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7482: FIELDING, WILLIAM J - Strange Customs Of Courtship And Marriage
15250: FINCH-HATTON, HON. HAROLD - Advance Australia! An Account of Eight Years' Work, Wandering, and Amusement in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria
13153: FINLAYSON, R. - Tidal Creek
13913: FINLAYSON, RODERICK - Brown Man's Burdon and Later Stories
7136: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Widowhood
7137: FINLEY, MARTHA - Elsie's Girlhood
13057: REV A H FINN - The Author of Pentateuch
14907: FINN, GEORGE - Datus : A Chronology of New Zealand from the Time of the Moa
12009: FIRBANK,THOMAS - Log Hut
12523: FIRTH, RAYMOND - Totemism in Polynesia
15242: FISCHER, STEVEN ROGER - Island at the End of the World: The Turbulent History of Easter Island
13011: FISHER, MURIEL; HILDER, WENMEN J (BILL) - Birkenhead - The Kauri Suburb. A history of the development, from the earliest days to 1968
15375: FISHER, F J F - The Alpine Ranunculi of New Zealand ; DSIR Bulletin 165
14579: FISHER, MURIEL; FORDE, MARGARET - Fernglen. The Muriel Fisher Story
11552: FISHER, MARGARET PSUED. (I.E. GRETE FISCHER.] - Make the Pot - Break the Pot : How Things are Made Series
13400: FISKE, D T; GUEST, REV. WM - Fidelia Fiske. The story of a consecrated life. [Founded on the memoir by the Rev. D. T. F.] Edited by W Guest
13547: FITZGERALD, ANNE - Intellectual Property Law
12271: FLAMMARION, CAMILLE - In Het Stervensuur. Geautoriseerde Vertaling
12272: FLAMMARION, CAMILLE - Na Den Dood. Geautoriseerde Vertaling
12269: FLAMMARION, CAMILLE - Het Raadsel Van Den Dood (Voor Den Dood). Geautoriseerde Vertaling
12270: FLAMMARION, CAMILLE - De Spookhuizen. Geautoriseerde Vertaling
12261: FLAMMARION, CAMILLE; GOUDSMIT, B C (TRANS) - Hemel en Aarde : Populaire beschrijving van het Heelal
12466: FLAMMARION, CAMILLE; GOUDSMIT, B C (TRANS) - De stuiptrekkingen van den Wereldreus
14002: FLAX, JANE - Thinking Fragments: Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and Postmodernism in the Contemporary West
15314: FLEAY, DAVID - We Breed Platypus
13885: FLEMING, C A - Science, Settlers, and Scholars : The Centennial History of the Royal Society of New Zealand
15382: FLEMING, C A (ED) - Oceania (Oceanie) : Fascicule 4
7936: FLENLEY, RALPH - Modern German History
14998: FLETCHER, LIONEL B - South African Jewels
15002: FLETCHER, LIONEL B - Faith the Golden Link SIGNED Prentation Copy
15003: FLETCHER, LIONEL B - Faith the Golden Link. Bound in with Hope and Faith 1934. Prentation Copy
15004: FLETCHER, LIONEL B - After Conversion What?
14997: FLETCHER, LIONEL B - Conquering Evangelism, the Secret of Success
15005: FLETCHER, LIONEL B - 3 Pamphlets. Golden Blooms,;Step By Step in the Christian Life, & Refining Firs
15001: FLETCHER, LIONEL B - Mighty Moments SIGNED
15000: FLETCHER, MAUDE H - A Successful Cradle Roll System
6697: FLOOD, J M - Ireland : Its Saints and Scholars
13660: FLOREN, LEE - Guns on Circle S
14858: FLOWER, ROBIN - The Western Island or the Great Blasket
15385: FLTCHER, ROBERT JAMES; LYNCH, BOHUN (ED) - Isles of Illusion : Letters from the South Seas
13311: FLUCK, RONALD; SAMPSON, ROBERT - On Shed at Mile End
14218: FONES, ROBERT - Anthropomorphiks, Being a Collection of Poems, Drawings, Photograms and Logos
15298: FOORD, EDWARD A - The Byzantine Empire : The Rearguard Action of European Civilisation
14170: FOOTE, HAMISH - Exotica Indigenis Immixta
15347: FORBES, CHARLES S - Iceland; Its Volcanoes, Geyers and Glaciers
13573: FORBES, F A - Pope St. Pius X
10373: FORBES, ESTHER - Paul Revere & The World He Lived In
11861: FORD, HENRY II - The Challenge of Human Engineering
14850: FORESTER, MARGERY - Odes of Horace Book I
11887: FORESTER, C.S. - Randall and The River of TIme
8661: FORESTER, C.S. - Lord Hornblower
14724: FORSTER, JOHN - The Statesmen of the Commonwealth of England; with a Treatise on the Popular Progress in English History in Five Volumes
14692: FORSTER, JOHN - The Debates on the Grand Remonstrance, November and December, 1641, with an Introductory Essay on English Freedom Under Plantagenet and Tudor Sovereigns
8722: FOSTER, JOHN - The Skylark
14502: FOWLER, MICHAEL - Michael Fowler's University of Auckland
10242: FOWLER, MICHAEL - The New Zealand House
13722: FOX, G E - Dictionary of the Nggela Language (Solomons)
