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14611: MCNEISH, JAMES - Tavern in the Town
12512: MCQUADE, RUTH - Badge of the Baronets of Nova Scotia
14005: MCRAE, WILLIAM A - About Ourselves and Others
5528: MEAD, MARGARET - Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies
12424: MEAD, HAROLD - The Bright Phoenix : Novels of Tomorrow Series
6702: MEADER, STEPHEN W - Jonathan Goes West
8734: MEADOWS, GRAHAM - A Seal on the Motorway
11452: MEE, ARTHUR - Little Brother Ishi
9067: MEGROZ, R L (RODOLPHE LOUIS) - Personal Poems
14876: MEHTA, VED - Face to Face : The Autobiography of a Young Blind Hindu Who Found in America His Education and Liberation
12687: MEIKLEJOHN, G M (GEORGE MACPHERSON) - Early Conflicts of Press and Government : A Story of the First New Zealand Herald and of the Foundation of Auckland
11549: MELBA, NELLIE; CARGHER, JOHN (INTRO & NOTES) - Melodies and Memories
14776: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Typee : A Peep at Polynesian Life, During a Four Months' Residence in a Valley of Marquesas (revised Edition with a sequel); & Omoo: a Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas Volumes Bound as One
15060: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Typee : A Narrative of a Four Months Risidence Among the Natives of a Valley of the Marquesas Islands; or, a Peep at Polynesian Life
11447: MELVILLE, HERMAN; & DRUID PSUED. (HENRY HALL DIXON) - Omoo ; A Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas; & The Post and the Paddock: With Recollections of George IV., Sam Chiffney, and Other Turf Celebrities 1st Edition - 2 Books Bound as One
12817: MENDELSOHN, JOHN - Paul McCartney : A Biography in Words and Pictures.
12793: MENUHIN, MOSHE - The Menuhin Saga
9455: MENZIES, JAMES - Saint Margaret, Queen of Scotland : An Historical Drama in Five Acts
8631: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Poems : Volume II
8950: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Evan Harrington
9537: MEREDITH, GEORGE - One of Our Conquerors
14757: MEREDITH, GEORGE LLEWELLYN - Selected Poems of George Meredith
8100: MERLIN, DAVID - That Built-In Urge
14932: MERTON, THOMAS - The Ascent to Truth
15016: MERTON, THOMAS - Waters of Silence (Siloe)
15042: MERTON, THOMAS - Bread in the Wilderness
14945: MERTON, THOMAS - Waters of Silence (Siloe)
15046: MERTON, THOMAS - Day of a Stranger
15050: MERTON, THOMAS - No Man is an Island
12714: MEYERS, RICHARD; HARLIB, AMY; PALMER, BILL & KAREN - From Bruce Lee to the Ninjas : Martial Arts Movies
14873: MEYNELL, FRANCIS - The Holy Bible; the Authorized, or King James version of 1611 now reprinted with the Apocrypha. In Three Volumes with Reproductions of 105 Sixteenth-Century Woodcuts of Bernard Salomon
9468: MEYNELL, ALICE - The Flower of the Mind : A Choice Among the Best Poems
12593: MICHAELIS, MORITZ - Chapters from the Story of My Life
7487: MIGOT, ANDRE - The Lonely South
14994: MIKE, MOORE - Hard Labour:the Life and Times. Signed Association Copy
12530: MIKET, ROGER; BRUGESS, COLIN (EDS) - Between and Beyond the Walls: Essays on the Prehistory and History of North Britain in Honour of George Jobey
12616: MILES, ROBERT - The End of the New Zealand Passenger Train
9534: MILES, ALFRED H (ED) - The Poets and the Poetry of the Nineteenth Century : William Morris to Robert Buchanan
9837: MILES, ALFRED H (ED) - The Poets and the Poetry of the Nineteenth Century : George Crabbe to Samuel Taylor Coleridge
8078: MILIC, LOUIS T - Stylists on Style: A Handbook with Selections for Analysis
14961: MILLAIS, JOHN G - Far Away Up the Nile
13378: MILLEN, JULIA - Colonial Tears & Sweat : The Working Class in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand
14594: MILLER, DAVID - Native Insects : Nature in New Zealand Series
12977: MILLER, F W G - West to the Fiords : The History of Western Southland. Comprising of Wallace and Fiord Counties the Borough of Riverton and the Various Town Districts Within Those Areas
13958: MILLER, JEAN BAKER - Toward a New Psychology of Women
13421: MILLER, HENRY - Sexus. Book One of The Rosy Crucifixion
8240: MILLER, HUGH - Sketch Book of Popular Geology
8851: MILLER, P SCHUYLER - The Titan
10403: MILLER, DICK - Triumphant Journey: The Saga of Bobby Jones and the Grand Slam of Golf
14533: MILLER, RAYMOND - New Zealand Politics in Transition
12759: MILLER, DAVID - Forest and Timber Insects in New Zealand. NZ State Forest Service. Bulletin No. 2
12761: MILLER, DAVID - Catalogue of the Diptera of the New Zealand Sub-Region. Dept of Scientific & Industrial Research, NZ. Bulletin No. 100
14425: MILLER, DAVID; CAWTHRON, THOMAS - Thomas Cawthron and The Cawthron Institute
8395: MILLGATE, MICHAEL - The Achievement of William Faulkner
15090: MILLS, FREDDIE - Twenty Years an Autobiography SIGNED
15091: MILLS, FREDDIE - Battling for a Title a Kaleidoscope of Boxing
8028: MILLS, A R - Lord Suffer Me to Catch a Fish
15023: MILNE, JAMES - The Road to Kashmir : With a Gallery of Special Pictures
11457: MILNE, A A - Not That it Matters
12825: AIR MINISTRY - Pilot's Notes Typhoon 1A & 1B. Sabre II Engine. Air Publication 1804A
11641: MINOGUE, W J D; HUTTON, MARY O; ARMSTRONG, R A; TITCHENER, P A - The First Fifty Years : Takapuna Grammar School 1927-1977
14836: MITCALFE, BARRY - Maori Poetry : The Singing Word
14271: MITCHELL, DAVID R; NIRBHAY, SINGH - Exceptional Children in New Zealand
13540: MITCHELL, SUSANNE - The Country Life Book of Nursery Rhymes
5581: MITCHELL, AUSTIN - Government By Party : Parliament and Politics In New Zealand
13957: MITCHELL, JULIET - Psychoanalysis and Feminism
11993: MITFORD, MARY RUSSELL; JAST, L STANLEY (ED) - Belford Regis, or Sketches of a Country Town
9199: MITFORD, REV. JOHN; GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith with a Life of the Late Poet
10602: MOFFAT, JOHN & EMILY; WALLIS, J P R (ED) - The Matabele Mission : A Selection from the Correspondence of John and Emily Moffat, David Livingstone and others 1858-1878
14625: MOLIER - Oevres De Moliere. 8 Volumes
13493: MOLLOY, ANDREA - Get a Life : Simple Strategies for Work/Life Balance
14886: MOLONEY, WILLIAM J; CASEMENT, ROGER SIR - The Forged Casement Diaries
12981: MONAGHAN, H W (HAROLD WYATT) - From Age to Age. The Story of the Church of England in the Diocese of Wellington 1858-1958
9410: MONCRIEFF, PÉRRINE (1893 - 1979) - The Rise and Fall of David Riccio
13845: MONELLI, PAOLO - Mussolini : An Intimate Life
14916: MONIGATTI, REX (ED) - From Bells to Blazes : The Story of the Wellington Fire Brigade 1865-1965
9779: MONRO, EDWARD (REV) - The Vast Army : An Allegory
7271: MONTESINI, LORENZO - Cardboard Cantata
9480: MONTOMGOMERY, DAVID - The American Civil War and the Meanings of Freedom : An Inaugural Lecture Delivered Before the University of Oxford 24 February 1987
