOP OF WINCHESTER) - What is God Like?: An Attempt at an Answer
7023: WOODS, STUART - Under The Lake
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11669: WORLEY, GEORGE - Jeremy Taylor : A Sketch of His Life and Times with a Popular Exposition of His Works
9524: WORSFOLD, W. BASIL - The Principles of Criticism; an Introduction to the Study of Literature
13066: WORSFOLD, JAMES E - History of Charismatic Movements in New Zealand, including a Pentecostal Perspective and Breviate of the Catholic Apostolic Church in Great Britain
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16127: WRIGHT, ANNIE - Aotearoa 'Long White Cloud, Long Bright Land, New Zealand !' : Poems of the Soul
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12912: WRIGHT, ANNIE - Aotearoa 'Long White Cloud, Long Bright Land, New Zealand !' : Poems of the Soul
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10369: WRIGHT, RONALD - Time Among the Maya : Travels in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico
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16239: WYNDHAM, JOHN - Consider Her Ways & Others
8180: YAARI, AVRAHAM (TRANS); HALEVY-LEVIN, ISAAC (ED) - The Goodly Heritage : Memoirs Describing the Life of the Jewish Community of Eretz Yisrael from the 17th to the 20th Centuries
8361: YBARRA, T R - Caruso
6569: YEFREMOV, IVAN - The Land of Foam
16114: YEN MAH, ADELINE - A Thousand Pieces of Gold - A Memoir of China's Past Through Its Proverbs SIGNED COPY
7738: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY; REAVEY, GEORGE (EDITOR) - The Poetry of Yevgeny Yevtushenko
15058: YOGANANDA, PARAMHANSA - Autobiography of a Yogi
14394: YOUATT, WILLIAM; & CECIL (PSUED CORNELIUS TONGUE) - The Horse, with Observations on Breeding Calvalry Horses
14149: YOUNG, GEOFF - Inside the Taxi: Tales from Kiwi Cab Drivers
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5779: YOUNG, EVERILD - The Land of the Three Worlds
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16008: YOUNG, JOHN - Poems and Lyrics : Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect
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15370: YOUNG, ARTHUR; BETHAM-EDWARDS, M (ED) - The Autobiography of Arthur Young with Selections from His Correspondence
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8388: YUDKIN, LEON ISRAEL - Jewish Writing and Identity in the Twentieth Century
8755: ZANARDI, NICOLETTA - Colour Guide to Decorating Ceramics
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9114: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - Without Prejudice
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13586: ZIMMERMAN, BONNIE; & MCNARON, TONE (EDS) - The New Lesbian Studies: Into the Twenty-First Century
7312: ZYSKIND, SARA - Struggle