14022: FOX, SCOTT - Internet Riches: The Simple Money-Making Secrets of Online Millionaires
14570: JANET FRAME - Intensive Care
14187: FRAME, JANET - To the Is-Land
6762: FRANCE, R H - Germs of Mind in Plants
10398: FRANCE, ANATOLE; FARLEY, AGNES (TRANS) - Jocasta; & The Famished Cat
8208: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Mother of Pearl
9036: FRANCE, ANATOLE; MAY, LEWIS J (TRANS) - The Bloom of Life
12563: FRANK, LEONHARD; BROOKS, CYRUS (TRANS) - Brothers and Sisters
12865: FRANKEL, DAVE; RATHBUN, DEANN; HARSCH, ERNEST - Poland. Workers in Revolt
9208: FRANKEN, ROSE - Intimate Story
10077: FRANKLIN, CHARLES - The Worlds Greatest Scandals
15377: FRANKLIN, K J & JOICE; KIRAPEASI, YAPUA - A Kewa Dictionary with Supplementary Grammatical and Anthropological Materials : Pacific Linguistics Series C No 53
13997: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - How to Be Alone : Essays
14206: FRASER, CONNON - Looking at New Zealand
15141: FRASER, LYNDON - To Tara Via Holyhead
12281: FRAZER, J G; BLOK, J A - Mensch God En Onsterfelijkheid Gedachten Over S Menschen Evolutie Stukken Getrokken Uit De Geschriften Van Sir James George Frazer
12847: FREEMAN, CHESTER D.;MCGUIRE, JOHN E. - Runaway Bear
8252: FREEMAN, H. W. - Joseph & His Brethren
8251: FREMANTLE, W. H. - Natural Christianity
15014: FREUD, SIGMUND - Moses and Monotheism
7038: FREUND, H A - Russia from A to Z. Revolution, State and Party, Foreign Relations, Economic System, Social Principles, General Knowledge
8083: FREUND, RICHARD - Zero Hour: Policies of the Powers
13610: FRIEDMAN, MILTON & ROSE - Free to Choose. A Personal Statement
7289: FRIEDMAN, MAURICE - To Deny our Nothingness : Contemporary Images of Man
15032: FROST, JAMES - History and Topography of the County of Clare
14649: FRY, MARGOT - Tom's Letters: The Private World of Thomas King, Victorian Gentleman
11331: FRY, BETTY - Sweet and Sour : A Collection of Short Stories That Capture Life's Poignant and Surprising Moments
13157: FULLER, JOHN - Flying to Nowhere
14760: FULTON, GEORGE; KNIGHT, GEORGE - A Pronouncing Spelling Book; with Reading Lessons in Prose and Verse
13220: FUMPSTON, RODNEY; BOGLE, ANDREW - Fumpston. One Decade Exhibition
11402: FUNCK-BRENTANO, FRANTZ; MAIDMANT, GEORGE (TRANS) - Cagliostro And Company : A Sequel To The Story Of The Diamond Necklace : Lotus Library
8934: FURNIVALL, F J; & MUNRO, JOHN - Shakespeare Life and Work
7229: FYFFE, C A; GREEN, JOHN RICHARD (ED) - History of Greece
6851: GABORIAU, EMILE; TRISTAN, ERNEST (TRANS) - The Blackmailers (Dossier No 113) The Lotus Library
14090: GADD, BERNARD - Childsong and Other Verses. Poems
11551: GALATOPOULOS, STELIOS - Callas: Prima Donna Assoluta
14668: GALER, LOUIS - Houses and Homes Dunedin
14667: GALER, LOUIS - More Houses and Homes Dunedin
13416: GALL, REV JAMES - Primeval Man Unveiled or, the Anthropology of the Bible
9809: GALLACHER, KEN (ED) - Playing for Rangers No. 3
14851: GALLAGHER, PAT - The Marist Brothers in New Zealand, Fiji and Samoa 1876 - 1976
12517: GALLAGHER, L J - The Test of Heritage : A Russian Class-War Novel
9580: LE GALLIENNE, RICHARD - The Worshipper of the Image
6849: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Six Short Plays
6462: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Verses New and Old
6460: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Burning Spear
6461: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Abracadabra and Other Satires
6459: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Fraternity
11681: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Tatterdemalion
11609: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Apple-Tree
7215: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Inn of Tranquility : Studies and Essays
7225: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - A Commentary
8404: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Freelands : Grove Edition, Vol 6
8471: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Patrician
8557: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Little Man, and Other Satires
8648: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Saint's Progress : Grove Edition, Vol 8
8649: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Villa Rubein: Grove Edition, Vol 9
8994: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Swan Song