14581: WINIFRED MOODY - The Dynamic Doctor. Arthur Moody of Otago
6761: MOORE, J. HOWARD - The Law of Biogenesis : Being Two lessons on the Origin of Human Nature
6696: MOORE, GEORGE - Elizabeth Cooper : A Comedy in Three Acts
6086: MOORE, AUBERTINE WOODWARD - For Every Music Lover. A Series of Practical Essays on Music
7383: MOORE, GEORGE EDWARD - Principia Ethica
11557: MOORE, A EISDELL - Operation Lifetime: The Memoirs of a New Zealand Surgeon
11677: MOORE, E HAMILTON - The House of Refuge
5246: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Gallipoli
13841: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Montgomery A Biography
14927: MORAN, CARDINAL PATRICK - Memoir of the Ven. Oliver Plunket Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All of Ireland Who Suffered Death for the Catholic Faith 1681
12691: MORAND, FRANCOIS C - Small Homes in the New Tradition
12602: MORE, DAVID. ASSOCIATION COPY OF ROBERT MULDOON - Between the River and the Hills: Waikato County Council, 1876-1976
6730: MORGAN, CHARLES - The Fountain
14042: MORGAN, VAUGHAN - Doves Hawks and Pigeon Post : Tales and Verse of a Waitomo Sheep Farmer
13045: MORGAN, EDWARD; ELIAS, JOHN - John Elias:Life, Letters and Essays: Life, Letters and Essays
6682: DE MORGAN, WILLIAM - When Ghost Meets Ghost
8068: MORLEY, HENRY (ED) - Illustrations of English Religion
7187: MORLEY, JOHN - Miscellanies : Fourth Series
13259: W P MORRELL (EDITOR) - Sir Joseph Banks in New Zealand from his Journal
12619: MORRELL, W P - A History of New Zealand Life : New Zealand Between Two World Wars 1914 - 1939
6404: MORRIS, EDWARD E. - The Early Hanoverians
10420: MORRIS, DESMOND - Intimate Behaviour
13972: MORRIS, DESMOND - The Naked Man : A Study of the male Body
12452: MORRISEY, D ALLEN; TROY, CONAN T; LOMBINO, S A; BRACKETT, LEIGH - Planet Stories. January 1952
11877: MORRISON, A A; BEASLEY, DR D M G; WILLIAMSON, K I - The Intellectually Handicapped and Their Families : A New Zealand Survey
7917: MORROS, BORIS - My Ten Years as a Counterspy; as Told By Charles Samuels
7459: MORTON, HARRIET (MRS GE) - From Egypt to Canaan : For the Young
9788: MORTON, ELSIE K - A Tramper in Fiordland
9361: MORTON, HARRY - Which Way New Zealand?
14866: MORTON, ELSIE K - Joy of the Road : Second Book of New Zealand Life and Travel
14445: MOSS, FREDERICK J - School History of New Zealand SIGNED Presentation Copy
11990: MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP - The Rise of the Dutch Republic : A History. Complete in One Volume
11297: MOUAT, MARY - Whero in the Land of Maui : Natural History Lessons in Story Form of New Zealand Forest and Sea
13060: MOUNTAIN, REV JAMES - My Baptism, and What Led to it
12144: MOUNTBATTEN OF BURMA, EARL LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN; ZIEGLER, PHILIP - The Diaries of Lord Louis Mountbatten, 1920-1922: Tours with the Prince of Wales
10666: MOWAT, R C - Middle East Perspective : A Survey of the Historical Events and Influences which have Culminated in the Present Situtation
12818: MOYLE, GRAHAM (ED) - The Beatles Beat Downunder : 4 Issues No 's 1, 2, 3, 4/5
11805: MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - Something Beautiful for God : Mother Teresa of Calcutta
13740: MUIR, JOHN - The Wilderness World of John Muir
11223: MUIR, BRIAN - A Guide to the Collections of the Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand
9530: MUIRHEAD, JOHN H - The Elements of Ethics
13518: MULDOON, SYLVAN JOSEPH; CARRINGTON, HEREWARD - Projection of the Astral Body
13133: ROB MULDOON - The New Zealand Economy (Muldoon signed copy)
14035: MULGAN, RICHARD - Maori, Pakeha and Democracy
14413: MULGAN, ALAN - The English of the Line
14919: MULHOLLAND, MARIE COMPILER - Schrider Family Reunion 1875-1991
13283: MULLER, PETER - An Institution Reborn : The story of the stormy start to the second century of the Southland Building Society
11671: MUMBY, FRANK ARTHUR - Letters of Literary Men : The Nineteenth Century
11788: MUMFORD, LEWIS - The Conduct of Life
14483: MUNDY, D (DONALD LINDSAY GORDON) - There's Gold in Them Hills : The Saga of a Colonial Cove
11615: LA MURE, PIERRE - Beyond Desire : A Novel Based on the Life of Felix and Cecile Mendelssoh
11878: LA MURE, PIERRE - Beyond Desire : A Novel Based on the Life of Felix and Cecile Mendelssoh
13305: MURPHY, BRIAN - The Angler's Companion : The Lore of Fishing
11558: MURRAY, W H - The Story of Everest
12851: MURRAY, L A; DOWNES, K E; TRICKETT, P - New Plymouth Observed
10517: MURRAY, LINDLEY - The English Reader: or, Pieces in Prose and Poetry, Selected from the Best Writers. Designed to Assist Young Persons to Read with Propriety and Effect; to Improve Their Language and Sentiments Etc...
10521: MURRAY, LINDLEY - Sequel to the English Reader: or, Pieces in Prose and Poetry, Selected from the Best Writers. Designed to Assist Young Persons to Read with Propriety and Effect; to Improve Their Language and Sentiments Etc...
12539: NOTTINGHAM CASTLE MUSEUM - Quilt Art: Exhibition
12911: MUSGROVE, SYDNEY - The Ancestry of 'The White Goddess'
7450: MYDANS, SHELLEY - Thomas : A novel of the Life, Passion and Miracles of Becket
14153: MYERS, BERNARD EHRENFRIED - The Reminiscences of a Physician
13842: MYERS, BRIGADIER EDMUND C W - Greek Entanglement
15132: MYERS, BRIGADIER EDMUND C W - Greek Entanglement
9504: MYERS, FREDERIC WILLIAM HENRY - English Men of Letters : Wordsworth
13578: NADER, JONAR C. - How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People
15086: NAHUM, DR PINHAS BEN - The Turkish Art of Love
13562: NASH, ROBERT - That They Be One
13146: WALTER NASH - New Zealand: A Working Democracy
7870: NASH, OGDEN - Good Intentions
7872: NASH, OGDEN - Family Reunion
9740: NATHAN, GEORGE JEAN - The Popular Theatre
14968: NATUSCH, SHEILA; SWAINSON, GEOFFREY - William Swainson of Fern Grove : The Anatomy of a Nineteenth Century Naturalist SIGNED
14978: NEALE, JUNE E - Pioneer Passengers : To Nlson By Sailing Ship - March 1842 - June 1843
13933: NEGUS, GEORGE - The World from Islam : A Journey of Discovery Through the Muslim Heartland
12764: NELSON, WENDY A; ADAMS, NANCY M - Marine Algae of the Bay of Islands Area. Series No. 16
12766: NELSON, WENDY A; ADAMS, NANCY M; HAY, C H - Marine Algae of the Chatham Islands. Series No. 23
13528: NESBIT, E - The Magic World
13529: NESBIT, E - The Magic City
10098: NEWBY, P H - The Picnic at Sakkara
7401: NEWMAN, ARYEH (ED) - Six Talks on Maimonides
12874: NEWNHAM, THOMAS OLIVER (COMPILER) - 1840-1990, A Long White Cloud? Essays for 1990 Collected and Edited By Tom Newnham
13215: HENRY NEWRICK - New Zealand Art Auction Records 1969-1972
5037: THE OBSERVER (NEWSPAPER) - Churchill by his Contemporaries
13052: BENJAMIN WILLS NEWTON - Ancient Truths Respecting the Deity & True Humanity of the Lord Jesus. Christ our suffering surety. Note on 1 Peter ii.24.