9201: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Dark Flower
9608: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - The Man of Property
9633: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - On Forsyte Change
9648: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Beyond
9649: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - A Motley
11438: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - End of the Chapter; Trilogy of Maid in Waiting, Flowering Wilderness, Over the River
15311: GALTON, FRANCIS - Finger Prints
10132: GALTON, ARTHUR (ED) - English Prose from Maundeville to Thackeray
12131: GALVIN, RAY - Living Without Anzus
9500: GAMBLE, FREDERICK WILLIAM - The Animal World : Home University Library
13112: ALEXANDER GAMMIE - Preachers I have Heard
13728: GANDY, DOTTIE BRUCE - Thirty Days to a Happy Employee: How a Simple Program of Acknowledgment Can Build Trust and Loyalty at Work
12565: GARCEAU, JEAN; COCKE, INEZ - "Dear Mr. G-" : The Biography of Clark Gable
10120: GARDINER, R O; DAKIN, A J - Native Vascular Flora of the Hunua Ranges Auckland
10121: GARDINER, R O - Native Vascular Flora of the Waitakere Range Auckland
7252: GARDINER A C - Prophets, Priests, & Kings
10659: ANONYMOUS (ALEXANDER GARDNER) - The Ballad Minstrelsy of Scotland : Romantic and Historical. Collated and Annotated
8119: GARNETT, RICHARD (ED) - Browning's Essay on Shelley; Being his Introduction to the Spurious Letters
14605: GARNIER, B J (ED) - The Face of Otago
11696: GARWOOD, JOHN M. - Chorley Pals : 'Y' Company, 11th (Service) Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment
14547: GASCOIGNE, ALWYN - From the Top of a Hill
11648: GATLIFF, EVELYN - The Savoy Stories : Transcriptions from the Gilbert and Sullivan Operas
9436: GATTY, MARGARET (MRS ALFRED) - The Human Face Devine and Other Tales
11468: GATZKE, HANS W - The Present in Perspective : A Look at the World Since 1945
14106: GAUDIN, MARIE - Brief Singing Poems
11401: GAULOT, PAUL - The Red Shirts ; A tale of 'The Terror' : Lotus Library
8895: GAULOT, PAUL - The Red Shirts ; A tale of 'The Terror : Lotus Library
12554: GAY, JOHN; BICKLEY, FRANCIS (INTRODUCTION) - Poems By John Gay : The Abbey Classics
12555: GAY, JOHN - The Plays of John Gay Vol II : The Abbey Classics
10287: DE GAYA, LOUIS - Matrimonial Ceremonies Displayed: Wherein are Exhibited the Various Customs, Odd Pranks, Whimsical Tricks and Surprising Practices of Near One Hundred Different Kingdoms and People in the World Now Used in the Celebration and Consummation of Matrimony...e
7019: GEDDES, GARY - Conrad's Later Novels
14550: GEE, DAVID - Our Mabel
8181: GEE, MAURICE - Meg
7971: GEHLEN, REINHARD (GENERAL) - Memoirs of Reinhard Gehlen 1942-1971
6721: GEIKIE, ARCHIBALD - Science Primers : Geology
8633: GEIKIE, ARCHIBALD - Science Primers : Physical Geography
9144: GEIKIE, ARCHIBALD - Science Primers : Geology
8920: A GENTLEMAN WITH A DUSTER (I.E. BEGBIE, HAROLD) - The Glass of Fashion: Some Social Reflections
13258: GENUS (PSUED WILLIAM AYSON 1840-1938) - Thomas : A Pioneering Story of Adventures and Experiences in the Life of the Late Thomas Ayson
12583: GEOFFROY IV DE LA TOUR LANDRY; TAYLOR, G S (ED) - The Book of the Knight of La Tour Landry
14696: GEORGE, HENRY - Progress and Poverty : An Enquiry Into the Cause of Industrial Depressions, and of Increase of Want with the Increase of Wealth. The Remedy
8598: GEORGE, HENRY - Progress and Poverty. An Inquiry into The Cause of Industrial Depressions, and of Increase in Want with Increase in Wealth. The Remedy
14325: GERALDY, PAUL - Toi et Moi
13910: GERASSI, JOHN - Towards Revolution Vol 2 The Americas
5556: GERBER, ALBERT B. - Sex, Pornography, and Justice
7589: GERNSBACK, HUGO - Ralph 124C 41+ : A Romance in the Year 2660
14136: GESTON, MARK S - Lords of the Starship
8148: GHOSE, ZULFIKAR - The Murder of Aziz Khan
14884: GIBBINGS, ROBERT - Sweet Cork of Thee
8655: GIBBS, PHILIP - The Interpreter
9886: GIBBS, PHILIP - The Pageant of Years : An Autobiography
13975: GIBSON, IAN - Erotomaniac : The Secret Life of Henry Spencer Ashbee
13401: GIBSON, JOHN - Great Waterfalls, Cataracts, and Geysers. Described and Illustrated
8896: GIBSON, CRAIG - Half-Length Portraits
8135: GIELGUD, VAL - Cat
9288: GILBART, JAMES WILLIAM - The Logic of Banking : A Familiar Exposition of the Principles of Reasoning, and Their Application to the Art and Science of Banking
14100: GILBERT, RUTH - The Luthier Poems
7495: GILBERT, MARTIN - Shcharansky : Hero of our Time
14102: GILBERT, RUTH - Collected Poems
6550: GILFILLAN, GEORGE (REV) - The Poetical Works Of Samuel Butler, With Life, Critical Dissertation and Explanatory Notes By the Rev. George Gilfillan. Volume II
11790: GILKISON, ROBERT - Early Days in Central Otago Being Tales of Times Gone By
12667: GILKISON, W. SCOTT - Peaks, Packs, and Mountain Tracks
13995: GILL, SEAN ED - The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement: Campaigning for Justice, Truth and Love
12498: GILL, BRIAN - New Zealand's Extinct Birds
14221: GILL, ALAN - Orphans of the Empire: The Shocking Story of Child Migration to Australia
8350: GILLESPIE, O N ("THE SAINT") - The Week-End Book of New Zealand Horses and Racing
12966: GILLIES, WILLIAM - First Studies in Plant Life in Australasia : With Numerous Questions, Directions for Outdoor Work, and Drawing and Composition Exercises
13161: GILLIES, ANGUS - The Lizard Song
14059: GILMOUR, PAT; - The Mechanised Image: An Historical Perspective on 20th Century Prints
15212: GILMOUR, GARTH - Run for Your Life Jogging with Arthur Lydiard
8430: GINSBERG, MORRIS - The Psychology of Society
14577: GISBOURNE, WILLIAM - New Zealand Rulers and Statesmen from 1840 - 1885
12246: GLADSTONE, ROBERT ET AL - Tracts of the Liverpool Financial Reform Association
9087: GLADSTONE, W E - Homer : Literature Primers
11637: GLASS, JUSTINE C PSUED. (ALICE ENID CORRALL) - The Story of Fulfilled Prophecy
6926: GLATZER, NAHUM N (ED) - In Time and Eternity : A Jewish Reader
13700: GLAZER, NONA Y. - Women's Paid and Unpaid Labor: The Work Transfer in Health Care and Retailing
8782: GLEESON, J DESMOND - The Tragedy of the Stuarts
13175: GLENDAY, ALICE - A Population of One
13004: GLOVER, DENIS - River Poems : Clutha
15219: GLOVER, LADY - Memories Of Four Continents : Recollections Grave and Gay Events in Social and Diplomatic Life
12627: GLUCKMAN, L K (LAURIE KALMAN) - The Royal Touch in England : A Theory of Origin Derived from Observations in the New Zealand Maori. The New Zealand Numismatic Journal
9870: GLYNNE-JONES, WILLIAM - Pennants on the Main
11550: GOBBI, TITO - My Life
8021: GODDARD, JOHN - Trout Fly Recognition
12893: [GODWIN, MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT LATER SHELLEY ] - Mounseer Nongtongpaw: or, the Discoveries of John Bull in a Trip to Paris
12421: GOLD, H L (ED) - The Galaxy Science Fiction Omnibus
13836: GOLD, HERBERT - Best Nightmare on Earth
14450: GOLDER, W(ILLIAM) - The New Zealand Survey; A Poem in Five Cantoes. With Notes Illustrative of New Zealand Progress and Future Prospects. Also The Crystal Palace of 1851; A Poem in Two Cantoes. With other Poems and Lyrics
8919: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER; GIBBS, J W M (ED) - Goldsmith's Plays : The Good Natured Man, and She Stoops to Conquer
11579: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER: HAMPDEN, JOHN (ED) - She Stoops to Conquer
12082: LE GOLIF, LOUIS ADHEMAR TIMOTHEE; T'SERSTEVENS, T & ALAUX, G (EDS); BARNES, MALCOLM (TRANS) - Memoirs of a Buccaneer. Being a Wondrous and Unrepentant Account of the Prodigious Adventures and Amours of King Louis XIV's Loyal Servant Known for His Singular Wound as Borgnefesse Captain of the Buccaneers. Told By Himself
11608: GOLLANCZ, VICTOR - My Dear Timothy : An Autobiographical Letter to His Grandson
8593: GOLLOMB, JOSEPH - Crimes Of The Year
7344: GONCOURT, JULES; GONCOURT, EDMOND - Love in the Eighteenth Century : L'Amour Au Dix-Huitieme Siecle
11864: GOODCHILD, GEORGE - Double Acrostic: An Inspector McLean Mystery
7124: GOODHART, ARTHUR L - Poland and the Minority Races
11686: GOODWIN, JOHN CUTHBERT - The Zig-Zag Man
8889: GORDON, JOHN (ED) - Fresh Fields: More Writing from Out of Town
14119: GORDON, FENN; DAVIS, PAUL; SWEENEY, BRIAN - The Touring Manual : A Guide to Touring the Performing Arts in New Zealand
11561: GORDON, RICHARD - The Captain's Table
12050: GORDON, C T - The Growth of Boer Opposition to Kruger 1890-1895
14554: GORDON, F E A; MERRETT, J B (EDITIED & REVISED BY) - Utility Poultry Farming for Australasia : A Book for the Man with 6 Birds or 6000
15072: GORKY, MAXIM - Days with Lenin
15034: GOSSE, PHILIP HENRY - Assyria; Her Manners and Customs, Arts and Arms