13403: NEWTON, BENJAMIN WILLS - Expository Teaching on the Millennium and Israel's Future
13404: NEWTON, BENJAMIN WILLS - Narratives from the Old Testament
13069: NEWTON, REV RICHARD DD - Bible Animals and the Lessons Taught By Them
5594: NICE, RICHARD W. - A Handbook Of Abnormal Psychology
6480: NICHOL, JOHN - English Composition : Literature Primer
14327: NICHOLAS, ANNE - The Art of the New Zealand Quilt
10614: NICHOLAS, ANNE - Fabrications: Works by Forty New Zealand Fibre Artists
12404: NICHOLAS, B MELVILLE - The Nutkin Family
15009: NICHOLLS, JOHN - He Himene Mo Te Karakia Ki Te Atua : Maori and English Hymns and Choruses
8548: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - Women and Children Last
14746: NICHOLSON, LOTHIAN LT GEN (UNDER AUSPICES OF) - Bataille de Jersey, 1781 et la celebration du Centenaire 1881, Aved Gravures
8619: NICHOLSON, HELEN - Frogs at Twilight
14157: NICOL, GEORGE - Ship Construction and Calculations with Numerous Illustrations and Examples
9738: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE - British Drama : A Historical Survey from the Beginnings to the Present Time
14889: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH (TRANSL BY HENRY ALBERT) - Le Crépuscule des Idoles : Le cas Wagner, Nietzsche contre Wagner - L'Antéchrist
15098: NINSKY, GAVIN - Blue Meanie and the She-Devil : Slighty More Factual Than Actual
11758: NIRK, ENDEL - Estonian Literature : Historical Survey with Biobibliographical Appendix
11446: NIXON, ALLAN W (OLD NICK) - Mr Mouse from Empty House, and Other Childrens Poems By Old Nick
13589: NOBLE, JOHN ED - Cape of Good Hope Official Handbook 1886
13065: NOEL, BAPTIST W - Eassays on Christian Baptism
9519: NOEL, RODEN - Life of Lord Byron
9131: NOKE, CHARLES J; & PLANT, HAROLD J - Pottery - Being a Simple Account of the History of Pottery and a Description of Some of the Processes Employed in Its Manufacture
12889: NOLAN, IRIS - Out of the Mountains
12640: NOONE, RICHARD - Rape of the Dream People
8506: NORDAU, MAX PSUED. (MAX S SUEDFELD) - Degeneration
6731: NORMAN, RUTH (URIEL) - Return to Atlantis : Volume 4
13988: NORRIS, PAMULA - The Story of Eve
7104: NORTH, MAURICE - The Mind Market
9515: NORTHAM, REGINALD - Conservatism the Only Way
14133: NORTON, ANDRÉ - Dread Companion
12645: NORTON, A H (ED) - Dime Sports Magazine : Vol 4 No. 6, June 1937
7779: NUNNERLEY, DAVID - President Kennedy and Britain
12458: NUTTER, ANDREW - Utter Nutter
7806: O'BRIEN, EDNA - Girls in Their Married Bliss
8574: O'BRIEN, RICHARD BARRY - John Bright : A Monograph
12824: O'CONNOR, JOHN A (ED) - New Zealand. South Island Greetings
5876: O'DONNELL, EUGENE - The Night Cometh
11777: O'DONNELL, ELLIOTT - Ghosts With a Purpose
9802: O'LEARY, MICHAEL - The Irish Annals of New Zealand
5809: O'NEILL, EUGENE - The Great God Brown and Other Plays
13687: O'NEILL, WILLIAM L., COMP - Women at Work: Including the Long Day, the Story of a New York Working Girl by Dorothy Richardson and Inside the New York Telephone Company by Elinor
9077: O'NEILL, HANNAH COX - Devonshire Idyls
14126: O'SHEA, PHILLIP P - Honours, Titles, Styles, and Precedence In New Zealand
12628: O'SHEA, PHILLIP P - Captain James Cook, RN, FRGS and His Numismatic Associations. The New Zealand Numismatic Journal
7941: O'BRIEN, EDNA - Some Irish Loving : A Selection.
14458: O'BRIEN, GREGORY (ED) - Winter I Was
13931: O'FARRELL, JOHN - Global Village Idiot
15031: O'LAVERTY, REV JAMES - The Bishops of Down & Connor Being the Fifth Volume of an Historical Account of Down and Connor Ancient and Modern
14456: O'LEARY, MICHAEL - Livin’ ina Aucklan’
14862: O'ROURKE, KATHLEEN - Shades and Echoes of Old Killarney
14969: O'SULLIVAN, OWEN - Apostle in Aotearoa Jerimiah Joseph Purcell O’Reily
13685: OAKLEY, ANN - The Sociology of Housework
11655: OAKLEY, JOSEPHINE - The New Zealander's Guide to Flower Growing and Arranging
14315: OBEYESEKERE, GANANATH - The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: European Mythmaking in the Pacific
11692: WAR OFFICE - Soldiers Died in The Great War 1914-19 : Part 1. Household Cavalry and Cavalry of the Line [Including Yeomanry and Imperial Camel Corps]
11693: WAR OFFICE - Soldiers Died in the Great War,1914-19 : Parts 2 & 3. Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery, Regulars and Territorial Force ( including Honourable Artillery Company Batteries). Royal Garrison Artillery
11356: OFFIT, AVODAH K. - Night Thoughts: Reflections of a Sex Therapist
8576: OHNET, GEORGES PSEUD. [I.E. GEORGES HE´NOT]; ROTHWELL, F (TRANS) - The Poison Dealer : Lotus Library
7313: OLBRICH, FRENY - The Account of Martin Bron
11807: OLDENBOURG, ZOE; HYAMS, EDWARD (TRANS) - The Awakened : A Novel of Our Time
14063: OLIVER, DR FRENCH EARL - Famous Negro Sermons
12589: OLIVER, REV. GEORGE D. D. - Lives of the Bishops of Exeter, and a History of the Cathedral; with an Illustrative Appendix
14224: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - The English Patient
8781: OPFELL, OLGA S. - Queens, Empresses, Grand Duchesses and Regents : Women Rulers of Europe, A.D. 1328-1989
14453: ORBELL, MARGARET - The Presence of Dew
14409: ORBELL, MARGARET ROSE - Maori Poetry: An Introductory Anthology
10375: ORLEAN, SUSAN - Orchid Thief, The: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession
13268: ORMAN, TONY - 21 Great New Zealand Trout Waters
8462: OSBORNE, WALTER V - Sane Trade-Unionism
8624: OSBORNE, JAMES INSLEY - Arthur Hugh Clough
13642: OTTLEY, ROI - Black Odyssey. The Story of the Negro in America
9200: OVENDEN, REV. C T - The Face of Nature : Popular Readings in Elementary Science
13677: OWEN, EDWARD - 1914: Glory Departing
13312: OWEN, BILL - Tryphena's Summer
7998: OWEN, FRANK - Tempestuous Journey: Lloyd George His Life and Times
14361: OWEN, FRANK - Peron His Rise and Fall
13757: PAASCH, CAPT HENRI - From Keel to Truck. Marine Dictionary in English, French and German Amply Illustrated By Explanatory Diagrams of the Most Important Deatils
7097: VAN PAASEN, PIERRE - That Day Alone
12438: LE PAGE, RAND (PUBLISHERS HOUSE PSUED.) - Blue Asp : Lion Science Fiction
14591: PALISSY, BERNARD: LA ROCQUE, AURELE (TRANS) - The Admirable Discources of Bernard Palissy (1580)
13387: PALMER, G BLAKE (MAJOR) - Italian Journey (2nd NZEF)
10580: PALMER, G BLAKE (MAJOR) - Libya and Tunisia
13793: PALMER, CHARLES OSCAR - Thirty Poems
6704: PALMSTIERNA, ERIK - Widening Horizons
13807: PANDIAN, T B - Indian Village Folk. Their Works and Ways
13999: PANTZIARKA, PAN - House of Pain
11907: PARK, RUTH - The Hole in the Hill
9818: PARKER, JOHN - John Parker Ceramics
12535: PARKER, KEITH - The Journalist
12536: PARKER, KEITH - Dangerous Coastlines : Sequel to the Journalist
10656: PARKER, SELWYN - Cutting Edge, 100 Years of Innovation, Leadership and Shear Grit : The Cater Holt Harvey Story
14142: PARKES, W F - The Visitors Guide to the Bay of Islands : Information on Russell, Paihia, Waitangi, & Kerikeri
12936: PARKINSON, P G - Halymenia. Phycologia Historiae Analecta Autodidactica Fasciculus Primus
11821: PARKYN, G W; FIELD, H E; CAMPBELL, A E, HENDERSON, H; CURRIE, G A; MARTIN SMITH, P - The Administration of Education in New Zealand
11713: PARKYN, G W - Sight of That Immortal Sea
13270: PARSONS, JOHN - Parsons' Glory: A Bedside Book for Anglers
13363: PARSONSON, DENYS - Before We Say Goodbye
14745: PASCAL, BLAISE - The Provincial Letters of Blaise Pascal : A New Translation (from French) with Life of the Author
6631: PASCOE, CHARLES EYRE (EDITOR) - Everyday Life in Our Public Schools.