11949: GOSSE, EDMUND - Life of William Congreve
8492: GOSSE; SIR EDMUND WILLIAM; RHYS, ERNEST (ED) - Northern Studies : The Scott Library
6391: GOSSON, STEPHEN. [ED. BY EDWARD ARBER] - The Schoole of Abuse [August 1579] and A Short Apologie of the Schoole of Abuse [November 1579]
13414: GOULD, G P (ED); HEATH, RICHARD; CULROSS, JAMES; DAVIES, DAVID - Baptist Manuals. Anabaptism. Hanserd Knollys. Vavasor Powell. 3 Volumes in One
15295: GOULD, G[EORGE] M[ILBREY]; STEDMAN, LAURA - Concerning Lafcadio Hearn
12122: GOULD, F J (FREDERICK JAMES) - The Life-Story of a Humanist
11932: GOULD, FREDERICK J - Bright Lamps of History and Daily Life : A Junior Reading Book of Stories from many Countries and Times. The World of Youth Library No. 9
14050: GRACE, ALFRED A - Maoriland Stories
15401: GRACE, ALFRED A - Folk Tales of the Maori
15163: GRACE, ALFRED A - Folk Tales of the Maori
6414: GRAHAM, R(OBERT) B(ONTINE) CUNNINGHAME - Progress, And Other Sketches : Reader's Library
6068: GRAHAM, JAMES - The Queen of Tarts
13362: GRAHAM, SUSAN - Susan's Book
13360: GRAHAM, SUSAN - The Tender Traveller: A New Zealander Abroad
13361: GRAHAM, SUSAN - Susan in Springtime
8356: GRAHAM, SHEILAH; & FRANK, GEROLD - Beloved Infidel : The Education of a Woman
15138: GRAHAM, MISS C - The Heather Brand Popular Guide and Cookery Book
6014: GRANGE, L I (COMPILER) - Geothermal Steam for Power in New Zealand
10295: GRANGER, FRANK - The Worship of the Romans: Viewed in Relation to the Roman Temperament
14253: GRANT, DAVID - Man for All Seasons : The Life and Times of Ken Douglas
12610: GRANT, S W - The Resurrection and the Life : A Centennial History of the Cathedrals of St. John the Evangelist 1886-1986 Diocese of Waiapu, Napier, New Zealand
12671: GRATTAN, F J H - An Introduction to Samoan Custom
13754: GRAVES, ROBERT - Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina
8332: GRAVES, ROBERT - Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina
15312: GRAVES, ROBERT - Lawrence and the Arabs
5810: GRAY, TERENCE - And In The Tomb Were Found...Plays and Portraits of Old Egypt
13462: GRAY, ALISON - Mothers & Daughters
14519: GRAY, CHRISTINA - St Barnabas Church & Early Auckland 1849-1949
13989: GRAY, MARY L - In Your Face : Stories from the Lives of Queer Youth
15265: GRAY, ARTHUR J - An Ulster Plantation : The Story of the Kati Kati Settlement
15124: GRAYDON, J C - Uenuku a God of Tainui
13343: GRAYLAND, EUGENE CHARLES - More Famous New Zealanders
9622: GRAYLAND, V MERLE (VALERIE) - Night of the Reaper
11988: GRAYSON, DAVID .PSUED [I.E. RAY STANNARD BAKER.] - Essays of To-Day and Yesterday
13977: GREEN, KAREN - Woman of Reason : Feminism, Humanism and Political Thought
5789: GREEN, J R - A Short History of the English People
10141: GREEN, MARTIN - A Mirror for Anglo-Saxons
12840: GREEN, GEORGE H - Psychanalysis in the Class Room
12042: GREEN, ELSA GOODWIN - Raiders and Rebels in South Africa : Rhodesiana Reprint Library. Silver Series Vol 9
14797: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Quiet American
7047: GREENE, FELIX - The Enemy : Notes On Imperialism and Revoluton
8069: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Honorary Consul
7420: GREENE, GRAHAM - Ways of Escape
14798: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Human Factor
14794: GREENE, GRAHAM - Stamboul Train
8152: GREENE, JOSEPH I - The Living Thoughts of Clausewitz
8719: GREENHORN - Tinker, Tailor : Being An Account of A Journey Round the World For A Wager
10275: GREENHOUGH SMITH, H - Stranger Than Fiction, or Thrills of History
10322: GREENOP, FRANK S - Coast of Tragedy
9419: GREGORY, SIR RICHARD - Religion in Science and Civilization
8274: GREGORY, RICHARD A - Elementary Physiography : Being a Description of the Laws and Wonders of Nature
14948: GRESWELL, REV EDWARD - Prolegomena ad Harmoniam Evangelicam Sive De Primariis Nonnullis as Chronologiam Evangelicam Spectantibus Dissertationes Quatuor
9765: GREW, EDWIN SHARP; MUMBY, F A; TUCKER, A B; TURNBULL, GEORGE; HUYSHE, WENTWORTH - Field-Marshal Lord Kitchener : His Life And Work For The Empire. 3 Vols
15411: GREY, GEORGE - Nga Mahi A Nga Tupuna
15408: GREY, ZANE - Tales of the Angler's Eldorado : New Zealand
6867: GREY, HENRY - Trowel Chisel & Brush : A Concise Manual of Architecture Sculpture and Painting, Ancient and Modern
15167: GREY, GEORGE - Nga Mahi A Nga Tupuna
8160: GREY, ZANE - West Of The Pecos
8161: GREY, ZANE - Knights of the Range
8162: GREY, ZANE - Western Union
8163: GREY, ZANE - Raiders of the Spanish Peaks
8164: GREY, ZANE - The Rainbow Trail
15281: GREY, FRANK - McLeods of Helensville 1862-1962
15019: GRIFFIN, JOHN HOWARD - Black Like Me
13252: GRIFFITHS, G W - King Wakatip
14632: GRIFFITHS, G NESTA - Some Southern Homes of New South Wales
9858: GRIGGS, PERCY G - The Bard's Cloak
15315: GRIMSHAW, BEATRICE - From Fiji to the Cannibal Islands
8341: GRIMSTED, PATRICIA KENNEDY - Archives and Manuscript Repositories in the USSR, Moscow and Leningrad
9936: GROSVENOR, KALI - Poems By Kali
6911: GSELL, PAUL - The Opinions of Anatole France
13847: GUEST, JOHN - Broken Images: A Journal
7435: GUEST, FREDDIE (CAPT) - Indian Cavalryman
12823: GUNN, ALAN - Milton, Otago
13752: GUNSTON, BILL - Illustrated Guide to Modern Bombers
10497: GUNTHER, JOHN - Inside Europe Today
15115: GURR, TOM; COX, HH - Obsession : Parker-Hulme Murder Christchurch /
14620: GUTHRIE-SMITH, H - Birds of the Water, Wood, and Waste
14621: GUTHRIE-SMITH, H - Bird Life on Island and Shore
15171: GUTHRIE SMITH, H - Sorrows and Joys of a New Zealand Naturalist
14811: GUTHRIE-SMITH, H - Birds of the Water, Wood, and Waste
15103: GUY, JAMES; POTTER WILLIAM - Fifty Years of Methodism in New Zealand
15228: A VAGABOND (HOWELL GWYNNE) - An Original Wager, Being a Veracious Account of a Genuine Bet
8984: HABERLANDT, MICHAEL - Ethnology : A Temple Primer
13461: HADFIELD, OCTAVIUS - The New Zealand War. The Second Year of one of England's Little Wars
13843: HADLEY, LEILA - Give Me the World
14048: HAEUSLER, HANS - The Story of Manu and Rona
11659: HAKLUYT, RICHARD - The Principal Navigations, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation : Made By Sea or Overland to the Emote and Farthest Distant Quarters of the Earth at Any Time Within the Compasse of These 1600 Yeares. Volume 4. Everyman's Library
7684: HAKUSEKI, ARAI; ACKROYD, JOYCE (TRANS) - Lessons from History : The Tokushi Yoron By Arai Hakuseki
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15036: HUTCHINSON, GENERAL W N (WILLIAM NELSON) - Dog Breaking: The Most Expeditious, Certain, And Easy Method, Whether Great Excellence Or Only Mediocrity Be Required, With Odds And Ends For Those Who Love The Dog And Gun
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9226: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Country Church : The Aldine Chapbooks
6018: IRVING, JOSEPH - The Annals Of Our Time. A Diurnal Of Events Social And Political, Home And Foreign From February 24th, 1871, to the Jubilee, June 20th, 1887
15388: IRWIN, GEOFFREY - The Emergence of Mailu as a Central Place in the Coastal Papuan Prehistory
14071: ISENRATH, PAUL; WESTFALISCHES LANDESMUSEUM FUR KUNST UND KULTURGESCHICHTE MUNSTER - Antipodische Wasserspiegel = Aguas Antipodas = Antipodal Water Surfaces: Eine Dokumentation
7299: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - My Guru and His Disciple
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13898: JACKSON, CHARLES;NORTON, BRUCE H. - I Am Alive: A United States Marine's Story of Survival in a World War II Japanese POW Camp
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14012: JACKSON, MICHAEL - Look Back to Get Ahead : Life Lessons from History's Heroes
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14717: JACKSON, JEAN - The Constitution That Ratified the Treaty of Waitangi and Qualified the Tribal Government
11676: JACOBS, W. W. - Dialstone Lane
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13452: (BY WILLIAM JACOBSON) - Akaroa and Banks Peninsula 1840-1940 Story of French Colonising Venture and Early Whaling Activities; The First Settlement of Canterbury
6945: JACOBSON, HOWARD - Roots Schmoots : Journeys Among Jews
13622: JAFF, FAY - Women South Africa Remembers
14921: JAMES, JOHN ANGELL - The Anxious Enquirer After Salvation Directed and Encouraged
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12364: JAMES, HENRY - The Turn of the Screw
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9191: JARRETT, BEDE - Medieval Socialism
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14952: JASPERS, KARL - Way to Wisdom : An Introduction to Philosophy