8082: PASTERNAK, BORIS - The Blind Beauty
7717: PASTERNAK, BORIS - Doctor Zhivago
7915: PASTERNAK, BORIS - An Essay on Autobiography
7360: PATCH, BLANCHE - 30 Years with G.B.S.
13661: PATTEN, LEWIS - Vengeance Rider
12538: PATTERSON, JOHN - People of the Land: A Pacific Philosophy
7206: PATTON, W. M. - A Treatise on Civil Engineering
12876: PAUL, J T (JOHN THOMAS) - Humanism in Politics New Zealand : Labour Party Retrospect
8513: PAULI, REINHOLD - Oliver Cromwell
7922: PAWEL, ERNST - From the Dark Tower
8089: PAXTON, JOHN - Companion to Russian History
7241: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Splendour Of Greece
11304: PAYNE, LAURENCE - Too Small for His Shoes
11857: PEABODY, FREDERICK W; COE, FREDERICK E; TUCKER, T G - Honour or Dollars: A Critical Examination of the Moral Obligations of America to Her Former Allies. By an American, an Englishman, and an Australian
8116: PEACOCK, D H - Pioneers of Progress : Joseph Priestley
13916: PEACOCKE, GEOGIANA - Rays From the Southern Cross
14382: PEACOCKE, MAUD - Songs of the Happy Isles
9190: PEAKE, A S - Aids to the Devotional Study of Scripture : Faded Myths
12649: PEAKE, MERVYN - Titus Groan
13597: PEARCE, G. L. - The Story of the Maori People
9785: PEARL, IRENE - Don and Dizzy
13690: PEARSE, HENRY - Four Months Besieged: The Story of Ladysmith
6289: PEARSE, MARK GUY - Daniel Quorm, and His Religious Notions.
14929: PEARSE, PADRIAC H - Collected Works of Padriace H Pearse : Political Writings and Speeches
7283: PEARSON, HESKETH - Bernard Shaw : His Life and Personality
12962: PEEL, GERALD - Isles of Torres Strait : An Australian Responsibility
8223: PEILE, JOHN; GREEN, JOHN RICHARD (ED) - Literature Primers : Philology
9469: PEILE, JOHN; GREEN, JOHN RICHARD (ED) - Literature Primers : Philology
7173: PELL, EDWARD LEIGH; BUEL, JAMES W; BOYD, JAMES P - A MEMORIAL VOLUME OF AMERICAN HISTORY : McKinley and Men of Our Times, Together with the Great Question with Which They Have Been Identified and Which Are Still Pressing for Solution
14988: PEMBER REEVES, WILLIAM - The Long White Cloud Ao Tea Roa
12385: PENDEXTER, HUGH - Red Autumn : A Western Thriller. Wild West Club
12386: PENDEXTER, HUGH - Rifle Rule : A Western Thriller. Wild West Club
12387: PENDEXTER, HUGH - Over the Ridge : A Western Thriller. Wild West Club
12388: PENDEXTER, HUGH - The Bushlopers : A Western Thriller. Wild West Club
12389: PENDEXTER, HUGH - Gentlemen of the North : A Western Thriller. Wild West Club
5974: PENIAKOFF, VLADIMIR ('POPSKI') - Private Army
14701: PENN, RICHARD ESQ. F R S - Maxims and Hints on Angling, Chess, Shooting, and Other Matters; Also, Misseries of Fishing with Wood Cuts
15122: PENNEFATHER, F W - A Handbook for Travellers in New Zealand: Auckland, the Hot Lake District, Napier, Wanganui, Wellington, Nelson, the Buller, the West Coast Road, Christchurch, Mount Cook, Dunedin, Otago, the Southern Lakes, the Sounds, Etc
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9616: PISTORIUS, PHILIPPUS VILLIERS - Thought, God and the Common Man
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7220: PLATT, JAMES - Business
13222: PLATTS, UNA - J C Hoyte
14847: PLATTS, UNA - Lively Capital Auckland 1840-1865 SIGNED
14893: PLATTS, UNA - Lively Capital Auckland 1840-1865 SIGNED
6941: PLAYER, ROBERT (PSUED) - Let's Talk of Graves, of Worms, & Epitaphs - An Ecclesiastical Extravaganza
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9656: PROCTOR, HENRY - The Evolution of Culture
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12983: M R H (AKA MR HOUSKEEPER ALSO A PSEUDONYM) - The Hermit of Livry : A Story of the Sixteenth Century at the Dawn of the Reformation
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7658: PYE SMITH, JOHN - Four Discourses on the Sacrifice and Priesthood of Jesus Christ, and the Atonement and Redemption; Thence Acruing with Supplementary Notes and Illustrations
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7399: RAPOPORT, ANATOL - Fights, Games, and Debates
9551: RAPPOPORT, A S - A Primer of Philosophy
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8010: RATTENBURY, HAROLD B - David Hill : Friend of China. A modern Portrait
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13798: RAWLINSON, GLORIA JASMINE - The Perfume Vendor
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6568: RAYMOND, E. T. - Portraits of the New Century : The First Ten Years
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8793: READE, CHARLES - It Is Never Too Late to Mend : A Matter of Fact Romance
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7150: REDWOOD, HUGH - God in the Slums
14233: REDWOOD, MIRIAM MACGREGOR - A Dog's Life: Working Dogs In New Zealand
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8169: REICH, EMIL - Germany's Swelled Head
14742: REICHARD, M (HEINRICH AUGUST OTTOKAR) - Descriptive Road-Book of France : Together with Particular Descriptions of Bordeaux, the Bathing Places of the Pyrenees, Toulouse, Marseille, Lyons, the Navigation of the Rhone, from Lyons to Avignon, and other Places in the South of France
13359: REID, JOYCE - It Was Better in Winter
6844: REID, STUART J - A Sketch of the Life and Times of the Rev. Sydney Smith Rector of Combe Florey and Canon Residentiary of St. Paul's: Based on Family Documents and the Recollections of Personal Friends.
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14414: DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS - New Zealand At War : Marching to Victory
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8218: RENAN, JOSEPH ERNEST - The Life of Jesus
14522: RENDEL, DAVID G. A. - Civil Aviation in New Zealand: An Illustrated History
8861: REPP, ED EARL - The Stellar Missiles
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13656: RICHARDS, GUY - The Hunt for the Czar : The amazing quest to determine the true fate of the Imperial Family of Russia
14114: RICHARDS, MARK - Long Weekend
14117: RICHARDS, MARK - Go Back Lazarus! Poems 1959-64
14703: RICHARDSON, JOHN - A Account Of The Life of That Ancient Servant of jesus Christ John Richardson giving A Relation Of many Of His Trials and Exercises in his Youth and His Services In The Work Of The Ministry In England, Ireland, America
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14439: RICHDALE, L E - The Royal Albatross : Diomedea Epomophora Sandfordi
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13386: RICKARD, L S - Strangers in the Wilderness
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10142: RIDLEY, ANTHONY - Living in Cities
13643: RIEHL, HEINZ;RODRIGUEZ, RITA M. - Foreign Exchange and Money Markets: Managing Foreign and Domestic Currency Operations
8692: RIESMAN, DAVID; & THOMPSON REISMAN, EVELYN - Conversations In Japan : Modernization, Politics and Culture
13971: RIFKIN, JEREMY - Age of Access : How the Shift from Ownership to Access is Transforming Capitalism
14389: RIGG, JOHN - A Few Verses: Some Flowers that Bloomed on Stony Soil, and some Weeds that Grew Apace. A Souvenir.
11453: RIQUETTI, HONORE-GABRIEL, COUNT DE MIRABEAU (VARIOUSLY ATTRIBUTED TO H. G. RIQUETTI, COUNT DE MIRABEAU, AND TO THE MARQUIS DE SENTILLY) - Le Rideau Levé ou l'Éducation de Laure. Edition revue sur celle originale de 1786 et ornee de six figures libres, gravees d'apres celles qu'on ajouta aux editions de 1786 et de 1790
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6269: ROE, IVAN - The Breath of Corruption. An Interpretation of Dostoievsky
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6790: RUSSELL, W. CLARK - William Dampier
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9908: RUSSELL, WILLIAM HOWARD; BENTLEY, NICHOLAS (ED) - Russell's Despatches from the Crimea 1854-1856
7582: RUSSELL, ERIC FRANK - Dreadful Sanctuary
8794: RUSSELL, G. W. E. - A Londoner's Log-Book
9594: RUSSELL, ALEXANDER - Lord Kelvin His Life and Work : The People's Books
14957: RUTTLEDGE, HUGH - Everest : The Unfinished Adventure
14859: RYAN, DESMOND - Sean Treacy and the Third Tipperary Brigade
14983: RYAN, DENNIS; SKELTON. ROBERT - RJ the Bob Skelton Story SIGNED
7512: RYBURN, W M - The Story of St. Davids Presbyterian Church : Auckland, 1864-1964
14936: RYLE, GILBERT - The Concept of Mind
13688: SACKS, KAREN BRODKIN - Caring by the Hour: Women, Work, and Organizing at Duke Medical Center
10277: LE SAGE, ALAIN RENE; THOMAS, JOSEPH (TRANS) - Asmodeus; or, The Devil On Two Sticks : With Biographical Notice of the Author By Jules Janin
11647: SAINT-PIERRE, BERNARDIN DE - Paul and Virginia : With an Original Memoir of the Author
8529: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE - Matthew Arnold
9483: SAINT FRANCOIS DE SALES - Introduction a la Vie Devote
6493: SALTER, J H - The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Cardiganshire
15043: SALTUS, EDGAR; HONCE, CHARLES (ED) - Uplands of Dream : Numbered 350 of 750 Copies
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11354: SANDERS, JOAN - The Devoted Mistress : A Life of Louise de La Vallière
14475: SANDERS, JAMES - Venturer Courageous: Group Captain Leonard Trent, V.C., D.F.C. a Biography
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14057: SANDFORD, CHRISTOPHER - Sting : Demolition Man
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13368: SANGSTER, ANDREW - Pathway to Establishment. Wanganui Collegiate School
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5554: SARDI PSUED. (DADACHANJI, SEROZH) - Erotic Love Through The Ages
14051: SARGESON, FRANK - The Hangover
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9193: SAROLEA, CHARLES; TOLSTOI - Count L N Tolstoy : His Life and Work
13920: SATCHELL, WILLIAM - The Land of the Lost
13912: SATCHELL, WILLIAM - The Greenstone Door
12519: SATCHELL, WILLIAM - The Greenstone Door
9280: SAUNDERS, JOAN - Tinnitus : What is That Noise in My Head?
6307: SAUNDERS, G W (ED) - Somersetshire Archaeological & Natural History Society Proceedings During the Year 1924
6306: SAUNDERS, G W (ED) - Somersetshire Archaeological & Natural History Society Proceedings During the Year 1923
6302: SAUNDERS, G W (ED) - Somersetshire Archaeological & Natural History Society Proceedings During the Year 1919
13948: SAVAGE, KATHARINE - People and Power : The Story of Four Nations
12838: SAYERS, DOROTHY L - The Zeal of Thy House. With a Preface By Lawence Irving
15129: SCALLY, MRS JACK - Hunterville & District 1880 - 1980
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13297: SCANLAN, MIKE - Safety in Small Craft
8405: SCANLAN, NELLE M - Tides of Youth
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14716: SCHOLEFIELD, GUY H - Captain William Hobson, First Governor Genereal of New Zealand
9396: SCHOLEFIELD, GUY H - New Zealand in Evolution. Industrial : Economic and Political
7479: SCHOLES, ARTHUR - The Sixth Continent : The Discovery and Exploration of Australia
14940: SCHRODINGER, ERWIN - What is Life? The Physicist's Approach to the Subject - with an Epilogue on Determinism and Free Will
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7439: SCHWARZ, LEO W [ED] - The Jewish Caravan : Great Stories of Twenty-Five Centuries
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13712: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT - On the Edge of the Primeval Forest
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6739: SCOTT, WALTER (SIR) - The Fortunes of Nigel
6808: SCOTT, WALTER - The Bridge of Lammermoor
5553: SCOTT, GEORGE RYLEY - Marriage In The Melting Pot
14047: SCOTT, RAYMOND - The Challenge of Taha Maori : A Pakeha Perspective
13454: SCOTT, MARGARET - Recollecting Mansfield
6915: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Count Robert of Paris and the Surgeons Daughter
7409: SCOTT, WALTER - The Monastery
8373: SCOTT, WALTER - The Waverley Novels : Vol I - Waverly, or Sixty Years Since
15128: SCRYMGEOUR, J T S (JAMES) - Memories of Maoriland
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7376: SERENY, GITTA - The Invisible Children : Child Prostitution in America, West Germany and Great Britain
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13037: SHADBOLT, MAURICE - Monday's Warriors
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9561: SHEPHERD, IAN; & RALSTON, IAN; - Early Grampian : A Guide to Archaeology
9562: SHEPHERD, IAN; & RALSTON, IAN; - Early Grampian : A Guide to Archaeology
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11966: SHERLOCK, FREDERICK - Illustrious Abstainers
14430: SHERRIN, R A - Handbook of the Fishes of New Zealand
13653: SHEVCHENKO, ARKADY N. - Breaking with Moscow
13764: SHIROYAMA, SABURO - War Criminal: The Life and Death of Hirota Koki
7961: SHOHAM, S. GIORA; RAVAH, GIORA - The Mark of Cain. The Stigma Theory of Crime and Social Deviance
14360: SHORT, K R M (ED) - Film and Radio Propaganda in World War II
14789: SHORTLAND, F W - Family Lawyer & Settlers Legal Handbook
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12058: SHROPSHIRE, DENYS W T - The Bantu Woman Under the Natal Code of Native Law : An Investigation
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9512: SIDGWICK, ETHEL - Promise
9841: SIDGWICK, MRS. ALFRED - Humming-Bird
9527: SIENKIEWICZ, HENRY - So Runs the World
14517: SIERS, JAMES; NGATA, MRS W T - The Maori People of New Zealand
13795: SIM, LADY FRACES MARY (WALTERS) - Fellow Travellers Through New Zealand
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12548: SIMMONDS, HUBERT W - My Weapons had Wings : The Adventures of a Government Entomologist Based in Fiji for Forty Five Years
14839: SIMMONS, E R - In Cruce Salus : A History of the Diocese of Auckland 1848 - 1980 SIGNED
14801: SIMMONS, E R - In Cruce Salus : A History of the Diocese of Auckland 1848 - 1980 SIGNED
7032: SIMON, W M - Germany : A Brief History
8931: SIMONDS, FRANK H - Can Europe Keep the Peace ?