13113: JAY, WILLIAM; GEORGE REDFORD & JOHN ANGELL JAMES (EDITORS) - Autobiography of William Jay
12945: LANG JOHN & JEAN - Poetry of Empire: Ninteen Centuries of British History
14834: JEAN GARRIOCK, CLIVE SLEEMAN, & STEPHEN CRANE - A Pictorial History of West Auckland
11651: JEBB, R C - English Men of Letters : Bentley (Richard)
14295: JEFFERY, RON - Red Runs the Vistula SIGNED
12699: JEFFERY, MARGARET - The Black Shore
10548: JEFFERY, MARGARET - Mairangi
14344: JEFFERY, RON - Red Runs the Vistula SIGNED
9187: JENKS, EDWARD - A History of Politics
14525: JENKS, CLIFF; PHILLIPS, DAVID - New Zealand Tiger Moths : 1938 to 2000
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5058: JENNINGS, (REV DR) FRANK - Men of the Lanes : The Autobiography of the Tramps Parson
15245: JENNINGS, JESSE D [ED.] - The Prehistory of Polynesia
7191: JENNINGS, HENRY J. - Lord Tennyson : A Biographical Sketch
12078: JEPPS, MARGARET W - The Protozoa, Sarcodina
14654: JEROME, JEROME K - Three Men on the Bummell
6499: JERROLD, WALTER (EDITOR) - The Handbook of Swindling, and Other Papers
6418: JERROLD, DOUGLAS - Mrs Caudle's Curtain Lectures and Other Stories
9215: JERROLD, WALTER COPELAND - Through London's Highways
9194: JEVONS, W STANLEY - Science Primers : Logic
11939: JEVONS, F B - The Idea of God in Early Religions
8210: JEVONS, H. STANLEY - Essays On Economics
9116: JEWETT, FRANCES L;& MCCAUSLAND, CLARE L - Wilderness Treasure
6246: JOAD, C. E. M. - Shaw
15117: JOHN, R A - Twilight of Steam in New Zealand
7803: JOHNS, W E [CAPT] - Biggles And The Black Raider
13453: JOHNSON, MAHLON; OLSHAN, J - Working on a Miracle (HIV Cure)
13426: JOHNSON, PAUL - The Suez War
14481: JOHNSON, DAVID - Triumph : The Ship That Hit the Lighthouse
12716: JOHNSON, LOUIS ALBERT (1924-1988) - Bread and a Pension : Selected Poems
12638: JOHNSON, JOHN - The Story of Lyttelton : 1849 - 1949
14754: JOHNSTON, MARY - The Goddess of Reason
10213: JOHNSTON, MOIRA - Takeover: The New Wall Street Warriors The Men, the Money, the Impact
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14045: KEETON, PETER - Investing in Old New Zealand Paintings
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13695: LARRABEE, MARY - An Ethic of Care: Feminist and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
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15063: LASKI, HAROLD J - Karl Marx an Essay
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15326: LAWLER, PAT - The Best New Zealand Books: A List for Libraries, Students and Collectors
14830: LAWLOR, PAT - Murphy's Moa and Other Christmas Sketches
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6710: LITTLE, WILLIAM JOHN KNOX - The Broken Vow
6942: LITVINOFF, EMANUEL - Falls The Shadow
6057: LITVINOFF, BARNET - Another Time, Another Voice
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6934: LLOYD, SETON - Twin Rivers. A Brief History of Iraq from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
13055: MARCUS LOANE - Pioneers of the Reformation in England
15198: LOCKE, ELSIE - The Shepherd and the Scullery Maid, Canterbury Without Laurels 1850-1950
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12718: LOCKRIDGE, RICHARD & FRANCES - The Ticking Clock
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13614: LODWICK, JOHN - The Forbidden Coast. The Story of a Journey to Rio de Oro (Africa)
9395: LOFTS, NORAH ROBINSON - Here was a Man : A romantic history of Sir Walter Raleigh, His Voyages, His Discoveries and His Queen
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9619: LONG, JAMES - The Practical Side of Small Holdings
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7702: LOUVISH, SIMON - Last Trump of Avram Blok
12916: LOVETT, WILLIAM - Life and struggles of William Lovett in his Pursuit of Bread, Knowledge, and Freedom, with some short Account of the Different Associations he Belonged to and of the Opinions he Entertained
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6555: LUCAS, E V (ED) - Good Company: A Rally of Men
6328: LUCAS, E. V. - Landmarks
14203: LUCAS, KATHRYN G - A New Twist : A Centennial History of Donaghys Industries Limited
10476: LUCAS, E V - Loiterer's Harvest
11301: LUCAS, E V - Fireside And Sunshine
8818: LUCAS, E V - The Same Star : A Comedy in Three Acts
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8918: LUCAS, E V - Down the Sky : An Entertainment