10436: SIMONETTA, JOSEPH R. - The Heroes Are Us : A Call to Rescue Our World
12796: SIMPSON, NOELLE - Then Till Now
14785: SIMPSON, HELEN M - The Women of New Zealand : Centennial Surveys
13966: SIMPSON, MARK - Male Impersonators: Men Performing Masculinity
14528: SINCLAIR, KEITH - Tasman Relations: New Zealand and Australia, 1788-1988
14562: SINCLAIR, KEITH - A Destiny Apart: New Zealand's Search for National Identity
12248: SINCLAIR, SIR JOHN BART OF ULSTER - General Report on Enclosures
14846: SINCLAIR, KEITH - Origins of the Maori Wars
8101: SINCLAIR, WILLIAM ANGUS - Socialism and the Individual : Notes on Joining the Labour Party
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9454: SINGER, SAMUEL WELLER; ANSON, W S W (ED) - The Table-Talk of John Selden
12994: SINGER, RICHARD ARNOLD - 24 Notable Trials
11355: SINGER, KURT - The World's Greatest Women Spies
6379: SAINT NIHAL SINGH - Japan's Modernization
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7895: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - Selected Poems
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14179: SKINNER, TOM; BERRY, JOHN - Man to Man : Tom Skinner
12930: SKINNER, W H (WILLIAM HENRY) - Reminiscences of a Taranaki Surveryor
13470: SKINNER, GWEN - To Be So Old : Story of My Mother's Old Age
14058: SKINNER, BASIL - Scots In Italy in the 18th Century
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6316: SMILES, SAMUEL - Duty. With Illustrations of Courage, Patience, and Endurance
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14946: SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY - Gravenhurst or, Thoughts on Good and Evil. Knowing and Feeling, a Contribution to Psychology. With a Memoir of the Author
14355: SMITH, GEOFFREY WATKINS - A Naturalist in Tasmania
6441: SMITH, MARTIN R - Common-Sense in Religion
13481: SMITH, GWENDOLINE - Will the Real Mr New Zealand Please Stand Up
14205: SMITH, PETER - The Private Prescription : The Story of Southern Cross Healthcare
8841: SMITH, ALEX - City Poems By Alexander Smith
8867: SMITH, GEORGE O - Path of Unreason
8868: SMITH, GEORGE O - Fire in the Heavens
9511: SMITH, LUCY EVELYN - Pan's Pipe and Other Poems
8131: SMITH, ALEXANDER - Dreamthorp : A Book Of Essays Written In The Country
14257: SMITHER, ELIZABETH - Red Shoes
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12257: SMITHER, ELIZABETH - Elizabeth Smither: The Journal Box
15010: SNEDDON, O N - Ko Nag Karakia o Te Miha Me Nga Himene : Maori English Mass Book
14214: SNOWDEN, RITA - A Thousand Sunrises
9897: SNOWDEN, KEIGHLEY - Myth and Legend in the Bible
12029: SNOWDEN, RITA F - High Business
14434: SOAR, EDNA - History of the Anglican Church S. Peters Onehunga 1848-1948
11406: SOBOUL, ALBERT - Sans-Culottes and the French Revolution 1793-4
15074: FABIAN SOCIETY - What to Read : A List of Books for Social Reformers Tract No. 29
15011: THE BRITISH & FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY - Ko te rongopai ki te ritenga a Maka
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13390: SOPER, EILEEN L - The Otago of our Mothers
12887: SOPER, EILEEN L - The Otago of Our Mothers
13272: SOUTH, BOB - Trophy Trout : Stories from New Zealand's Top Trout Fishing Guides
5873: SPARNON, NORMAN J. - A Guide to Japanese Flower Arrangement
11483: SPEAIGHT, ROBERT - Mutinous Wind
6795: SPENCE, HENRY DONALD MAURICE (DEAN) - History of the English Church
14143: SPENCER, WILLIAM - Records of the Militia and Volunteer Forces 1757-1945: Including Records of the Volunteers, Rifle Volunteers, Yeomanry, Imperial Yeomanry, Fencibles, Territorials and the Home Guard
8115: SPENCER, HERBERT - Education : Intellectual, Moral, and Physical
14535: SPENCER, GRAHAM - The Four-Legged Major
7550: SPENDER, STEPHEN - The Still Centre
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9567: SPENSER, H J - Greek and Roman Heroes : A Selection from 'Plutarch's Lives,' Adapted for Treading in the Higher Classes of Schools
11665: SPILLER, G - The Training of The Child : A Parents' Manual. The Peoples Books
14062: SPIRO, BERLIN - Time for Flowers
7367: SPRIGGE, ELIZABETH - The Strange Life of August Strindberg
15025: SPRIGLE, RAY - In the Land of Jim Crow
9037: SPROTT, T H - Modern Study of the Old Testament and Inspiration
14923: SPURGEON, REV C H - Smooth Stones Taken from Ancient Brooks
8578: SPURGEON, CAROLINE F E - Mysticism in English Literature
8192: SQUIRE, JOHN COLLINGS - Essays on Poetry
8326: SQUIRE, J C - The Grub Street Nights Entertainments
8737: SQUIRE, J C - Life and Letters
8771: SQUIRE, JOHN COLLINGS - Cheddar Gorge : A Book of English Cheese
7292: ST JOHN, ROBERT - Eban
13226: STACPOOLE, JOHN - Auckland Society of Arts. New Zealand Women Painters 1845-1968
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10292: STAFF, I C S - Radio Fundamentals : Introduction to Radio Fundamentals of Electricity Capacity and Inductance Principles of Radio Communication
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11515: STARNS, PENNY - Nurses at War: Women on the Frontline 1939-45
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6741: STEPHEN, J K - Quo Musa Tendis?
14857: STEPHENS, JAMES - The Insurrection in Dublin
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13502: STERNBERG, ROBERT J; GRIGORENKO, ELENA L - Our Labeled Children: What Every Parent and Teacher Needs to Know About Learning Disabilities
6147: STEVENS, WILLIAM O. - Nantucket. The Far-Away Island
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7622: STEVENS, FRANCIS - The Heads of Cerberus
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12753: STEVENS, DENIS - Claudio Monteverdi Vespers. For Soloists, Double Choir, Organ and Orchestra
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7043: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Memories and Portraits
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13815: STILWELL, JOSEPH W; WHITE, THEODORE H ED - The Stilwell Papers
11458: STITCH, WILHELMINA - The Golden Web
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5623: STONE, CALVIN P - Case Histories In Abnormal Psychology
12256: STONE, R C J - Young Logan Campbell
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13986: STORR, ANTHONY - Feet of Clay : Study of Gurus
14623: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Religious Poems Illustrated
10130: STRACHEY, RICHARD - These Characters are Imaginary
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9917: STRONG, L A G - Dr. Quicksilver 1660-1742 : The Life and Times of Thomas Dover, M.D.
7979: STRONG, PATIENCE - Sunlit Byways
7980: STRONG, PATIENCE - By Quiet Waters
10618: STRYPE, JOHN - Annals of The Reformation and Establishment of Religion, And Other Various Occurrences in the Church of England, During Queen Elizabeth's Happy Reign: Together With an Appendix of Original Papers of State, Records and Letters
14189: STUART, DR ELIZABETH - Daring to Speak Love's Name : A Gay and Lesbian Prayer Book
8314: STUART, DOUGLAS - A Very Sheltered Life: The Recollections of a BBC Foreign Correspondent
14942: MOORE. THOMAS STURGE - Armour for Aphrodite
7039: STURMTHAL, ADOLF - The Tragedy of European Labour 1918-1939
7545: SUBUH, MUHAMMAD - The Meaning of Subud : Four Talks Given in London, August 1959
11490: SULLIVAN, ROBERT - Jazz Waiata
13853: SUMMERS, JOHN - Letter to Joe
13854: SUMMERS, JOHN - Hymns (E & O E)
13852: SUMMERS, JOHN - Dreamscape Book 2
13851: SUMMERS, JOHN - Dreamscape Book 1
13850: SUMMERS, JOHN - O Darkly Bright
13849: SUMMERS, JOHN - Prancing Before the Ark
13512: SUNIM, KUSAN - The Way of Korean Zen
8827: SUTCLIFFE, HALLIWELL - A bachelor in Arcady : Everett's Library
11638: SUTHERLAND, TEMPLE - Green Kiwi
13371: SUTHERLAND, TEMPLE - Span of the Wheel: The Autobiography of a Driver
14551: SUTHERLAND, TEMPLE - Green Kiwi
14971: SUTHERLAND, I(VAN) L G - The Maori Situation (Apirana Ngata)
8684: SUTHERLAND, L W; & ELLISON, NORMAN - Aces and Kings
8929: SUTTON, ANN & MYRON - Exploring with the Bartrams
14912: SUTTON, EVE - Moa hunter
8138: SUYIN, HAN - The Mountain is Young
14863: SWAN, HARRY PERCIVAL - Romantic Stories and Legends of Donegal
6985: SWAN, ANNIE S - The Strait Gate
14095: SWAN, GERTRUDE - To Beguile a Wet Afternoon Poems
14987: SWAN, ANDREW; MACFADYEN, ANDREW - The Remarkable Story of Andrew Swan : Being a Record of His Experiences, of His Shipwreck, and His Many Escapes from Death During Forty-Four Years of Wandering Adventures By Land and Sea
11484: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL; SUTTON, REV. ERIC A (SELECTED BY) - Peace and War : A Selected Series of Quotations From the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg
15024: SWEENEY, CHARLES - Naturalist in the Sudan
8808: SWINBURNE, RICHARD - Space and Time
11632: SWINNERTON, FRANK (ED) - Modern Fiction : Nelson Classics
7650: SYLVESTER, CHARLES H - Journeys Through Bookland : Vol. 4
13075: SYMINGTON, ALEX MACLEOD - Vox Clamantis. The life and ministry of John the Baptist.
9366: SYMON, JAMES D - The Press and its Story
9109: SYNGE, JOHN M - The Tinker's Wedding, Riders To The Sea, The Shadow Of The Glen
7809: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH - The Collected Poems and Plays of Rabindranath Tagore
13425: TAHERI, AMIR - Holy Terror: The Inside Story of Islamic Terrorism
12383: TAINE, H A (HIPPOLYTE ADOLPHE); VAN LAUN, H (TRANS) - History of English Literature in Four Volumes
14370: TALBOT-BOOTH, E C - Ships of the World's Battlefleets
14600: TALBOT-KELLY, ROBERT - Egypt Painted and Described By R Talbot-Kelly
8825: TALFOURD, T N - Tragedies, to Which are Added a Few Sonnets and Verses
13119: MARSHALL P TALLING - Extempore Prayer. Principles, Preparation & Practice
14163: TANGYE, TED - Just Ordinary Seamen
14065: TARANTINO, QUENTIN - Natural Born Killers : Directors Script
14875: TAYLER, C B REV. - Memorials of the English Martyrs
10601: TAYLOR, CLYDE ROMER HUGHES - A Bibliography of Publications on the New Zealand Maori and the Moriori of the Chatham Islands
12052: TAYLOR, HENRY SHINGLEWOOD - Doctor to Basuto, Boer & Briton, 1877-1906 : Memoirs of Dr Henry Taylor
14677: TAYLOR, ALISTAIR; GLEN, JAN - Robin White New Zealand Painter
14864: TAYLOR, MARY; BRONTE, CHARLOTTE; TAYLOR, JOAN (ED) - Mary Taylor Friend of Charlotte Bronte; Letters from New Zealand and Elsewhere
13370: TAYLOR, PETER - As Darker Grows the Night
13903: TAYLOR, PETER - States of Terror: Democracy and Political Violence
14974: TAYLOR; T D - New Zealand's Naval Story : Naval Policy and Practice, Naval Occasions, Visiting Warships
14675: TAYLOR, PETER - As Darker Grows the Night
9615: TEELING, WILLIAM - Why Britain Prospers
14937: TEGG, WILLIAM - The Last Act : Being the Funeral Rites of Nations and Individuals
13579: TEMPLAR, RICHARD - The Rules of Wealth
10417: TEMPLETON, CHARLES - Act of God
14239: TEMPLETON, CLAIRE - Pill Popper, Or, Live and Die
8952: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - Locksley Hall and other Poems
11972: TERENTIUS AFER, PUBLIUS; COLMAN, GEORGE (TRANS) - The Comedies of Terence, Translated into Familiar Blank Verse
13680: TERRAINE, JOHN - To Win a War: 1918 The Year of Victory
10306: DEPARTMENT OF TEXTILES - Brief Guide to the Persian Woven Fabrics
11980: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE; SNOW, T C & WILLIAM (EDS) - The History of Henry Esmond
11937: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE; SAINTSBURY, G (ED) - Henry Esmond; The English Humourists; The Four Georges
8460: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE; SAINTSBURY, GEORGE (ED) - Ballads and Contributions to 'Punch' 1842-1850 by William Makepeace Thackeray
14592: THEOPHRASTUS; CALEY, EARLE R; RICHARDS, JOHN C - Theophrastus on Stones: Introduction, Greek Text, English Translation, and Commentary
15099: THEROUX, PAUL - The Great Railway Bazaar : By Train Through Asia
13494: THOELE, SUE PATTON - Mindful Woman: Gentle Practices for Restoring Calm, Finding Balance, and Opening Your Heart
6531: THOMAS, HUGH - A History of Wales 1485 - 1660
14066: THOMAS, LOWELL - Sir Hubert Wilkins: His World of Adventure
11752: THOMAS, HAROLD T - After All
7867: HILL. WILLIAM THOMAS - The Golden Quest. A story of the Eureka stockade
9505: THOMAS, GILBERT - Things Big and Little : Essays and Sketches
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14521: THOMPSON, ROBERT - Bushmills Heroes 1914-1918
11749: THOMPSON, A B - Adult Education in New Zealand : A Critical and Historical Survey. Educational Research Series No. 22
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12625: THOMPSON, G; & WINTER, J - Warkworth : History and Description of Warkworth Castle, Hermitage and Church. To Which is Added a Short Chapter on Amble
9206: THOMSEN, PER (ED) - Sunshine in Wonderland
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7948: THOMSON, GEORGE MALCOLM - The First Churchill, The Life of John, 1st Duke of Marlborough
14424: THOMSON, H & S - Ann Gilchrist Strong Scientist in the Home
13796: THOMSON, SYLVIA - The White Flame : Forty Eight Selected Poems
6734: THOMSON, JOHN - Warrior Nation : New Zealanders at the Front 1900 - 2000
10211: THOMSON, MALCOLM - The Life And Times Of Winston Churchill
14902: THOMSON, ARTHUR S - The Story of New Zealand : Past and Present - Savage and Civilised Volume 1
9536: THOMSON, JOHN - Francis Thompson The Preston-Born Poet
12986: THORNTON, WILLIAM - The New, Complete, and Universal History, Description, and Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, the Borough of Southwark, and the Parts Adjacent , with All the Late Alterations and Improvements, Brought Down to the Present Time
8000: THORNTON, ELINOR - Reminiscences
14891: THORPE, FR. OSMUND C P - Mary McKillop : The Life of Mother Mary of the Cross, Foundress of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart
13941: THURMAN, JUDITH - Cleopatra's Nose: 39 Varieties of Desire
14567: THWAITES, IAN; FLETCHER, RIE - Drawn from Experience Ron Stenberg Talks to Ian Thwaites & Rie Fletcher
7517: TILLER, TERENCE - Unarm, Eros
15108: TIMMS, J; & KERR, I S; JUDD, N (EDS) - Marlborough Whalers at Campbell Island 1909 - 1916
7492: TINKER, HUGH - Separate and Unequal : India and The Indians in The British Commonwealth 1920-1950
14334: TITCHENER, PAUL - Little Ships of New Zealand
11221: TIZARD, R - The Auckland Society of Arts 1870 - 1970 : A Centennial History
13295: TOGHILL, JEFF - Power Boating
10347: TOGHILL, JEFF - Coastal Navigation for Beginners
13748: TOIBIN, COLM - Bad Blood : A Walk along the Irish Border
13763: TOKAYER, MARVIN; SWARTZ, MARY - The Fugu Plan : The Untold Story of the Japanese and the Jews During World War II
13464: TOLERTON, JANE - Convent Girls
8728: TOLKE, ARNIM & INGEBORG - Macrophoto And Cine Methods
15056: TOMBS, H H (ED) - The Tracing Boards and Other Selected Papers Delivered Before Research Lodge of Wellington No. 194 By Members of the Lodge
8147: TOMLIN, ERIC WALTER FREDERICK - Living and Knowing.