8939: LUCAS, E V - Listener's Lure : An Oblique Narration
8943: LUCAS, E V - A Boswell of Baghdad, with Diversions
9098: LUCAS, E V - Old Lamps for New
7209: LUCY, HENRY W (SIR) - Sixty Years in the Wilderness : Some Passages by the Way
6582: LUDWIG, EMIL - HINDENBURG: And the Saga of the German Revolution
7421: LUDWIG, MYLES ERIC - Golem, A Hero For Our Time
13504: LUKE, PAULINE - Baby Names and Numerology
12839: LYNCH, A J - Individual Work and the Dalton Plan
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8844: LYND, ROBERT - The Blue Lion, and Other Essays
14604: LYSNAR, F B - New Zealand :The Dear Old Maori Land By Gipsy
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11333: LYTTELTON, HON R(OBERT) H(ENRY) - Cricket
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11367: MACDONALD, MARSHAL; ROUSSET, CAMILLE (ED); SIMEON, STEPHEN LOUIS (TRANS) - Recollections of Marshal Macdonald, Duke of Tarentum
7817: MACDOUGALL, ALLAN ROSS (ED) - Letters of Edna St. Vincent Millay
8377: MACDOUGALL, WILLIAM - Historical Ballads
12525: MACFADYEN, W(ILLIAM) A(RCHIBALD); KINGSBURY, A. W. G. - Geological Highlights of the West Country
13556: MACFIE, D T - Lilies for the Garden and Greenhouse
13446: MACGREGOR, MIRIAM - Petticoat Pioneers. North Island Women of the Colonial Era. Book One
14336: MACGREGOR, MIRIAM FLORENCE - Etiquette & Elbowgrease: Housekeeping in Victorian New Zealand
13254: JOAN MACINTOSH - Never a Dull Moment (High Country Otago)
6726: MACKAY, ERIC - The Lover's Missal
6440: MACKAY, JESSIE - Land of the Morning
13338: K MACKAY, IAN K - Broadcasting in New Zealand
13253: MACKAY, MARGARET ELIZABETH - Customers and Green Men
8190: MACKENZIE, ROBERT - The Nineteenth Century 1801 - 1900 : A History
8693: MACKSEY, KENNETH - Invasion : The German Invasion of England July 1940
6688: MACLAREN, IAN PSUED. (REV JOHN WATSON) - Afterwards And Other Stories
13804: MACLEAN, RORY - Stalin's Nose: Across the Face of Europe
13749: MACLEAN, CHARLES - St. Kilda: Island on the Edge of the World
11771: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Caravan to Vaccares
14663: JOCK PHILLIPS AND CHRIS MACLEAN - In the Light of the Past: Stained Glass Windows in New Zealand Houses
13094: EW BATTS & AH MACLEOD - J J North the story of a great New Zealander (Baptist)
7509: MACLEOD, NORMAN - Reminiscences of a Highland Parish
13555: MACMILLAN, H F - Tropical Planting and Gardening
13809: MACMILLAN, DAVID - By-ways of History and Medicine (with Special Reference to Canterbury, New Zealand)
10429: MADDEN, ANNE (ED) - More Sail Trim
14904: MADDOCK, SHIRLEY - Islands of the Gulf
12642: MADDOCK, SHIRLEY FRANCES WHITLEY; EASTHER, MICHAEL - A Christmas Garland: A New Zealand Christmas Album, 1642-1900 in Twelve Parts
11440: MADILL, JAMES - Verses Various : The Serious and the Sunny Side of Life
13088: MAHAN, ASA - Christian Perfection
14412: MAHON, PETER T (JUSTICE) - Verdict on Erebus
12259: MAILER, NORMAN - Helden Zonder Glorie
14897: MAIN, WILLIAM - Auckland Through a Victorian Lens
14999: MALCOLM, C W - Twelve Hours in the Day. A Biography of Lionel B Fletcher
14931: MALEN, M E O - The Pearl of Levonby; & Ashfield Priory
13538: MALTBY, G M - Pip and Pepita's New Home
8284: RED COLLAR MAN - Chokey
14181: MANCER, JOHN - Steve Richard's Life On the Mat
14499: MANCER, JOHN - Steve Richard's Life On the Mat
14531: MANING, FREDERICK EDWARD - Old New Zealand : A tale of the good Old times, by a Pakeha Maori
15403: A PAKEHA MAORI (F.E.MANING) - Korero Maori : First Lessons in Maori Conversation
14905: MANING, FREDERICK EDWARD (A PAKEHA MAORI) - Old New Zealand : A tale of the good Old times, and, A history of the War in the North against the Chief Heke in the Year 1845, told by an Old Chief of the Ngapuhi Tribe; Also Maori Traditions. By a Pakeha Maori
15420: MANING, FREDERICK EDWARD (A PAKEHA MAORI) - Old New Zealand : A tale of the good Old times, and, A history of the War in the North against the Chief Heke in the Year 1845, told by an Old Chief of the Ngapuhi Tribe; Also Maori Traditions. By a Pakeha Maori
7084: MANKOWITZ, WOLF - Gioconda
8997: MANLY, JOHN MATTHEWS; RICKERT, EDITH - Contemporary British Literature. Bibliographies and study Outlines
14877: MANN, THOMAS - The Black Swan

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