10479: TOMLINSON, H. M. - London River
10480: TOMLINSON, H. M. - Tidemarks : Some Records of a Journey to the Beaches of the Moluccas and the Forest of Malaya, in 1923
8503: TOMLINSON, H M - Gifts of Fortune, With Some Hints For Those About to Travel
13227: TOMORY, P A (CURATOR) - Painting from the Pacific. Japan America Australia New Zealand
11222: TONGUE, W M (CURATOR) - Acquisitions 1952-3 : Auckland City Art Gallery
10001: TORRES, CAMILO - Revolutionary Writings
14616: TORTELL, PHILIP - New Zealand Atlas of Coastal Resources : He Pukapuka Whakamarama i Nga Huamoana O Nga Takutai ONiu Tireni
6817: TOYNBEE, WILLIAM (TRANS) - Songs Of Beranger : In English Verse
6723: TOZER, H F - Classical Geography : History Primer
10477: TOZER, H F - Classical Geography
10465: TRACY, HONOR - Silk Hats and No Breakfast : Notes on a Spanish Journey
14417: TRACY, MONA - Rifle and Tomahawk : A Stirring Tale of the Te Kooti Rebellion
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5978: TRAILL, H(ENRY) D(UFF) - William The Third : Twelve English Statesmen
12455: TRAILL, MRS CATHERINE PARR STRICKLAND - Afar in the forest, or, Pictures of life and scenery in the wilds of Canada
14673: TREGEAR, EDWARD - The Verse of Edward Tregear
6042: TREGEAR, EDWARD - The Aryan Maori : A Study of Maori Speech Material and Traditions with Nordic Affinities
14308: TREMEWAN, PETER - French Akaroa: An Attempt to Colonise Southern New Zealand
7221: TRENCH, RICHARD CHENEVIX - English, Past and Present : Five Lectures
13571: TRESE, LEO - Vessel of Clay
7154: TREVELYAN, G. M. - An Autobiography And Other Essays
8544: TREVELYAN, GEORGE OTTO (MACAULAY) - Macauley's Life and Letters
15037: TREVELYAN, G O (SIR GEORG OTTO) - The Competition Wallah
9737: TREWIN, J. C. - The Theatre Since 1900 : Twentieth Century Histories
11975: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Commentaries of Caesar : Ancient Classics for English Readers
7224: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY; COLLINS, W LUCAS (ED) - The Commentaries of Caesar
14020: TROMPENAARS, FONS; WOOLLIAMS, PETER - Business Across Cultures
12862: TROTSKY, LEON - Leon Trotsky on the Paris Commune
6447: TROTTER, WILLIAM F - The Government of Greater Britain
14666: TROTTER, MICHAEL MALTHUS; MCCULLOCH, BEVERLEY - Prehistoric Rock art of New Zealand (Art of the New Zealand Maori)
15083: TROTTER, MRS ALEXANDER (ISABELLA STRANGE) - First Impressions of the New World on Two Travellers from the Old in the Autumn of 1858
11394: TROW-SMITH, ROBERT - Society and the Land
11488: TRUSSELL, DENYS - Words for the Rock Antipodes
11606: TSCHIFFELY, A(IMÉ) F(ÉLIX) - Coricancha (Garden of Gold) :The discovery of Peru and Conquest of the Inca Empire
14751: A L O E (PSEUD CHARLOTTE MARIA TUCKER) - Good for Evil and Other Stories
6669: TUCKWELL, W - Spenser
7088: TURGEL, GENA - I Light a Candle
14018: TURNBULL, CRAIG - It's Easy to be a Property Multi Millionaire
7641: TURNBULL, MICHAEL - The Chief of Hawke's Bay
12026: TURNBULL, THOMAS NAPIER - What God Hath Wrought : A Short History of the Apostolic Church
5793: TURNER, W J (ED) - Impressions of English Literature
14990: TURNER, JOHN B - Eric Lee-Johnson: Artist with a Camera
10102: TUTE, WARREN - Leviathan
14504: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : Whitcombes Story Books. No 664
14542: TWAIN, MARK - The Innocents Abroad or The New Pilgrims Progress : Australian Edition
14508: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer : Whitcombes Story Books. No 663
11654: TWELVETREES, W NOBLE - Simplified Methods of Calculating Reinforced Concrete Members
6219: TYLOR, LOUIS - Fellow Wayfarers : A Record
6804: UDALL, NICHOLAS, ARBER, EDWARD (ED) - Roister Doister
14379: UNCLE SCRIM PSUED. SCRIMGEOUR, COLIN GRAHAM ) - Chats. Talks on the Friendly Road
9535: UNTERMANN, ERNEST - The World's Revolutions
7690: UPDIKE, JOHN - Midpoint and Other Poems
10401: URIS, LEON - QB VII
12143: URLIN, ETHELL L(UCY HARGREAVE) - Dancing Ancient and Modern
12142: URQUHART, JOHN W - Dynamo Construction : A Practical Handbook for Use of Engineer Constructors and Electricains in Charge
14758: USHER, JOHN - Poems and Songs
13591: UYS, C J - In the Era of Shepstone: British Expansion in South Africa
6769: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - The Pinch of Prosperity : Wayfarers Library
6596: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY - This was England: A Countryman's Calendar
11761: VAILE, EDWARD EARLE - The Conquest of the Wilderness : Pioneering the Pumice
12569: VAILE, EDWARD EARLE - Waitakere National Park with a Short History of the Ranges
14920: VAILLE, BLANCHE - Fairy Tales from New Zealand with Nature Notes
13937: VANDERBILT, CORNELIUS JNR - The Vanderbilt Feud : The fabulous story of Grace Wilson Vanderbilt
14216: VARGAS, ROBERTO; HRUSKA Y CORTES, ELIAS - Primeros Cantos / This Side and Other Things
11915: VARIOUS - Coal Mines Act 1925 and Amendments, 5, 843-943
14678: VARIOUS - Celebrating Sixty Hutt Valley High 1926-86 Cookbook
14532: VARIOUS - Jetset No 9. October/November 1982
6675: VARIOUS - USSR Today and Tomorrow : Facts, Figures, Pictures
6210: VARIOUS - Constitution and Laws of Antient, Free and Accepted Masons of New Zealand.
5696: VARIOUS - The Sunday Teachers' Treasury.
9435: VARIOUS - The Teacher at Work : A Monthly Illustrated Magazine for All Who Train the Young in Home and Sunday-School
12689: VARIOUS - McGillicuddy Serious Party Manifesto 1996

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